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Eragon (semi-lit)

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We need people to play characters from the books too!

Also more dragon spots open!

Added a grammar and posting guide for people who have trouble meeting the standards.


Fifteen years before the Varden captured the city of Feinster, across the sea where the elves originally came from, an elven dictator had taken over, and was forcing a mother to give up her newborn child.


She lay her child into a basket woven out of yew branches and put many protective wards over him, including one that would guide him to the closest civilization. Before she pushed him out to sea, she changed his appearance to make him look human.


After two days of drifting in the sea, the basket landed on the shores of a kingdom called Falador. This child was found by a local family and taken in. They named this child Nicholas.


Nicholas grew up living a normal life-- except for a few things; for example, he could smell and see things other people didn't notice and other little things like that, although he payed little attention to it. Nick had seemed to glow with some unknown power, he was made fun of because he was different and often spent his time in a nearby forest. He spent most of his time in the forest because it was peaceful there, away from mean children. Nick felt out of place, like un-human, but he didn't believe it, even though he had slightly more pointed ears. He was actually an elf, but he, nor anyone else knew it. Nick had no idea what elves were, they were only myths in Falador.


One day while he was exploring, he found some old ruins with what looked like faded egg shells, they were beautiful colors. He ventured farther into the ruins and found what looked like a hatchery. It was hard to tell because of all the overgrowth and rubble, but he saw cracked egg shells faded with age, and what looked like old nests. He dug around in the rubble and found a single green egg, which he took home and told no one about. Three weeks after he found the egg Nick heard a peeping noise from the egg, which he kept in his bag and it felt like it was shaking. He opened his bag curiously and peered in, he saw the egg shaking and took it out, putting it in his lap. Nick gazed at the egg for a few painstakingly long seconds, until finally the egg delicately shattered into pieces and caused him to jump back. On the grassy ground sat a jade-colored dragon hatchling, dazed. Bright, emerald eyes glimmering, it gazed up at the sentient being over it. Nick shakily extended his right hand, afraid of the vividly green little dragon. The dragon craned its neck, sniffing Nick's hand. It touched the tip of its nose to Nick's palm and his vision flickered and pain shot up his arm. He quickly blacked out.


Now let us fast forward through time, 6 months before the attack on Feinster, Nick has named his dragon Rein and the two of them have been sent on a trip across the ocean by the king of Falador, in an attempt to expand the kingdom. The kingdom of Falador has no knowledge of Galbatorix, and thinks of the land across the sea is uninhabited.After six months of traveling by sea, with a fleet of ships, they landed on the borders of Surda and small search party's have been sent out. A settlement has been found (The Varden) so Nick and Rein have been sent to explore. They stop for and make camp for the day, 20 miles from the Varden.



There will be six eggs, three in Falador, two scattered throughout the Empire, forest, old rider outpost, ETC, and of course the one that Galbatorix has. I will take applications for major characters, such as Galbatorix, Nasuada, Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Thorn. you get the point don't you? The point is to stop and defeat Galbatorix. This RP will not work without bad guys and non-riders too. Riders CAN be paired up with eggs/dragons controlled by other people. Also in case you didn't know, we are starting off right at the end of the third book.



  • No god modding
  • No power playing
  • No killing other players without permission
  • No less then 4 lines per post, I understand writers block, but please try.
  • No major time skipping
  • No double posting, it waste space.
  • PM all Character sheets to Dragonhatchling and put ninja.gif In your Character sheet somewhere so I know you read the rules if you don't you will NOT be accepted
  • Your post have to make sense, for example, you can't be somewhere and then magically appear miles away
  • Use some form of OOC when talking about stuff out of role playing example: ((Random words here))
  • No spam of any kind
  • I reserve the right to add/edit/remove any rules
Character sheets!







Appearance:(At least two paragraphs)


Bio:(At least two paragraphs)

Preferred weapon:(Sword, magic, bow axe ETC.)

Magic user:(Yes or no, if yes tell how you learned about and how to use magic)

Side:(Empire or Varden)

Other:(Stuff I forgot)








Appearance:(At least two paragraphs)


Bio: (At least two paragraphs)

Weapon of choice: (Axe, sword, mace, magic, ETC)

Magic user: (Yes or no, if yes tell how you learned about and how to use magic)

Do you support the Varden: (Yes or No, please give your reasons)

Other:(Stuff I forgot)








Appearance: (At least two paragraphs)


Bio: (At least two paragraphs)

Other:(Stuff that I forgot)


Shade form(Only one shade at a time)


User name:




Appearance:(At least two paragraphs)


Bio:(At least two paragraphs)

Magic attacks:

Other:(Stuff I forgot)







Personality:(After you hatch)






Summary of the three Eragon books


Eragon lives with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran on a farm on the outskirts of a small village called Carvahall. While hunting in the Spine, a large range of mountains, Eragon is surprised to see a polished blue stone appear in front of him. A few days later, Eragon witnesses a baby dragon hatch from the "stone", and realizes that it is in actuality, a dragon egg. Eragon names the dragon Saphira. He raises the dragon in secret until two of King Galbatorix's servants, the Ra'zac, come to Carvahall looking for the egg. Eragon and Saphira manage to escape by hiding in the forest, but Garrow is fatally wounded and the house and farm are burned down by the Ra'zac. Once Garrow dies, Eragon is left with no reason to stay in Carvahall, so he goes after the Ra'zac, seeking vengeance for the destruction of his home and his uncle's death. He is accompanied by Brom, an elderly story-teller, who insists on helping him and Saphira.

Eragon becomes a Dragon Rider through his bond with Saphira. On the journey, Brom teaches Eragon sword fighting, magic, the Ancient Language, and the ways of the Dragon Riders. Their travels bring them to Teirm, from where they are able to track the Ra'zac to the southern city of Dras-Leona. Once in Dras-Leona, they manage to infiltrate the city, but Eragon later encounters the Ra'zac in a cathedral in the city, and is forced to flee. Though Brom and Eragon manage to escape, their camp is ambushed later that night. A stranger named Murtagh rescues them, but Brom is gravely injured and dies shortly after.

Murtagh becomes Eragon's new companion. They travel to the city Gil'ead to find information on how to find the Varden, a group of rebels who want to see the downfall of Galbatorix. While stopping near Gil'ead, Eragon is captured and imprisoned in the same jail that holds a woman he has been receiving dreams about. When he breaks out of his cell, he discovers that she is an Elf. Murtagh and Saphira stage a rescue, and Eragon escapes with the unconscious Elf. During the escape, Eragon and Murtagh battle with a Shade – a sorcerer possessed by evil spirits – named Durza. Murtagh shoots Durza between the eyes with an arrow, and the shade disappears in a cloud of mist.

After escaping, Eragon contacts the unconscious Elf telepathically, and discovers that her name is Arya. She tells them that she was poisoned while in captivity, and that only a potion in possession of the Varden can cure her. Arya is able to give directions to the exact location of the Varden; a city called Tronjhiem, which sits in the mountain Farthen Dûr. The group go in search of the Varden, both to save Arya's life and to escape Galbatorix's wrath. When they arrive in Farthen Dûr, Eragon is led to the leader of the Varden, Ajihad. Ajihad tells him that Durza was not destroyed by Murtagh's well placed arrow, because the only way to kill a Shade is with a stab to the heart.

Eragon is at last able to rest, but a new invasion is imminent. As the battle begins, the Varden and the Dwarves are pitted against an enormous army of Urgals, deployed by Durza and Galbatorix. During the battle, Eragon faces Durza again. Durza is about to capture Eragon, having wounded him gravely on his back, when Saphira and Arya create a distraction, diverting Durza's attention long enough for Eragon to stab him in the heart. After Durza's death, the Urgals are released from a spell which had been placed on them, and begin to fight among themselves. The Varden take advantage of this opportunity to make a counter-attack. During Eragon's unconsciousness, a stranger contacts him through his mind and tells Eragon to come to him for training in the land of the elves.



The first events in this book are the attack on Ajihad's life, his death and funeral, the disappearance of Murtagh and The Twins, - two magicians of the Varden — who are captured by Urgals and assumed dead, and the election of a new leader of the Varden - Nasuada, Ajihad's daughter, to whom Eragon swears fealty following some internal politics among the Varden's Council of Elders.

Meanwhile, in Carvahall, Roran is being pursued by Galbatorix, the tyrant king of The Empire, who has sent the Ra'zac and a unit of soldiers to capture him and thus lure Eragon out. After repelling many attacks, the town manages to drive the army away, but Katrina, Roran's fiancée, is captured by the Ra'zac, due to the betrayal of Sloan. They decide to leave Carvahall and travel to Surda. Roran earns the name "Stronghammer" because he defended Carvahall with a hammer given to him by Horst.

By that time, Eragon has decided to go to Du Weldenvarden to pursue his training. After some adventures on the way, Eragon arrives at his destination and meets Islanzadí, the Elven Queen. It is revealed that Arya is Islanzadí's daughter. Eragon is introduced to another Dragon Rider, Oromis; the Mourning Sage or Osthato Chetowa: The Cripple Who Is Whole, Togira Ikonoka; who shielded Eragon in the first book. Eragon and Saphira begin their training with Oromis and his dragon Glaedr. Oromis and Glaedr escaped from Galbatorix, though with injuries: one of Glaedr's forelegs was cut off, and Oromis suffers from an incurable disease, leaving him vulnerable to sudden seizures. However, Galbatorix was as yet unaware that a Dragon Rider had survived the Fall. Eragon learns how to read and fluently speak the Ancient Language, as well to use various magic skills. While Eragon's feelings for Arya increase, he continues to train under Oromis and suffers repeated bouts of pain from the scar on his back that Durza, the Shade gave him. Nevertheless, he and Saphira grow steadily more powerful, but he is held back immensely by the pain from his scar.

