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I finally had a dream about dragoncave last night! I dreamed whenever people clicked on the dragons,they would move. blink.gif

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I had another dream that we were on a road trip in this multicolored hippie van, and we were driving down the street in Chicago (although it looked more like Nevada). Then all of a sudden, my dad turned into a hippie with a huge orange afro and a purple vest and pants. He turned around and said, "I'm gonna throw up, man!" and he pulled over and hit a stop sign. He got out of the car and threw up, then he got back in and we continued driving. A few minutes later, we almost hit an alligator dressed as a clown that was walking across the street, but we swerved just in time and avoided it.


Suddenly, we were in this town full of witches, and they were throwing crystal balls at us. Then one of them gave me a corndog and told me to go to the castle. I had no clue what castle, and so I asked her. She said, "The magical one!" So I went to the magical castle with my corndog, but it was abandoned. I was crawling through the air vents until I came out in the grand hall, standing at the top of this huge staircase. All of a sudden the stairs collapsed and I fell down and hit my face on a piano. The witch appeared in front of me, waved her hand, and teleported me to Barnes and Noble (book store). I sat down in a chair, grabbed a cup of hot chocolate, and started to read a book about dinner rolls.

One of the strangest dreams I ever had.



Acingguy- Well duh, of course the world exploded. Don't mess with Chuck Norris. xd.png

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I finally had a dream about dragoncave last night! I dreamed whenever people clicked on the dragons,they would move. blink.gif

now that's something to suggest biggrin.gif

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Last night i had a dream that there were 2 giant knife blades sticking out of my elbows. If I bent my elbows and tucked up my legs, I could walk on the blade.

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Last night, I had a dragon cave related dream.


I was in school and had a very strange teacher, for an assignment he made us raise 8 dragons from the AP, and whenever I clicked an egg, it'd fall from the screen and break. ohmy.gif

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Last night I dreamed my dog Goldie got sprayed by a skunk.Then it started running around in circles and I think it was trying to spray itself.I was like,"What's wrong with this skunk,it's sprayed ten times and it hasn't run out yet?"Then it walked towards me,so I stood very still and it just waddled right pass me.

After that dream,I had another dream that I was in a store and was buying a toy skunk to add to my collection.I was really disappointed when I woke up.

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last night I had a dream where I was a dolliphin, and my best friend was a Orca whale with a mantaray girlfriend. And i became a vegitrarin and made dinner, and everyone became round like a beach ball, and everyone was mad at me.


So then I became a human, and turned into a vampire, and flew around, then I had to choose if I wanted to stay with my family or live with the bad guys and rule the world (or at least Taco Bell) and I chose that bad guys. My family got mad at me and said "WTF!?!" then as I left I thought about changing my mind and going bad to them...but I woke up before I could.

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I had a Harry Potter dream shortly after sleeping over my friend's house...


The dream tied into our Harry Potter FanFiction, so just so you know...

-My friend= Thaliah Siohen

-Me= Brenna Henbane

-Henna is my Animagius form; a wildcat


I'm wandering the forbidden forest as Henna and stumble upon four kittens with white and pale blue fur, whose pawsteps turn to ice. I turn back and sneak them to Hagrid's hut, where and Thaliah are having tea. Hagrid examines the kittens and explains that they are -insert fuzzy-sounding noise here-. (My friend and I later decided to call them Glacifelix) Thaliah Disillusions them and brings them into the castle. We hide them in the Room of Requirement, which, for some reason, has become very small and has two single beds, a table in between them with a lamp on it, and a closet that opens to the wall behind the door. We hide the Glacifeliexes under the beds, apparently skip class for several days, and sit on the beds, as the Glacifelixes grow literally right before our eyes. Despite their size, the bed doesn't move. I think Thaliah cast a spell that made under the bed larger that it appears or something. We try to baracade them off with pillows, tie little blue bows with Piplups on them around their ears, and I wake up.


The dream made no sense whatsoever, from the time we entered the Room of Requirement...

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I had a dream where I was in a fancy hotel and I went up an elevator with my sisters. It took us way up, up to outspace, until it was like we were in nothingness -- it was pure white. Then the cord holding the elevator up snapped.



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I had a dream a few weeks ago that dinosaurs lived in my town's park. In the same dream I was interviewed about the dinosaurs which the reporter asks me... well I don't remember but this was my reply: "Yeah. I like riding my bike around. But you have to watch out for the t-rex. He might eat you." And still, in the same dream, there was a gas station by a really busy highway in my town (My town was all screwed up in my dream) that took care of bodies of murdered people.


