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Eggy Give Away! ~Game~

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Welcome once again to the Eggy Give Away! It’s the last one of the month, so the next will be donator written, but more about that later. Now, we’ve got stories to tell! Today’s stories are based off of the captain’s log of a submarine, as well as some extrapolated points based off of the wreckage debris. So, on with the show!


The aforementioned submarine was put together by a water-shy PILLOW EGGY FROM THE SEA-SIDE VILLA OF GOTW3! This eggy has never been fond of water. The liquid seeps into the velvet that covers its shell, making it heavier and thus more prone to sinking, as well as damp and cold for many hours afterwards. Of course, it could just engage in non-aquatic activities, but the eggy happens to be in love with marine biology, and would love to sit around and watch sea horses and related dragons prance through seaweed fields all day. In order to get underwater where it wants to be, the pillow spent a year building a submarine out of drift wood and scrap metal. When finished, the pillow hired a sizeable crew and disappeared into the depths, never to be seen or heard from again. At least, not until it turned up soaking wet and half dead on the doorstep of number 64, wanderingwind!!!


We have reconstructed what happened based on what was found written in the soggy pages of a book titled ‘Log of the AS Pillow,” assuming AS stands for Awesome Submarine.


“Day 1: Smooth going. Can’t keep Russell Badgerhound out of the stores.”

After sifting through many censuses and family histories, we’ve learned that Russell Badgerhound is A PURPLE DORSAL EGGY THAT ONCE BELONGED TO RUKIA05! Cursed with an insatiable hunger, this eggy was locked in its room after it was discovered that it had eaten most of the potatoes and drunk all the brandy. Strangely enough, the dorsal was originally hired as the sub’s cook. For a while there were two problems: no one knew Russell was stealing food because he was in the kitchen the whole time anyhow, and they couldn’t easily replace him and expect to eat proper meals every day (and idea which no one liked to think about). Eventually, though, it was found that one of the deck scrubbers could prepare at least a few warm dishes, so he was appointed cook and the dorsal was locked away. After the wreck, the dorsal turned up in the kitchens of a restaurant owned by number 12, methos289!!!


“Day 6: Saw a school of lionfish hurrying away from some dragon with flippers. In the confusion, Rikki and Tavi caught some of the fish for dinner. Twas very good with garlic sauce.”

Rikki and Tavi are the names of A GREEN DINO AND AN ICE EGGY FROM THE SHIPYARDS OF CATLOVER3288! These two are the sub’s handymen, fixing any leaks, malfunctioning ovens, or broken floorboards. The green dino, known as Rikki by the rest of the crew, is one of the few of its species which possesses any sort of intelligence. While it’s still nothing to be marveled at, it’s enough to keep the eggy from eating all day. Tavi the ice keeps its friend on task, usually by offering it an extra lettuce leaf for dinner. In addition to being able to fix anything, the two are also excellent fishermen. When the lionfish swam by, they abandoned their work repairing hammocks and cast a net out through one of the airlocks. Dragged in a few minutes later, the mesh sack contained a number of wriggling sea critters with manes. These were delivered to the kitchen, where the newly appointed cook grilled them and threw together a variety of marinades and sauces. These two were stranded on an island when the wreck happened, and were picked up by a little group of passing boats. The dino ended up with number 4, Dragonwing1234, and the ice with number 39, leafyleaf!!!


“Day 17: Hit bottom. Sent Ol’ Tom Whiskers to check out a glow in the crags nearby. The rest of the crew played poker. Tavi won every time.”

Tom Whiskers, the oldest of the bunch, is A GOLD TINSEL HATCHIE ONCE OWNED BY THE FORMER INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVE MYLORITE! Skilled at undercover missions, trained in military tactics, and boasting more experience than half the crew combined, this tinsel is the sub’s scout. Although useless at every other skill that could be of service on an underwater voyage, even replacing light bulbs and playing cards, the hatchie was taken along on the trip so an extensive exploration of the seafloor could be conducted. Its services proved to be invaluable when the tinsel managed to squeeze through some cracks in the ground, emerging into a large cavern filled with a strange glowing crystal. The hatchie brought back as much as it could carry, and the loot was distributed among the members of the crew as the young dragon told stories of the magnificent glowing cave. When the wreckage happened, the tinsel swam into the dark opening of an underwater cave in search of a nearby source of air. Therein it found itself face to face with a prospering colony of dragons owned by a research scientist, number 13, Wanderer!!!


“Day 20: Going in for more, exactly as the foolish captain wouldn’t have. – Spots, Slash, and Ms. Robinson”

This was curious. The captain was no longer in charge, and the only clue as to who had taken over command was the list of code names used to sign this last entry. Thankfully the log also contained a page listing all the crew members, and through process of elimination we concluded that the three had to be A SPOTTEN GREENWING, A SPLIT, AND A PINK EGGY, ALL ORIGINALLY OWNED BY THE WEALTHY PINCH OF STARDUST! While Starry is everything but a greedy gold hoarder, these eggies are a different case. Their life among riches turned them into monsters that could never have enough. Once they saw money, they didn’t stop until they had it all. When the captain refused to return to the glowing cavern for more crystals, Slash the split staged a mutiny and chained the pillow to the hull of the submarine. With the help of its two friends, the split steered the sub to the point right above the cavern and began drilling through the rock. It didn’t take long for them to break through into the mother lode of glowing crystals. They began loading the sub, intent on taking it all, but their noisy venture had awakened an ancient guardian. From the depths of the cavern rose an impenetrable darkness as the crystals lost their brilliance and turned black. In the distance, the crew could see a group of lights, wriggling, dancing, rising up towards them. They were enchanted by those bright pinpricks, hypnotized by their movement. It was already too late when they saw the eye, a giant green orb as big as the submarine. The dragon bellowed, sending bubbles rushing towards the surface of the ocean, and lunged towards the eggies. It clamped the sub tightly in its jaws and stretched its neck upwards, large silver teeth piercing the hull. With a snap the creature reduced the shuttle to drift wood before disappearing into the darkness once again. A swish of its tail finished off the deed, sending bits of submarine and members of the crew hurtling through the sea in all directions. The three mutineers ended up on a lush island, where they now live among the inhabitants. The greenwing is with number 1, Rascal1414, the split with number 87, thesatan666, and the pink is with number 73, jumpsnake!!!


And that’s it! As mentioned earlier, the next drawing will be DONATOR WRITTEN! This means that all those who donate also have the option of writing the paragraph that goes with their eggy(s). If you do chose to write, and I dearly hope you do, please stick to the following theme: Turtles! Have fun!


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Turtles: those funny looking squishy things inside of large shells. They’re slow, shy, and rather uninteresting, but as we all know, anything can be made interesting by a bunch of eggies, right? So, making turtles interesting, I present to you this month’s Donator Written Eggy Give Away!


Why turtles, you ask? Despite their unwillingness to come out of their shells and play, there are people who find them of interest, such as a dragon keeper by the name of LinkTheHylian.


LinkTheHylian was a very calm 23-year old man. He was very intelligent, and knew everything about... turtles. Yes, a very weird thing to know every thing about, but he was interested in them anyways. One day, he received a Water Walker egg from a dear old friend of his. It was told to him that it would hatch into a turtle, and he was very excited, as he didn't know anything about what the egg really was. But he decided to investigate. Eventually, he found out that it wasn't a turtle egg, and he became really sad. So sad, he decided it to abandon it to his next door neighbor, number 21, Anz96!


And then there’s the whole thing about turtles being magnificent boats. What? You don’t believe me? Well, keep reading!


From the beach side hut of StarSea is a day glory eggy! The colorful egg decided one day to go for a stroll along the water and possibly make some sand castles. As it rolled its way through and around the water, a large figure floated towards the egg. At first the eggy thought that the figure was a submarine, but as it continued to get closer, the egg could clearly see it was a large leatherback turtle! The egg thought these turtles where to be extinct due to the fact that they really had almost no shell, just rough leathery skin. As the turtle washed up on shore, the eggy rolled its way on down to see if the turtle was still alive when suddenly the turtle opened its jaws wide. Startled by the turtle, the eggy tried to roll away, but it slipped and rolled onto the back of the turtle. Just as the eggy was about to get off, waves lapped at the sides of the turtle. It was leaving the shore! Not knowing how to swim, the eggy stayed on the turtles back as it swam off into the distance. When the turtle finally came onto the shore again, the only cave the eggy found suitable for its home was the cave of number 80, Catlover3288!!!


Next we have a FLAMINGO eggy from the caves of EEVEE_EM! This little eggy lived near a lake, and always wondered what was on the other side. One day, it decided it had had enough with wondering: it was going to swim across the lake! Unfortunately, Flamingo eggs are adapted to shallow water, and this poor eggy only made it a few feet away from shore before it got tired. Seeing a rock sitting just under the surface of the lake, it decided to take a little nap. What the eggy didn't notice is that the "rock" was actually a turtle! The turtle barely noticed the little egg and continued it's daily swim around the lake. You can imagine the egg's surprise when it woke up, several hours later, on the other side of the lake! The eggy happily went exploring and eventually wound up at the home of number 31, HappyAppy.


Alright, alright, you got me. Not all turtles are fond of having someone on their back, like a certain Catlover recently pointed out to me…


From the sandy pits of Catlover3288 come 2 bronze tinsel eggies and a green dino egg. These three eggs went down to the beach because it was a beautiful warm day. The green dino egg went into the sea, but the two bronze tinsels wanted to work on their tan. While splashing in the gentle waves, the dino saw a giant green turtle. The turtle though, wasn't very friendly and sent a giant flipper flying towards the dino when it got too close. The direct hit on the dino sent it flying back towards the sand and it crashed into the two tinsels. All three eggs went tumbling down a sand dune and somehow got separated from one another. The first tinsel crashed into a rock and remained stunned until number 55, meepsa, took it home. The second tinsel didn't stop rolling until it reached the lovely beach home of number 76, TayTomFAN, while the green dino fell into the sand cave of number 14, Sunwolf!


There, you happy? Good. Now, on to tortoises! And no, they are not more boring just because they don’t even swim. Sheesh, you people.