Nasuada has made a momentous decision and moved the Varden to Surda. Here, she learns that the blessing Eragon bestowed on the child in Eragon was worded wrongly due to his lack of basic knowledge of the Ancient Language at the time, becoming a curse of sorts. Eragon too is horrified when he hears of this, and promises to try and nullify it. In the meantime the girl, Elva, serves as a sort of bodyguard to Nasuada against Galbatorix's network of spies and assassins, the Black Hand, who are discovered in Surda.

On a traditional Elvish celebration day of the pact with the dragons, called the Blood-Oath Celebration, or the Agaetí Blödhren in the Ancient Language, Eragon is healed of his wound and, as an unprecedented gift from the dragons, gains elvish qualities that greatly enhance his strength and agility.

Because Nasuada moved the Varden, the threat of war with Galbatorix seems imminent. Upon hearing of this, Eragon immediately leaves for the battle in Surda and finds the situation poised on the edge of battle. The armies of the Varden, together with the army of Surda, camp on a plain opposite the vast armies of Galbatorix. Meanwhile, Roran and his men take command of a ship of the Empire — with the help of Jeod - the Dragon Wing, and arrive in time in Surda.

The battle begins, and Eragon and Saphira are able to repel the opposing armies for some time with his new training, but the tide soon turns. During the fighting, Roran arrives at Surda, and his group of villagers join the Varden in the battle. Then, with the appearance of the Dwarves from the east, the situation changes again; until an unknown Dragon Rider with his red dragon appear and kill Hrothgar, the Dwarf king. Also at the same time, the magicians of the Varden feel the presence of two new, powerful spell casters arrive on the battle-field and recognize them as the Twins, thought dead. The Twins systematically start killing off the Varden's group of magicians and sorcerers.

Eragon faces off with the unknown Rider in both aerial and ground fights and ultimately unmasks his opponent, revealing Murtagh. Murtagh tells Eragon that the Twins had betrayed the Varden and taken him to Galbatorix. Galbatorix made Murtagh and Thorn, his red Dragon, swear fealty in the Ancient Language. Galbatorix knows the true names of both Murtagh and his dragon, and thus is able to control them. Thorn finally hatching to Murtagh implies that one of the two remaining dragon eggs in existence has finally hatched, which was eagerly awaited by Galbatorix for a long time. Murtagh also reveals that Galbatorix is working to resurrect the race of the Dragons by capturing Saphira and having her mate with one of the two remaining dragons; Thorn or the other Dragon, which was still lying dormant in its egg, held by Galbatorix. Murtagh says that Saphira holds the key to a new era, because she is the only female dragon left in existence. He and Thorn prove to be more powerful than the battle-weary Eragon and Saphira. Murtagh displays great and terrible strength, using spells that would have killed a normal human. Meanwhile, the Twins are slain by Roran. Finally, Murtagh decides to have mercy on Eragon and Saphira, on account of their old friendship; but before leaving them, he reveals that Eragon was the younger son of Morzan and Selena (the Black hand), and that therefore Murtagh is Eragon's elder brother. Murtagh takes Zar'roc, Eragon's sword, saying it should rightfully have been his, as he is the eldest son of Morzan. After Murtagh and Thorn leave, Eragon decides that even though Morzan may be his biological parent, Garrow was his father and Roran is more of a brother than Murtagh. In the meantime, Galbatorix's army is forced to retreat after the arrival of the Dwarves, the death of the Twins, and the departure of Murtagh and Thorn. In the end, Eragon and Roran reunite and decide that they will seek out Katrina together.



Eragon, Roran, and Saphira rescue Roran's betrothed, Katrina, who is held prisoner at Helgrind, the dwelling place of the Ra'zac. Eragon also finds Sloan, Katrina's imprisoned father and a traitor to Carvahall. While Saphira, Roran and Katrina return to the Varden, Eragon slays the remaining Ra'zac. Using Sloan's true name (which he discovers by accident), Eragon commands him to travel towards the Elves' domain before returning to the Varden himself. Meanwhile, Arya finds Eragon in a town named Eastcroft, and together, they return to the Varden. At the Varden's camp, Eragon attempts to reverse the curse he accidentally set upon Elva but after a failed first try Elva says that she doesn't want the curse to be entirely removed after she discovers she can ignore it, later saying that next time she and Eragon met they would not be a friend or a foe, but she keeps her loyalty to Saphira. Eragon proceeds to repays small debts, and settles other minor affairs.

A small force of specially enchanted troops who feel no pain, along with Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn, attack the Varden shortly after Eragon's return, but Elven spell-casters, sent by the Elven queen, Islanzadí, aid Eragon and Saphira and force Murtagh to flee. After the fight, Roran marries Katrina. Nasuada then orders Eragon to attend the election of the new dwarf king, insisting Saphira stay behind. Among the dwarves, Eragon is reunited with Orik, who is now the chief of his clan, Dûrgrimst Ingeitum. An unsuccessful attempt to kill Eragon is found to be the work of the clan Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, whom Orik forces into exile after a successful investigation. Having won the trust of the dwarves, Orik is elected the new dwarf king. At Orik's coronation, Saphira mends Isidar Mithrim, which Arya had shattered while rescuing Eragon from Durza.

Eragon and Saphira then decide to return to Ellesméra to continue their training. There, Oromis and Glaedr reveal that Eragon's deceased mentor, Brom, is Eragon's father. Glaedr also reveals the source of king Galbatorix's power: Galbatorix controls hundreds of Eldunarí, or dragon heart of hearts, which preserve a dragon's consciousnesses after death, until destroyed. Though a dragon cannot physically exist through its Eldunarí, a dragon can still channel its energy into the bearer of the heart, and also impart its knowledge and wisdom. Galbatorix spent years penetrating these dragons' consciousness through their Eldunarí, and succeeded in forcing a number of them to channel their energy into him. Eragon then visits an Elven blacksmith, Rhunön, who helps forge Eragon a new sword using the substance brightsteel found under the Menoa Tree. Eragon names the blue sword Brisingr. Before Eragon and Saphira set off to return to the Varden, Oromis says that the time has come to openly oppose Galbatorix alongside Islanzadí. Glaedr decides to give his Eldunarí to Eragon and Saphira before they part.

Meanwhile, after marrying Katrina, Roran is sent on various missions as part of the Varden's military. One of his targets, a convoy of the empire's supply wagons, is guarded by soldiers who feel no pain, and Roran's unit suffers extreme casualties. Only nine return to the Varden, and the commander is replaced after losing his hand. Later, on a mission to take back a Surdan city, the new commander's plan almost fails the operation, but Roran takes over and gives new orders. Despite saving the mission, and killing one hundred and ninety-three men on his own, Roran is charged with insubordination, and is relieved of his duties. When they arrive back at the Varden, Nasuada orders that Roran be whipped for his insubordination. After the whipping, she promotes Roran to commander and sends him on another mission. Roran leaves in command of a group of both men and Urgals, to assure the Urgals of their alliance. The raid goes perfectly but an Urgal challenges Roran to an unarmed wrestle for leadership. Roran is wounded due to his freshly whipped back, but wins anyway, winning the respect of the Urgals. When his squad returns to the Varden, they join the siege of Feinster.

During this siege, Eragon and Saphira return to the Varden. Eragon and Arya find the leader of the city, Lady Lorana, but discover that her three magicians are attempting to create a Shade. While racing to kill the magicians, Eragon passes out and Glaedr's Eldunarí shows Oromis and Murtagh fighting near the city of Gil'ead. Galbatorix takes control of Murtagh, and Oromis suffers a seizure, which kills him. Glaedr wounds Thorn, but is killed due to being distraught over Oromis' death. Eragon regains consciousness just as the Shade rises, whom he and Arya then kill. Nasuada then tells Eragon that the Varden plan to march to Belatona, then to Dras-Leona, and finally to Urû'baen, where they plan to kill Galbatorix.


((Summary's from wikipedia))

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((Why be bumping every ten minutes?

It's dramatically improved though. It's a decent semi-lit.


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The Ancient language!


äf-: gives words a malignant connotation. For example, "taka" (give) becomes äftaka (steal).

eld-: changes verbs into nouns of action. For example, "jierda" (break) becomes "eld jierda" (breaker).



-ar: pluralises nouns ending on consonants. If the noun already ends with "r", place an "a" before it. For example, "draumr" (dream) becomes "draumar" (dreams). However, if the noun already has a vowel before the "r", the suffix "-ya" is used. For example, "edur" (tor) becomes "edya" (tors).

-í: changes verbs ending with any letter (except for "i" and "r") to past tense. For example, "haina" (harm) becomes "hainaí" (harmed).

-o: forms the past tense of verbs ending with "i" and "r". For example, "skölir" (shield) becomes "sköliro" (shielded)

-r: gives nouns a masculine connotation. For example, "älf" (elf) becomes "älfr" (male elf), which is also he in the Ancient Language.

-s: makes nouns possessive. For example, "könungr" (king) becomes "könungrs" (king's).

-sja: adds "-looking" to the end of adjectives. For example, "ramr" (strong) becomes "ramrsja" (strong-looking).

-ya: pluralises nouns ending on vowels. It also replaces the last vowel. For example, "agaetí" (celebration) becomes "agaetya" (celebrations). If the "-ya" interferes with the word's pronunciation, the vowel it would normally replace isn't removed. The vowels "a" and "i" are usually changed to "e". For example, "celöbra" (honor) becomes "celöbreya" (honours).


