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Dragons VS Humans, The Great war.

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Today once flourishing towns and cities now lay in ruins. What could cause the ultimate downfall of the human race you may ask? Their own stupidity, mixed with a lot of dragons angered by years of abuse. This all happened in a world much like our own; it is even called Earth, just as our own world. As similar as this world seemed to our own there was one big difference. This difference was dragons, once kind, wise creatures, now mean, merciless monsters. (for the most part that is.)


The dragons were strong noble creatures; they had the ability to breathe fire and armor as hard as rocks in the form of scales covering their hides. The humans saw these creatures and instantly started attacking the dragons enslaving the ones they catch as pets and slaves, and using the dragons they killed for their scales. The dragons fought back valiantly, but humans won not by force, but by sheer numbers alone.


For a very long time after the downfall of the free dragons the dragons were used as slaves for moving heavy objects, encouraged to work by sharp metal pokers, with a very high voltage of electricity running though it. They are also kept as pets by rich families. Kept in heavy duty reinforced electrified cages. The dragons had no hope for an easy escape. The dragons where often starved or fed rancid, stale food in small amounts to keep them weak.


As the dragons suffered they kept in contact through telepathic communication. The humans had no idea they were capable of communicating so they couldn't stop them. As the year went by the dragons were slowly biding their time waiting for their powers to return and the perfect moment to strike. Together they were devising a flawless spell to aid their escape, and seek their revenge on the humans.


Nearly one-thousand years after the downfall of the free dragons they had perfected the spell. At that very moment, the humans were struggling to rebuild their towns; several natural disasters had weakened the humans. They were low on natural resources and other important items. The dragons took this opportunity to strike; they released their spell, rendering all human made technology useless. Electrical objects stopped working and locking mechanisms fell to pieces. The once strong, sturdy bars on the dragon cages became weak and rusted. The dragons broke free and attacked the humans starting the war between humans and dragons.


The humans started to revert back to their old technology such as bow n' arrows and swords. Also unbelievably the government has abandoned us too, so don't expect any help from the military. A few select humans who only showed the dragons kindness, and tried to help them are greatly known by most dragons, news travels fast when you can speak telepathically to one another, and they stand a better chance of survival and even a chance of being protected by some dragons. Another thing different from this world and our own world is, it is much bigger, and has much more land covered by forest. As the dragons began their attack, the humans abandoned their towns and cities, to go hide in the forest. There they built camps, trying to build an army to defeat these 'horrible monsters'.


You can either play as a human or a dragon. We will start this RP 3 RP days before the spell is released. There is no modern day technology, only medieval technology such as swords and bows n' arrows No cannons. Also mostly harmless things like televisions and ovens still work, but if they are used to hurt dragons in any way, they stop working. As we get further into the RP I might add magic for the humans, I haven't decided yet.



  • No god modding.
  • No power playing. Unless i say so
  • No killing other characters without permission form the person controlling the character you want to kill, and me.
  • no purposly ignoring people
  • No flocking all in one location, it makes things confusing and if it starts I will ask you to move your character
  • No using *action* for actions.
  • Use "Character says something here" For when your character speaks.
  • PM me profiles.
  • Put a Ninja somewhere in the PM so I know you read the rules.
  • I reserve the Right to change any rules as I see fit.
  • I reserve the right to remove any rule breakers.
Character Sheets

For Humans




Appearance: (Pictures accepted, but detailed descriptions wanted)



Opinion of dragons:




For Dragons:




Appearance: (Pictures accepted, but detailed descriptions wanted)



Opinion of Humans:



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Picknick10's Character Sheets:

For Humans


Name: Nick

Age: Unknown

Appearance: user posted image

Personality/history: Nick is a very kind soul, often going out his way to help the less

fortunate. When his parents were still alive they took in orphaned dragons,

so he pretty much grew up with dragons as his siblings. Being around so many young dragons who didn't

yet know how to control their magics had an unseen effect on Nick; immortality. As time went on

Nick didn't age a bit, but everyone around him did. Eventually Nick's parents died of old age.

Taking up the arts of magic Nick trained himself and became a force not to be messed with.

Weapons: Powerful magics

Opinion of dragons: Powerful creatures to be respected, and friends to be made of.