Yep... that's why I don't drink soda before I go to sleep.

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.....this is what happens when i watch the movie Eragon before i go to bed....which has happened multiple times due to me being very bored when everyone else is asleep and I'm not tired.

I apparently like running off cliffs (hint)


Well it starts out me running from a store when I hit the cash register dude for giving me a ripoff on a bike tire I needed for something. I ended up running into the police and they're yelling at me and I scream at them. They were about to put me in the police car when the car exploded along with the store which I didn't stick around to see what exploded next so I ran into a forest which was a shortcut to my house without anyone mentioning a new cliff.....I fell off and blacked out as I was falling. I woke up at my house to see a dragon staring at me- which I scream and got yelled at again but by not the police but Durza? What the hell was he doing in my house! I ran outside the dragon following to see this wasn't my house and I had no clue where I was....someone hit me. Now I woke up at the Varden and they're yelling so I yelled and they shutup which only made it worse. I wanted to know how to get home only to find I couldn't.....thanks to the cliff...


it goes on but I'd fill a page....I die in the end I think...it seemed like it.


Had another one well two more that were shorter. My head seems to like me getting into trouble with all the bad dudes.....why?


I was watching the movie in my house when the power went out creating a black hole in my tv which sucked me in but not my parents....the movie started over and I was watching being held by some urgal guy who growled at me.... it skipped and I could here my parents screaming which got me confused so I asked what happened but all Durza said was to shut up and help him...he didn't need the help and I got throw off a cliff this time.


second one I have no clue how this started....


I was in some area surrounded by a bunch of people yelling "Kill her!" Guess who else was there? Yep Durza and guess who I got mad- again, yep your right. anyway Galbatorix was watching this fight for some reason and I apparently said something to insult Durza so he chose to fight me.....which didn't end too well.


It kept reaccuring later on like a rematch and I still haven't won......*is done*

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i dreamt that i was a chicken.


and they were gonna cook me for Popeyes.


and instead of trying to cry for mercy, im all,




im awesome chickin.

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I had a very vivid dream one time of a wide suburd street in ruins, cars abandoned on the street, some houses little more than rubble. Patrolling the street amid the screams and flames were darker-skinned people in bright blue turbans and robes grabbing people and checking them. They were killing all white people. They were the cause of the destruction. I ran into a car with my friend, and the doors were yanked open, my friend dragged out and killed. The blue-robed man grabbed my wrist and yanked my arm so the underside of my arm was up. It was tan enough, I suppose, because he said, "You're clean," and walked away.


Moral of the story: My subconcious seems to think all whites need to die? o.O I dunno, but it was the opposite hate crime than what has happened all over the world and still happens today. It might have been religious-based dream, I'm not sure. But it sticks in my mind to this day. o.o

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I had some dream last night about being in some place underground, except it looked like Montana, and there were wild horses running around. Then it went silent, and I was walking alone next to these massive rock formations. The only sounds were those of my footsteps. It became dark, and I reached a railroad, which led to a door. I went through, walked through a passage filled with cobwebs, and stepped out into the sunlight.


I blinked for a bit, before realizing that I was in some village place. It looked sort of like a set for a spaghetti Western, except it was rather medieval, and James Bond was sitting in some saloon with a couple of Bond Girls. Ignoring them, I walked purposefully up to a house, and knocked on the door. A frazzled woman opened the door and ushered me inside. I knew her, apparently. It was weird.


She explained to me about how the village was having a drought, and there was no water for them to use for anything. I raised my eyebrow; I had seen lots of water in the place with the wild horses. She knew what I was thinking, and explained that there was a monster of some sort that lived there, and that it killed anyone who went it.


I began to laugh; she seemed insane. I had been there many times, and I knew that there was not monster of any sort. Then, her son, a guy a little older than me, walked up behind me (scaring me half to death- I wasn’t expecting to see him) and confirmed what she said.


I snorted and said that they were nutters. I would go in there and bring back some water to prove that it was safe. Confident as ever, I strolled towards the doors to where I knew the place with the wild horses was. There were four, which confused me. They were all quite large, but the two middle ones were massive, with cast iron designs on them (odd, I thought- they didn’t match the decorating style of the village- plus, they were covered with ivy, which was non-native). I remembered there being only one. The son, who had followed me, told me that they all went to the same place, but that only one would open for me. A different door would open for a different person, and I had to choose the proper door to go through.