Articles, Conjunctions, Auxiliary Verbs, Prepositions

a: aí

am: eddyr

and: un

are: eru

backward: aptr

be: waíse

did: achí

do: ach

does: ach (the same as "do", see 4. above)

for: wiol

forward: fram

from: fra

in: unin

is: er

let: atra

may: sé

not: néiat

of: abr

that: sem

the: du

this: thornessa

to: eom

was: ero

were: erní

will: weohnata

with: un (the same as "and")



I: eka

he: älfr

me: eka (the same as "I")

my (formal): pömnuria

my (informal): iet

she: älfrinn

their: theirra

they: therr

those: thorna

us: nosu

you: ono

your: onr



air: vindr

arrow: oro

bat: lethrblaka

bird: fethrblaka

blanket: nagz

blood: blödh

bond of trust: yawë

brow: brun

calves: kalfya

celebration: agaetí

city: dras

cripple: togira

day: dag

death: anglát, freohr

dominance: domia

dragon: skulblaka

Dragon Rider: Shur'tugal

dream: draumr

dwarves: dvergar

ears: eyreya

earth: deloi

elf: älf

elf-kind: älfakyn

family: breoal

fate: wyrda

feather: fethr

fire: brisingr, istalrí

fool's wisdom: orothrim

forest: welden

Forsworn: Wyrdfell

friend: fricai, vinr

gate: grind

good fortune: esterní

greetings: kvertha

hand: lam

happiness: ilian

heart: hjarta

hell: hel

honour: celöbra

king: könungr

knife: knífr

leaf: laufsbläd

leather: lethr

life: líf

light: garjzla

lip balm: nalgask

luck: guliä

magic: vanyalí

master: ebrithil

memory: manin

misery: zar'roc

misfortune: rauthr

mist: rakr

Morning Star: Aiedail

mortal: dauthleikr

mountains: fells

movement: sharjalví

oath: ren

palm: gedwëy

path: gata

peace: mor'ranr

picture created through magic: fairth

plains: völlar

purple-flowered plant: delois

sage: osthato

scale: skul

script: liduen

serpent: orúm

shadows: súndavar

shield: skölir

silver: arget

sorrow: baen

Spine, the: Carthungavë

stars: evarínya

stick: vöndr

stone: stenr

sword: sverd

thornapple: haldthin

thought: hugin

tor: edur

war: fyrn

warder: varden

water: adurna

witch: seithr

woman: koma


Verbs and Adjectives

bind: malthinae

blasted: nángoröth

bore (baby): burthr

break: jierda

bright: bjart

broad: böetk

burn: eldrvarya

catch: kodthr

change: moi

dull: gëuloth

empty: eyddr

find: finna

flap: blaka

follow: tauthr

go: gánga

hallowed: shelgr

halt: blöthr

harm: haina

heal: heill

hear: hóna

hold: huildr

ill: vandr

invoke: ethgri

lack: vanta

leave: eitha

live: lífa

marked: fodhr

mean: malabra

mourn: chetowä

need: vanta

oaken: ekar

poetic: kvaedhí

raise: reisa

reduce: brakka

release: losna

rest: stydja

rise: rïsa

rule: thelduin

run: hlaupa

sharp: hvass

shine: ignasia

silent: hljödhr

sing: gala

sleep: slytha

stare: kópa

stay: sitja

steal: äftaka

stop: letta

strong: ramr

take: taka

temper: tuatha

thank: elrun

thrust: thrysta

traverse: thverr

unconquerable: edoc'sil

under: undir

unite: gath

wander: vrangr

ward: vard

watch: varda

white: hvitr

whole: ikonoka


Grammar and posting guide!

This will show you how to turn your one liners into wonderful paragraphs. It can help with writers block if you use it right.


Step One//:

This is how it'll start out.


She walked down the street, looking at the man on the curb. "Hi," she shouted.


Step Two//:

Well, what the heck is this chick doing talking to strangers? Plus, what's her name?


Alexa walked down the street, looking at the man on the curb. This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hi," she shouted.


Step Three//:

Alright. So we know Alexa's name. But why's she going down the street?


Alexa walked down the street, it was normal she'd done this. Her father was left at home, ill and her mother was tending to Alexa's siblings. She turned to see a man sitting on the curb. This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hi," she said.


Step Four//:

Right. So how does Alexa feel about having to do something for her hard-working mother and ill father, and why? Oh-- and remember to use paragraph breaks.


Alexa walked down the street, it was normal she'd done this. Her father was left at home, ill and her mother was tending to Alexa's siblings. Alexa wasn't fond in doing things for her family, being the teenage girl she was. She felt the need to get out of the house, and her mother's nagging only pushed that further.


She turned to see a man sitting on the curb. This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hi," she said.


Step Five//:

Let's add some emotion in her greeting with this man.


Alexa walked down the street, it was normal she'd done this. Her father was left at home, ill and her mother was tending to Alexa's siblings. Alexa wasn't fond in doing things for her family, being the teenage girl she was. She felt the need to get out of the house, and her mother's nagging only pushed that further.


She turned the corner to see a man sitting on the curb. This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hey," she shouted only halfheartedly. Alexa wasn't in the best of moods right now, and that was pretty obvious.


Step Six//:

So, what's the man's name, and how's he react? Plus, what's he look like? What's Alexa look like?


Alexa walked down the street, it was normal she'd done this. Her father was left at home, ill and her mother was tending to Alexa's siblings. Alexa wasn't fond in doing things for her family, being the teenage girl she was. She felt the need to get out of the house, and her mother's nagging only pushed that further.


She had tan skin painted on her, and across her face, the silky blue eyes watched the pacing feet below her dressed in black Nikes. The tan skin on her legs shined in the sun, as she was thankful that she was wearing short jeans to mid-thigh. The gray tang top helped quite a bit, too. Not too much clothing to make her beating herself in sweat.


A man dressed in ashen blue work jeans with holes at the knees sat at the curb, Alexa noticed as she turned. He was wearing a navy blue short-sleeved T-shirt and white Adidases half on his feet. As if he was trying to suck up air into them. This man went by Jordan.


This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hey," she shouted only halfheartedly. Alexa wasn't in the best of moods right now, and that was pretty obvious.


"Oh, hello Alex," Jordan gave her a welcoming smile. Alex just nodded and made her way to the store which her mother requested medicine for her father. Alexa didn't know that this wasn't going to be the every-day routine.


Step Seven//:

Aurgh. Cliff hangers! No! Even if you are expecting to break off the intro there, a cliff hanger isn't good for it. An explanation would be nice, something to have you interacting right away.


Alexa walked down the street, it was normal she'd done this. Her father was left at home, ill and her mother was tending to Alexa's siblings. Alexa wasn't fond in doing things for her family, being the teenage girl she was. She felt the need to get out of the house, and her mother's nagging only pushed that further.


She had tan skin painted on her, and across her face, the silky blue eyes watched the pacing feet below her dressed in black Nikes. The tan skin on her legs shined in the sun, as she was thankful that she was wearing short jeans to mid-thigh. The gray tang top helped quite a bit, too. Not too much clothing to make her beating herself in sweat.


A man dressed in ashen blue work jeans with holes at the knees sat at the curb, Alexa noticed as she turned. He was wearing a navy blue short-sleeved T-shirt and white Adidases half on his feet. As if he was trying to suck up air into them. This man went by Jordan.


This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hey," she shouted only halfheartedly. Alexa wasn't in the best of moods right now, and that was pretty obvious.


"Oh, hello Alex," Jordan gave her a welcoming smile. Alex just nodded and made her way to the store which her mother requested medicine for her father. Alexa didn't know that this wasn't going to be the every-day routine. Today, she'd meet somebody new. Whether it be on the road, or at the store. Her clumsiness would have her running into somebody real quick.


Step Eight//:

So... what happens after that?


Alexa walked down the street, it was normal she'd done this. Her father was left at home, ill and her mother was tending to Alexa's siblings. Alexa wasn't fond in doing things for her family, being the teenage girl she was. She felt the need to get out of the house, and her mother's nagging only pushed that further.


She had tan skin painted on her, and across her face, the silky blue eyes watched the pacing feet below her dressed in black Nikes. The tan skin on her legs shined in the sun, as she was thankful that she was wearing short jeans to mid-thigh. The gray tang top helped quite a bit, too. Not too much clothing to make her beating herself in sweat.


A man dressed in ashen blue work jeans with holes at the knees sat at the curb, Alexa noticed as she turned. He was wearing a navy blue short-sleeved T-shirt and white Adidases half on his feet. As if he was trying to suck up air into them. This man went by Jordan.


This man just happened to be one of the well known neighbors. It was normal that Alexa would say something to him, as she had, "Hey," she shouted only halfheartedly. Alexa wasn't in the best of moods right now, and that was pretty obvious.


"Oh, hello Alex," Jordan gave her a welcoming smile. Alex just nodded and made her way to the store which her mother requested medicine for her father. Alexa didn't know that this wasn't going to be the every-day routine. Today, she'd meet somebody new. Whether it be on the road, or at the store. Her clumsiness would have her running into somebody real quick.


She was sprinting now, rushing to the store as she'd found herself on the ground without looking. Sad thing was she was pretty close to the store, too; she didn't want to waste her time but running into a person wasn't help at all.


"Oh, I'm sorry, let me help you up."


She extended her arm out to the other, frowning slightly as she didn't bother catching what he'd looked like.


Step Nine//:

You're finished!



The dialogue is how a character speaks. Some people don't quite understand this. Usually, it gets a paragraph to its self. The dialogue is separated in quotations. (("words.")). The usual way to end dialogue is with the punctuation of the tone of however it's being spoken. With an exclamation mark (!), question mark (?), or period (.).

Incorrect||: "I can't stand the sting in my arm."

Correct||: "I can't stand the sting in my arm,"


Incorrect||: "I can't stand the sting in my arm." she complained.