A gopher tortoise, while excavating a new burrow, ran into something large, shiny, and heavy. He had to work and work for several hours to get around it, and then for even longer to push it out of the hole. It's hard to imagine a turtle being disgruntled, but I'm sure if you saw the look on this one's face disgruntlement would be the word that came to mind. Considering the object was about as large as the poor tortoise, it really was a lot of work for him to get it out of the hole. Once he pushed it out, it rolled a short distance down a hill and came to rest at the base of a large palmetto. Unfortunately, a large rattlesnake was also resting at the base of the palmetto, and she too became annoyed and crawled slowly away, in search of a new hiding place. The large shiny object would surely draw too much attention to the old one. Luckily for her, there was a nice new burrow just up a small hill. Number 75, soulnova, comes walking along a trail nearby and sees the object, and Oh My! it is a bronze egg. It must be from the dragonarium of jumpsnake, who is the only dragon keeper nearby.


What’s this? Dragon Turtles?! Preposterous! Oh, you say you’ve seen one, eh? Out with it, then, tell us of these mythical monsters!


In the caves of Rockin’ On, there once dwelt a SUNSONG and a TERRAE eggy! Both loved the feel of sun-warmed sand and the crash of the salty waves as they reared up and exploded on the beach. Every day they walked down to the nearby coast, heaving along a large picnic basket, and spent many hours swimming, building sandcastles, and chasing crabs over the sand and through a maze of tide pools to the East. One day, they spotted an island in the distance that hadn’t been there previously. It was merely a black spec on the horizon, and neither eggy could quite make out what it was, so they took hardly any notice of it. The next day, however, the island had drifted within swimming distance of the coast, and the two friends could no contain their curiosity. The eggies launched themselves into the sea, swimming some and floating on their backs some, until they reached the strange island. It was larger than they had anticipated, and it took them hours to explore. At one point, the terrae noticed that the underlying rock that the island was made of sounded like wood when knocked on and was etched with elaborate designs despite being impossible to scratch. When the eggies had had their fill of adventure and were ready to swim back home, the mainland had disappeared. As the terrae climbed a tree to get a better vantage point, the sunsong ran around the perimeter of the island in case the mainland was in a different direction than they remembered. All was to no avail. The island was adrift in the middle of the ocean, and the young dragons were stranded. A few days later, the island neared another stretch of coast, and the eggies took this opportunity to escape. As they swam for land, they looked back to see a large flipper churn up the water at the side of the island before disappearing into the dark blue water. Soon, the eggies collapsed on a strange beach, panting after the long swim. Later on, they ventured inland, and eventually ended up at hospitable caves. The sunsong is now with number 45, PuddingMonster, the terrae is with number 28, natcar9, and there is no doubt that that island was one of the legendary Dragon Turtles.


See now, turtles aren’t so bad! Don’t worry; I’ll be sure to talk about something more interesting and awesome next time.

Edited by Stealthypugs

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One little Stealthy sits at home in the cozy recesses of her cave. A pile of homework sits on the desk next to her, a recipe for cupcakes yet unmade is pinned to the wall, and the dragon keeper sits in a comfy chair scribbling like mad. Is she working on that English paper due tomorrow? Of course not! She’s filling in the details of her slightly incoherent article in the EGA Newspaper, because it’s such a delightful way to procrastinate. It reads as follows:


THIEVES OF THE WEEK – Watch out for them, they’ll rob you blind and you won’t even know it!


The first thief we have to talk about is a solo worker, A TERRAE THAT ONCE BELONGED TO THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! It’s small, adorable, and can easily pass as a pitiful homeless eggy that is in dire need of help. These traits are perfect to make people pity it, but don’t get too close! This eggy can slip in and out of your pockets without you ever noticing and, if you do catch it, it will whimper and make itself look small and utterly lost in the world so you’ll just let it keep what it took anyways. This villain goes home to a treasure trove of stolen goods every day, so don’t let it fool you into giving up anything. One of our best detectives is working towards catching the eggy right now, and there is a cell reserved for it in the prisons of number 13, MeldaDrabek!!!


A much more well known, yet still notorious, gang of criminals is made up of A BRONZE TINSEL, A SILVER TINSEL, A GREEN DINO, AND A TAN RIDGEWING THAT WERE ONCE OWNED BY CATLOVER3288! These are masters of the clouds, carrying out their robberies only when it’s foggy. Using anesthetics stolen from hospitals, the eggies saturate an area with the gasses that can summon sleep in even the mightiest of beasts. The fumes are hidden by the fog, and thus go unnoticed. It is a known fact that creatures are attracted to all things shiny, either out of curiosity or obsession, and the two tinsels use this to their advantage. They sit to one side of the cloud of anesthetics and dance in the light that their two partners in crime shine at them. When a dragon or keeper walks past, they often head towards the shininess, straight through the sleeping gas. When they faint, the eggies hurry to strip them of any valuables they may be carrying, including exceptionally polished scales, and then disappear into the thick cloud cover. All four will go to separate prisons so they can’t plot their escape together. The bronze tin will go to cell number 71, at DragonMyst’s prison, the silver tin to cell number 31, in auditionange’s prison, the dino to cell number 14, in Willow-n’s prison, and the ridgewing to cell number 78, in artemisfiendfyre’s prison!!!


And then there’s the little demon of the forest, A BRONZE TINSEL EGGY ESCAPED FROM THE CLUTCHES OF HEAD DETECTIVE LINKTHEHYLIAN! This thief lives in the depths of one of the DC forests, in an area where almost all lost folk end up. Sitting in a tree it waits for its next victim, tied to a long rubber rope that’s attached to a branch above it. When someone passes by bellow, the tinsel jumps from its perch, grabs what it can, and is then pulled back up by the springy rope. As long as the person stays in about the same spot, staring around with a confused look on their face, the eggy can try again. All the items it collects are stuffed into a squirrel hole which leads to the hollow inside of the tree and a partly-underground room at the base. We have yet to identify the exact tree, but we believe it to be on the land of number 23, D Pixie!!!


We’ve been to the streets where the poor wander, to the air on a foggy day, and to the forest where no one wants to loose their way. A beautiful fresh water lake near the mountains is also a dangerous place to be, thanks to A SHALLOW WATER EGGY LAST SEEN HANGING ABOUT THE CAVERNS OF LAGIE! This criminal sits on a sun warmed rock, half submerged in the cool water, and sings. Using bits of cheese from an unfortunate dragon that came through a few days earlier, the eggy has gotten all the birds in the area to sing along with her, creating a beautiful symphony of natural forest sounds combined with the eerily reverberating voice of the shallow. Those who come near the lake are drawn to the singing, the influence of which controls their every move. The eggy leads them around the lake, brings them near, makes them give up all their possessions, and then sends them away into the mountains where they’ll wander for ages before ever seeing civilization again. Due to the mind control powers which the music has, no one has been able to apprehend it, though there are a number of people working on this problem. When the eggy is taken into custody, there is already a musician that wants to put it in a bird cage and study it, a fine fellow from town, number 39, blizzardfoot!!!


Lastly, we go out onto the vast sea where a ship full of corsairs and miscreants has been terrorizing the merchants. The ship is led by A PILLOW, A CHEESE, AND AN EMBER, ONCE OWNED BY THE RENOWN WBMORGAN! The cheese is the head cook, a nasty fellow who will just as easily peal potatoes as he will cook up a disobedient scoundrel for lunch. The ember is weapon’s master, in command of the cannons and highly skilled in their usage. If a ship needs sinking, that’s the eggy you go to. The pillow acts as captain and helmsman, steering the ship and taking care of any trouble that arises (usually by handing the trouble makers over to the cook). These three eggies and about a dozen other pirates under their command have sunk a good 20 ships and amassed enough treasure to fill a good sized ocean-side cave. According to reports from our spies, the pirate ship always heads to the same stretch of coast when the time comes to unload the goods. We have calculated that their stash of treasure must therefore be in a cave on the land of number 27, SinisterKitty!!!


If you’ve seen any of the scoundrels listed above, report their whereabouts to the nearest figure of authority or hungry dragon immediately.

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The scratch of a quill pen is all that could be heard in addition to the whistling wind outside. Scribble, scratch, scribble, and then the sound of crinkling paper and the faint tap as it hit the ground. Silence. Repeat. In short, a certain someone is running low on ideas. She’s starting to recycle old ones, doing her best to put new twists on them. Please send her some inspiration, else you might get another story that the author feels is a repeat.


Speaking of repeats, when was our last instrument related story? Hopefully it was long enough ago that you’ve forgotten it, because here’s another one! Welcome to the EGA CONCIERTO! Performers looking for a place to stay over the holidays or a base of operations will be handed out as they finish playing. Popcorn is available in the lobby. Please keep your children and hatchies silent. If needed, duct tape can be provided.


Our first performer claims to come from a mythical realm, though everyone knows it lives a few blocks from here: A PINK EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ANARYA-AMEANA! This eggy looks like someone attacked it with an apple-corer, because it has a gaping hole in the middle of it. The cracked shell appears to have healed, growing together with the shell from the other side of the eggy to create a donut-shaped pink. Hopefully the hatchie inside isn’t claustrophobic, because it now has to live inside a thin tube instead of an entire sphere. The eggy’s hole has been strung with bits of twisted cord, though from up close the strings appear to not only come from inside the shell, but to be made of twined ligaments. While this is a rather disturbing thought, no one can deny that the eggy is a good musician. It sits there, motionless; making those strange red strings vibrate and create an array of sounds that you’d expect would accompany a ghost story. This eggy is looking for a haunted house to stay in, and the best place we could find belongs to number 51, Engiype!!!


Next, we’ve got a precariously balanced GLORY EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF EEVEE_EM! Upon closer inspection, though, the eggy is not balanced, but attached to the top of that wine glass. A small hole drilled through the eggy’s base fits perfectly on the lip, and a slit downwards accommodates the gently curving sides of the glass. As the glory moves along the edge, the glass vibrates and produces sound. The glass also contains a cloudy blue liquid that shifts up and down depending on how the eggy leans, so the glory has complete control over the frequency of the sound. Dancing along the lip, leaning in and out and forwards and backwards, the music moving with respect to it instead of vice versa, the eggy makes the glass hum a Christmas song. It’s not a recognizable melody, but the sounds coming from the stage fit perfect with the winter season and the time of giving. This performer has expressed its interest in ice skating, to see if it can produce a similar effect with frozen water, so we’re sending it to the cabin in the mountains belonging to number 15, Applesauce!!!