I just asked the doors which one was mine, and one opened. It was one of the large ones. However, the opening was actually very small, and full of spider webs. A bit disgusting I marched forward, hacking at the webs with a machete that randomly appeared in my hand (dreams… they never make sense XD). There weren’t any spiders in the webs, and they came apart like mist. Then I saw two glowing eyes in front of me, off to the right. I called out, tentatively, wondering who it might be (for some reason, I wasn’t at all scared XD).


Not surprisingly, I got no answer. Striding forwards, undaunted by the creepiness of everything, I saw that I was in some place that looked a bit like a wine cellar, only there were huge jugs of water (I knew it was water- once again, dreams are weird) rather than bottles of wine. Some creepy trollish goblin thing sat atop a large vase, leering at me.


I said something like, “So, you’re the monster. I was hoping for something a bit more impressive. Oh, well. Lay on, Macduff.”


So there I was, ready with my magic-randomly-appearing-machete-thing, and there it was, sitting there apparently unarmed. And then all of a sudden, it shot my wrist with some sort of dart thing (my mind was remembering the yellowjackets), and I, enraged, charged it.


Rather than having some epic battle, the thing just fell apart. It was made of clay, like the jugs. I wheeled around, looking for it, believing it had tricked me, but all I saw was a large horse. He was standing farther down in the ‘wine cellar’, silhouetted in the light of the place like Montana.


I heard yelling behind me, and the son, followed by a pack of the village people, descended upon me, all congratulating me on the killing of the monster. I said it was really rather easy, and that the thing was pathetic. They were kind of getting in my face, and I felt really uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Looking down, I noticed that the dart thing was still in my arm, and I yanked it out and threw it on the ground. I was going to say something to the son person, but then I totally fainted all over the place (I remember wondering if the goblin dude had poison darts, once again, a throwback to the yellowjacket incident). Really lame.


And I woke up. XD


EDIT: Oh dear. That's rather long.

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i've had mostly realistic ones but there was one where I was being chased by like 10 cops in a parking lot. I was in this souped up tank of a Mustang and I was plowin through em, somehow the engine catches fire and so I bail, but, instead of them catching up, I run as fast as The Flash, and get away. Well, I kept running and didn't stop for about three days. I camped out in the woods, not too far from a road and I decide to walk to the road. Bad idea. Like 6 cop cars come pulling up. They jump out guns in hand. I try to run like I did before, but I was too tired. So I stood ther with my hands up and was like ok I give, they were just about to shoot me, and i woke up.



also, here's something on that falling sensation you get when you're almost asleep: http://www.failedsuccess.com/index.php?/we...ep_hypnic_jerk/

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I had an incredibly strange one the other night.


It started out with me being a runaway from some sort of school/prison place (and oddly enough, male). Then I got caught and dragged back, and it was this massive, white building by the sea, with cross-shaped windows. I don't remember much about the inside, but everything was either grey or made of this light-coloured wood. There were loads of other kids there, but I'm not sure why we were there; I heard something about Muslims and one of the other kids called the guards 'b****** Christians', but that was it. (Please note that this does not reflect my own views on the subject of religion)


I spent a night in this cell that had nothing in it but a big blanket and three pillows, along with another boy and this blonde girl who looked like someone I go to school with crossed with Bella Swan from Twilight. The room kept rotating for some reason too.


Anyway, next morning everyon got loaded up onto a boat that looked like a massive Sunseeker crossed with a container ship and was driven by a weird DJ/rapper guy who I think might've been drunk. I was stood up on the deck while the boat was going out, but before it got out of the harbour it started to roll over for some reason, and then I ended up underneath the boat as it flipped over and started sinking, but the blonde girl from earlier pulled me out and they managed to get everyone to shore and back inside.


After that I was queuing up in this corridor by what looked like a library and there was another room which I could see into because the door was open. There was a chair in there that looked like a dentist's chair except it was made of black leather and was really foreboding for some reason. Nobody wanted to look at it. I don't remember much of the rest of it but I was talking to someone who I knew back in middle school (but didn't particularly like or speak to) and I managed to sneak off from the group and get away from the building again.


The next thing I know I'm running through the woods near my house which are right by a road, and there's people in a car looking for me. It got kind of freaky here because when I run in my dreams I can never go much faster than walking pace, no matter how hard I try. The car parked near the woods and they started looking around for me, but I managed to sneak off through the trees and came to a different road that I knew I had to cross but the traffic was really bad and I could hear the people coming up behind me so I just ran and nearly got hit by a motorbike, but once I got round the corner they lost me.


