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((Sorry, I got really distracted this past weekend but I promise I will have mine up tomorrow!))

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Name: Kay

Age: Fourteen, going on fifteen

World: Night, although you wouldn't know it offworld


Always the picture of pessimism, it was strange that Kay's favorite song contained messages of positive outlook and encouragement. In fact, after she caught herself humming it in public (which happened quite often) her boot laces became, very suddenly, quite interesting. Not that they weren't: those knee-hugging, gray-leather, thick-soled, clunky things with mismatched laces were hardly the picture of disinterest. It was just that one's boots were hardly the thing to become interested in after catching oneself humming two-thirds of one's favorite song and three-quarters of a medly of three others.


Actually, the short fourteen-year old wasn't really the picture of pessimism at all. Hardly. She just liked everyone to think that, and particularly enjoyed pointing out to anyone who cared to listen (most people didn't) that her multicolored tie-dyed bejeweled not-really-blue jeans were not, contrary to popular opinion, indicative of her true personality. They should look, instead, to her somber gray trench coat. Very pessimistic. Unless you count the drowning in neon fabric paint (which was even brighter outside of her native world, the Night world), the rhinestones, the iron-ons, and the colorful embroidery, why, it was just the image of negativity! Right....


Her favorite shirt, although it resembles more an oddly shaped patchwork quilt draped over her bony self than something meant to be actually worn, complements her figure in its own way, and her hair's true golden-brown, poker-straight, shoulder-length nature is always hidden by experimentation with headache-incuding dye colors and odd styles usually include clips, ribbons, hairbands, sparkles, bobby pins, and radishes. On the rare days that she appears unusually normal, the cause is almost always some freak accident that prevents her from going home to put on something more her style.


Liadain, her careworn Gray dragon plushie, is as real to her as her companion once was, before he was lost somewhere in the eight worlds. Kay lovingly crafted it from the softest imported felt, carries it around everywhere, and talks to it as though she expects a response. Even so, who's to say it doesn't....


Scroll: in sig

Username: klinneah

History: She doesn't care and neither should you. She's had loving parents, two siblings (both killed in skirmishes with the Metal world)...pretty ordinary life...

Other: Is there anything I forgot?

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((Okay, I couldn't help it. I made keys!))


user posted image Air

user posted image Cloud

user posted image Earth

user posted image Fire

user posted image Metal

user posted image Night

user posted image Water

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(This sounds cool. Can I join?)


Username: DracosBlaze

Scroll: Skittty

Name: Megan Rurinor

Age: 19

World: Fire

Appearance: Blonde hair, blueish green eyes. She wears jeans and a T-shirt most of the time. She always wears a necklace that her grandfather gave her. He told her it was made in another world. It has a gold chain with a colorful stone that glows brightly whenever light hits it.

Personality: She loves her homeland dearly, but has always dreamed of going to the other worlds, no matter what everyone else has told her. Shes very curious and gets into a lot of trouble, she's independent, and doesn't ask a lot of people. But she's can be very sarcastic and doesn't take things to seriously.

History: Her grandfather had told her storys of the other worlds when she was six, and that's what started her longing to see them for herself. He died when she was seventeen and she cried for a week. She'd never met her real parents and so he had been her father all those years. Ever since she's been rather reserved and not that social.

Companion name: Red Stone Fury (Fury)

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Red dragon

Companion Appearance: On my scroll

Companion Personality: Somewhat like Megan, but he's not that friendly, and isn't very patient. He will protect Megan with his life, and does almost every thing he can to please her.

Other: none

Password: 8 Worlds


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((Updated! Congrats to all the key keepers! I love the keys klinneah, but i did have to fix up your entry a bit! Accepted anyways everyone! Start RP'ing!!))

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((Sweet! They're my first real sprites too!


And I see how you fixed my entry. 'S all right!))


Kay skipped merrily along, smiling at the dragon plushie in her hand bouncing against her hip. Her colorful trench coat flapping behind her, she broke into a run along what would have been darkness to anyone but a native on the Night world, but was really a sidewalk lined with antique stores and shops filled with one-of-a-kind bric-a-brac. She couldn't wait for her birthday.

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Fury shook his head as he sat stubbornly ten feet away from the top of the volcano. Megan rolled her eyes,"Grandpa said that this is where the door is! What, do you not believe him or something?" The dragon looked at his claws and shrugged. "Well whether you believe him or not is your choice, but I do and I'm going with or with out you." she snapped, crossing her arms, and glaring at him. He stood up and growled angerly at her, smoke drifting from his slightly open mouth. "I don't care what you think," she said turning looking down into the volcano. ****, she thought, glancing over her shoulder at Fury. He was looking pissed and spitting flames on the ground. Without giving it a second thought, she closed her eyes, and jumped. Fury gave a loud, and earth rattleing roar, but she could hardly hear him, she was screaming to loud. After what seemed like forever but what was really five seconds, she felt Fury's wings wrap around her. Her last thought was, Great, now I've killed both of us.

She woke to the sound of Fury pacing back and forth, making hissing sounds. Megan sat up, she was sore everywhere, and she had a major headache. "Fury... where are we?" He wrapped his tail around her and whimpered like he was a hatchling again. Looking around, she saw green every where. "Oh my gosh," she gasped, "Fury, we made it."