INTERMISSION! Please enjoy the lively piano music and feel free to go get yourself some more popcorn.


While we wait for the show to come back, let us introduce you to the one who made this all possible, A MAGI EGGY FROM THE LAIR OF LAGIE! It was this magi who first got the idea to have eggies not just play instruments, but be instruments as well. All it required was some small mutation or a quick and painless operation with something resembling a butcher’s knife. Both were relatively easy to find and work with, considering the nearby area marked with a giant ‘CAUTION: RADIOACTIVITY’ sign and the shop that sold sharp items right around the corner. A week and some failed experiments later, the magi rounded up a fresh batch of guinea pig volunteers and got to work. The result was this concert, a brilliant combination of eggy abuse and musical genius. The magi did hint at some trouble with the authorities, though, so we’re sending to a place where it can lie low for a while: the home of number 33, Howard!!!

(Yes, that’s a codename. Wouldn’t want the authorities just showing up there and arresting the poor eggy, would we now?)


And we're back! For the grand finale, we have a performance by a talented group made up of A GREEN STRIPE AND A BRONZE TINSEL FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288, AND A HORSE EGGY AND DAY GLORY HATCHIE FROM THE TUNNELS OF ALABASTER_DEMON! The set up looks like an odd piano. On one side there is a series of keys that can be pressed. On the other side are three platforms. Suspended above the platforms are a variety of weapons and weights. Connecting it all is a complex tangle of strings and pulleys. The glory hatchie sits before the keys, and the eggies sit on the platforms. When the glory hits a key, one of the suspended items rapidly drops onto one of the eggies, which gives off a squeak at a precise and consistent frequency. Just as quickly, the weight or weapon is pulled back up to its previous position by a strong rope. In this manner, the glory can play the instrument like a piano. A different sound is produced depending on the item and the eggy that is hit, though it’s always the same for that certain combination. Sounds range from low metallic rings, provided by the tinsel, to warbling yips and barks from the horse, to high pitched squeals from the stripe. The beautiful music takes folk’s minds off the horror of the instrument, for the glory is quite skilled and can play everything from classical to rock. After the show, the group pulled us aside and whispered to us that they wanted to go to far away places, where the aforementioned magi wouldn’t bother them. We’ve sent some messages and pulled some strings, and everything is arranged. The glory is going to a cave in the far East, the home of number 60, Isuzu, the horse to the far South with number 29, Rukia05, the tinsel up North with number 75, PointOfOrigin, and the stripe to the moon with number 97, Tarnlia!!!


Curtain. Applause?


Please return all excess duct tape to the marked box outside the door. Have a nice evening!



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Welcome, one and all, to the EGA hosted Best Eggy Show! Here we pit young dragons against each other in a brutal fight to the death, and the one victorious survivor will go on to claim its place in the Best Eggy Hall of Fame! Wait, no, that’s the Hunger Games… Here all we do is make a bunch of eggies strut around a large round room in front of a panel of judges. But don’t worry! It’s about as interesting as a fight to the death, because these eggies are desperate for a spot on that shiny winner’s podium, and will do everything in their power to get there. Just watch…


First we have A WHITE AND A VINE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF ANARIE! To impress the judges, the two eggies decided to make their colors a bit flashier. One evening, while Anarie was marbling paper, they sat down in an ink tray and rolled around in the liquid for a while, leaving their shells stained with swirls of color. Based on their new looks, the eggies thought up some fun names with which to introduce themselves. Thus came to be Strawberry Swirl on Cheesecake and Evil Master of the Murky Goldfishes, who proudly paraded around the room before approaching the judges and doing a little curtsey. After finally getting the two to stop explaining the origins of their names, the eggies were escorted over to the judges who would be in charge of them for the rest of the competition. The white’s judge is number 60, Tigdra, and the vine’s judge is number 32, pippaesq!!!


Next we have A SPLIT EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF MOONBEAM22! This contestant decided to take a more subtle approach on impressing the judges. Late last night, when there was no one there to stop it, the sinister eggy inserted a syringe into the belly of a balloon dragon and extracted some of the light gas that makes those dragons float. After laughing evilly for a few moments, the split injected the gas into itself, making it rise up off the ground to about a human’s eye level. With a funny rocking motion, the eggy can inch forward through the air, or flip upside down and roll along the ceiling. In this manner it entered the room, impressing the audience and confusing the judges. Using a long stick to nudge it in the right direction, the eggy was led to its assigned judge: number 15, Raikielia!!!


And now for our evening’s entertainment, presented by A VAMPIRE, A WHITE, TWO EMBERS, AND A PINK EGGY, ALL FROM THE NOT-SO-SECRET HIDEOUT OF LAGIE! Having grown up around a number of overachieving dragons, this troupe of eggies has perfected two skills: acrobatics and high-speed repair of broken objects. Hardly visible as they zipped into the room, the eggies used the beams that hold up the roof and any dangling ropes or wires they could find to swing themselves through the air while doing flips and twirls. Whenever one of them spotted something that could use fixing, it dropped down into the lap of an audience member, worked its magic with duct tape and krazy glue, and then zoomed back into the air with the rest. This continued for a full five minutes, until the manager found a large enough net to catch them with. The eggies were down to their judges, manacled if they had to be taken out of the net. The vampire went with number 23, Cherryb0mb_666, the white with number 63, Matmetchi, the embers with 56 and 45, misterblue92 and Scapegeek, and the pink went with number 91, Fire-Ice!!!


Next we’ve got A LONELY RIDGEWING EGGY FROM THE CASTLE OF EEVEE_EM! This eggy’s plan required extensive preparations, so it snuck into the judging room in the early morning hours to get everything ready. Little hatches were built into the floor, leading to the cellar. On the underside of the hatches, the ridgewing connected them with a system of tubes. To the hatches themselves the eggy attached fire crackers and smoke bombs that would go off when the hatch was opened, as well as a spring to snap the hatch closed again afterwards. When it was done, the eggy made sure that the hatch doors closed in such a way that their location was invisible, then it disappeared into the misty rays of the rising sun. Hours later came the ridgewing’s turn to enter the circular room, and it did so silently and without any sort of display. This surprised the judges, though not as much as when the eggy jumped into the air and then disappeared with a loud snap and a puff of smoke. A second later, its momentum carrying it through the hidden tubes from one hatch to the other, the eggy reappeared in a different part of a room. It stood in silence. It jumped again. Five times it did this, the fourth taking it to a spot right before the panel of judges and the fifth carrying it to where its assigned judge sat. With everyone staring after it, the ridgewing was led away by its bewildered judge, number 7, Vexxxed!!!


Finally we come to our last entrants, A GOLD TINSEL, A SILVER TINSEL, AND A BLACK STRIPE FROM THE VAST KINGDOM OF CATLOVER3288! The appearance of this trio literally made the audience and judges run for cover. The previous day, the eggies had paid a visit to the Zoo for the Display of Genetic Experiments, where various crosses between dragons and Terran animals are exhibited. Each eggy chose its favorite, promised it freedom in exchange for the beast’s cooperation, and then rode its steed into the competition. The gold tinsel was mounted on a species of tiger that spat fire at every roar. The silver tinsel was proudly astride a large lizard which skillfully wove its way through the crowds, using the small amount of magic it had to freeze all those its tail touched. At the front rode the stripe, clinging to the curling horns of a bat-winged cat that leapt through the air and skimmed its barbed tail through the more crowded areas. All three creatures stopped elegantly before the judges, who peeked tentatively over the tops of the panel behind which they had been hiding. With trembling fingers they pointed towards three figures who were cowering in the far corner. The eggies dismounted and made towards them, their new found friends breaking through the roof and into the vast blue sky. Still scared out of their wits, the judges took their eggies away. The gold tinsel went with number 31, ticonderoga2, the silver tinsel with number 38, StarSea, and the stripe with number 12, Shishiro!!!


Who will win, and who will die go sit in a corner and cry? You decide!

Edited by Stealthypugs

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Finals are coming. Winter break is just around the corner, but only after those dreadful finals. Everyone is sleep deprived and stressed out and working their tails off day in and day out. Some dragons are being far more relaxed about the whole situation, making the argument that freaking out isn’t going to help. They have set up a little dance party to cheer up all of DC. The party is mainly hosted by the younger members of the population, those who don’t have difficult finals if they have any sort of final at all. So if you’re part of that crowd of stressed and sleepy people, please just take an hour to chill before going back to your homework. You’ll be thankful later.


A word about the format: there is going to be a wall of text followed by short paragraphs that are a couple sentences long each. I am among that crowd of sleepy people, was unable to come up with a good story, and this is all that my dear DC dragons could come up with. My apologies for the wonky-ness.


With a loose plan of action and a good sense of humor, a group of eggies from various caves marched out into the early morning fog to find the perfect location for their party. They wore little green hats with pom-poms or tassels as the end, and carried a basket of cookies to nibble on and hand out to people. After meeting in the gardens of a nearby town, the eggies split into small groups and went in opposite directions. A few hours later, one group had found the abandoned home of a family of Giants. The size of the place was perfectly suited for their needs, so they rounded up the rest of the hosts and got to work setting the place up.


Through the day they labored, an army of dragonets dressed like Santa’s elves. A banquet was set out, made up of many tantalizing dishes sitting on a long tapestry that had been spread out on the ground. It wasn’t long before a variety of other DC creatures came to the Giants’ cave, searching for the source of the aroma that made their stomach’s growl. A couple of the eggies, sitting by the feast, informed the gathering crowd of their mission and offered food in exchange for help with the preparations. Most accepted, and soon the army had tripled in size. As twilight began to lengthen the shadows and taint the sky with rosy pink, the workers stood back to admire the fruit of their labor.