Likes: Dragons, magic, friends

Dislikes:War, dragon hunters, unnecessary violence



Krissi2197's Character Sheets:


Cara and Ryan


White Wolf of the Snow's Character Sheets:

Crystal, appearance

Saphira, appearance

Gordon Swindells


Icefire, appearance



Sai's Character Sheets:

Arumat, clothing




Fayt, appearance


Sophia, appearance

Seth, appearance





Snowdragon10's Character Sheets:

Slytha, human appearance



Talor (currently deceased) and Silvertalon



Red Dragonette's Character Sheets:








Hoogomoogo's Character Sheets:




Colorcodedchaos's Character Sheets:

Dr Michael Shaw




En'K'Haral's Character Sheets:

Malice Sintarath

Ayos Riemer

Galamonaro Kain Abel Adams

Username: En'K'Haral

Name: Sapphire Sintarath


Appearance: Sapphire is a young hatchling, like her father Malice her scales are broad and plated but have her mother's orangy-red colour.Like her mother she too has a frill on her head and running along her spine. Her eyes are hazel in colour and being a hatchling she is very short.

Personality: Although she is aggressive she doesn't share her father's ambition, and is more of a prankster. She enjoys playing jokes on other dragons and tries to create the right opertunities as often as possible.

Powers: As far as powers go she is a magi dragon but has yet to come to her full abilities. She is starting to show some ability in controling wind and earth and much like her mother seems to be limited to certain seasons, Earth in summer/spring and wind in fall/winter. Her abilities right now don't amount to much though...beyond the playful prank that is.

Opinion of Humans: Although she is bein raised in an enviroment that hates humans she finds it hard to believe that they can be so bad and is curious to meet one. Malice has often said that she takes after her grandparents in this manner, and has been strongly discouraging these thoughts of hers.

Likes: Jokes and pranks, flying (or she will when she can), playing with her sibling and cousins. Her family of course.

Dislikes: not particularly fond of fruit and people with no sense of humour, nor any of her parent's enemies as well. Not that she's met them. She is presuming she won't like them, she's not overly fond of Redfire either.




For Dragons:

Username: Drakossozh

Name: Bryaugh

Age: 30

Appearance: He is a dragon of average size for his age. http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=reddragon&...set=72#/d1r0ql1

Personality: Has a bit of a mean streak to him when first encountered but if one persists around him he can become a loyal and fiercely protective friend. He loves to spend time in his hoard, which is in the underground safe of a massive bank, where he lays with the assorted metals and treasures he has collected. He has a soft spot for treasure and music. He does not like to fight needlessly and will usually avoid others when he can. He has a tough time staying focused on one thing for too long and treasure is a major distraction to him. He is a vicious fighter when he is pressed into battle and becomes even more deadly when defending something he cares for(friends, his hoard, ect.)

Powers: Can breathe fire, has a venomous bite which makes him a dangerous foe.

Opinion of Humans: He sees humans as his enemies and will generally attack them if they approach him, though he will try to avoid them.

Likes: Fire, treasure, cooked meats, music, flying

Dislikes: humans, being taunted, being away from his hoard for long periods of time, killing needlessly





Chasilin's Characters



Username: Chasilin


Name: Chasilin Cerolias Dantess


Age: Unknown (Never had birthdays nor counted years)


Appearance: user posted image

Chasilin is 5'5", has beautiful olive-toned skin, with dark black hair highlighted in forest greens. Her right eye's green and the left one is a golden/orange. She has a full length Dragon body tattoo on her left side (the tail wraps around her leg) and a conjoining full body 'tattoo' (She was born with it) that is as golden/orange as her left eye which is hidden beneath an eye patch at all times. Chasilin wears a choker necklace/cat collar with a silver bell on it so that she always gives away her position. She was often patronized for sneaking up on people because, as a skilled hunter, she has silent footsteps and lithe movements, it's a keepsake of her mother who gave it to her. She has a silky twisted headband that she wears in hair, it was her mother's before she was killed by humans who are against dragons. She often wears black clothing and never completely covers up her dragon tattoo if she doesn't have to. She's extremely proud of it. Her wardrobe is the following: A Wrapped Tubetop -black-, Basic Jeans -black-, Tall Belted Boots -black leather-, Her Cat Collar with a silver bell, Her headband -black and silver/white-, A Flapper Belt -washed out black-, Aerien Sleeves, An eye patch -black, left-, a Gungnir. ((Of course she has undergarments too....-black- >.<'')) She doesn't own much else other than that since she can't carry anything more with her while she travels.


