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Ridge shook his head, "Dad'll be here in a few minutes anyway. Miss Beatrice..?" He sat down next to the woman and played with his hands, a habit he'd gotten from his brother when he was nervous.

"Me and Tarak and Dad were talking a few days ago. And we don't know what will happen to Mum if Ruu comes back." He sighed, "Mum only forgot Ruu after she ran away. Mum was really angry at the time and Ruu got scared--" He thought for a moment, then looked up at Beatrice, feeling annoyed.

"My idiot sister hasn't told you anything about this, has she."




Ruu played with her hands nervously as she sat on a fence next to Snowpearl.

"I wonder when she'll be back?"

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"Your sister is a very bright young woman." Beatrice said calmly. Her tone held no anger just simple conviction. "And no she did not tell me she had any trouble at home. I wish it was otherwise. I thought she had come to trust me as I've trusted her. But I guess it was too much to expect. We've not known each other for long." Beatrice frowned. "And in the end I might have been wiser not trusting her as well." she said sadly. "I don't enjoy being lied to."

She sighed. "Since I am now involved in this no matter what, pray tell me what happened between your mother and your sister, young man."

She smiled. "And it is Beatrice of Loys, or Miss de Loys if you want to be formal. But you can call me Beatrice if you like."

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Ridge bit his lip, mentally cursing Ruu for lying to a noble person. Now Beatrice would think badly of his family, and it would be her fault.


"I-It was nothing really too serious, Miss de Loys. Mum and Dad are breaking-up and Mum kept on starting fights with Dad. And she tried to hit him a few times-- Onlu when she was angry, though. Me and Tarak tried to stop her getting ahead of herself.." He looked upstairs nervously, lowering his voice,

"I mean, she was okay back then. So me and Tarak were trying to stop her from throwing stuff and then Ruu joined in. And then Mum hit her and told her that she 'wasn't her child.' And then Ruu left. After a few hours, Dad and Tarak went out to look for her but they only saw glimpses, you know?

"We thought she was just hiding at a friend's house or at the park. But then after a few days we just couldn't--"


Ridge was cut off by the front door opening. There were stamping sounds as the two grown men took off their shoes. The elder man burst through to the living room first, a bearded man in his late forties. His wings were brown and speckled, but they seemed strong - They needed to be if he were to teach anyone.

"Good day, Miss de Loys. It's an honour to have you in our household." The man said quickly, bowing his head. Tarak, the white winged man entered after him, then stared for a moment before breaking out into a tired smile.

"So we meet again."




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Beatrice stood up to drop a drop a curtsy in response to his bow as if he was another noble. "It's been my honor to have been invited in your house." She said friendly. She looked at Ridge. "Your son has been very courteous."

She looked at Tarek. "So you are Ruu's brother. Life is full of irony, isn't it young man? If I had known who you were, when I met you things wouldn't have become so tangled."

She sighed looking back to his father. "I understand you've been worried about your daugther. Let me assure you that she's well and healthy." She smiled wrily. "We were just trying to puzzle out what has happend."



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The eldest man sat down, his head in his hands, muttering.

"Oh thank goodness,"

Tarak placed a comforting hand on his father's shoulder and frowned.

"So she was with you?" The eldest son shot a glance at his little brother, "Did you tell her about..?"


Ridge nodded shamefully, "I thought maybe.. Well, I told her about Mum and Ruu. And how we don't know if it's ok for her to come h--."

The Father interrupted angrily, "What in blazes are you talking about! She belongs here with her family! You're not suggesting we just leave her, are you?" Both of the boys winced instinctively at their Father's angry tones.


Tarak spoke up, "But you who knows what'll happen to Mum is she comes back? She might do worse." He realised that Beatrice was still there and smile apologetically, "I'm sorry about this - It must be pretty awkward for you to hear us bicker."


He turned back to his father, determined to have the last word, "If she's got the Cloud Key like Miss de Loys says, then she has a job to do."



Ruu watched the sky as it darkened slightly. She wondered about what she should do - It wouldn't feel right if she just waltzed back into the CloudPalace.

She hoped Beatrice would come back soon, and tried to think about what was happening back at Home. Her subconscious had been trained to not think about That Place, but she needed something to occupy her mind.


Ridge has probably said something out of turn by now. Mum's probably throwing things around, Tarak is taking notes, and Dad is probably... He's probably trying to make tea for Beatrice. And Beatrice is probably thinking "Why did I ever bother speaking to that Liar of a girl?"

Swinging her legs, Ruu decided to try and think of something else.

