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Warriors: Return To The Forest OOC

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Lol, totally forgot to add all that information in. xd.png Guess I shouldn't now because other people already have, and I wouldn't be able to update.

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link for rp thread: Warriors: Return to the Forest




1) we're only accepting one char at a time to have the same prefix of other chars but now more than that. the newest char will be an exception to this rule only because cowl really wanted to have the name.


2) new char form:



Name: (Doesn't need to be a warrior name)











3) TC needs two more kits, SC needs one more kit, and WC needs more warriors, apprentices, and kits.


4) BMW left the rp and his chars, Trouttail and Quillpaw, are now NPCs for anyone to control. he requests that Quillpaw be named Quillclaw if or when he becomes a warrior.


5) the current approvers right now are: Dragonpelt, Hollyleaf, Ladynightstalker101, yukinflake, LightningRip, and Stunningfire.


6) temporary deputy for RiverClan is Poppytide until Sinder comes back and new deputy for ThunderClan is Duskstripe until lady comes back.


7) we're no longer accepting kittypets, loners, and rogues. females in TC are also banned since there's apparently too many.


8) striked-through characters are characters of the user who has decided to take a small break from using them but will be playing them again later.




1) keep spam to a minimum please (telling someone that you've posted is spam and asking people if they've posted is also spam) [i know i did it too but these rules are for everyone and I'm not trying to single someone out; just pointing it out].


2) it used to be that you could have up to 8 chars but now you can have as many as you'd like just as long as you can keep up with them.


3) when posting in the rp thread, please post at least 5 sentences. if you're having writers block at the time of the short post, that's fine but please go back and edit more sentences later if you think of more to post.


4) you are not allowed to be your own mentor/apprentice.


Character list:


Here's the current list of chars and users playing them and the clans that they're in along with a list of herbs and apprentice/warrior ceremonies by the leader/med cat and a news section where the recaps and other things happening in the rp go along with announcements:


ThunderClan (TC) - needs two more kits


Spiritstar - Hollyleaf


Duskstripe - Dragonpelt

Medicine cat:

Mirrorshine - yukinflake

Medicine cat apprentice:

N/A (will edit once i know who it is)


Nightcloud - Dragonpelt

Ravenwing - Dragonpelt

Jadeshine - Hollyleaf

Cinderheart - Icestar

Fallingsoul - Hollyleaf

Featherstreak - LightningRip

Flamespark - LightningRip

Leafspots - Stunningfire

Lilacmoon - wondersueak

Dragonpath - TwilightMoonDragon

Thunderstorm - Ladynightstalker101




Badgerstripe - LightningRip

Firespirit- Laurarockstar


Mirrorpaw - yukinflake

Inkpaw - Emeelia

Stormpaw - Laurarockstar

Heartpaw - LightningRip

Thetapaw - Ladynightstalker101

Sigmapaw - Ladynightstalker101


Wildkit - LightningRip

Sparkkit - Laurarockstar

Burntkit - Laurarockstar

Markedkit - i_luv_animalz

Sawkit - Ladynightstalker101

Reedkit - Chicogal

Drillkit - DarkARM

Moonkit - Moonbeam22


RiverClan (RC) - no more kits please


Jaystar - Hollyleaf


Poppytide - sweepea825

Medicine cat:

Lightnose - Stunningfire

Medicine cat apprentice:

Wisepaw - LightningRip


Rowanpelt- Dragonpelt

Foxstripe - yukinflake

Merlincloud - yukinflake

Coralpoint - sweepea825

Ivysong - Brightspirit

Onionfur - sweepea825

Olivemoon - sweepea825

Lovesong - sweepea825

Phoenixpelt - PenguinOfPwn

Steelpelt - PenguinOfPwn

Moondapple - LightningRip

Mosseyes - Laurarockstar

Streampelt - Dragonpelt

Thrushwing - TwilightMoonDragon

Ninjablade - Ladynightstalker101




Leopardpelt - LightningRip


Dovepaw - Hollyleaf

Swiftpaw - Plasma_Dude

Pyrepaw - Crystalwing

Rustpaw - Scott-the-wolf

Angelpaw - Laurarockstar

Frostpaw - Laurarockstar

Silverpaw - Stunningfire

Hazepaw - Stunningfire

Angelpaw - Laurarockstar

Soulpaw – Laurarockstar


Starkit - LightningRip

Boltkit - LightningRip

Fullkit - LightningRip

Mintkit - LightningRip

Stripedkit - LightningRip

Smogkit - princesslydia127

Creamkit - Laurarockstar

Shinekit - Chicogal


WindClan (WC) - needs more warriors, apprentices, and kits


Silverstar - Dragonpelt


Rabbitstripe- Stunningfire

Medicine cat:

Willowwind - Hollyleaf

Medicine cat apprentice:

Stardust - yukinflake


Snowpelt - yukinflake

Sandfur - Dragonpelt

Cometstreak - yukinflake

Hollyspirit - Hollyleaf

Braveheart - LightningRip

Silentnight - i_luv_animalz

Mothflight - Team EG-X

Lionpath - TwilightMoonDragon

Nightwing - Ladynightstalker101

Hazelcloud - Stunningfire




Ghostwisp - Dragonpelt


Blazepaw - Dragonpelt

Speckledpaw - wondersueak

Rainpaw - wondersueak

Lightningpaw - Kamiko_Cullen

Streakpaw - Kamiko_Cullen

Breezepaw - Toklo


Flamingkit - Dragonpelt

Sprucekit - wondersueak

Songkit - LightningRip

Littlekit - Sorrowgrave

Chocolatekit - sweepea825

Leopardkit - BlazingPhoenix

Dunekit - Foxfairy34759


ShadowClan (SC) - needs one more kit


Tawnysky - Hollyleaf


Lightningstreak- Stunningfire

Medicine cat:

Gorsetail - Sorrowgrave

Medicine cat apprentice:

Spottedpaw - LightningRip


Owlflare- Dragonpelt

Echospirit - Hollyleaf

Thistlesky- Brightspirit

Addermouth - Sorrowgrave

Eiderfeather - Sorrowgrave

Autumnfall - Scott-the-wolf

Bushflower - sweepea825

Hollowheart - Sorrowgrave

Raindance - LightningRip

Iceheart - Scott-the-wolf

Buzzardstreak - Scott-the-wolf

Foresttrender - Sorrowgrave

Goldendawn - TwilightMoonDragon

Bluefur - TwilightMoonDragon

Cottonthroat - Sorrowgrave


Mousetail - Sorrowgrave

Dapplefur - Sorrowgrave

Fangtongue - LightningRip

Littleclaw - Scott-the-wolf

Magpie - Sorrowgrave


Silverfur - LightningRip

Sparrowfeather - Sorrowgrave

Moonshine - LightningRip


Brightpaw - yukinflake

Briarpaw - ArcticMoon

Raptorpaw (temporarily a loner) - Scott-the-wolf

Shadowpaw - Dragonpelt

Yewpaw- LightningRip

Strongpaw - LightningRip

Dawnpaw - Scott-the-wolf


Indigokit - Ethereal

Orangekit - Scott-the-wolf

Horsekit - Scott-the-wolf

Meadowkit - Karigan Galadheon

Flashkit - Scott-the-wolf

Fernkit - TwilightMoonDragon

Turnkit - Ladynightstalker101


Rogues - no more rogues please

Jet - Hollyleaf

Lethe - yukinflake

Mint - Stunningfire

Tamashi - Stunningfire

Rain - sweepea825

Joshu - Stunningfire

Shadow - Dragonpelt

Pumpkin - sweepea825

Jessie - ashrocker123

Hawk - Stunningfire

Trick - LightningRip

Wolfkit - LightningRip

Drizzle - Laurarockstar

Arctickit - Laurarockstar


Kittypets - no more kittypets please

Dralion - Brightspirit

Sanddune - Emeelia

Sly - Emeelia

Kabuta - Sorrowgrave

Spark - LightningRip

Bonnie - Sorrowgrave

Kara - Scott-the-wolf

Ginger - Scott-the-wolf


StarClan (SC2)

Tigerheart - yukinflake

Jaystreak - Dragonpelt

Echo - Hollyleaf

Ashfur – Dragonpelt

Cottonfang - Sorrowgrave

Watersong - Sorrowgrave

Mysticpaw - LightningRip

Rippleleaf - LightningRip

Splashpaw - LightningRip

Songpaw - LightningRip

Emberstorm - Dragonpelt


Loners - no more loners please

Ember - Soruc The Dragon

Rip - Soruc The Dragon

Saberkit - G-Dove

Mo - Scott-the-wolf


Dark Forest (DF)

Icebreath - Sorrowgrave


Medicine Cat Herbs:


Adder barrack – Toothache

Alfalfa – Used to prevent tooth decay

Aloe Vera – Use the leaves; treat burns and skin problems (insect bites, etc.)