The place was spotless, every nook and cranny had been cleaned, and glistening with lights and fragments of mirror that had been strung to the ceiling or stuck to the walls. Near the back was a large stage for live music, the speakers aimed at the walls in such a way that the sound would bounce off and be broadcasted to all those who were present, and a small door led into a room that had been transformed into a kitchen. Tables lined the walls, covered in resplendent cloths, waiting to be covered in snacks and drinks. The rest of the inside was one large dance floor, with a sparkling fountain of champagne in the center. Outside, the grounds had been transformed into a maze of hedges and gardens illuminated by glowing orange orbs, with each object meticulously placed so that the midnight fireworks were visible to everyone no matter where they stood.


Now the guests began to show up, attracted by a swarm of birds and fireflies that danced in the sky and pointed everyone towards the party. The giant blinking arrow was hard to miss, and soon all those who hadn’t fallen asleep were there. The music started just as the sun disappeared completely behind the far away mountains, and for the rest of the night no one thought about their problems.


But who were the hosts? Who had originally come up with the idea and organized the movement? Ladies and gentlemen, here I present to you the elves that made it happen:


One little elf is on stage, AN AUTUMN EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF NATALIAROCKS1317! It plays percussion, bouncing from drum to drum to cymbal in rhythm with the music. The little green hat it wears has become lopsided from all the jumping around, making the eggy seem more disoriented than it actually is. When the night is done and the band has packed up, this eggy will find a place to stay with number 58, Sparkyrav!!!


Setting up the fireworks on the roof are A PURPLE DORSAL, AN ELECTRIC, A HELLFIRE, AND AN AUTUMN FROM THE CAVES OF LAURAROCKSTAR! They pick their way through the neat rows of rockets and mortars, making sure all the fuses are good and everything is set for them to light the fuse and run. The fireworks are all interconnected by one long fuse, so the eggies can light it from a safe distance and then get to a good spot from which to watch the show. After that, they’ll pack up their things and make for a nearby lodge, forgetting the bright green hats that they took off so as not to be noticed in the dark. After some hitchhiking, they’ll end up in nice homes along a river, the dorsal with number 7, DianeMist, the electric with number 41, Iceleek, the hellfire with number 4, sajcdragon, and the autumn with number 89, Lagie!!!


Dancing near the fountain is a young GLORY DRAKE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF JUSTJESSIE94! This is the little one’s first taste of alcohol, and it simply can’t get enough of the bubbly champagne. As it twirls and hops across the dance floor, it occasionally skitters past the fountain in hopes of catching a few drops that might incidentally splash out. It won’t be long before this eggy has had enough, and it will twirl itself out of the cave with heavy feet and end up asleep inside its hat by the side of number 5, Suzamawolf!!!


In the little kitchen behind the stage is A BRONZE TINSEL FROM THE CAVES OF DRACOCHARKY! The cook hardly ever leaves the kitchen, always sending assistants to bring in empty plates or carry out fresh dishes, though everyone is aware of its hard work. Every platter of food that emerges from that room is more splendid than the last as the type of food changes from snacks, to dinner, to dessert worthy of Christmas Eve. When its long shift was finally over, the tinsel hobbled out of the kitchen and danced its way out into the night, the little green elf cap precariously balanced atop the puffy white chef’s hat. The eggy will likely end up not far from home, at a hostel owned by number 50, LinkTheHylian!!!


Telling stories in the courtyard directly outside the Giants’ house is A RED STRIPE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF MYLORITE! The eggy’s stories likely aren’t true, but they serve to entertain the hatchies and keep them busy as their parents and dragon keepers take a break from life. Sitting in the dim glow of the orbs, with the sounds and secrets of night all around, the stories have a ring of truth to them. The dark shadows that play across the eggy thanks to the way its green cap is tilted and scrunched make the stories all the more believable, adding a slight sinister touch. The tales scare the hatchies, making them believe that what the eggy says actually happened and may happen again, but they stay with an expression of awe and a lust for more. Once its audience falls asleep, the stripe will serve itself some more champagne and a piece of cake and head off to a nearby tower owned by number 61, dracocharky!!!


Playing with the Iluminaris birds is an ignorant MINT EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! The Iluminaris are a rare species with plumage that glows. They only come out in the depths of night, approaching certain individuals who are often alone. These birds made the mint laugh and dance like it never had before, the pom-pom of its hat bouncing against its shell as it jumped and skipped, and then led it off into the woods and the darkness. It will awake a few days later, its memory fuzzy, its hat gone, and will wander aimlessly alongside another lost traveler, number 51, Hatori Sohma!!!


Among the hedges outside, playing a game of tag, are A PAIR OF BRONZE TINSELS FROM THE CAVERNS OF CATLOVER3288! The eggies try not to laugh as they follow each other through the neat gardens and clipped bushes, but every now and again a faint giggle can be heard. Their game of tag involves sneaking up behind their opponent and slipping off the green elf hat. The thief is then required to cackle in an evil manner as it runs off with its prize, and the other eggy must then devise a strategy to get its hat back within five minutes or less. Both tinsels quickly become absorbed in their play, racing through the grounds without knowing where they’re headed. At some point they’ll pass the fence line, still running and giggling and cackling and strategizing, until they end up far away from where they started at the cabins of numbers 78 and 86, Rhunya and Geethebluesky!!!


The rest of the guests stayed as long as it pleased them, some even staying the night. The fireworks were spectacular, filling the sky with color and splitting the darkness of the night with more effectiveness than lightning. The champagne never ran out. All was good.


This is likely the last story before Christmas! As mentioned earlier, I’ve got finals to do, so I won’t be able to do a story until around Thursday the 22, which is too close to Christmas for my liking. Have a great winter holiday!!!


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Finally, a certain Stealthy is dusting off her old tomes of blank parchment and sharpening her quills. One of the hatchies has even been sent out to fetch fresh ink, just in case the writer runs out. The last two weeks have felt like ages to those waiting eagerly outside her cave for the next great story. Too bad Stealthy is going to disappoint.


The hectic transition from one year to the next has left this dragon keeper quite discombobulated. Ten hours in a metal box speeding down a road, followed by a baking party, followed by school, followed by forgetting that today was to be a giveaway day, all the while juggling numerous lineage projects that are all either drawing to an end or just getting off the ground with only two pink dragons. It tends to tire a person out. Stealthy is more than a person, though. She is a dragon keeper, like the rest of you all hunkered down with your cups of hot cocoa and extreme amounts of patience, so here she sits penning a sorry excuse for a story.


The reason it’s so pitiful is because it will be rather concise, not to mention that it’s three hours late. Stealthy is deeply sorry and rather embarrassed by this (as well she should be), but she’s just not back in her writing groove yet and doesn’t want this to be any later than it already is. Hopefully what this lacks in story it makes up for in donations, though, because there are a lot of them (sixteen in all).


So, without further adieu, here’s what’s going on in the world of DC:


Just yesterday, among the many random scrolls and volumes of text lying about in a library, a scrap of parchment with a recipe for fireworks scrawled on it was uncovered by A RED EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ARY_LYNN! It immediately ran to find its friends, forgetting to check out the paper from the library it had so quickly evacuated, and was soon settling down to concoct some fiery mischief. This morning, when the librarian found it, the eggy was taken to the nearest responsible dragon keeper and prepared to be lectured until it begged for mercy. Currently it’s with number 110, sarantha!!!


In the group that the red pulled together was a master artist, A SILVER TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF MYLORITE! On the walls of a small, uninhabited cave, where the group had done its plotting, the tinsel drew incredulous pictures and diagrams of the intricate fireworks that they planned to assemble. One entire wall was devoted to the arithmetic required to calculate the amounts of various powders and materials, and even that scribbled jumble of numbers had a certain amount of artistic appeal to it. Today it was discovered that the eggy had been arrested for the vandalism of natural formations in the form of graffiti, and taken to the authorities housed in the caves of number 101, Howard!!!


Another in the group, and the first to launch one of the resplendent rockets, was A BRONZE TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF RHUNYA! In truth, the ‘rocket’ was more of a small cloth bag, containing a random jumble of the powders mentioned in the paper on fireworks, tied to a stick with a string sticking out of it. When lit, the stick fell over and exploded a few heartbeats later in a glorious (but short) burst of sparkles and color. Now the eggy is hiding out with number 61, GoldRose!!!


The last of the pyrotechnic troupe was an engineer and marketing genius, AN ELECTRIC EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF EGIYPE! This eggy had the brilliant idea to strap eggies, equipped with parachutes, to the rockets. They would get the time of their life, being shot up high into the air and then getting to float back down to the ground with a rain of sparkles as the sky was ripped open with ear-shattering noise. After a few guinea pig eggies that the group pulled off the streets, the electric became the first to test (and survive) its invention. It eventually landed among the fronds of a garden belonging to number 81, UmbreWulf!!!


The idea was set in stone, and the group seized upon it with great vigor! Over the next seven hours before dark they produced hundreds of wonderful fireworks, each at least equally as loud and flashy as the last. As the sun set in the North (because DC is just that awesome), the group set up a booth manned by A DARLING ALBINO EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! With its sweet voice, its pity-inducing complexion, and a made-up life story that could make a psychopath tear up, this eggy sold every last rocket in stock. It got so carried away with the sales that it ended up accidentally auctioning itself to the lowest bidder and giving itself away to number 102, Raikielia!!!


Among the albino’s customers was a cute couple on their way home from eating out, A SPLIT AND A GOLD-HORNED TANGAR FROM THE CAVES OF ANNIELYLA! They were rather reluctant at first, but before they knew it they were strapped to a pair of rockets that looked like glowering gargoyles, fuses fizzing merrily as they inched towards the explosives. The split eggy went up in a flower of deep blues and purples that blossomed among the first stars and wilted a minute later. The tangar floated among a number of bright orange butterflies that crackled as they fluttered their wings up and down before disappearing with a sharp bang and a wisp of smoke. The two landed in pleasant company, the split with number 87, Deadly Nonchalance, and the tangar with number 34, titli02!!!