Personality: Chasilin is quiet and has fierce, albeit alluring, eyes that generally look at everything as if it's either on a different plane from where she stands or it's prey to be hunted. Chasilin doesn't like to meddle in the affairs of others, as a hunter, she prefers to be inconspicuous and lingering on the fringes of others' lives. Despite her distance from social affairs, she is very kind and very wise for her age/appearance. Many times when she was younger, her mother used to tell her she was born with the 'old soul of a young dragon'. "Fierce but gentle, bound by universal law but free to the world and yourself." is what her mother said.


Weapons: A Gungnir. It's a spear, the tip is an arrowhead made of iron, the rod is black metal bound in leather straps that lace it on either ends. Just beneath the arrow head and at the end of the Gungnir it is clad in silver. Near the top it is tied with a long red ribbon. This ribbon belonged to her father. He used to keep at as a treasure for it reminded him of his love, Chasilin's mother, before he also died. The Gungnir and the ribbon now belong to Chasilin, passed on from her father.


Opinion of dragons: Ever since she was born she was considered to have the 'old soul of a young dragon' by the people who were her surroundings for nearly her whole life. For a good reason, too. Her family were strong believers in dragons, faithful until their deaths to the wise and magnificent beings. Chasilin grew up in an environment where dragons were meant as friends and were treated with the utmost respect. Chasilin fully believes in her families ways and also is fully devoted to the dragons of the world. Her heart was as caged as the dragons were, set free when they escaped, but still wounded that they could not trust all humans. This is no doubt due to the mass of human kind being utterly disrespectful and overly abusive of what little power they had.


Likes: Dragons, hunting for what is needed to eat and nothing more, the idea of magic (she has attempted many times but has no idea how to go about it properly.) Palmephius, a pygmy that she grew up with, they were born/hatched on the same day. Lunarissa(Luna) a solid black cat that has followed her around since the dragons escaped. She has piercing golden/orange eyes. She also likes the flower known as Plumeria.


Dislikes: animal and dragon abuse, resource abuse, abuse in general -.-. crowds, bright/neon things, any form of verbal or expressive vulgarity, being near people, most of modern civilization.






Username: Chasilin


Name: Lunarissa (Human name was Roydelle Glenn Densaias)


Age: 19




When she was a human: user posted image

She was 5'8" with long flowing black hair golden/orange eyes and a headpiece whose jewel fell over the crescent shaped birthmark on her forehead.(When Roydelle as a cat tells this to Chasilin, for Roydelle's identity to remain hidden she uses this fact to give her a new name; Lunarissa.) She was often considered to be clad in silk spun from shooting stars due to the florescent robbing she wore. However this was basically clothing that was created out of magic. The dragon by her feet is a Muse dragon and is creative. It is also the same dragon that turned her into a cat that most resembled Roydelle. The elegant and mysterious black cat. The belt she wears is also a touch from the Muse dragon. It was forged out of it's scales. In fact, her headpiece, and other gold-like accessories were forged from it's scales. When she was turned into a cat the dragon clevorly spread out the materials of what she was wearing. He hair became her black coat, her eyes remained the same, her crescent remained as well beneath the fur, the dragon made trinkets merged to form a very thin layer of skin that stretches across her feline body like hidden, skin tight armor. As for the magically incorporated robbing it was compressed and implanted within her genealogy allowing her to wield the most basic magic of telepathy so she could communicate beyond mewing. Her dragon tattoo becomes her ability to understand the dragon language and to be able to share her telepathy beyond just humans and the generic understanding of animals.


Currently: A black cat with golden orange eyes, more description above. user posted image


Personality: Kind, with a gentle heart and a wise eye. She has a mysterious aura about her that is both alluring and awe inspiring. She seems like someone who has all the answers and when asked will always give an answer. As a cat, thank to the addition of Palmephius, she tends to be a little sassy with an attitude that generally gives off the air she's better than him. Keeping in mind she is still just a young adult, her childish ways are really drawn out into the open in the face of Palmephius. To Chasilin she is good counsel and a good listener. She offers advice worth taking and always has good intentions, even in the face of Palmephius, she will not ever openly insult or knowingly hurt another. While she seems wise in many ways, she is still very young and has much to learn. She has common sense, this is what makes her appear wise.