Blessed Thistle – Helps strengthen the heart & lungs; increases circulation

Borage - Leaves and Roots should be consumed to stave off fevers. Seeds and leaves should be consumed by the nursing Queen to increase available milk. Borage should never be used dried, only green.

Bramble twigs (chewed to a fine syrup) – Helps to sleep

Broom Malice Poultices – Open wounds

Burdock Root – Used to relieve joint pains (like arthritis)Good for rat bites and infected wounds.

Catnip - Used to ease pain and help to cure Greencough, Blackcough and Whitecough. Very important to have! Gathered and pressed into wounds to stop bleeding. Generally only used with wounds that risk bleeding heavily as they can cause increased risk of infection.

Celandine - Used to strenghten weak eyes.

Chamomile - Used to relax, leaves and flowers sooths heart & gives physical strength.

Chapparal – Helps clean faces (helps with cat acne)

Chervil Juice - Best for infected wounds.

Chervil Root - Used to cure bellyache

Cobwebs - Used to stop bleeding

Comfrey - Used to help cure for broken bones

Deathberry - Berries, or any other part of the plant, when consumed will kill the cat who swallows if they are not given immediate help, and even then they may not always be saved. Roots & leaves may be chewed together and applied to sore places, but must NEVER be applied to open wounds. This is a poison in addition to a healing plant.

Dock leaves - Used to make fur slippery when stuck in a tight space

Echinacia - Used to ease infection.

Ferns – Helps to clean out wounds by just the inside part after “crunching” off the outer “shells.”

Feverfew - Small bush with flowers like a daisy. The leaves can be eaten to reduce body temperature, especially cats with fever or chills. Also can heal aches and headaches.

Garlic – Used to treat infections and wounds.

Ginger – Used for asthma and coughs.

Goldenrod - A muscle pain reliever.

Hawthorne Berries – Treats heart burns and indigestion.

Honey - Used to sooth irritated throats and other things, particularly good for smoke inhalation.

Horsetail – Chew the leaves and spit into wounds; stops infections.

Huckleberry – A muscle pain reliever.

Ivy – Calms down cats.

Juniper berries - Good for belly ache and whitecough. Berries ease the stomach and can serve as a counter poison. Leaves are used to ease coughs and other respiratory problems.

Lavender - Leaves & flowers are particularly good when eaten for easing pains in head and throat, and good for a chill. Inhaling the scent of fresh flowers can also calm the nerves.

Marigold - Leaves and Flowers should be consumed to relieve chills. Leaves and Petals can be chewed and placed on wounds to prevent infection.

Mouse - Bile from the liver of the common mouse may be harvested and used to kill stubborn fleas and ticks.

Nettle - Leaves are used on rashes and fever

Poppy (wild) - Seeds can be consumed to remove pain and aid is sleep. Flower heads should be consumed together to relive continuous coughs. Petals and Leaves should be chewed to aid in sleep and improve resting.

Ragweed Leaves - Relieves stiff joints.

Roots - Good for belly-aches.

Sacred bark – Used for upset stomach.

Snakeroot - Used to counter poison.

Tansy - Leaves, flowers, and Stems should be eaten together to remove worms. Leaves may be chewed to relive joint aches. Flowers should be consumed to remove coughs. Pregnant Queens should NEVER be given Tansy, for it causes miscarriages.

Thyme - Should be consumed to calm the anxious cat, or to aid in brining restful sleep.

Water mint - Used to cure bellyache

Willow (Tree) - Water from beneath the bark of the flowering willow may be dripped into the eyes to help clear blurriness of vision. It may also be applied to dry patches of skin to sooth itches. Small amounts of Willow Bark may be consumed to ease pain, act against inflammation, and to ease diarrhea or fevers.

Yarrow Leaves - Makes them throw-up and extract poison

Yarrow Ointment – Scraped paws



Foxglove seeds - Seeds that bear an unknown amount of poison. Can be mistaken for poppy seeds.

Nightshade - Also known as Deadly Nightshade, this plant is very poisonous, and can kill even the strongest warrior!