Another group to stop by the booth, much bolder and more exited than the last, was comprised of A MAGI, A BRONZE TINSEL, AND A NEBULA FROM THE CAVERNS OF LAGIE! They were a bunch of daredevils, each choosing the largest rocket they could as the other two egged it on. A few rounds of betting took place, and then the three were off towards the sky! The magi exploded in a shocking display of tiger stripes, a roaring feline emerging from the scrambled pattern and swallowing the eggy before going out like the Cheshire cat. The tinsel danced among a tangle of sparkling ribbons that emerged from the spot where the rocket exploded, each one whipping its fiery tendrils about in an attempt to latch on to the physical world before disappearing forever. The nebula became the heart of a galaxy, arms spiraling out in all directions as they stretched away from a booming and crackling center of pure white light. The three landed along the coastline. The magi is now with number 90, soulnova, the tinsel with number 98, LinkTheHylian, and the nebula with number 33, Examon!!!


Pretty in pink came a trio of eggies dancing down the path, THREE PINKS, DRESSED IN THEIR SUNDAY BEST, FROM THE CAVES OF PINCH OF STARDUST! The darlings whispered and giggled like a bunch of school girls, finally settling for a large rocket that matched the lace on their outfits. All latched to the same one, they went up in a corkscrew that writhed its way all across the night sky. Finally, right when you’d think it would have run out of juice, the firework burst into three separate blasts, which burst into three more separate blasts, and on and on until the light of the sparks was equal to that of a sunny afternoon. The noise was deafening, the light was blinding, and despite suffering from both loss of hearing and eyesight the eggies landed safely back on earth with numbers 117, 73, and 112: ghb523, MommaBear1, and isolakitten!!!


Possibly the most breath taking flight of the evening was that done by A NEGLECTED HATCHIE FROM THAT OVERLY GENEROUS NYDA THAT WE LOVE SO MUCH! It lurked in the shadows near the booth for the longest time before the albino noticed it and dragged it out into the open. Despite all its begging and insistence that it was far too fragile to fly, it was tied to a rocket and sent on its way. It screamed the entire time. When it was out of earshot there was a faint pop, followed by a blackness that oozed out from the presumed location of the explosion and engulfed the entire sky. Right around the time when certain people began furiously drafting a Will in fear that the apocalypse was upon them, there was another faint pop as the neglected fell through the blackness (still screaming). From the small hole through which it had fallen there spread vibrant colors. The most brilliant shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, and green were all present, and the blackness was soon eaten up by the fading virus of color. The neglected, wheezing at this point since it was out of breath, landed with a flop into the hat of number 132, AnnieLyla!!!


To finish the night off, a small gang snuck into the firework stock and began lining up the rockets and laying out fuses. The two trouble makers were A NEBULA EGGY AND A BLACK HATCHIE FROM THE CAVERNS OF ALABASTER_DEMON! When they were done with the preparations, they patiently waited for the albino to come into the tent in search of a specific rocket for the customers that were outside. Just as it was wondering what had happened, the nebula lit the fuse. With copious amounts of whizzing and whooshing, rocket after rocket began to zoom into the air. The smaller ones went off first, rocketing up towards the sky in a large circle. Then there went the larger, more intricate fireworks, creating figures that danced and snapped at each other. Tigers prowled among the legs of drummers and rabbits as elephants and weasels played trumpets at roses. As the pictures began to disappear, the largest and most beautiful rockets split the universe in two, showering all of DC with a tremendous amount of noise, sparks, and ash. The nebula and black tried to run from the scene as the tent was pulled up along with its former contents, but the two got tangled up in the coils of fuse and were soon among the stars as well. Almost half an hour later, when the fierce explosions and fires in the sky began to slow to a stop, the two dragonlings drifted back towards the ground. They are now recovering from a severe case of ringing ears and numerous burns, the nebula with number 45, TheGrox, and the black hatchie with number 2, sei_chan65!!!


And now Stealthy bids you goodnight, as she closes the hefty book she was scribbling in, and hopes that this extreme lateness can be pardoned. Thank you for your patience!


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Ahem. Please settle down everyone, and don’t be alarmed. My name is Fanaeia, and I’m Stealthy’s Moonstone Dragon. Stealthy regrets her lack of attendance, but she was lost in the immense pile of donations and is still trying to recover from severe bruising and headaches. I was volunteered by my fellow cave-mates to come out here and auction off some slaves distribute the donations, so here I am. Any sort of story telling skills are your own imagination, because I don’t posses any sort of creativity.


First up we have A GOLD TINSEL, A PINK, AND A PURPLE RIDGEWING FROM THE CAVES OF MOONBEAM22, AND A PYGMY EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ALABAMASAX! These eggs are rather full of themselves, and will always complain that they deserve fancy little clothes made of lace and silk. While useless for any sort of grunt work, or work in general, they make fine entertainment for young children thanks to the fact that they’ll dance if you turn music on. Older dragons might also find some form of amusement in the eggies’ antiques, because they really aren’t good dancers. The gold tinsel is off with number 17, Veetles, the pink with number 85, froggyluv28, the ridgewing with number 93, Aquaphobia, and the pygmy with number 16, Ice_SW!!!


Next is a hardy HARVEST EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF XX BLYTHE XX, AND A BLACK AND SPOTTED GREENWING EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF ANNIELYLA! Now here’s a group of proper eggies that can live through hardship. While I haven’t had the opportunity to test this theory myself, I believe they could go for a full week without sustenance and still be able to herd goats and harvest wheat. Buyers, beware, though, because each has a certain condition that must be met or else it will refuse to do anything whatsoever. The harvest requires a comfy bed on which to sleep every night, the black wants to be provided with a good book to read on a regular basis, and the greenwing wants a trapeze on which to perch in the mornings and evenings. The harvest is to go live with number 29, Horse2000, the black with number 87, matas, and the greenwing with number 42, FlyteofHeart!!!


And now we have some that were recently kidnapped from one of the more famous dragon keepers: AN ALT BLACK HATCHIE AND A GOLD, SILVER, AND BRONZE TINSEL SET FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288! Sadly, they’re useless. Well, almost useless. If you happen to need a spectacular liar or are attempting to create a scam or an effective cute-dragon-in-distress commercial, then one of these eggies (or the hatchie) are exactly what you want. The black could charm a rock into dancing, and the tinsels could sell a gold dragon the scales off his own back. The lucky winner of the hatchie is number 5, willapigfly, the gold tinsel is going to number 80, FallenBlaze, the silver to number 66, Rogue, and the bronze to number 49, xXMCRAngel2107Xx!!!


Next, A PURPLE DORSAL EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF RUKIA05, AND A WHITE AND NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF VAREKIS! Nimble as they come, these little ones would make either snazzy dancers or skilled thieves. I’m keeping them in cages right now because there is no doubt that they would steel the socks on your feet (or the gold in your pocket) without you ever knowing it. If you really prefer for them to become dancers, though, I suggest giving them a pair of ribbons to flash around for added effect as they zips back and forth. The dorsal eggy is to go home with number 18, Ivyshadow, the white with number 76, arabian sparkle, and the nebula with number 129, asuna123!!!


And now we come to A MAGI EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ENGIYPE, AND A NILIA PYGMY EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF TIGONDEROGA2! A skilled magician, the magi already has the ability to summon small demons and teleport forks across rooms (though not spoons, for some odd reason or another). However, its best friend the nilia has learned a dangerous skill which, in combination with a little magic, could easily be used to take over the world: blackmail. The two have come up with a system to locate and summon information that some people will pay an arm and a leg for. I suggest that the winners keep as few dark secrets as possible, because these eggies will find them and use them to their advantage. Speaking of winners, the magi is going to number 10, Bobbica, and the nilia is going to number 121, firechild!!!


Next is A SILVER TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF FOREST, AND A FLAMINGO AND A NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF KANAYE! These eggies are more circus freaks than anything else, stock full of crazy stunts like fire juggling and tight rope walking. Give them a small pile of supplies, a busy street corner, and a large hat or jar, and you’ll have amassed a fortune by the end of the month. Either that or you’ll be dealing with notorious thieves and a number of prostitutes, you never really know. Whichever it ends up being, all the action will be happening at the homes of their new owners (and not mine). The tinsel is going to number 117, journeyhere, the flamingo to number 98, D Pixie, and the nebula to number 111, Leoina!!!


Finally, another minimum wage worker, A TWO-FINNED BLUNA EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF MYLORITE! As long as the work you give it will get the eggy wet in some way or another, it will do it. I can pull spaceships out of swamps, install swimming pools, fish, hunt turtles, landscaping, dragon washing, and any sort of outside work during the rainy season. Or, if you prefer to have the bluna slave over some scrolls, just provide it with a lukewarm bath to sit in as it does so (and maybe a cup of coffee to keep it awake). This worker is to go to the home of number 69, Anarie!!!


Lastly we have some psychopaths: A PINK, A GEODE, AND A YELLOW DINO EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF LAGIE! Technically, only the pink and the geode are true psychopaths and cold hearted assassins, but the dino is a key in all their plots and plans and thus also deserves some attention. Assassinations generally go something like this: The geode comes up with a plan, which it promptly shares with its partner in crime, the pink. Those two then tell the dino to do something, and in return they’ll triple the amount of dinner it usually gets (an offer that no dino in its right mind could refuse). As the dino acts like bait, being a pathetic little creature that draws people to it, the pink sets up a deadly trap with which to kill the target. The dino unknowingly leads the target into the trap, the pink and geode flee, and then the dino wanders off wondering what on earth just happened. It’s an impressive and effective strategy, though it may not look it at first, and as long as you reward them these killers will do anything you want them to. Tonight, the pink will go with number 8, nataliarocks1317, the geode with number 19, PFN, and the dino with number 112, Severus_S!!!


And that’s the last of our massive pile of eggs. Hopefully, Stealthy will have fully recovered by the next drawing, and can thus conduct the story herself. If not, you’ll find another dragon out here (because I most certainly won’t do that again!). Have a nice day, and I would appreciate it if you could donate a tender chicken or peacock for my dinner.


P.S. In case you’re curious, that was thirteen donators and twenty-three donations. Whew.


Also, for those of you who were confused by the organization of today’s drawing, here’s the list of winners:



~ Veetles has won a gold tinsel eggy from Moonbeam22!

~~ froggyluv28 has won a pink eggy from Moonbeam22!

~~~ Aquaphobia has won a purple ridgewing eggy from Moonbeam22!