Weapons: Her claws and teeth~


Opinion of dragons: Considering her history and her current relation with Chasilin, she is indeed on the side of dragons. Muse, the Muse Dragon was no pet of hers but a dear friend who chose to stay with her out of it's own free will. Muse was captured and killed by those who hate dragons despite it's small size and great disadvantage. It was it's magic the humans seemed to fear. Muse forfeit his life to save Roydelle's. Roydelle would never forget the loyalty and kindness of the dragon. She believes with all her heart that all dragons are the same but are simply given good reason to be spiteful towards most of the human race.


Likes:Dragons, Chasilin, being pet at the base of her tail and around her ears. Looking at the stars. Secretly; Bantering back and forth with Palmephius, catnip, and chasing reflective surfaces.


Dislikes: Bullies, most dogs -comes with being a cat-, sudden movements and loud noises. Bad singing -Palmephius tries to mimic Chasilin in his mind- When someone she cares for gets hurt. Those who are against dragons. Spinach.






Username: Chasilin


Name: Palmephius


Age: Unknown


Appearance: user posted image

He has glowing green eyes with slit like pupils as apposed to regular round ones. His scale color is mostly a golden orange hue. He's about the size of a full grown cat and has ringlets along the length of his tail. Even his claws and horns are golden orange. He has 6 appendages not including his tail. That's four legs (can be consider arms and legs instead) as well as a full set of wings.


Personality: Very snide and easily aggravated like a human teenager might be. He's only kind to those he can completely trust and so far that's only Chasilin and her now deceased parents. He somewhat gets along with Lunarissa but they hardly agree on anything except that they must stay with and protect/help Chasilin. He treats Chasilin like kin because he was hatched the same day she was born. In a way it makes him the technical 'older brother' but he is often treated as the younger one and he better suits that role. He likes to think of himself as Chasilin's guardian angel and often flies around her shoulders and sometimes even wraps himself around Gungnir, Chasilin's main weapon. He does have his good days, every now and then he becomes grievously serious and speaks with a tongue that's far wiser than Palmephius has ever revealed on any other day. He get's like this in the face of danger (usually when Chasilin is in the face of danger though, not himself).


Powers: Mostly generic powers of telepathy, he can create a though link so that just Chasilin, Lunarissa, and himself can 'speak' to one another without anyone else hearing. He is able to close off and protect his and their minds from others. Their thoughts are only known to each other. He can use basic magic that he has so far discovered on his own. To progress much further he would need a teacher. What he does know he shares with Chasilin. His bond with her is closer then either of them know. This allows him to directly send magic to Chasilin. When this happens (though they haven't tried it just yet) Chasilin's 'birthmark' the golden orange tattoo along the length of her left side that leads up to her hidden golden/orange eye, will glow. When it is glowing it means she is using/being given magic. When it is not it means she either has no magic stored or is simply not using it. Palmephius can breath a little bit of fire but he is still learning. Much of his abilities have yet to be discovered.


Opinion of Humans: He hates them all but he is smart enough to know the difference in them. He does not hate those who support dragons, but he also doesn't particularly like them either. He's only comfortable with Chasilin whom he considers to be kin.


Likes: Chasilin, field mice, milk (surprisingly), learning and using magic, believing he is Chasilin's guardian angel and, he'll never admit it out loud but he likes Lunarissa too. When Chasilin sings.


Dislikes: Humans in general. To those who support dragons he means no offense. He just doesn't like him. They make him feel uneasy. He hates blueberries for some reason and carrots too. Not a fan of extremely loud things or human made objects. Doesn't like crowds.