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"Yes she has found it." Beatrice said firmly. "And I fear that makes your discussion somewhat pointless. She can't come home at the moment."

Beatrice stopped and shrugged helplessly. "I am sorry if that is adding to your grief, but if Ruu doesn't start on her quest soon there might not be a home left for her to return to. Or anyone else actually. We believe the Metal Weavers are already here and they've stuck the first blow."

Beatrice shoulders dropped. "The Cloud King is dead."

She looked out of the window and saw that it had begun to darken.

"I need to return to Cloudpalace now. Maybe you'd like to accompany me and wish Ruu farewell?"

Not to mention heal the break in their relationship. But that would be up to them to decide.

Beatrice herself had to reevaluate how she felt about the girl now. She would stand by her promise and accompany the girl faithfully, but she couldn't deny she was disappointed in Ruu. Would the girl have ever told her the truth?

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(( Oh gawd I'm running out of creativity! D: ))


The father was about to stand up and protest when Beatrice mentioned the death of the king. He was silent and if he were wearing a hat, he would have taken it off in honour.

"I..I'm sorry." He followed the woman's gaze out of the window, then blinked when she spoke once more, "I suppose I should go.. Tarak, Ridge? Are you coming?" Ridge shook his head and Tarak sighed.

"Right. Let's go put our jackets on. Have you finished your tea, Miss de Loys?"



((If you want, we can do the Time Warp again xd.png ))


With a final swing of her legs, Ruu used the momentum to jump off the fence. She hummed a part of a song that was stuck in her head for a while now.

" ♫ Somewhere in the midnight sky, A little star's shining.." She trailed off, her brow furrowing as she tried to remember the next part,

"Last night in my dream I saw a little-- Tiny bird that looked the same. On this sleepless night, I sing this sad song alone, But.." Ruu smiled at last, despite feeling slightly irked that the song didn't rhyme. She sang the rest of it in her head, not wanting to say the words aloud, seeing as they couldn't be true.

♫ To-morrow, you can sing this with me, Flying high on the wings from my dream. ♫

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((LoL. Me too. Got to do some more thinking.))


"I have, thank you. And you can call me Beatrice." A dimple showed in her cheek as she smiled. She took her cup away and thanked Ridge again.

She didn't understand why he didn't want to see his sister especially if she had been missing all this time, but there was some sort of coldness around Ridge anyway.

Beatrice didn't thought she liked him all that much.

Spreading her white wings, she took to the air as soon as they were outside and lead them to Cloudpalace.

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(( Ridge: Why don't you love me?? ;_; *sobs*

Sparkeycat: *smacks* Keep it together! >:( ))



Compared to Beatrice's and Tarak's white wings, Ruu's father couldn't help but feel almost Peasant-Like. He sighed, then suddenly perked up when the cloud palace came into view. The father and son landed at the entrance, where the main doors were. Tarak's father had always been a fan of beautiful places, and of Noble people himself; After all, he had performed aerobatics with a small troupe before royalty before.


Tarak looked around, impressed but not changing his expression. First impressions were everything, and he didn't want to give the Noble People the impression that he was a raving mad tourist. Unlike his father, who just stared, wide eyed and open-mouthed at the building.

"Miss Beatrice, would you care to show the way to my sister?" He asked cordially, not wanting to seem impatient. His father had seemed to have forgotten the true reason for being here.

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((Sorry Sparkeycat. Complete lack of inspiration for a while))


"She must be either in the libary or with Snowpearl." Beatrice said. "I'll check Snowpearl first, that is closer." She nodded opened a side room that was fitted out with a low table and a comfortable couch. "Wait here and let me talk to her first. I don't want her to run away when she sees you."

Beatrice turned and walked toward Snowpearls cave.

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(( Ok, I understand ^^ I'll wait a while 'till I post then because my brain is slowly running out of creativity too. HAPPEH HALLOWEEN! ))

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Ridge was speechless for a moment. His sister ran away for one week and now she's in the Cloud palace? Geez. I should run away - I'd be ruler of the world in seconds.

"The cloud key? Ruu? But she doesn't have-- I mean, she's--" The boy trailed off awkwardly, then stood up and walked to the phone. Ridge sighed.

"I'll call Dad. Sorry about all this.."



Tarak and his father had been asking people, searching in parks and under bridges for the girl when the father's phone rang. Tarak watched with concern at the conversation. Had something happened at home? His father gave him a triumphant look, the first he'd seen in a while, and they ran to the next Skybus Station.


((Hope you don't mind them having phones.. It's convenient for me ^^ ))

((Yes, you're allowed to have phones, but no mobiles or new age technology, just olden day phones!!


