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shric debar

the screenshot thread.

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On 1/13/2019 at 10:33 PM, olympe said:

Ever tried to breed them from the male's breeding page? That should change the look.


*tested* Yep.

Yeah, it does and makes it look more like how it happens :P (out of curiosity did they produce an egg?)


@Ruby Eyes valid




Timing it indeed

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Today is the day...


After nine years, three months and one day of playing, I finally get my 4th CB gold. :) Thank you, @TJ09, for implementing the market.

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Idk where this should go, but I'm highly amused :lol: 




Man, that's dedication! 



*declines* XD :P 

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On 1/7/2019 at 3:07 PM, FlyingDragona said:




I'm super happy they didn't reject, but I'm a tad confused how they made a Gaia, haha. I don't understand Xeno breeding all that much.

they did it again







More Xeno shenanigans. I know that since my Floret is from the Alpine, an Astrapi was bound to happen eventually, but this pair certainly makes interesting children (love that random purple Floret). I love how an Astrapi from this pair makes it look like their colors were combined in that one egg.

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Egg rainbow on my scroll after I sorted them :o

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The Gold-horned Tangar doesn't seem very impressed by the flaming shenanigans of the Arcana.




"Hey hey HEY check this out!"

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I once found this egg in the AP. (I couldn't use it, but it's long grown up now, so...)


That code sure says it all. :D 

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i do wonder what they're talking about..

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I like how they look toghether when breeding :wub:



It's a point of view if they're cheering about giving an egg or shocked about losing it to the AP XD

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These two didn't end up giving me an egg, but I like the pairing. Seeing the two together like that is sweet, the Arsani is giving her heart to the Tsunami.





22 hours ago, rinoa26 said:

I like how they look toghether when breeding :wub:


The Khusa definitely looks excited to be with her mate!

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Too bad my scroll is full... I could probably turn my trading page into a waiting room for Heartseeker hatchies waiting to be adopted. :lol:





Edit: working on it... :P






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