Incorrect||: "I can't stand the sting in my arm," She complained.

Correct||: "I can't stand the sting in my arm," she complained.


It's the same if the "she/he said" comes before the dialogue:


Incorrect||: She complained "It'll be a pain to use it."

Incorrect||: She complained, "It'll be a pain to use it."

Correct||: She complained, "It'll be a pain to use it,"


The dialogue can work the same if an action comes between it. The only difference is, is that when the sentence continues the first word isn't capitalized due to it being the same sentence.



Incorrect||: "Well, I guess I can try," she whined, "But it'll be hard."

Incorrect||: "Well, I guess I can try." she whined, "but it'll be hard."

Correct||: "Well, I guess I can try," she whined, "but it'll be hard."


The comma thing can be ignored if something is used other than a comma. Like an exclamation mark, or question mark. If "he/she said" is following the sentence, use the comma. It's a permanent thing.


Incorrect||: "Damn it," he shouted.

Correct||: "Damn it!" he shouted.


Correct||: He yelled "This keeps happening to me!"

Correct||: He yelled, "This keeps happening to me!"


Incorrect||: "So," he started, "Do you think he'll say okay?"

Correct||: "So," he started, "do you think he'll say okay?"




Run-on Sentences//:

Only two sentences can be connected, and that's with certain words. Those are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so. A semicolon can combine sentences. As for a group of words, they do not count as run-on sentences.


Incorrect||: "He looked to the side, and she had left so it was time to go."

Correct||: "He looked to the side; she had left, so it was time to go."

Correct||: "He looked to the side, and she had left; therefor it was time to go."



This is a word that sounds the same as another word, although it's spelled differently and most of the time has a different definition to it. These often cause people to make mistakes, and screw up what you're writing to make the sentence difficult to comprehend.


--Effect and Affect||:

Effect// Result: a change or changed state occurring as a direct result of action by somebody or something else.

Affect// An influence somebody or something: to act upon or have an effect on somebody or something.


Your and You're||:

Your// Belonging to person spoken to: refers to something that belongs to or relates to the person who is being spoken to.

You're// You are. It's the combination of the two words. Like isn't is 'is not'.


There, They're, and Their||:

There// In or to that place: used to indicate position in or motion toward a place relatively distant from the speaker.

They're// They are. Like you are is you're.

Their// Belonging to them: belonging to or relating to a specific group of people or things.


The list goes on, but those are just the select few that people mess up. Try looking into it in order to know you're talking about the right word.


Made by M ii n t y bubblez, from Gaia online


Edited by picknick10

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Accepted story characters!


Username: Cshoes

Name: Roran

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/File:Roran.jpg

Personality: Roran has incredible determination and fortitude. He is always willing to go to any lengths for the villagers and his love, often rushing into danger regardless of the risks to himself, and enduring the most intense hardships and ordeals( such as being whipped near to death) gladly and without complaint, so long as it advanced his goals. He entertained the thought of rebuilding his farm by hand to secure his future with Katrina, despite the huge amounts of work it would take. He is also a natural leader, making fiery speeches, convincing large groups of people to rally to his cause, and leading the people of Carvahall across the Spine itself and all the way to Surda to escape Galbatorix. He makes many controversial and often risky decisions, such as attacking Galbatorix's troops, stealing a ship, and going against the orders of his superiors in order to accomplish his goals.

Bio: He was born and raised in Carvahall by his father Garrow. His mother died when Roran was young and his only other relative was Eragon. He helped protect the village from razac and then took the majority of the village all the way to surda. He then fought in the battle of the burning plains.

After that he joined the varden. In his first mission he ended up fighting painless soldiers. The captian lost a hand. Roran was placed under the command of Edric, a fierce captain who always followed the plan exactly. In a battle against overwhelmin odds, roran lost only 10 warriors under his command and he killed 193 enemy soldiers by himself and rescued edric, but edric and the other captain lost over 150 warriors and would have lost more but some of them were with roran. The other captain died. For not following the plan roran was whipped. Then he was made a captain so nobody except Nasuda could tell him what to do. He was given a force of humans and urgals. After completing the mission succsefully, he was challenged for command by an urgal. He beat the urgal in a wrestling match with his bare hands.

Preferred weapon: Hammer

Magic user: Maybe. He wants eragon to teach him but nobody knows if he can use magic yet.

Side: Varden

Other:He is married to katrina and killed one of the razac.



Username: Cshoes

Name: Horst (Doesn't say his last name.)

Age: 41 (It doesn't say so i'm taking a guess.)

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/File:Horst.JPG

Personality: Horst is a kind and caring man, he is also hard working. He considered Sloan a troublemaker, and threatened Sloan once by telling him that it would be a bad idea not to sell to him. After Garrow's death he served as something of a father figure to Eragon and Roran. Horst considered it against his fiber to cheat a man out of honest work.

Bio: Horst helped eragon and roran many times. He made lots of weapons for the defenders of carvahall. He was like the head of the village till Roran took over defending from the ra'zac. He was in the battle of the burning plains, manning the ballista on the ship. He has two sons and his wife is expecting another child.

Preferred weapon: Spear

Magic user: No

Side: Varden

Other: Smith. Like all of carvahall, he hates the Ra'zac.




Username: woshiico0kie


Name: Arya Dröttningu


Age: 100+(although im guessing 131)


Gender: Female


Appearance: Arya Dröttningu


Personality: Arya was usually stoic and impassive, treating most people coldly and indifferently. Her span of tolerance was short, and she frequently became annoyed or impatient with Eragon. She also tended to be opinionated and outspoken, often arguing with the dwarves because of their difference in beliefs. Arya appears to hold traditional human gender roles in distaste. Most of the time, she keeps to herself and out of other people's company, appearing solitary, aloof, and withdrawn. After returning to the elves, she opens up more to Eragon, and becomes happier. Unlike the rest of her people, she was direct and practical in speech, rarely wasting breath with expressions or similes. Despite her solitary disposition, she was very dedicated to her people and cause, enduring endless tortures to keep the secrets of the elves out of the Empire's hands, and even willing to die for no reason other than to deny Galbatorix. She also seemed to feel a sense of duty in protecting or helping Eragon and Saphira at any opportunity. (selectively lifted from http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/Arya_Dr%C3%B6ttningu, if this is not fine, I will come up with another form for you smile.gif)


Bio: Arya's family was one of the several royal houses in Ellesméra. Arya's family, whose line possibly dated back to Queen Tarmunora, had been in power for many years. Tarmunora was succeeded by Dellanir, Arya's grandmother, implying that Tarmunora was of the same elven house. However, she could have handed the throne to another royal house. Dellanir ruled for centuries before voluntarily abdicating in favor of her son, Evandar. Evandar then became king and mated with an Elf princess, Islanzadí, who gave birth to Arya. Evandar died at the hands of either Galbatorix or one of the Forsworn most likely during the Rider War, and Islanzadí ruled after him. It is unclear how many family members Arya has apart from her mother; however, Arya has stated that she has no brothers or sisters. The only other member of the same House mentioned, and that only in passing, was named Niduen. Niduen sent a gift to Eragon when he arrived in Ellesméra, but it is uncertain what relation Niduen was to Arya. (entirely lifted from http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/Arya_Dr%C3%B6ttningu, under Family.)


Other: Arya was very highly trained in magic and swordplay. She was a master of the blade, and, as an elf, possessed speed and strength beyond that of any human.She also possessed a very advanced knowledge of magic, such as being able to summon the essence of silver. Arya was also very skilled in the use of telepathy. She was able to defend her mind and strike out with it even when unconscious and poisoned, and could even contact someone on the other side of Alagaësia. As an elf, Arya's senses were also very developed.(Again, selectively lifted from http://inheritance.wikia.com/wiki/Arya_Dr%C3%B6ttningu)


Username: Zmannn3191 Picknick10

Name: Eragon

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: He looks half-elf and half-human. He is fairer than any human, but rougher than any elf. He has sandy hair and is about middle hieght.

Personality: Calm like the elves, but gets very worried about his friends and family, angry when nobody gives him answers, and scared hen he thinks about battling murtagh and galbatorix

Bio: For years he lived with his uncle Garrow and his brother Roran. Roran went to another village to get a job. Garrow was killed and Brom ran off with Eragon to try to get to the varden. They were about halfway there when they are attacked. Brom died, but revealed he was a dragon rider. Murtagh joins Ersgon and they make it to the Varden. Eragon battles the shade Durza, killing him, but getting a huge, crippling scare on his back. He has to compete with waves of pain in his back to train. He goes to Elesmerra, the elf capital, and learns there is another rider. He is severly crippled and can only survive long enough to teach eragon. During a celebration that only comes every 100 years, Eragon is completely healed and given the strength and powers of an elf. He fights in the battle of the burning plains, finding out that there is a new rider working with Galbatorix. After a fierce battle, he finds out that it is Murtagh, who he thought was dead. Then he finds out that his dad was Morzan and his brother was Murtagh. He kills the ra'zac with rorans help. He makes a new sword and finds out who his father really is. It is Brom. He goes to the battle for fienster, and helps arya kill a shade. He then witnesses Glaedr and Oromis', the other rider and dragon, death through magic.

Preferred weapon: His sword Brisingr. He also has a bow and a quiver of arrows made by the elf queen. He uses magic when he needs to.

Magic user:Yes




White Wolf of the Snow









As Eragon's dragon, Saphira has a deep emotional bond with him, similar to a mother and her child. As a result, she supports him in almost everything he does. Her main goal is to keep Eragon safe, even stating herself that should Eragon be captured, she would go so far as to give herself up to Galbatorix, dooming Alagaesia, just to save Eragon. She is kind and caring, but extremely ferocious and formidable in any battle. Despite growing older and older, she is still young at heart, and loves to fly. A master of the skies, she is agile and quick as a rattlesnake, even quicker in the air. She has a strong mind link with Eragon, and will always do so.