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DP: Ya, I sent him one, but I haven't got a reply yet?


Okay, sorry for my absence, but I have exams for the next two weeks. I'll try and get on when I can!))



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((okay *sigh* I hope he hasn't quit this sad.gif and okay again to the exams))

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((Sorry Sparkeycat. Complete lack of inspiration for a while))


"She must be either in the libary or with Snowpearl." Beatrice said. "I'll check Snowpearl first, that is closer." She nodded opened a side room that was fitted out with a low table and a comfortable couch. "Wait here and let me talk to her first. I don't want her to run away when she sees you."

Beatrice turned and walked toward Snowpearls cave.

(( Okie Dokie, Mah Creativiteh has returned >:3 ))


Tarak nodded, he and his Father sitting obediently on the couch. After the woman left, Tarak's Father finally snapped out of his daze and asked:

"What do you think she will do when she sees us?" Tarak shrugged,

"Maybe she'll want to come home. If we're lucky."



Ruu, at the Dragoncave, heard footsteps and ran to Snowpearl's side. The girl had no idea who she hoped the footsteps belonged to; Best case scenario would be Beatrice, unless she was angry. Worst case scenario would be her Mother. Either way, she hid behind Snowpearl in anxious, yet guilty fear.


((Oh Lord, the weather for Scotland is just one big RAIN CLOUD today D; ))

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Snowpearl made that almost purring sound when she saw Beatrice yet she didn't dashed to her, aware of the girl that was hiding behind her.

In fact Snowpearl shifted a little so she was better hidden. The dragon did not know why she was taking cover, but it would under no circumstances betray her presence.


"Something wrong, Snowpearl?" Beatrice asked gently, a little bit concerned by the behaviour of the usually exubertant dragon. She went to her and the dragon lovered his head so Beatrice could pet her ears like Snowpearl loved it.

Beatrice sighed and leaned her head against the dragon. It had been a long day and she felt tired. Then she straigtend a little and looked around the room trying to figure out is she had overlooked the wingless girl when she entered. "Ruu? Are you here?"

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Ruu tensed as her name was called, panicking about what would happen if she lied again. She considered calling out "Nope." and snorted in laughter, in spite of herself. Oh sugar.

The girl clapped her hand over her mouth, then smiled embarrassedly up at Beatrice, trying to pretend it was a game of hide-and-seek.

"You found me."

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"Ruu" Beatrice didn't smile. She just looked exhausted. Standing in front of the girl she did not know how to begin.

She spied a bench and sat down there, pulling her skirt right to win time. Finally she said. "Alright let's start with the reason I went to see your family.


I've informed your parents about the cloudkey and your mission and I think they have accepted that. Or at least your father. I regret to have to be the one to tell you this Ruu, but I think your mother has fallen very ill and has problems grasping reality."


Beatrice paused.


"I don't need to tell you that what I found with your family was not what I expected. And because you did not trust me with the truth, I could not judge how important it is for you to stay away from them.


But I've seen your fathers and your brothers grief for you and their happiness at hearing you were well. You've sent them through hell these last days."


Beatrice mouth became grim. "I've brought your father and your brother Tarak with me so they can see for yourself that you are still alive and not lying somewhere dead in a ditch and so they can say properly good bye.

Unless you can give me a very good - and true- reason why you can't see them, I'll insist that you come with me and see them. I believe you owe them that much."


Beatrice did not speak about what this discovery had done to her own emotions but the hurt was there in her voice.

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((*Stares at post* Oh lord..))


Ruu's heart sank at the tone of voice Beatrice used. She hadn't meant for her to take her lie personally; she simply needed to make sure nothing could force her home.


"I-It wasn't that I didn't trust you! I was scared that you would look down on me if I told you the truth right away..!" She found herself blurting out, then quietened down to let the woman finish. Her eyes widened when Beatrice mentioned that she'd brought Ruu's family with her. She blinked rapidly, trying to prevent herself from crying for the first time since she'd left home.

"I..." The girl sighed, then looked at her feet, "Let's just go and get this over with."

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((Bad post? Should I edit? ))


Beatrice felt somewhat appeased by the misery in Ruu's voice when she tried to explain why she had lied to her and somewhat shocked too.


The truth was it really wouldn't have increased her opinion if she had heard that Ruu had run away instead of dealing with the problem head on.

Beatrice was a strong, selfconfident woman, old enough to have gathered lots of experience and above all else one who had reason to be proud of herself and her familiy. It wouldn't even have occured to her to run away if one of her family members had become stupid enough to claim they weren't related. She'd have set his or her head straight with a venegance.