I got to a house where this old lady lived. She was sympathetic to kids who'd escaped from the school place and she said I could live in the hole in her back garden under a willow tree (and I was very grateful for it for some reason). SoI lived there for a while, but I woke up (in the dream) to find a guy with very long hair looking at me, along with the old lady. I knew him and I was frightened of him, but I don't know why. He assured me he was a friend, but I still didn't trust him. So for some reason I went to the other side of the garden and looked through a hole in the fence. It was only then I realised that the house was right next to the school place and that I could see into the grounds. There were a bunch of kids out there, including the girl from earlier, and there was also a guy dressed like a vicar (you know, black robe with the white collar) and he kept trying to look up her skirt.


Idk what happened next because I woke up. This is fairly typical level of weird for my dreams.

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Acidic lizard head burns my fingers off, but running them under running water grows them back, I keep them under the tap for a bit while making sure the head doesn't go through the black plastic cutting board, "Hm, need a tan but they'll do." Try to find a tongs to pick it up, no scuh luck, use a blue plastic spoon but it burns black, pick up the cutting board and throw the head outside, owrry that it'll burn to the center of the earth...

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I had the most AWESOME yet weird dream last night.

I was listening to Nightwish music before I went to sleep, FYI.


Well, I was just in bed. It wasn't my bedroom or bed, though, but it was my dream bedroom. It was all blue and it had a whole bunch of Hitchhiker's Guide, Invader Zim, and Beatles decorations.


I was tossing and turning, hearing a whole bunch of whispering.


I woke up, seeing a sword I made up a long time ago in my hand. I ran outside and saw a whole bunch of villains from The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess were outside my door. I saw two of some old characters I made up, I can't even remember their names. Both were male, though.


They were also holding swords, only different from mine.


We began to fight the villain people and ran toward a mountain. We continued fighting those other villain guys until we came up to This guy only tied to the pole was another old character I came up with even before the two boys. I can't remember her name, either.


She began screaming and squirming, and then the guy suddenly turned into a giant Transformer and began trying to beat the carp out of me. Suddenly the two boys disappeared and the Transformer trapped me, knocking the sword of my hand.


I managed to reach my sword and I shoved it up into the Transformer's hand. It fell to the ground and turned off. I stood their triumphantly and a bunch of glowing people came up to me and bowed down to me.


Weirdest yet most epic dream EVER.

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I had ANOTHER dream about dragoncave! I went to the adoption page and all the dragons were adults.Most of them were goldens,but I saw this strange water/platypus looking dragon.I clicked on it and this message pops up and says something like,'This Dragon does not exist'.So I go to the forum to see if there's new dragons or something,and while I'm waiting for that to pull up I open the other window on dragoncave and go to the adoption page again.I see a whole bunch of new dragons(all grownups,but most of them were just different colored squares,lol).I'm still waiting for the dragoncave forum to pull up,so I check on my balloon hatchling.It looks COMPLETELY different,it's bigger than normal grownup dragons,it's laying down,and it doen't look fat at all.I thought,"Since this one is different,I wonder what my other dragons look like".I was so excited to see what they looked like,but I woke up before I found out.I was disappointed.Then when I fell back asleep I had a weird dream that these two little boys went into this weird tower that led them to all the presidents that had been dead. blink.gif


Edit:I watched Phineas and Ferb last night,so that explains the platypus dragon and the two boys.

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Oh I had the absolutely coolest dream 2 nights ago.


* (?!) - means a WTF moment.


It started out as with me and my best friend chilling in the middle of our school.


All the lights were dark, and the downstairs windows were boarded up. It had our entire sophomore class in the upstairs level of my school.


The upstairs windows were broken, and all of us had firearms, shooting at zombies.


For some reason they were swarming our school.


So we were shooting at the zombies, and then we heard a loud thumping noise on the back of the main doors to our upstairs hallway.


For some reason we had a machine gun nest aimed at the door. The zombies broke down the door, swarming into the upstairs of our school. The machine gun easily mowed them down, but they ran out of ammo after the first and largest wave.


So I had to go running around the school, looking for machine gun belts to reload the machine gun.


Nobody had ammo...


So the guys in the machine gun nest dove out of the nest, shooting at zombies as we all fell back into one of the Spanish classrooms. We held off the zombies for about 2 hours, when we found out via walkie talkie that our zombie fighting forces were cut in half.


We continued to hold off the zombies (I was coordinating our rescue of the other, smaller half of zombie fighters).