Eragon, duh! xd.png



DIDJA HEAR?! Eragon now has a side-job as a ninja.gif!



Name:Murtagh Morzansson




Personality:Murtagh always has a calm, assured air, and speakes in emotionless and controlled tones. Murtagh's laugh and smile are very seldom seen, but when he actually does it is described as twisted or evil. Murtagh is very smart and does not allow people into his mind. He trust's very few people

Bio:Murtagh Morzansson, a male human who championed the cause of the Empire. He is the son of Morzan (the man who betrayed the Dragon Riders to Galbatorix and helped destroy them all) and Selena. (Morzan's Black Hand and the most feared of all the Empire's spies and assassins.) He is the elder of Selena's two children and the only one of whom who was born legitimately. Murtagh is also Eragon Shadeslayer's half-brother and Roran Stronghammer's first cousin. He is a fiercely loyal companion, and an accomplished swordsman. He wields Zar'roc, a yew bow, a dagger, a white horn with silver fittings, and a warhorse named Tornac, after his old swordsmanship tutor. One of King Galbatorix's Dragon eggs hatched for Murtagh and he named it Thorn.


In addition to being a Dragon Rider, the Empire's best magician, the Empire's general and champion, the only known son of a member of the Forsworn, the second most powerful person in Alagaësia, Murtagh was also a Kingslayer when he slayed the dwarf king in the Battle of the Burning Plains


Preferred weapon:Zar'roc

Magic user:Yes, From Galbatorix


Other:(Stuff I forgot)



Username: WaterGate

Name: Thorn

Gender: male

Personality: Though Seemingly Evilhearted and Cruel, he will protect Murtagh with his life.

Color: Red. His Eyes Blaze with an Inner Fire.

Rider: Murtagh

Other: Even though he was Sworn in by Galbatorix, he would Get around that somehow to protect his rider, Murtagh.



Username: Kokay

Name: Nasuada

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Nasuada has ebony skin. She has large, almond shaped, brown eyes. She has round cheekbones, and wide lips. She holds herself with pride and is a striking figure. Her dense, mosslike hair she has piled high on her head in an intricate mass of knots and braids.

Personality: Nasuada is forceful, brave, and as charismatic as her father Ajihad, and quick thinking. As a leader, Nasuada matures far beyond her seventeen years and established complete control over the Varden.

Bio: Nasuada is the daughter of Ajihad, and the leader of the rebel faction, the Varden. Nasuada and her father Ajihad both have ebony skin. Ajihad was born among the Wandering Tribes, however, his daughter Nasuada was not. After Eragon asks who Nasuada's mother is, the dwarf Orik tells him that no one knew the identity of Nasuada's mother - Ajihad merely showed up one day with her as a baby in his arms.

Preferred weapon: Sword

Magic user: No

Side: Varden

Other: Nothing




Accepted Eggs/Dragons!

Free dragon

Username: Mystic_Solara

Name: Wyrda

Gender: Female

Age: 25 (Young adult)

Personality: Wyrda is a brave and noble young dragon, whose biggest downfall is her impulsiveness. One of her two favourite words is freedom. The purple is proud of being a wild dragon, and would never allow anyone to climb over her back, though she respects those of her kind who were destined to be bonded to a rider, as their role as link between dragons, elves and humans was of vital importance. Shouldn't’t have they existed, and the two first races would have probably fought until one became extinct. The other word she likes is loyalty. Wyrda holds the strong belief that no one should be left behind, and wouldn’t hesitate in jumping into battle if any of her loved ones is in danger. The young dragon can be stubborn and grumpy [especially when she is hungry or asleep] and would almost never listen to advice or ask for help. On the good side, she is very wise for her age and is not afraid of making choices, that turning her into a natural leader.

Color: Bright purple, that turns paler under her belly, neck, wings and tail. She has two snowy white horns on her head, which match the spikes across the dragon’s back.

user posted image

Rider: None

Other: She has a silver chain around her neck, with a round diamond with the form of a curled purple dragon inside it as a pendant. What role it plays, or how did she got it, remains unknown.

Bio: Not much is known about Wyrda. It was almost like she came from nowhere, stating her hate to Galbatorix and desire to help the Varden and riders on their fight. The reasons for this? Well, she knows that there are more dragon eggs scattered through Alagaesia, and wants to make sure that they grow up and stay in the path of life.


But the truth is that, besides from that, she is coming from a distant country, the hiding place of those wild dragons who escaped from the evil king’s grip. She was sent to Alagaesia in a mission, and taken an oath so as not to reveal anything about her home unless it was of vital importance. Who sent her and what is the mission’s goal, alongside information about her family, or which is her status on the dragon society, are some of the many mysteries surrounding this dragoness






Personality:loving to her rider and a little funny when she gets drunk

Color: burnt orange





Username: 25937550

Name: Sior

Gender: Female

Personality: Sior has a dark view of the world. Finding everything bad or wrong in any situation. Some could and would call it being a pessimist or a depressed way of thinking. In truth though, it's not how she is. Only the ones close to her know that she can be a little to estatic on certain things or how she loves to be sarcastic and to laugh. Her anger will always be a problem, making her a little ruthless when she or her rider is in danger. Or even if she takes offense of what you say or do. Sior will always be faithful to her rider, or what she stands for.

Color: Ash gray with a blue tint. Under her neck, belly, wing membranes, and tail is an ebony color and in the right light, looks like liquid silver.

Rider: ...I need to find a rider

Other: Her eyes are like a mood ring. Whatever mood she's in reflects what color her eyes are. Even she doesn't know why.



Username: Windragonx


Gender: female

Race: dragon

Apperance: emerald green dragon, with deep peircing eyes.

Other: Tyraki's soon to be dragon. naturally an extremely fast flyer



Username: Monkeyboy225

Name: Korana

Gender: Male

Personality: He is interested in everything and and wants to look into everything. He always wants to ask questions on how something works or why something happens, he loves a good fight also and is normally always hungery no matter he has just eaten so he is always looking for something to eat.

Color: Snow White

Rider: Ash

Other: His scales look like they shine from a inner light.



Username: Sinder

Name: Ketu

Gender: Male


Personality:Ketu loves his rider and is very, very protective of her and will put his life in danger to save hers. He, once you get past the protective part of him, is very adventurous and loves to take long flights in the open. He also loves a challange such as in racing, play-fighting, and sky-battling. The adventurous part of him also opens his playful and caring mode, which not many other than his rider and other dragons can open, once you have opened this your his friend for life!


Color: Ketu is a Bright green dragon with firey red eyes. He has a pale green underbelly and under his neck. His claws and fangs of course are white.


Rider: Clara


Other: none



Username: Leodoug

Name: Pterax

Gender: Female

Personality:(After you hatch)- She is loving only to her rider. She is a great companion and will slaughter anyone who even tries to hurt Leo.

Color: A deep navy blue.

Rider: Leo Amnivotux

Other: She has almost black eyes, much like Leo's







Personality:Shy, Mysterious, very brave



Other: looks like this: http://i346.photobucket.com/albums/p411/st...323/faedrag.jpg



Username: Saphira BrightScales

Name: Arrow

Gender: Female

Personality: Like most dragons, Arrow is wise and curious about everything around her. She is patient and you can not easily temper her. If her rider forbidens anything, Arrow will follow and obey. Arrow is annoying sometimes by asking questions and following you often. She tries hard to learn about everything she can. The bond between her rider and herself are strong and it causes her to be protective. Although she is shy around other dragons and easily frightened.

Color: White

Rider: Tensi(?)

Other: Arrow is a great flyer and uses magic frequently but she is small for her age.


Username: Lilithachaos

Name: Kanya  (Means beautiful ebony)

Gender: Female

Personality:  Kanya is a dragon who will do anything her rider wishes her to do within reason.  At times she can be a little overprotective as she will see her rider as her own hatchling.  From this would steam her drive to always jump in the way of harm if it came to her rider having a chance to live.  Loving to all hatchlings and other animals, even if she does feed off them when the time is needed.  With other humans she will be a little stand-offish until she is sure her rider trusts them, but even then she will be watchful.

Color: Ebony- user posted image (Looks like that and no not that big.)

Rider: Clara (Played by Snider)

Other: Her egg is ebony that when hit with sunlight glints a dark purple.  The same will happen when she is hatched and this will never change with her age.  Her wingspan is a little larger than other females, but not much and her eye color is a light shade of purple.


Username: Darkshadow

Name: Zephyr

Gender: Male

Personality:(After you hatch) Zephyr is calm and quiet, and can only use his mind to speak, really having no need to growl or roar at all, finding it pointless. He of course will love his rider, as all dragons do, and Zephyr loves to fly, fly with the wind higher than the rest, and hates to be earthbound.

Color: Silver

Rider: ?

Other: Maybe another character can be the riders...?


Accepted other character sheets!






Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Nick is very fun and playful he loves games and is often bored. Although young he is very crafty and smart, even though he doesn't show it sometimes. He is a very good cook, and is a excellent in swordsmanship.

Bio: Fifteen years before the Varden captured captured the city of Feinster, across the sea where the elves originally came from an elven dictator had taken over, and was forcing a mother to give up her newborn child. She lay her child into a basket woven out of yew branches and puts many protective wards over him, including one that will guide him to the closest civilization. Before she pushed him out to sea, she changed his appearance to make him look human. After two days of drifting in the sea, the basket landing on the shores of a kingdom called Falador. This child was found by a local family and taken in. They named this child Nicholas.