Yew berries/deathberries - are an extremely poisonous species of red berries and one can kill a cat in seconds.



Appointing a Deputy:

Leader: "I say these words before the body of **previous deputy**, so that his/her spirit may hear and approve my choice. **new deputy** will be the new deputy of **Clan name**."



Making Apprentices:

Leader: "By naming apprentices, we show that **Clan name** will survive and remain strong."

Leader: " From this moment on, until he/she has earned his/her Warrior Name, this Apprentice will be known as **kit name+paw**."

Leader: " **Mentor's name**, you are now ready to take on an apprentice. You will be mentor to **Apprentice's name**. ** Mentor's name**, you have shown yourself to be a warrior of ** Virtue #1 ** and ** Virtue #2 **. I'm sure you will pass on all you know to this apprentice."


New Mentor Ceremony:

Leader: " I call upon my warrior ancestors to give this apprentice a new mentor. **Apprentice name**, you have lost your first mentor, so your new mentor will be **new mentor's name** "


Making Warriors:

Leader: **Mentors name**, are you satisfied that this apprentice is ready to become a warrior?"


Mentor: "Yes, she/he is ready"


Leader: "I (**Leader name**, leader of **clan name**) call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. He/she has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him/her to you as a warrior in his/her turn."

Leader: " **Apprentice name**, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend this clan, even at the cost of your life?"

Apprentice: " I do "

Leader: " Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior name. **Apprentice name**, from now on, you will be known as ** Warrior name**. ** Clan name** welcomes you as a full warrior."


Warriors to Elders:

Leader: " **Warrior name**, is it your wish to give up the name of warrior and go to join the elders?

New elder: 'it is'

Leader: " Your clan honors you and all the service you have given us. I call upon Starclan to give you many seasons of rest."


New Name:

Leader: "I call upon my warrior ancestors to take away the name of this cat. For it now longer stands for who she/he is. **Cat name**, from now on, you shall be known as **new name**.


Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Medicine Cat: **Apprentice name**, is it your wish to enter into the mysteries of StarClan as a medicine cat?

Medicine Cat Apprentice: It is.

Medicine Cat: Then come forward

*Apprentice obliges*

Medicine Cat: Warriors of StarClan, I present to you this apprentice. She/he has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant her/him your wisdom and insight so that she/he may understand your ways and heal her/his Clan in accordance with your will. Now lay down next to the stone.


Medicine Cat:

Medicine Cat: I, **Med. cat **, medicine cat of **Clan name**, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She/he has trained hard to understand the way of a medicine cat, and with your help, she/he will serve his/her Clan for many moons. **Apprentice name**, do you promise to uphold the way of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan, and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?

Medicine Cat Apprentice: I do.

Medicine Cat: Then, by the powers of StarClan, I give you your true name as a medicine cat. **Apprentice name**, from this moment you shall be known as **New med. cat name**. StarClan honors your knowledge and certainty, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of **Clan**.

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Description of the lake territories:




ThunderClan claims the northeastern part; their territory is mainly deciduous woodland. Their camp is an abandoned Twoleg quarry, named "stone hollow" by the cats. ThunderClan shares borders with WindClan (the stream leading to the Moonpool) and ShadowClan (a part of a stream, a clearing, then going straight towards the hills)


Landmarks in the ThunderClan territory:


* The Sky Oak, a large tree near the shore

* A mossy hollow where apprentices train

* North of the camp is an abandoned Twoleg Nest, a location rich in prey and herbs

* A network of tunnels running below ThunderClan and WindClan grounds, connecting them

* A clearing near the ShadowClan border where Twolegs camp in greenleaf

* An unpaved road (named Old Thunderpath by the cats) starting from the hollow and heading north


Camp description:


The ThunderClan Lake Camp is in an abandoned quarry, described as a stone hollow enclosed by tall cliffs. The main entrance is through a thorn tunnel, and there is also a secret entrance that is reached by climbing the rocks. The walls offer protection and keep out the wind, but cats must watch their step near the edge as falling into the hollow can be fatal. A tall rock called the Highledge is used by the leader to call meetings. Most of the dens consist of caves and crevices in the rock wall. At one point, badgers devastated the camp, but it was rebuilt by the cats.