~~~~ Horse2000 has won a harvest eggy from xX Blythe Xx!

~~~~~ FallenBlaze has won a gold tinsel eggy from Catlover3288!

~~~~~~ Rogue has won a silver tinsel eggy from Catlover3288!

~~~~~~~ xXMCRAngel2107Xx has won a bronze tinsel eggy from Catlover3288!

~~~~~~~~ willapigfly has won an alt black hatchie from Catlover3288!

~~~~~~~~~ Ivyshadow has won a purple dorsal eggy from Rukia05!

~~~~~~~~~~ Bobbica has won a magi eggy from Engiype!

~~~~~~~~~~~ journeyhere has won a silver tinsel eggy from Forest!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anarie has won a two-finned bluna eggy from Mylorite!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nataliarocks1317 has won a pink eggy from Lagie!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PFN has won a geode eggy from Lagie!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Severus_S has won a yellow dino eggy from Lagie!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ matas has won a black eggy from AnnieLyla!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FlyteofHeart has won a spotted greenwing eggy from AnnieLyla!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D Pixie has won a flamingo eggy from Kanaye!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leoina has won a nebula eggy from Kanaye!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ firechild has won a nilia pygmy eggy from ticonderoga2!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ arabian sparkle has won a white eggy from Varekis!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ asuna123 has won a nebula eggy from Varekis!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ice_SW has won a pygmy eggy from alabamasax!


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Hello, I am the Ghost of Christmas Past! No, wait, sorry, wrong story…

Hello, I am Virgil, here to guide you through Hell! Derp, still wrong story…

Hello, I’m Stealthy, that story-writer that everyone claims is so good! Wait, no, still not quite…


Hello, I’m Palantirnar, a humble sunstone who likes to judge eggies based on their vacation choice! Yea, that sounds about right…

Stealthy wanted to write about Dante’s Hell, but realized that she hadn’t read enough of the poem and didn’t want to offend anyone religious, so she went off to sulk while forcing me to take over this EGA thingy of hers.


Most eggies don’t need vacations, because their life has them built in. The youngsters don’t do enough on a day to day basis to require or deserve a break, though they do have a limited amount of education and a large amount of trouble to get into. Every once in a while, an eggy will get tired of their monotone play-filled life and go out into the world looking for something interesting (and preferably not embarrassing or life threatening). I sit around and make up these eggies’ life stories based on where they chose to go and how long they plan on staying. Watch:


First up is a recently-hatched MAGMA FROM THE CAVERNS OF GREASALOTLE124! Technically it’s not leaving because it’s tired of its eggy life, but because it doesn’t want to live the life of a hatchie. Judging by the interesting Hawaiian-style shirts and sun hats it’s taking, it must be going to a tropical place, likely on a beach somewhere. There is also a considerable sum of money among its luggage, which is both a little suspicious and an indicator that it’s going somewhere fancy. Clearly, this silly little hatchie is going to one of those giant resorts on a small secluded island, where it can continue living as a care-free playing machine until it runs out of money. Sure enough, its plane tickets confirm that it’s going to a beach resort owned by number 102, Poison2007!!!


And then there was the SHALLOW WATER AND STRIPE EGGIES FROM THE TREE-HOUSE COMPLEX OF WANDERINGWIND! These guys had a pretty sweet life, if I do say so myself. They were living up in the trees, flicking monkeys off branches, eating delicious fruit for breakfast, flying through dense fog and trying not to run into anything. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be in a place like that? Yet, for unknown reasons, these two eggies packed up their bags and sneaked out in the middle of the night headed for DC’s version of Asia, complete with all-black suits and fancy swords! I think they must be the types that need to have some action and excitement in their lives, otherwise their minds turn to mush and they degrade into blobfish, but going off to be professional ninjas is still overkill. Either way, they’re booked on the first cargo ship out of here, and are headed to two different secretive locations in a large bamboo forest, the goldfish to dojo number 44, thundersky86, and the stripe to dojo number 41, Laurarockstar!!!


Ah, this is one of my favorites: A MAJESTIC MAGI FROM THE LAKEHOUSE OF XX BLYTHE XX! Alright, so this here magi decides it needs a vacation, just like the rest of them. It ties up the gist of its belongings in a colorful handkerchief, ties it to the end of a stick, and waddles off balancing a fat loaf of bread on the top of its shell. A number of hours into the trek, completely exhausted and thinking it must be miles from the lake at that point, it sits down to eat. The eggy then moves on, marching until nightfall at which it finds a cozy inn and decides to spend the night. The next morning its muscles are all cramped up, so it decides that it got far enough and can just spend the rest of its vacation right there, at least an hour away as the adult-storm-dragon flies. Turns out the poor creature has made it about a quarter of the way around the lake (less than three minutes as the pygmy flies), and is staying at a small boat rental shack run by number 27, Rockin' On!!!


Probably one of the funnier stories is that of A VAMPIRE EGGY FROM THE PRAIRIE HOME OF VAREKIS! This eggy decides that it would much prefer to live in a proper cave than on a prairie, a feeling that likely comes from its ancient dragon instincts or from the fact that vampires experience great pain when exposed to direct sunlight. Under cover of nightfall it marches off across the prairie, soon entering a small thicket of woods. Now, this stone dragon is sitting there looking for a midnight snack, and it spots the little vampire coming down the path. Not even aware of what the vampire is looking for, the stone hunkers down, rests its chin on the ground, and opens up its jaws nice a wide. The vampire comes around a corner, rejoices at seeing a decent sized cave, and boldly marches inside. Five seconds later there is a shrill screech, a crunch, another shrill screech and a sort of retching sound. Then the stone came tearing through the trees, trying to take off and fly away while the vampire sat there covered in drool and bile, shell cracked in several places. It must not have tasted too good. Now, I believe, it’s staying at a cave which is not also a giant mouth, the home of number 35, alabaster_demon!!!


And lastly, just because I’m lazy and want to go hunting, I’m going to give you a four-in-one story, involving A MOONSTONE EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF DEADLY NONCHALANCE, A GEODE FROM THE ASPEN FOREST OF LAGIE, AND A GRAY AND SUNSONG PAIR FROM THE OVERSIZED HOBBIT HOVEL OF THUNDERSKY86! For no apparent reason, after meeting at a carnival held in the nearest town, these four decided they were going to have a migration. Sure, they were a bit late to catch a ride with the geese, but they were going to do it anyways. I believe this demonstrates a need to connect with nature at a highly rudimentary level, or perhaps just too much of a need for adventure away from home. Two days after the carnival, once their plan had been fleshed out, the four piled a little red wagon high with supplies and rattled off down the road. They’ve been going for over a week now, on and on, determined to find warmer weather. When the group finally hit a tropical rainforest, the eggies began to go their separate ways. The moonstone ended up at a hot spring with number 79, NightLovesFantasies, the geode at a chocolate factory with number 103, oddsoxdi, the gray at a lagoon with number 72, firegirl, and the sunsong on a random hill with a funky guru who claimed to be number 31, saphire81!!!


And that’s how I keep myself from dying of boredom every day. Thank you and good night (because I bet those stories put you to sleep).


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Hello, everyone! Welcome to another of those extremely late EGA DRAWINGS! Instead of sending one of my dragons this time, I decided to show up myself so that my darlings won’t be emotionally scarred when they have cabbages and tomatoes thrown at them. These vegetables have been provided at the front gate, in case you wish to turn them into icky projectiles directed at myself and my lateness, but please leave any extras you end up with. The museum has informed me that they’ll bring out “the big guns”, whatever that means, if they find even a single cabbage leaf inside at the end of the day.


Moving on to the more interesting part of this giveaway: we are here at the small local Museum of Draconic History (though due to budgetary cutbacks everything is eggy-related, because eggies are much cheaper to preserve, paint, model, replicate, and exhibit than hatchies and full grown dragons). Once I get all this vegetable gunk washed off, I’ll follow you through the museum pointing out exhibits of interest. Don’t tell the guards, but I’ll also be giving the exhibits’ contents away, because they’re due to be taken down and replaced soon, anyways, and one wouldn’t want all that beauty to go to waste.


First up, right here by the door, is a replica of a majestic fountain and wishing well, portraying A WHITE STRIPE EGGY THAT ONCE LIVED IN THE CAVERNS OF AUTANA! The original fountain is a breathtaking sight, towering over the heads of humans and dragons (as long as they’re the size of a mint or smaller) alike. From all sides, the shapes of full grown white stripe dragons grin back at you as water trickles down their claws and wings. Filling up any extra space are the figures of romping stripe hatchies, hunting bugs and pouncing on each other’s tails. The museum replica, however, is much smaller and consists of a simple round pool of water with a swirly pillar in the middle. At the top is a single white stripe eggy, bobbing up and down in a dip from where the water squirts out. The only thing that the original and the replica have in common is the multitude of coins that passers-by have thrown in (though at the museum this is only because visitors want the state of the museum improved, and hope that their donations will somehow help). I hereby proclaim that this eggy shall go to number 111, hamis75!!!


This first wing of the museum is rather dull, mostly because it’s filled with nothing but clusters of colorful eggies representing the banner colors of different DC regions. For example, here’s one with AN EMBER, A WHITE, AND A VINE EGGY THAT CAME FROM THE CAVES OF DEADLY NONCHALANCE! These three colors are arrayed in a boring line to show how the region’s banner is one of the unimaginative striped ones. The colors themselves were even stolen from a Terran country, which in turn stole them from a different Terran country, further proving that this DC region had a dull founder and an administration too lazy to do anything about it. That being said, the region itself has become a beautiful place to live and a maker of exquisite cheese and wine. If the guards have moved on, I’ll be giving these poor eggies away now: the ember to number 50, HeartOfTheDragon, the white to number 93, MagicLance, and the vine to number 37, Kamiko_Cullen!!!


