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Hatchie didn't gender right? Trade them here

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Here is a thread where we can exchange dragons for the genders we are needing.


Please only ask for the same dragon as the one you are offering, you can use the other trade threads to look for other breeds.


Please edit your post to show when the trade has been completed or the hatchie is no longer available.


Please include a trade link or link to contact you in your post.


Please note if there is any inbreeding as some people have a preference.



No chat or offering in thread use teleport links/PM


edit by rubyshoes:


Thread will allow trading for the different colors of nebulas as well as for the day/night glories and sunset/sunrise.


Changing rules to also allow gemshard trading for colors/genders. As long as it is gemshard for gemshard it should be fine to trade it here.

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Trading/Gifting Subforum, Rules and Guidelines.


    When posting your trades, do not use view links. Posting view links (direct egg links) is considered eggspam, you will receive a warn. Please only use lineage links on the forum.

http://dragcave.net/lineage/code here

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Posted (edited)

This CB Rift hatchie precogs MALE and I want to swap for a CB Rift FEMALE hatch. If yours is not gendered, please be willing to provide proof of precog; thanks! Likewise, I am happy to provide precog proof; please PM me. I am keeping a close watch on this trade as I want a quick swap.


Swap my precog CB Male Rift hatchling for a CB FEMALE Rift hatch!


PROOF of precog attached. “Peered into hjQ5V’s (MALE) future”


Traded; thank you ^_^




Edited by missy_
Trade completed

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Posted (edited)

Have: Male Avea Hachie


Want: Female Avea Hatchie


Trade here~



Edited by Zilverwing
Trade completed

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Posted (edited)

Need a female CB Xenowyrm (Pyro) or egg I can influence

need another gender swap last one grew up male …..  new link for it Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



Edited by Merenwen

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Traded. Thanks!


M Coral Pygmy hatchie from second day of release. 



F Coral Pygmy hatchie from second day of release





Edited by wbmorgan

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Hiya! I have two Kyanites, both CB, both female. Guess what I need (so facepalming right now)? Yep, I need a male for each, please and thank you


Kyanite #1


Kyanite #2


Thanks muchly in advance!

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