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Warriors: Return To The Forest OOC

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yep since no one else is posting in it right now and yeah.


I'll pm Walker about closing it later tonight.


there's one that's already open but i think it's a different one than this one, like i don't think it's where the cats return to the forest but i don't know so i don't think it's that new.

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I'll join yours when it gets out of the unapproved state.


this one was fun while it lasted,


maybe a few of the badguys from here could be nusery tales queens tell their kits to keep them from misbehaving?

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I hope the rp does'nt die right when I want to play! ^^C

Me and my friend who's behind me are online at least once a day for a half hour, and I reeally want to play in one of these Warrior Rps at least once >.<


Username: Nimbus And JadeEyes

Name: AmberPelt

Gender: Shecat

Age: 24 moons old (two years)

Clan: Windclan

Position: Warrior

Description: A sleek, long limbed golden red shecat with a long tail and icey blue eyes; has darker red legs and tail, and has a splash of white on her chest and forehead.

Personality: Bossy and proud but enjoyable to be around; she detests water and has a fondness for bird as well as the more usual rabit.

She prefers green or dark blue eyes when thinking of chosing a mate, even though that is the farthest thing from her mind.

History: She was an only born kit to (npc) HawkFire and TanglePelt, who are now retiring to the elder's den.

As an apprentice, she had fallen down a ridge and tumbled into a stream, soaking wet and dripping all the way back to camp.

Other: She might have a secret that lies beyond the RiverClan border, but it was only a rumor...

Password: Starclan.


(do we half to follow the warrior code? because the Warrior code is'nt technicly apart of the rules RPers play. ^^3

But if I do then oki doki...)

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the warrior code is separate rules than what rpers play by and your character can't have a name like AmberSnow; it can be Amberclaw or something like that but not what you put...also it might be closing but we have to wait for the original operator of the rp to get on before it does close; no one's posting in the thread anymore so we figured it would be okay if it closed.

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Don't need to seem sort of rude, I'll change the name, but a please would have been appreciated. :/ (what's wrong with ambersnow? wow you're coming off really rude at the moment for my first impression, i'm sorry to say.)


Alright, all changed, and that's too bad about it closing, it looked so great, the rpers here have talent. smile.gif

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I'm sorry if i seemed to be a bit rude yesterday morning; i guess i was just a bit sad that the rp that has seemed to be going semi-well, as in we'd have a few patches of it dying and then coming back, for years is dying completely...well if you've read the series, don't know if you have or not and not saying that you haven't, all the characters names in there either end with "kit" if they're a kit, around 6 moons or so, "paw" if they're an apprentice, and a warrior would end with "claw", "pelt", "fur", "streak", etc.; also the warrior's code is what the cats, our characters, follow and that goes towards hunting, fighting, whatever...they have their own set of rules just like rpers have but ours are different of course.


well there's a warriors rp that is still in the unapproved section but is looking for characters that you can join if you want; it's done by Laurarockstar, who had a couple of characters in here when it was still going well...the link to it is posted a few posts above your form if you would like to click it and check it out; yes it's too bad that it's closing and thank you happy.gif; it might be awhile till it officially closes but yeah.

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Nimbus- it's alright, i'm sorry for being a little sensitive.

Yup, I read the series, and I know, I just thought that the name sounded cool Xp

but oki doki I'm all caught up now.




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