Looking at the girl nearly melting under her displeasure, she realized that she simply couldn't expect Ruu to act like she would have. There was a reason Ruu had formed already a better raport to Snowpearl in the short time they knew each other then in all the time Beatrice had tried. The girl had different strengths then she did.


"You don't need to look like the world is ending. I doubt they will bite. And if they try..." Beatrice smiled slightly. "They'll find I am nearly as formidable a protector as outr dragons." She shoot Snowpearl a look. "More formidable as some actually."Beatrice put a finger under her chin and lifted it, like long ago her nanny had done with her. "You hold the Cloudkey. You are the choosen one. There is reason to stare at your shoes. Straighten your spine and lift your head high."


Ruu was gentle and modest. That made being strong and proud a problem, Beatrice reflected. But the girl didn't need worry about that. She was sure she had enough of those for both of them.

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(( Nope, your post is TOO good xd.png ))


Ruu blinked when Beatrice lifted her head, finding it slightly ironic that she'd said that the world wasn't ending, when it probably was. She felt too guilty to be cheeky and point this out, so instead, she nodded.

"... I got some notes on the door and stuff, but I lost some of them." She said, trying to fill the silence.

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((Thanks! xd.png I didn't even notice about the world ending. You are so right))


"We'll look for them after we've talked with your father and your brother." Beatrice said firmly not wanting to give Ruu a chance to back out. She wondered how the girl could have lost the notes however. "Don't worry about the lost ones. I am sure we'll find them and if not we can rewrite them as long as you remember in which books you had looked."


They had arrived at the cloudpalace and Beatrice knocked on the door of the room where she had left Ruu's relatives.

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Tarak, hearing a knock, stood up and opened the door to the room. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the change in light, but then he made out the silhouette of Beatrice and that of a young girl hiding behind her.


"Ruu?" Hearing his daughter's name, her father stood up and joined Tarak in the doorway. He glared at the girl, his face tired.

"Well, you've led us on a merry dance, haven't you?" He grinned, but it wasn't a friendly grin. Ruu shrank away from her relatives, feeling awkward.

"H,how's Ridge?"

"Ridge is fine, Ruu. What have you been up to?" Tarak answered gently, frowning as his father walked back into them room (Muttering : "Since when was Ridge ever fine?" as he threw his hand up critically.)Ruu shrugged, wondering how she was supposed to answer,

"Not much. Nearly got abducted by some weird drunk guy, but he's... Gone now.." Her expression dampened, remembering. She watched her father worriedly, Dad was never like this. He's always happy. And I've made him change.


"I've got to go and find a cloud door," Ruu mentioned quietly for the sake of something to say. Tarak nodded.

"When Cloudworld is safe, and everything is good, everyone will have you and Beatrice to thank. And I'll be able to say: "That was my sister!" "

"But it's not like Mum's ever going to know."

Ruu's voice thickened, her eyes blurring at those words. She hated this! She didn't want to feel attached to that woman! Yes, it was a shame, but she had to stick to her guns and this was the way to go...!


Tarak blinked at his sister's sudden deterioration. He was never good around people when they cried. The girl furiously rubbed her face with the back of her hands, then looked up with a dry face.

"But she doesn't need to. I've come to say goodbye until we're done with this thing. That's all."

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Beatrice laid a hand on Ruu's shoulder in quiet support. Her wings were folded tightly at her back. She could see that it was hard on Ruu but it was necessary.

She wished her father and brother just would embrace her. Beatrice believed they would want that, but too many things seemed to stand between them.


((Lol. Sorry, I really didn't know what to post.))

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(( o.o I'll edit if you like..

Should I have their Dad be influenced by metal-weavers? X3))


Ruu's father stood up abruptly and walked to the doorway, suddenly giving Ruu a hug. The girl stood still, not making any effort to return the embrace.

"Dad, let go." Her father did so, his hands shaking. She could see that he wanted her to stay, but Ruu couldn't give in. Tarak sighed,

"Well, you go do what's right. Come back safe, ok? Beatrice, I wish you the best of luck. And all that."


Ruu stared up for a moment, then reached into her pocket and brought out the Quartz from when she'd been on the ground. She placed it into Tarak's hand and mumbled, "Ok. Thanks." She looked up at Beatrice, "Should we go then?"


((THERE'S ANOTHER MONSTER-SPIDER IN MY ROOMMMM!!! D: It's like they follow me! And they always go in my shoes! DX))


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