* The nursery is under a thick bramble bush reinforced with thick roots woven together for protection

* The apprentices', leader's and medicine cat's dens are caves in the rock, entrances hidden by tendrils

* The warriors' den is under a big thorn bush, and after the tree falls in Fading Echoes, it is rebuilt under the branches of a beech tree.

* The elders' den is in a hazel bush and later is rebuilt under the boughs of a beech tree and reinforced with honeysuckle




ShadowClan claims the northwestern part; their territory is mostly coniferous forest with not much undergrowth and damp ground. The ShadowClan camp is in a dip surrounded by brambles. ShadowClan shares borders with RiverClan (a small Thunderpath leading to a Greenleaf Twolegplace) and ThunderClan.


Landmarks in the ShadowClan territory:


* A Twoleg Nest (Sanctuary Cottage) where two aggressive kittypets live

* Twoleg paths and a small Thunderpath

* Greenleaf Twolegplaces, both on the ThunderClan and RiverClan border


Camp description:


The ShadowClan Lake Camp is hidden between tangles of brambles and low-hanging branches. The entrance is through a thorn tunnel. The leader makes their announcements from a branch hanging over their den.


* All dens are under bramble thickets




RiverClan lives in the southwestern part, around the rivers. The RiverClan Lake Camp is on a triangle of land between two streams. The Gathering Island can be reached from RiverClan territory. RiverClan shares borders with WindClan (the marshes and the Horseplace) and ShadowClan (the small Thunderpath).


Camp description:


The RiverClan Lake Camp is on a triangle of land between two streams. It can be reached by swimming or by crossing the stream via stepping stones. Twolegs often disturb the cats during Greenleaf; once, they had to abandon the camp as they were harassed by Twoleg kits.


* The nursery, elders' den and leader's den are under dense bramble thickets

* The medicine cat's den is under a thorn bush overhanging the stream; the ground below it was washed away, leaving a pool




WindClan territory is open moor in the southeastern part of the territory, and the WindClan Camp is a shallow scoop in the ground.


Camp description:


The WindClan Lake Camp is a shallow scoop in the ground. Unlike other camps, it does not have any natural protection; they rely on the warriors to protect it. There are several boulders nearby, the highest being called the Tallrock and used by the leader to call meetings. WindClan shares borders with ThunderClan (the stream) and RiverClan (the marshes and the Horseplace).


* The nursery is under a gorse bush

* The medicine cat's den is in a crevice in the rock

* The elders' den is in an old badger set

* The other cats, including the leader, prefer to sleep under the open sky, although in bad weather, they retreat in burrows made by rabbits, foxes or badgers

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lol, no need for brackets here. Yay!

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I thought it was on there underneath medicine cat in ShadowClan *looks* oh nevermind that was the old one; I'll put you underneath the rogue section

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monica was accepted as med cat for ShadowClan; here:










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since everyone who has more than one char still puts it in the form for a new one, no because that wouldn't be fair to other people who have still put it.

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xd.png yeah i realised that but it was too late to remove it.


Name: DuskKit

User: warewolves


user posted image


Bio: Abandoned, currently wandering the forest.

Clan: none at the mo.

Position: Kit


Password: Starclan.

Edited by warewolves

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*hops impatiently from foot to foot* I still can't decide on a name... but I don't really want suggestions, I want my own name xd.png so I'm just moaning... I'll go finish my homework now I guess... homework sucks. rolleyes.gif

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it looks good but "dusk" and "kit" need to go together so it's "Duskkit" and you still need to put the password; she'll be put in the rogue section for now until she finds a clan to be in.

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yep and it looks good so accepted happy.gif; want me to put her underneath rogue for now until you find RC, WC, or SC?

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Weird. Afet getting this made theres more ooc in the actual rp.

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i know; that's why I'm trying to get everyone to post in here and not in the ic thread sleep.gif

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Hm. Also, I may not be on a few days in the next week, finals. Then again I didn't have anything to post anyway from Writers Block. I'll think of something.

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i know; that's why I'm trying to get everyone to post in here and not in the ic thread sleep.gif


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Oh, DarkArm, as for Tawnysky's kit... how does Bramble/Thornkit sound? And DP, do you want Jet to be Nightcloud's sort of mate? Like, Jet loves Nightcloud, but he can't bear to leave his... way of life and his litter sister, Echo. If you want, in this way, Nightcloud could have kits...?


Edited by Hollyleaf

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