((I hope this is okay? Especially the sharing magic part. It hasn't been done yet so I can wait until maybe you introduce magic to humans or if you yourself approve of it. It isn't much used against others. Mostly for things like starting fires, or letting Chasilin see through a dragons eyes...There's a little bit of history with these characters. She was born with a dragon's old soul merged with a young human's soul through the way of magic. She was born with a green eye. a humans, and an orange/gold one of a dragons. It has a dragon's slit-like pupil and that 'birthmark' tattoo she was born with is the color of that eyes and goes the length of her body right down from ankle up to just under the eye. It's magical mark that allows her to conduct dragon's magic -if it's allowed-. In order for the whole experiment to have happened it required a dragons egg. That would be Palmephius. It's also why he feels she is kin, beyond that he hatched the same moment she was born. Palmephius has a fused soul just like Chasilin's. Basically they were cast under a magic spell done by a dragon that was friend of Chasilin's parents and the parent of Palmephius. It split their souls in half and conjoined them half and half in each others bodies. They become kin in spirit and Palmephius gains human like characteristics -his youthful arrogance, personality traits, and habits- and Chasilin gains dragon characteristics -her eye, the magic tattoo that allows dragon magic, the odd feeling she gives off that says she has great wisdom beyond her years-. For the deal with Lunarissa, she's a familiar. A human who was turned into a cat, by a favor asked of a dragon, so she might escape those who wished her dead for her rebellion against those who hate dragons. If this is against the rules pretty please let me know and I will change it to the best of my abilities.))



TheTron852's Characters

Username: TheTron852

Name: Richard Coyler

Age: 17 with a bit.

Appearance: He is tall and thin, has a brown hair, which are short and leaning left. His eyes are green. He looks like if he was 15, not 17. Dressed in a black hood with the black shirt underneath and black trousers, boots are black too. Has a scar on his right eye (but the eye itself is not harmed). His arms are thin, legs are long. His left arm is severely damaged by arrows. Has a mustache, which are only began to grow.

Personality: Richard is very cautious and distrustful to almost anyone (the only exceptions is the humans, who gained his trust, and dragons). From the very beginning of his life he is unable to speak. He is communicating with others via gestures. Despite the fact that he is unable to speak, he is able to write and draw. He is mildly paranoid, which is explaining his distrustful nature. Also he has a very high stamina, agility and speed, and Richard is always trying to avoid any fights, but when there is no choice, he does fight. With all of that, he avoids everyone: humans and dragons both. Has a claustrophobia.

From his 16th year Richard started a diary, so he could put his emotions and story in it.

Right now the only things about Richard's past are known is that humans were the ones, who tried to kill him. Realising that, he ran away into the unknown direction, and nobody have never seen him again. Until now. Also it is known that Richard somehow knows about a part of the disaster (revolution of dragons). But the only thing he knows about is that humans are the reason of the war. He doesn't know about the rest of the world's past.

Weapons: The only weapon in Richard's use is an iron dagger. He is capable of using it with ease and skill.

Opinion of dragons: Richard thinks, that the dragons can be trusted. But he is also avoiding them, because there is a possibility of them killing him.

Likes: Running, writing diary, being alone.

Dislikes: Fights, limit of space, remembering his past

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice plot Nick! i will definitely join!(but i forgot about Eragon, sorry about that.)

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Oh. Hullo.


What literacy rating are we shootin' for?

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Oops, sorry, Nick. No I didn't forget, I just... put you on hold.


*Plays hold music*


There. I put you on hold. I'll do a critique tomorrow, it is too late tonight.

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*dances around with cat to the hold music*


Oh your still here! *drops cat and inches out of the room*

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*Hold music ends abruptly* Why, hello there. I looked for you earlier, little roleplay, but you were lost in the sea of unapproved roleplays. And now Mouldy has found you.


Nick, you are a comma abuser. Read your plot out loud to yourself and find the places where you need to put a period and where you need to put a comma. Commas are appropriate only when you need to take a breath as a general rule. Periods are appropriate when your idea in your sentence has run out. Do that for me and I'll look at it again.


Seriously, read it out loud. if that doesn't work, try again. Read it to a sibling. Whatever.

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There have been no posts made in this thread in 30 days or more.


If the OP does not respond in a week, it shall be deleted in 7 days.

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EEP! I don't know what OP mean but I'm pretty sure that's me! *Fights off Khallayne with a bread stick!*


EDIT- I fixed most of the plot as you asked moldy.

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((I think that this plot is quite nice... *nods in appreciation* Though if there are mistakes, I won't be the one to point them out. Will probably make it more mistakey with my mistakeyness tongue.gif ))

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Here is some hold music for you to listen to while I move this baby over...


*Hold music plays*

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