Nicholas Grew up living a normal life, except for a few little things, he noticed that he was stronger, could jump higher see farther, and other things too, although he payed little attention too it. Nick had seemed to glow with some unknown power, he was made fun of because he was different and often spent his time in a nearby forest.


One day while he was exploring, he found an some old ruins with what looked like faded egg shells, they were beautiful colors. He ventured farther into the ruins and found what looked like a hatchery. He dug around in the rubble and found a single silver egg, which he took home and told no one about. Three weeks after he found the egg Nick heard a peeping noise from the egg, which he kept in his bag and it felt like it was shaking. He opened his bag curiously and peered in, he saw the egg shaking and took it out, putting it in his lap. Nick gazed at the egg for several minutes until the egg broke into little pieces and Nick jumped back, on the ground sat a dazed Silver dragon hatchling, who gazed up at Nick, its blue eyes glimmering. Nick shakily extended his right hand, afraid of the little silver dragon. The dragon craned its neck, sniffing Nick's hand. It touched the tip of its nose to Nicks palm and his vision flickered and pain shot up his arm. He quickly blacked out.

Other: user posted image




Username: chpuppylove3

Name: Avenfiel

Age: looks 15, actual age unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: Avenfiel has slightly darker skin than most elves. She has brown, slightly wavy hair and dark brown eyes. She is 5'6", slightly shorter than the average elf. Instead of graceful, her motions are more on the bouncy side. She has taken to wearing a loose, orange shirt with normal, cotton pants. (I don't know how to stretch this out)

Personality: She is very outgoing around people in general. Though elves tend to be more aloof, Avenfiel believes that people can be trusted, and acts accordingly. She has been called naive on numerous occasions, and has gotten used to it. She is very bouncy, fun, random, and any other synonyms you may think of.

Bio: Avenfiel was looked down upon by elves for being too accepting of humans and posing a possible threat to letting humans find her clan. She decided to live a nomadic lifestyle. She had been living like this for who knows how long when she found the ruins. The eggs had long hatched, except for a green one. Since no one seemed to live too close, she decided to make this spot her home. She still traveled widely, but made sure to visit this spot often. Once when she came back, she discovered that the green egg was gone. She searched for it until she tracked it to Nick's town. She then decided to make friends with the dragon's owner; he looked kind. She has met up with him a few times after that; he was her first friend, after all. When she heard of his new mission, she cheerfully challenged him to a race as to who would get to Falador first. She got a day's head start since Nick would be on Rein.

Other:If Avenfiel becomes a rider, I intend for her to wear a pandant made of the eggshell. Just because. Note the "if" at the beginning.



Name: Tyraki

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: elf with long brown hair, black cloak and hood, with an ornate bow and staff with switch out blade on his back, and sword on his belt

Personality: it depends on the circumstance

Bio:Tyraki's parents always said that he was destined for greatness, they taught him many things he did and did not understand. when the empire rose his parents were killed for concealing him, he has always been confused about what his parents said. after his parents were killed he was raised by his aunt who taught him advanced uses of plants for many different things. when his aunt was killed as well for concealing him he stopped seeking refuge with relatives as he thought he put them in danger. he has since been aimlessly wandering through du weldenvarden. he has only heard whispers of the Varden but supports their cause.

Other: extremely intelligent







Appearance:A tall 6 foot elf with moonlight hair .But with a streak of midnight blue in the front.her eyes are the color of the midnight blue the same as the streak of her hair. Her hands glow burnt orange when she does mage, she is a gifted sword user.her sword is is patterned with oak leaves and nuts. the hilt has a ebony stone in it to hold power. her pants and shirt match her sword with leaves and walnuts and will as acorns.

bio; Born in the time of galbatorix she has never knew anything but her forest home. Gayla is hopeful that she being a young elf that she will get to leave the forest and go to war. But when the elves leave she is told to stay.Gayla still wanting to be out there gos in to a never be four see of the old part of the forest and there she finds a burnt orange stone she has no clue what it is.

Personality:kind fun and a hint of but just a hint of a joker.

Other:weapons ;magic sword and bow



Username: Sp39

Name: Sir Owyn Xannar

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Appearance: A dwarf that is 3 feet and 8 inches. He has sandy copper colored hair, with a long beard slightly above his knees. He wears chain mail under his tunic. The tunic is red with a black hawk design in the middle. He also has steel grieves, gauntlets and a helmet. His flail is usually attached to his hip and his crossbow on his back.


Owyn wears his special charm no matter where he is. It has silver chain with an onyx oval. In the center of that oval is a ruby bird. All of his armor is lined in sliver. His face is withered and wrinkled. Most of his things have mud and/or blood dried in various parts.

Personality: Very weather sensitive, his mood depends on the weather. Rain/Storm-Grumpy and grim. Sunny-Cheerful and playful. Cloudy/Windy -Shows almost no emotion.

Bio: Owyn was born to a poor family. He always admired the king, he wanted to grow up like him. He was trained by his uncle to use a sword, this was due to his father’s death in the war. Owyn didn’t enjoy using a sword, its range of use was too short. He found a rusty flail in a river once. He was in the river fishing so his family wouldn’t have to buy food. He thought a flail fit him perfectly.


Shortly after his finding of the flail his uncle was murdered. A human had done the dirty work. Owyn now has a permanent grudge against the human race. He naturally dislikes elves, for a reason even he doesn’t know. Now he lives all alone in his small wooden shack in the middle of the forest. He currently works as a mercenary.

Weapon of choice: Rusty steel flail and an oak crossbow.

Magic user: No

Do you support the Varden: Yes, I want to get revenge on the ones that killed my king!


Username: Pierce

Name: Sceitakcia (Ceita)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Half human, half Ra'zac. Tall and thin frame, with very dark skin and short, wild black hair. Ra'zac-like body amour covers her hands, arms (to the elbow), legs (to just above the knee), and shoulders. She has an angular face, with sharp, chilling dark eyes. She wears simple, light garments, allowing room for movement, and often has on the dark cloak that most Ra'zac wear. The only other adornment she has is a Ra'zac bow and quiver, and a tribal Ra'zac tattoo(-ish thing) on her leg.

Personality: She has the sharp, instinctual attitude of the Raz'ac, but she has more in-depth, human emotions. She's fairly unpredictable.

Bio: Cieta showed up in front of Helgrind, with no memory or knowledge of where she came from. The young halfbreed lived and grew up with the Ra'zac, and they treated her like family. They taught her everything about fighting and combat, and Galbatorix remained ignorant of her existence. When Eragon and Roran raided Helgrind, the male Ra'zac told her to run, and stay away from both Varden and Empire.

Preferred weapon: Ra'zac bow.

Magic user: No, but like her Ra'zac counterparts, her mind is "invisible" to magicians.

Side: Rouge

Other: Nu-uh.



User name:Polos1993

Name: Ayleth

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: Ayleth has long brown hair, brown eyes with sapphire in them. She is 5'5 feet tall and she isn't that fat. She has a birth mark on her left leg. She wears a green dress with fake flowers at the bottom of her dress. She has pinch able checks that aren't round.


Personality: Ayleth loves to go in the woods out of site of every one. She doesn't like to be around groups at all. She can hit the tip of a dragon's tail with her bow and she loves to do that always loved to help others and will fight to the death if some one had hurt one of her friends.


Ayleth hates to see some one she loves to get killed in her sight. She would try to help anyone that needs it and she doesn't like when some one is mean to the other person.


Bio: Her sister was a killer and even tried to kill her at times. She did her best to stay clear of her sister for years and years. She fond a gold egg and she went to it and she wandered what it was and is soon hatched after a weak with the egg. She was so happy when the egg hatched.


As soon as the Hatch ling had touched her left hand she almost screamed her but off but she didn't or some one would hear her. She stayed their for the night and she wanders what the new day will bring.

Preferred weapon: bow and arrows

Magic user:no

Side:the Varden

Other:I think that is it.



Username: Dragonpelt

Name: Aisling or Ash

Age: looks to be around 20

Gender: female

Appearance: Has white shoulder-length hair and has blue eyes. She wears a teal top, teal leggings, a teal colored cloak, and

wears black knee-length boots. She is about 5'2" in height. She carries a bow and quiver of arrows across her back and carries daggers that are in sheathes underneath her sleeves to keep them concealed.

Personality: Sweet and kind but can somewhat be shy towards new people she first meets.

Bio: She's been traveling Ellesmera to Carvahall in hopes of meeting new people. Her dream is to become a rider and to make friends on the way or when she's training. She has no idea if she'll get an egg of her own but would like to come across one on her journey.

Other: Has a horse named Nimbus that she travels with.




User name: Dragonhatchling

Name: Draith

Age: unknown (looks about 20)

Gender: female

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: sinister with a short temper but can be nice at times

Bio: Draith before her "accident" was known as Layel and was a young sorcerer in training with her parents as teachers. Her parents taught her basic spells as practice and later on with much studying she soon learned the art of summoning spirits. Layel's parents died from a poisoning caused by a dear friend of her parents, Mark. Layel sought Mark out for revenge of orphaning her. He was found three years later in hiding. Layel gave him one chance to try and fix what he had done only to get a refusal. Blinded by anger Layel forgot what her parents had mentioned about the dangers of summoning spirits and summoned four to help kill Mark. Soon after the four spirits powers were too great for Layel to control and they took control of her after she was done with Mark, becoming the shade Draith.


Draith loyally served Galbatorix for lengthy amount of time often completing tasks others couldn't or didn't want to get done. Serving Galbatorix took its tole on Draith although it did have advantages. After another order to search for more potential riders she decided to leave. She wasn't actually bound to the king by her true name due to the fact he didn't have much time to find it at the current time he tried. Once freed of the Empire's closer borders Draith found a way to the Varden she'd heard some much about and tried her best to convince them to let her help. Things didn't go out so well and she left before anything worse happened. Draith later fought Murtagh who bested her in the fight and in exchange for her services he agreed to join forces with her. That ended up sending her back to Galbatorix.