Onward to the next wing! You might want to shield your eyes, because this next room houses metallic treasure and the extreme amount of shiny is blinding. Even though this museum is of mediocre quality at best, the treasures it contains are still worth a fortune in this day and age. Take this exhibit, for example, containing A SILVER TINSEL, A GOLD, TWO SILVERS, A WHITE STRIPE, A BLUE STRIPE, AND A BLACK EGGY, ALL FORMERLY OWNED BY CATLOVER3288! This is the cheapest representation of a certain story that this museum could come up with, and it’s still worth an arm and a leg to some people. The story tells of a black dragon born into a wealthy family of successful alchemists. By building on the work of his ancestors, the dragon was soon able to turn lead not just into gold, but into silver as well. By performing a few alchemy tests on the silver he produced, the black created a super-silver, which he nicknamed ‘tinsel’. Though he could never produce the same effect using gold, the dragon did meet limited success with turning living creatures into the precious metal. Secret experiments on his servants, all regular blue and white dragons, soon resulted in streaks of pure gold appearing on their scales and skin. It is believed that these original stripes are the ancestors of all the stripes we know today, though most blow this off as an old wives tale and go with a more scientific explanation. It is also believed that tinsels are descendant from later experiments by dragons attempting to continue the black’s work, creating different super-metals and successfully bringing them to life. Whatever you chose to believe, you have to admit that these eggies in the glass case are beautiful, and because of that I’m giving them away. The lone tinsel goes to number 41, Madzi_Jade, the gold to number 18, Pinch of StarDust, the two silvers to numbers 103 and 35, StormWizard212 and ubbydubby, the white stripe to number 19, cheese456, the blue stripe to number 14, Sookie, and the black to number 66, HappyAppy!!!


This next exhibit contains two commonplace eggies, A PAIR OF GEODES ACQUIRED FROM A CERTAIN LAGIE! The bewildered expressions on your faces are quite amusing, and I know those two smooth, sparkling, colorful crystals look nothing like the rough, stone-gray surface of a geode’s shell, but that’s what they are. A few centuries ago, a group of young dragons were rolling each other down a hill inside of a barrel for fun. A pair of geode eggies volunteered to try it out, so they hopped in and were sent on their way. As they bounced around inside the barrel, bumping into each other often, the rough surface of their shells began to get grinded away. When they reached the bottom, the barrel was full of dust and grit, from which there emerged two perfectly round, polished, and highly dizzy crystals. This technique was kept secret for the longest time, and the crystals became coveted treasures all around the globe. Many people have attempted to create fakes, but their struggles were in vain. Geode egg crystals still hatch and grow into dragons, a property that the fakes didn’t have. Now, I’ve heard that these guys are worth almost as much as this whole museum, so try to keep them hidden as we continue through the museum, but they’re going to numbers 73 and 67, mooniechan and ticonderoga2!!!


Yes, we’re still in the room of riches. Yes, that’s the last thing you’d expect to find. It’s a simple PAPER EGGY, ORIGINALLY OWNED BY MYLORITE! You may not think so, but when that crafty little magician first figured out how to animate origami his little paper eggs were worth millions. At the time, paper was made from the papyrus plant. To get paper, you’d have to wait for the plant to grow (which required the river to flood at some point to make the earth nice and fertile), harvest it, dry it, and then go through the tedious process of papermaking. As an inanimate object, paper was already worth more than its weight in gold, so when paper suddenly had the option of being alive, prices skyrocketed. While these curious little eggs won’t fetch nearly as much today, they’re still fun to have around. This one will go to number 68, Midnigh7_Ki7sune!!!


Moving on to the next wing, we enter the hall of inventions! Living with dragons has taken away our need for certain things, like burning wood for fire. Sure, we still use this skill when we need it, but most of us own Red or Magma dragons which work just as well as a fireplace. Electricity is another one of those unneeded things, because we have magic and enough control over fire to do almost anything. With nothing practical to invent, us humans turned to creating things simply because they’re cool.


As an example, here’s an exhibit containing AN ELECTRIC EGGY FORMERLY FROM THE CAVES OF ALABAMASAX! The top half of the eggy is wedged inside a glass tube filled with water. Nearby, there’s a small pile of sheet music and lyrics to various songs. As the eggy reads the music or lyrics, playing the song in its mind, sparks and ripples of electricity float up through the water. The colors, frequency, and intensity of the electricity mimic the song to the extent where onlookers can hear it even though there’s no actual music playing. In short, it’s a sophisticated take on a record player which looks awesome and does almost nothing. Because it’s so cool, though, I’m giving it away to number 65, Catlover3288!!!


Here’s another electricity-related thing, involving A PILLOW AND A BRONZE TINSEL ONCE BELONGING TO ANNIELYLA! The tinsel has been anchored to the base of this exhibit, while the pillow is free, for the most part. Every once in a while, one of the museum staff members comes up, sticks their hand inside the class case, and rub the pillow against the tinsel. When they leave, all of the velvet fuzz that covers the pillow’s shell is standing straight up, and the eggy itself is stuck to the walls of the case. Static electricity was neat when it made your hair go haywire and incredibly annoying when it zapped you as you reached for a doorknob, but now it’s been upgraded to being awesome, at least as far as the anti-gravity pillow is concerned. As soon as a random, ignorant kid touches the case, allowing all of the built up static within to reach the ground by going through him, we can get to those eggs and free them from the museum. The pillow will go to number 52, alabamasax, and the tinsel to number 44, gotw3!!!


The last part of this museum is labeled ‘Modern Art’, though it could just as easily be called ‘Random Eggies in Glass Cases’. As an example, here is A THUNDER AND A SUN EGGY THAT CAME FROM THE CAVERNS OF XXDRAGICEXX! They are positioned a good distance apart, with a mirror behind the sun. All of the random crackles of lightning around the thunder have somehow been directed towards the sun eggy and the mirror. Some of the lightning hits the sun (making it jump a bit), while the rest hits the mirror and it bounced back at the thunder (making it jump a bit, as well). Overall, you’ve got a pair of jiggling eggies connected by a giant tangle of lightning. Interesting… I think. Whatever it’s supposed to mean, I’m going to open both ends of the case and watch the eggies come flying out as the electric power of the lightning escapes in all directions. First, though, we need some people to catch the eggies. Number 104, gistofeverything, can get the thunder and number 62, JustJessie94, can have the sun!!!


Almost out, guys, just hide those eggies for a little bit longer! Take note of the exit gate on your way out, though, especially the VAMPIRE EGGY THAT WAS RECENTLY KIDNAPPED FROM THE CAVES OF THURIN! I think the gate might be a representation of the Gates of Hell, meant to instill fear and a sense of despair into those who pass through it. The presence of the vampire, however, does little more than make the gate smell bad and feel cold to the touch. The intended purpose of the gate is unclear, but it certainly makes visitors want to leave and never come back, especially since the vampire wails in agony throughout the day due to the painful way in which it’s being kept there. In order to create a more pleasurable experience for future museum visitors, I’m taking it upon myself to remove the eggy from this desolate place and hand it over to number 89, dragcave:D!!!


Here come the guards! Quick, everyone climb a tree or run for your life or hide really well. It looks like these guys may have pickled squids, and they look like they have no problem with using them. Being chased from a museum… this feels oddly familiar… Someone needs to remind me not to make a habit of this!

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to the streets of DC, all decked out in black as this most beloved world of ours joins universe-wide protests against silly bills currently in consideration by certain galactic legislations. Almost all dragons, young and old, considerate and selfish, are participating in this colossal event. Even those little eggies we hold so dear are trying to help out, though their knowledge of the situation is minimal and blurred.


One pair of eggies, which I just had to politely send on their way, is going from cave to cave extinguishing candles, creating a literal blackout. While some dragon keepers stubbornly re-light the flickering flames, they eventually move into the glow of a Deep Sea when the persistent eggies return to blow out the light source again. These two protesters have been identified as A BLUNA AND A PYGMY FROM THE CAVES OF AUTANA, and will eventually end up in the homes of numbers 35 and 2, Valura and Bunny Maestro, respectively!


Another protester is sitting as silent and unmoving as a stone for the entirety of the day, even though it usually relishes the half-day of freedom it gets during the night and makes the most of it. Yesterday it also managed to drag a friend into the protest, and now the two stand vigil over a small corner of town square. THE NOCTURN EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF EEVEE_EM AND MOONSTONE FROM THE CAVERNS OF XX BLYTHE XX have decided that they can still talk, though, and will lecture everyone that comes within earshot until they, too, freeze for a while. As the sun sinks bellow the horizon, the eggies are adding the final touches to their speeches and mentally rehearsing their disapproving snarls. At the night’s end, the nocturn will go home with number 68, lucky333123, and the moonstone will go off with number 10, the void!


Those with dainty looks and feminine coloration are also taking part in the event, perhaps even more actively than most others. A few such eggies spent yesterday gathering large sacks full of ashes. Today, as they walk from town to town spreading the word, each drags one of the now-perforated bags behind it, spreading the gray dust to the most remote caves they can find. THE TWO PINKS, ONE FROM SEACATSMEW AND THE OTHER FROM KANAYE, AND PURPLE RIDGEWING, ALSO FROM KANAYE, are no where near the end of their ashes, but once they run out they’ll head to nearby caves for shelter. The pink from seacatsmew will end up with number 45, Dragonwing1234, the pink from Kanaye with number 46, Aero994, and the ridgewing with number 6, blackchimera!


Among the larger protest efforts is a fantastic demonstration in which the sky is completely blacked out. Though the plan is relatively simple, it requires the help of multitudes of dragons and keepers, and therefore it requires someone to convince everyone to help out. With the assistance of expert advertisers, A VINE FROM THE CAVES OF MYLORITE AND A TWO-HEADED EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF KIKOJAHARO, the founding fathers of a brilliant idea will be able to make their plan a reality. As you read these words, they are making hundreds of giant kites, using a fabric that absorbs all the light which touches it and thus appears completely black. Sown into the corner of each kite with black thread are the names of the manufacturers, A TAN RIDGEWING AND A NEBULA EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF ALABASTER_DEMON. Tonight, as these kites soar into the sky and blot out the stars and moon, all four of these eggies will disappear into the triumph of their success. The vine will go to number 69, Sparkyrav, the two-headed to number 11, SaphiraSapphire, the ridgewing to number 23, Kanaye, and the nebula to number 109, Masontc!