I grabbed a rifle and took 8 of my friends to try to rescue the other half. We ended up finding the other half, but zombies quickly cut us off with large numbers.


We were forced to take the 30 of us and escape the school by jumping out the window and landing in a cart of straw (?!). We shot our way to a large van, opened the doors, and piled everyone in.


We drove for about 3 hours, strangely there were no zombies. So we started to relax for a second, and then one of my friends remembered the other group. We called on of them on a cell phone, and somebody answered, but all we heard was screaming and gross noises.


We debated going back, but we were already too far away.


So we kept driving for about 8 more hours, and we saw a large city. We decided to drive into the city, and tell everyone what was going on so they could prepare for an attack.


So we all stayed in a hotel after contacting the mayor and police of the city.


We woke to screams and gunshots, we rushed outside to find zombies swarming the city.


We shot our way out of the hotel, and decided to split up because our group would be easily spotted.


So we split up into groups of 4, and stole cars and continued to drive to other cities.


Once I hit the downtown of the city, our car was overtaken by zombies. We shot all of them with our remaining ammo, and then they tipped our car over. We beat them all off with our guns, but then the guns broke in half (?!).


So I picked up a 2x4 plank and continued to fight them. The plank broke in half, and I continued to beat them off (I WAS AWESOME). I looked behind me and 2 guys in our group were gone. And there was a lady with a stroller behind me (?!).


So my friend throws me a metal bar, and I keep whackin the zombie's heads off.


Then my bar broke (?!).


So I took the two halves and continued owning them until me and my friend got in a car and drove off.


Then a zombie hopped through the back window of the car, and I found a grocery bag on the floor of the car. I rammed it in the zombie's face, screaming "Eat it, ****** ******!


The zombie fell off of the car, and I woke up.

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Hehe, I love everyone’s dreams on here. If we make a book out of them, we could probably make the bestseller’s list. My (dragcave) dream:


I was in my school’s cafeteria, and I was holding a plastic bag. I looked in the bag and saw a bunch of dino eggs. (This was back when I had no dinos, and treated them like super-duper-ultra-rares) I was confused for a moment, because the colors were switched, like red dots on a white egg. But I remember I spent most of the dream going “Ha! Look at me suckers! I have dino eggs!” to my classmates.


There were these really awesome suckers in the plastic bag too. Cherry flavored, I think.


I turn my back for a second, and WHAM! Almost all of the dino eggs were gone. I was so sad! I started to look for them, and I knew someone had taken them.


I spent the remainder of the dream looking in other people’s plastic bags, searching for the thief. And just as the dream was about to end, I spotted someone licking a lollipop.


It was cherry-flavored. Dun-Dun-DUNNNNN!


“You there! You stole my dragons!” I shouted, and ran after them as they sprinted out the door. I leaped over a table and was just about to grab them when…


I woke up. I loved the dream, why did it have to end? You know, if someone made a machine that could record my dreams, I would never watch a movie again. Dreams are ten times more realistic-feeling!

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i won't go into any great detail, but one time i had this weird dream where a bunch of anime characters held a trial for michael jackson. the akatsuki from naruto was the jury, sikieiki yamaxanadu from touhou was the judge, and at one point alucard from hellsing pointed a gun at itachi.


i can't remember anything else beyond that but in the end, turns out it was orochimaru all along

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Okay, this is probably the one dream that I can remember that I'm willing to share. The other ones just make me sound really, really insane. More insane than I truly am, of course.


For some reason I had left my family and had fallen into some water and the next thing I knew I was swimming next to this island, or at least I thought it was an island. I could see people waiting in lines outside buildings and was wondering what it was all for. I then find a place to get out of the water and this old man finds me. I agree to go back to where he lives and stayed with him for awhile (it felt like a few days or weeks or something in the dream). He told me that I was in Russia. Of course, I was weirded out a bit, but what was worse was that I was in my Sea Cadet utility uniform (an American military uniform, just modified a bit for the program I'm in). I really hoped he wouldn't figure out what the uniform was. I don't remember much else of the dream, except for at the end I let him adopt me because I didn't want to go back home because I thought my parents would be mad at me for leaving behind my family and "getting lost". He added me to a paper that looked like a family tree and renamed me Robin. I guess I have a new secret first name. Shweet.


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for some odd reason....i dreamt about zombies.....


you can kinda guess what happened next....



i haven't even seen a zombie movie within the last 30 days.... so....i have no idea why i dreamt about them.

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