Weapon: Sword ( http://i45.tinypic.com/72q9ht.jpg ) and a small knife

Magic User: yes

Side: Both Empire and Varden (will be explained later as this continues)

Other: very smart, good with a bow but prefers a sword or knife


Username: Sinder

Name: Clara

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance:(At least two paragraphs) Clara is 5foot 7 inches tall with excellent buildings, Strong arms, legs Ect. She has bright blue eyes with small flakes of gold in them so that they shine when in the sunlight. He body is a light tanned color and is almost completely flawless, escept for a long scar on her shoulder's running straight across her back.


Her normal outfit is a vanilla colored shirt that stays untucked, she wears light gray Khakis's that cut off a little below her knees. Around her neck she has a Green jewl that is said to bring her luck but she doesn't believe it she only wears it for looks. She wears brown boots that stop at her ankles. Last but not least on her arms are blue arm wraps that protect them from fire or other hazards.


Personality:She has a sweet personality. She is tender and very forgiving to others unless you hurt someone she cares for or mislead her trust. She hates fighting but will fight for what she believes.


Bio:(At least two paragraphs) Clara is a country girl born and raised on a farm. She is used to working and getting little for it and can go for days on little food, water, or shelter. Her parents however were lazy and did know work making her do almost everything.


She was abandoned when she was around 15 when her parents went off to war because they did nothing and the army was getting low. She had to learn how to live off the country, killing meat and living in trees. She never liked it but it was life and she soon adapted to living that way, she hates being inside, the world is her backyard as she sees it.



Preferred weapon:(Sword, magic, bow axe ETC.) Bow and arrows, and 4 daggers.


Magic user:(Yes or no, if yes tell how you learned about and how to use magic) Yes from Dragon


Side:(Empire or Varden) Varden


Other:(Stuff I forgot) Nothin




Username: Hollyleaf

Name: Tesni

Age: 16 (Looks like 16, but is actually around 70.)

Gender: Female

Appearance: (At least two paragraphs)

Has long, dark brown hair, so dark it's almost black. It's always kind of gleaming. Tesni is tall and slender, and her skin is a light brown. (Like she's tanned, literally.) She normally wears knee-high shorts, and a long, wispy shirt.


Tesni also seems to emit a faint glowing aura, that's pale silver. It strengthens others around her, and her when needed. She always carries two long hunting knives. They are dark silver, lined with a black obsidian web. The pommel is dark maple. Also has a dark diamond on it.

Personality: Secretive and kind, she is smart and wise, having studied for long time at Ellesmera when she was young. Tesni likes dragons, and has helped many Riders in need. Also sly, and cunning, filled with wit.

Bio: (At least two paragraphs)

Born in Ellesmera, she didn't know her parents. They were killed in a battle far away soon after she was born. Taken care by elf caretakers, she grew up to be smart and pretty, and was admired by many in Ellesmera. "So smart," They would whisper. "So beautiful!" Others would comment. "Perfect in every way," Yet more would murmur. Tesni wanted to get away.


So, she left Ellesmera, taking with her only bare essentials, and the one thing her parents had left her. A small, heart shaped necklace, made of crystals cut in facets that sparkled and danced in the light. After that, she used much magic in her travels, and became near master at the ancient language. (In reality, I don't know much of it! ^^) Eventually, she discovered the Riders. Even though no dragon chose her, she loved to help them. And so, she grew up among the Riders and has been helping them ever since.

Other:(Stuff that I forgot) N/A


Username: Leodoug

Name: Leo Amnivotux

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: (At least two paragraphs)- user posted image

Personality: He is outgoing and charming. He loves to flirt, but most girls find him weird. He is ferocious in battle and will kill all of his enemies to protect his friends.

Bio: (At least two paragraphs)- He lived with his parents his whole life in a small isolated village. He knew nothing of Galbatorix until his parents kicked him out after about 250 years of living with them. Leo then explored the world outside of the village only to find that it was not what he expected. He is now close to finding his dragon egg, though he does not know it.

Other:(Stuff that I forgot)-








Appearance:shoulder-length red hair, with copper and gold hues mixed in, long flowing, black dress with long sleeves, black gloves, leather shoes and sapphire eyes

Personality:you shall find out as you RP with me.

Bio:will fill out later

Preferred weapon:Bow, Magic

Magic user:yes, learned it from her mother, as she was a adept magic user




Username: XiziX


Name: Avantasia


Age: 21


Gender: Female


Race: Human


Job: Cryptologist / Messenger


• A cryptologist is a decoder skilled in the analysis of codes and cryptograms.

• Cryptology is the practice and study of hiding information. -- Concerned solely with message confidentiality (Ex: Encryption) -- conversion of messages from a comprehensible form into an incomprehensible one, and back again at the other end, rendering it unreadable by interceptors or eavesdroppers without secret knowledge (namely, the key needed for decryption of that message).

• Ava is also very educated on Lore and the creatures/plants that live throughout the land. This gives her a good head start when it comes to running into something many people don't see too often. Ex: Sirens, Kelpies, Drakes, etc.

• Being a messenger and master of the language arts, she can speak in a couple different languages as well as write in them.


Appearance Description:


• Height: 5' 7"

• Weight: 132lbs.


Ava has a very slender, yet athletic build. A solid muscle structure shows the woman's body to be healthy and sturdy, built for running and having complete control over her physical abilities and movements. Tan skin adds an overall healthy glow that compliments eye, hair and clothing color. Avantasia's eyes are a light brown, almost golden in color, which show up even lighter against the black colored powder makeup rings that circle around them, curving up towards the corners to give the woman's face a more elegant and exotic look. Ava has rather smooth and well toned features, adding to her overall attractiveness that seems to get the attention of both male and female alike. Thin, clean eyebrows bend in smooth arches above each eye, accenting the already angled appearance the makeup had created. Such features give Avantasia an intimidating yet piercing gaze that seems to have so much to say and ask, yet remains silent... Dark shoulder-length brown hair is kept up in a clip just behind her head. The few loose strands that hang by her face bring out just how light in color her eyes truly are. Some of the layered strands of hair that hang from the back of the clip are woven with feathers that stick out from behind Ava's head. Black, white, brown and gray, the feathers adding more uniqueness to her appearance. (Some feathers are actually pens that she uses to write.) As for her clothing, it ranges from light silks dyed dark green and earthy colors, to some pieces of chain mail/leather. it depends on what the situation calls for, and if she has time to change.


• Markings: Black and gray tribal tattoos swirl and cover Ava's arms, chest, stomach, back, ankles and calves. Leaving her thighs with single strands of tattoo that spiral over her them. Spinning, curving, tangling and ending in sharp points, the markings give Ava an unmistakable appearance. A small tribal cross design also rests just under the bottom corner of her right eye in black ink...


• Image: http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa99/Im.../Random/fdg.png




• Compound Bow:

. (Because of the RP's setting, the bow will be edited to just be a type of hybrid wooden bow. So it wont be made of cables and pulleys. Just... Wood with a slightly edited strings/wheels.) Much stiffer than a re-curve or longbow, it is more energy efficient. When the string is drawn back, the string causes the wheels to turn. In this case, the wheels pull the string, which turn the limbs to bend and store more energy behind the shot. This increases range, speed, damage and accuracy. The bow also allows the her to fire more than one arrow at a time.


• Arrows:

Dangerously designed arrows with four razor sharp blades surrounding a sharp tip. These are known for pinpoint accuracy, penetration and strength. Specifically designed to take down large and small targets, these are designed to penetrate and cause massive hemorrhaging. Some of the arrows Ava carries are enchanted and woven with spells. Making them harmful to demons and other creatures of dark magic. However, to create such arrows costs a lot of hard earned money. So these are for self defense only, and are identifiable by the yellow/golden colored swirls that dance around the tips. She carries about three of these at most.


• Note: Remember, she does not hunt demons and she wants nothing to do with them for the most part. Though her job tends to run her into some here and there.


• Blade:

Two short-sabers/swords. This is for mostly self defense and close combat. It can be used for survival and other uses, but Ava rarely uses it for such. Luckily, as a gift for completing her assigned jobs quickly and flawlessly, she was given these blades, which were woven with some protective spells to keep them from breaking and dulling.



Other Skills:


• Self Defense: Having to relay important messages back and forth between certain destinations leaves Avantasia exposed to many elements and individuals. When it comes to self defense, Ava isn't that strong of a fighter. However, she is rather fast for a human. Quick and short confrontations are her main strength when it comes to fighting. Agile and flexible, Avantasia is able to use her environment to her advantage such as climbing, hiding, etc. Because of her build, Ava does not do well in close range combat with a stronger foe. So to ensure her safety, Ava will attack fast, repeatedly, and escape the second an opening is granted to her.


• Weapon Skill (Blade): In some cases, Ava is unable to run. A few times this has occurred in the past, so she has taken the time to get some lessons in fighting with a short blade. This is a skill Ava enjoys. In her spare time, before the sun sets for the night, she tends to practice with the weapon to better her skills and technique. When she is in her home town, Ava tends to spend a few days sparring and practicing with other skilled fighters to help keep her abilities sharp and useful. Surprisingly, Ava isn't that bad with a blade. In most cases she preforms quite well, but she is no expert in the field.


• Weapon Skill (Bow): This skill is Avantasia's greatest ability when it comes to using a weapon. Archery has been a favorite ability of hers since childhood. Given near perfect vision and a good eye for picking out a target, Ava can be rather dangerous with such a weapon. Used for hunting and self defense, most of her ability shines when this weapon is needed/used. - Because of the type of bow she uses, Avantasia is able to fire up to three arrows at once, adding to the already massive damage her arrows already cause, added with the fact she rarely ever misses.