Some eggies have no idea what is going on, and if they’re superstitious, or believe in the truth of ancient Greek tragedy, they might naturally think that the world is coming to an end. Much like the heroes in ancient plays, some have tried to sacrifice themselves in the hope that this will bring salvation to the planet. I personally know of two young dragons who attempted this, by throwing themselves into the heart of a burning fire. THE CHEESE AND PILLOW EGGIES, FROM THE HOME OF ROCKIN’ ON, were pulled out just as the last bit of fuzz was disappearing off the pillow’s shell (the cheese, however, wasn’t as much pulled out as scraped off the floor once the fire was extinguished). The two are now in intensive care, the cheese with number 83, GathersScrolls, and the pillow with number 31, Tiffashy!


Last but not least, some of the more splendid among us (and some of the more regular) rolled in soot to hide their beauty, and refused to wash it off as they protested a bill which they thought was about soap. Though the blackness will come off with enough time in a bathtub, the brilliant eggies happened to use the dark dust from a magician’s stores, which will seep through their shells and show itself on their scales. THE GOLD AND SILVER TINSEL FROM THE CAVES OF CATLOVER3288, AND THE PURPLE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF BUNNY MAESTRO, will never be rid of the darkness, for even if they scrape their scales off it will be there in the ivy and ribbon that adorns their bodies. Tomorrow, though, all they’ll need to worry about is the dust on their shells, and to get it scrubbed off they’ll head to the nearest bath houses. The gold tinsel will be with number 63, fargin, the silver tinsel with number 24, lildragonbabe, and the purple with number 39, Mysfytt!


Please help the eggies stop SOPA/PIPA, or the internet as we know it will wink out of existence!


P.S. The list of winners will be in the OP shortly, in case this drawing’s organization was confusing to any of the donators, especially the newer ones.

Edited by Stealthypugs

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Yes, I know, I’m late again… But I have a brilliant excuse!


You see, a couple of hours ago I was reading this set of comics when a pair of eggies walked by my cave: A RED AND A PYGMY FROM THE CAVES OF AUTANA! They were carrying a giant cake on a stretcher between them. It was five layers in all, covered in chocolate glaze and shining with edible pears, fresh out of the oven. My stomach rumbled, so I decided to walk down to the nearest bakery and get myself some pie and hot chocolate. Meanwhile, those two eggies went on to split the cake in two. The red then went and delivered its half to number 16, AbsolutelyAlexis, while the pygmy went on to the home of number 57, ElemenTalia!


When I reached the bakery, the various aromas hit me like a sledgehammer. I stumbled into the little shop, and much to my dismay there was a long line at the cashier, mostly thanks to A CHEESE AND AN EMBER EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF LAGIE! The two eggies had somehow gotten a hold of a considerable amount of gold, and had spent it all on sweets, fancy drinks, and baked goods. It was taking forever to add all the prices together and count the coins. Half an hour, at least, had passed before it was my turn to order and pay. I watched the eggies leave with disdain. They went their separate ways, both with a pile of loot, the cheese to the home of number 14, Remy400, and the ember to the home of number 37, masterkat6!


With my pie and hot chocolate in hand, I began the trek back to my cave in high spirits. Part of that trail passes through a bit of an inhospitable forest, and it’s there that I met a gang of greedy little robbers made up of TWO GOLD TINSELS, A BLACK STRIPE, AND A BLACK EGGY, RECENTLY ESCAPED FROM THE PRISONS OF CATLOVER3288! Wearing dark green cloaks to help camouflage themselves in the dark undergrowth, they leaped out at me and snatched my pie away. In the process, my hot chocolate was spilled onto the red, peaty trail. Trying not to cry over spilled milk, I chased after the four eggies as they fled the scene, determined to get my chocolate cheesecake and raspberry mango pie back. Though I never saw them again, I later learned that the eggies ended up sheltering in various caves: the tinsels with numbers 102 and 52, Vexxxed and Commwolf, the stripe with number 41, Godzilla 2000, and the black with number 74, Shishiro!


One of the reasons I lost them was because I came across a crazy guru-type, AN ALBINO EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF EEVEE_EM! It was sitting there amidst the roots of an old ash tree, looking like a ghost, and I would have run right past it had it not spoken. I can’t remember what it said, or even if it said anything intelligent or coherent at all, but the noise caused me to stumble. I turned to glare at it, but it just sat there as if it was a rock. I blinked, and it disappeared, apparently ending up in the hollows of number 33, Moonbeam22!


Knowing I had lost the gang of robbers, I turned back the way I had come, dragging my feet all the way back to the trail. When I got back to the spot where my hot chocolate had met its unfortunate end, I found A SUN AND AN ICE EGGY, ONCE FROM THE CAVERNS OF PINCH OF STARDUST! They were lost, afraid, and hungry, licking some leaves with splashes of hot chocolate on them. As I approached them they shied away, but I eventually managed to get close enough to hand them a piece of bread. They devoured it voraciously and then looked at me with begging expressions. I couldn’t just leave them there, so I turned back towards town with the intent of finding them a place to stay. It took a while, but eventually I found some caring individuals who took them on. The sun went with number 98, Zephyra, and the ice with number 65, Varekis!


At that point it was just an hour before giveaway time, so I hurried home to organize donations and compose the day’s story. Though nothing attacked me this time, I did run into A WATERWALKER EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF THUNDERSKY86! Thundersky was out of town for the week, but the egg sitter that had been hired was cruel. They were sending all the young ones out to sell paper flowers, threatening to do horrible things if they failed to turn a profit. I bought a large majority of the flowers, and then wrote a little note and pointed the eggy in the direction of a fine, but affordable, hotel run by number 8, dcaver!


I was almost home by then, and would have made it in time to make it look like I had planned all the timing out beforehand, but another greedy robber went after the poor waterwalker I had just sent on its merry way. I couldn’t let the thing be tormented any more, so I went to stop the blasted BRONZE TINSEL EGGY FROM THE CAVERNS OF MYLORITE! I got there in the nick of time, whacking the tinsel with my hot chocolate mug and then holding it down with my foot to keep it from running away. I returned the gold to the waterwalker, who thanked me a hundred times over and then skipped off towards the hotel. When it was gone, I turned back to the tinsel. With a well-aimed kick I sent it flying through the air, destined to land before the prison gates of number 11, Ferus!


Home at last and only twenty minutes left until drawing time. I was going to make it; I was going to write like the devil and post the drawing outside of my cave on time, I just knew it! There was one problem, though: a pair of eggies from a nearby cave had decided to start a demon-raising ritual on my doorstep. I marched up to them, furious, and quickly recognized them as THE GOLD TINSEL AND RED DORSAL EGGIES FROM THE CAVES OF THE RESPECTABLE GREASALOTLE124! I stamped out the minute fire they were struggling to keep alight, kicked dirt over the ritualistic star they had drawn on the ground, spray painted giant “I’m a bad eggy” signs onto both of their shells, and forcefully removed them from the premises. Instead of returning home, though, the troublemakers went on to find new caves at which to perform their dark magic. The tinsel ended up with number 75, Ayelldee, and the dorsal with number 36, wanderingwind!


I walked into my cave, greeted my dragons, walked into my study, and was met by a giggling NEBULA EGGY THAT WAS VISITING FROM THE CAVES OF ALABASTER_DEMON! I waited impatiently for it to explain itself, knowing that drawing time was almost upon me. Finally, between bouts of laughter, it managed to tell me that my mother had called wanting me to prepare and eat food. Rolling my eyes, I entered my personal portal and materialized in my Terran room back on Earth (because dearest Mother is one of those non-believers who shun the existence of dragons). I hurriedly ate dinner, feeling the seconds tick by, and then rushed back to DC. The nebula had disappeared, and according to my dragons it had left a few minutes ago headed for the caves of number 85, sei_chan65!


At last, I could sit down at my desk and get to work. It was past drawing time, so I sent the nearest eggy to pin a note to my cave door reading something along the lines of “I’m late. I know. DON’T BREAK DOWN MY DOOR THIS TIME!” It obeyed, though it wasn’t obligated to since it was A HELLFIRE EGGY VISITING FROM THE CAVERNS OF ANNIELYLA! It’s nice when random strangers help you, so I made sure to give it a few gold coins and a pass to a beach resort owned by number 77, White_Knight!


Any and all other delays were thanks to the one that decided to help me with the drawing, AN ICE EGGY FROM THE CAVES OF ELEMENTALIA! Because it was being extremely annoying, I put it to work sharpening quill nibs, mixing and bottling ink, and fetching fresh parchment for me to write on. It has now collapsed with exhaustion, and is snoring the evening away in one of my beanbags. I’ll be taking it to the neighbors shortly, because some of my older dragons are complaining that they can’t sleep (and it’s a bad idea to have two-headed dragons in a fussy mood). I’m sure the little ice won’t mind being in the company of number 9, Dragonslayer717, for a while!


That, my friends, is why I’m late.


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*giggles and more giggles* That's quite the tall tale there, Stealthy! Excellent work, as usual! *hands over some hot chocolate and a brownie*

Winners have been PM'd! smile.gif

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Aww, this story was cute! x) The cheese and ember eggs remind me of that one time I had $5 and too much time on my hands after swimming classes at the food shop when I was little... o.x Never again though! :P


Poor little ice eggy. ;A; I've claimed the egg (thank you Pinch of Stardust!) and will give him a good home. <3

Edited by Varekis

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That's a fun story, Stealthy! By the way, one of my favorite. biggrin.gif


Also, congratulations to all tonight's winners!


And PM'd my winner.

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Such a badly behaved eggy, I'm glad to have it out of my cave! biggrin.gif


PM'd my winner - and Ferus now has the eggy under armed guard...!

Edited by Mylorite

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Eggy successfully teleported to Remy400! smile.gif

No reply as yet from my other winner.

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Can you please sign me up


Also my sister and me are willing to breed from our scrolls and donate them if your interested

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Thanks, Lagie, for the goodies! *slurps the delicious hot chocolate*


I'm glad you all liked the story. It's funny how some of my best ones are the ones I write as quickly as I possibly can muster.


Amarwen, all you need to know about donating can be found in the OP. happy.gif

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