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Myf swam on Atlas's back to where the Tri-water was. She grabbed the key from her pocket and then put it back again. "I don't think you should go Atlas," Myf said shakily. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Together, with Atlas's might, the two managed to jump through the doorway and land themselves in a pitch black world. Atlas struggled with no water and gave a loud roar. They were next to a shed. Myf quickly jumped of Atlas's back and the try and push him back through the door way. Atlas moved his body like a snake and together, they went plunging back into the world of water. Myf swam back up to Atlas, and he swam around the deep waters. She hopped on his back and they swam out of the way of the door. "I don't think that's a good idea to do again." Said Myf. "No, I don't this it is." Replied Atlas.

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Scroll:My Scroll

Name: Ryan Branford


World (Metal world are evil):Modern

Appearance: He is 5' 9" tall and weighs 186 pounds. He has long blonde hair put into a ponytail. He has fair skin with multiple scars on his legs from surgeries and the accident. There is also a long scar from his ear to his chin that was also from the accident. He has blue eyes and an almost childish grin. He typically wears a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans and brown hiking boots. He has a silver colored titanium cane strapped to his right arm to help him walk. Gray is usually walking by his side or is somewhere near Ryan wherever he is.

Personality: He is stubborn when he is told he can't do something because he's a cripple. He has a nearly zealous faith in the idea of the supernatural and he wants to experience it for himself. For everything he lacks physically he makes up for in his passion and spirit.

History:He was born with several deficiencies in his body due to his mother consuming alchohol and cigarette smoke during pregnancy. He was treated for many different conditions and has over time, adapted to compensate. Presently he is anostic. (no sense of smell). When he was thirteen he was in a car accident and needs to use a cane fixated to one of his wrists to assist in walking. He saw or thinks he saw a dragon or fairy or some creature in his dreams. Now he wants to find this creature and thank them for granting him the strength to move on. He met his companion in the animal shelter where his dad works when he was 18. The skunk had just sprayed his dad and he didn't know why his dad was wretching in the hallway. When it trotted by his feet, he picked it up and began petting it. He named it Gray since that was what you got for mixing white and black together. After many months of keeping it in a cage outside he finally moved out and took Gray with him. Presently, the apartment company is not thrilled about the pet in his room, but he is being allowed to stay as long as he doesn't stink up the place.

Companion name: Gray

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): striped skunk

Companion Appearance: he is 14" high at his shoulder and is 29" long from tail to nose. He has a thick soft pelt that is black with two bold white stripes down his back. His tail is very "poofy" and is a great mix of black and white. There is a small white stripe that goes from his forehead to the tip of his nose. There is a trace musky scent about him since he is still able to spray.

Companion Personality: Slow and easygoing are the most prominant traits of Gray. If threatened he will stand against the opponent and raise his tail, stomp his feet, charge forward and back, growl, and if all else fails, douse them with a potent dose of perfume.

Other: ((The point of this character was for Ryan to be disabled and misunderstood but to also have a more subtle strength that isn't available on first glance. Gray is there because he is a very misunderstood peace-loving creature [and my favorite animal].))

Password:8 Worlds

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"Thank the internet for Google!" Ryan said as he was typing away at his computer. Gray was asleep under the bed. Ryan should have also been in bed considering it was 5 AM. He'd been up all night investigating rumors and prophecies about the supernatural. He wasn't into the 'Apocalypse of 2012' or 'Bigfoot', Bigfoot was child's play and the apocalypse was in 4 years. There was nothing interesting in either case. What he studied was the theory of other worlds, and recently, rumors were popping up about gates that were connected to his world. Whether they were true or not, well he'd determine that for himself.

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Fury started pacing again, he was not happy and kept growling at her. "Hey watch it, dragon." Megan stood up glaring at him, "You didn't have to come! Remember you came on your own free will!" He snarled and blew flames on the ground near her feet. To her surprise the ground caught on fire very easily and started spreading. "Red Stone Fury, knock it off." She waved her hand over the fire and it vanished leaving a large burn mark. "Now look what you did!" Megan sent small flames towards him that harmlessly hit his scaled face. He took a step back and blew a large flame at her. She easily waved that away, quietly laughing. Fury playfully growled and flew at her snatching her in his claws he shot in to the air, doing twist and turns, knowing all the while she hated flying. Megan clung tightly to his leg, yelling at him to land and to put her down right now. Of course, he didn't listen.

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He worked on the theory until he was convinced in the possibility. There were prophecies of the doors in several religious texts and in mythology. At around 9 AM he went to sleep, not even trying to get under the covers. Gray eventually awoke and clambered up onto the bed in want of breakfast. A half hour later Ryan finally got up. Yet another sleepless night, he really needed to go to bed sooner.

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((I sent my bio by PM, when does the RP master get on? Also, should i post my bio in the topic?))

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Kay skipped merrily towards the tumbledown shed under the light of the full moon. Occasionally she glanced down at the jet-black key covered with twinkling stars: it would have fit seamlessly in the sky above. It bounced on a slender silver chain around her neck, and only she knew where its door was.


As the buildings gradually gave way to broken pavement, she grew more wary. Scary animals were known to lurk around that shed that had been around forever. She certainly didn't want to run into an owl...or, heaven forbid, a vicious, firebreathing dragon!


The tumbledown shed stood directly underneath the full moon. It looked as though it was still standing only because it couldn'd decide which way to fall: the hole-filled walls certainly weren't holding it up. Pieces of the rotting shingles littered the grass around the shack...but there was one plank in the wall that seemed off.


One plank, just beneath the roof, had come loose and swung outward, and was now hanging at a 90 degree angle to the wall. The moonlight struck it in such a way that it appeared, oddly, as though brand-new. Kay smiled.


((Edited for massive typos))

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