• Outdoor Survival: As for outdoor survival. Avantasia is no novice when it comes to surviving. Some relays she is assigned to take her way passed her own comfort zone. Sending her places she had never even heard of in neither rumors or stories. Because of this, her skills with surviving till the next town must be accurate and dependable if the woman is to survive. This keeps Ava on her toes when it comes to making sure she practices and adapts when she has to.


• First Aid: Confrontations with beast and humanoid alike are very common when traveling, especially alone. This means Ava will have to be able to treat her own injuries. Basic first aid is something a little new to her, but it has saved her a lot of grief and trouble over the last few years. So minor injuries are now easily cured by her own materials and knowledge of the land. Scrapes, bruises, gashes, punctures and some broken bones are things Ava can easily handle... Depending on the severity.



• Light Magic: On her travels, Ava has come across quite a few magic users and their abilities. So, in her spare time she attempts to learn simple and useful magic to help aid her travels such as; purifying water, sparking to create a fire, healing small cuts / scrapes, and creating a small bit of light at the end of a pen to help guide her in dark areas. (The Sparking ability is simply snapping her fingers to create a few sparks.)


History: Born in Aberon, Avantasia was raised in a family of three. Being the oldest of two daughters, Ava quickly took up the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister, Taliya. A little girl about thirteen years of age now that Avantasia is 21. Unlike her sister and family, Ava was born without a voice. A defect rarely even thought of or heard of. However, she was treated equally, and had no trouble fitting in as the quiet one of the group. At times it was very frustrating to her and, because of this, Ava soon developed a very strong patience... and a light whisper that she can speak with on occasion, though it is still difficult for her to even accomplish this.


At the age of 16, her father introduced her to a man who went by the name Ferden. He was quick to hire Avantasia. Assigning her to work for him and his small group of followers that actually required a messenger to relay messages between other related groups throughout the land, as a Cryptologist / Messenger. This ment working fast, and carefully, so none of the information got into the wrong hands... Because of her disability, she was the perfect person for the job at hand. Willing to accept the job, Ava quickly began to study alphabets and symbols of different languages and codes. Ever since she was little, Ava enjoyed reading. So her skills with understanding other languages had already developed. With years of experience, Avantasia soon became a brilliant and quick thinker in her passion, creating codes and languages only she understood to ensure the security of such messages....


However, recently, Avantasia has branched out. Working for other groups who are willing to pay her to carry information and keep it safe by creating a special coding to make it unreadable to even the creators themselves till she decoded it. (Or simply just sending a message already written by the sender) It is a good business, one she enjoys. Plus, Avantasia has become a trusted messenger, especially when said messenger is unable to speak. So there is no worry about her spilling information, for it is kept locked up in that complicated and unreadable mind of hers. - Because of how Ava's mind works, most of her jobs are underground, so she forgets about them within days of completion. -


Now that the war has reached it's peak, Avantasia has been careful with whom she speaks to, and does as much as she can to aid the Varden. Even if they are unaware of her small and rather effective actions, she is one to sit back and watch. Helping when she can, and staying out of the way for the most part. One day, she knows her time will come.


Personality: Incredibly patient. Avantasia has developed this interesting ability ever since she learned about her disability. Unable to just blurt out ideas, or just plain sentences at all, Ava has had to try and use different ways to communicate. Some ways being more frustrating than others. After so many problems and issues, Ava has become patient with dealing with them and people. Surprisingly, despite her job and inability to talk, Ava is a very open minded and friendly person. Doing deeds for people without asking for anything in return, even going so far as to bringing back something for her little sister after every single trip and giving her family some of the money she had worked so hard for. Proud, outgoing and trustworthy, Ava is usually always smiling, sometimes enjoying her time away from people and problems.


Weakness: Most of Avantasia's weaknesses are given with her abilities and other categories in the profile. However, just like every other human she can become tired, poisoned, injured, etc. Her abilities all remain within natural human capabilities besides the light magic.


Mount: Raised from a foal, Ava's mount is a Piebald Gypsy Vanner Stallion. With a powerful build and compact body, this large beast stands at 15 hands high. His chest is broad with well sprung ribs, heavy hips, and a strong back and shoulders. The legs are heavy bone set on large hooves with an abundance of hair and "feather" ( long hair starting at the cannon bone and flowing down over the hooves ). The most attractive trait of such a beast is the long flowing mane and tail that glide with his movements. Born with excellent endurance, this stallion is capable of going long distances without tiring, making him a suitable mount for a messenger like Avantasia.


• Image: http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa99/Im...andom/8531K.jpg




Username: Lilithachaos

Name: Karo (Means Dragon Walker)

Age: 19

Gender: Female- (Elf)

Appearance:user posted image

Standing only at 5'6 and sea blue hair that stops at her lower back, but the bangs are often held back by small clips. Eyes are just a few shades darker than her hair color and skin tone is relatively pale, but quite normal with other elves. At times her hair is pulled up, but this is only when she is in the air with her dragon so that the wind will not blow it into her eyes and even then it will be quickly taken out of the pony-tail by using a white strip of cloth that is tied to her wrist.


Her clothes consist of whites and blues, but at rare times she can been seen on with other colors. Karo is not fond of dresses and so she will only where things that could very well be called robes even when she is fighting, but of course she will wear things like shorts or pants at all times also. She wears no shoes as she loves to feel the ground or air on her feet and this is how she likes to also see if anyone is trying to sneak up on her by vibrations she can faintly feel. Only the clips that hold her hair back is the jewelry she will wear at any given time.


Personality: Karo has always been soft spoken, but when she become angry she makes sure everyone knows it. She stands up only for what she thinks is right and this will often get her in trouble with the two warring groups, but she knows that she would choose death first before she just mindlessly follows one ban of people. Karo is kindhearted to everyone around her and will risk anything to save a small child or another dragon, but she will keep in mind to keep herself alive for the sake of her own dragon. Karo does not like her dragon being in harms way and so most of the time she will cast a spell and block off as much as she can from using her dragon's energy. The thought of the war going on now pains her at the thought of so many people being killed and the families they leave behind on both sides.



Bio:(I see this as more as history so~) Karo was a small child when she showed her talents with the sword, but lacking her ability to learn using most types of magic. If she did not pass out from over stepping her limits then she will be forgetting the words to even cast the spell. Yet she had forced herself to learn the words for the healing and some basic fire magic, but even then she has a bad habit of passing out from thinking she can handle the spell for longer. Karo was picked on for just this reason and their cruel nickname for her was 'magicless' even if she surpassed her age group in archery and swordplay.


When she hit the age of 19 she would stumble upon a green egg and without thought she would place her hand on the shell. Live she knew lived in what only looked like a small stone, but he draw of life and even the instinctive pull told her she could not leave this out in the forest. So she had taken the stone like egg with her, but Karo would hide it from all eyes in fear it would be taken away from her.


Preferred weapon: Sword and longbow


Magic user: Yes, but really she is bad at casting the magic and is made fun of often by elves her own age. She will just gladly stick to the small spells she knows and her weapons. Only healing and fire spells are she good at, but she is prone to over stepping her limits.


Side: Neither as she does what she thinks is right, bus she is mostly seen around the Varden. Had she helped those they oppose? Yes, but it was only because she does not really think it is smart to have an all out war like they have now. The king needs to die she agrees on, but she hates to see so many lives like this wasted in a war instead of having a group going directly at the king.


Other: Sinder is the dragon and I will be RPing at first where she first stumbles across the dragon egg. Also Karo will be considered on the Varden side, but she will just have times where she will refuse to do the missions she is asked to do.



dragon sword’s Character sheets!




Name: Emily (or Emmy for short)


Gender: female


Appearance: http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles/1097..._hinea_boom.jpg


she has pointed ears that when she was younger every one made fun of, so when she is with other people she hides it under a well used leather hat, she has long hair that changes from dark gold to dark red when she go’s in to the shade or gets it wet so she usually has her cowl (hood) of her dark cloak up to hide her ears and hair when she is with company, she wears dark boots and fingerless gloves and her cloths are the same color as the forest and shadows so she can blend in with the landscape at her small town


Personality: she is vary shy and will most likely hide when she sees someone she doesn’t know, but has a grate love for her friends, she has a great love for book and always has at lest one or two with her at a time, she some times has a quick temper when it comes to her books and being told what to do, if she gets angry at someone or something she will often disappear in to the trees for days on end, she always dreamed that she was an elf that got lost or left when she was small but she new is wasn't true and never was.


Bio:(At least two paragraphs)she grow up in a small town in the mountains not far from the Varden and didn't know it entail her town was attacked by the Empire and the Varden came to help, sense then she has traveled far and wide as a spy for the Varden but when she almost got cot she has stayed in her home town more often but still working for the Varden even some times staying with them so they can Tran her to use her skills


Preferred weapon: her Sword, two daggers, and compound bow


Magic user: NO


Side: Varden


Other: http://www.lafermeexotiquedulegue.fr/historique_accueil.html


she has a pet sugar glider that likes to sit on her shoulder



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((Okay, all riderless dragons pm me and Ill post that you need riders in the announcement part))

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((I'm joining this; will work on my char form and pm it to you when I have everything happy.gif


@ monkey: pick me! *raises hand excitedly*))

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OOC: I g2g to bed, you may start Role Playing now. smile.gif


Nick leaned over Rein's shoulder, enjoying the view of the landscape.I can't wait to see what we find Nick thought to his dragon. Agreed, I smell some deer and we haven't eaten for two days, I can go without the food, but you need it. I will hunt for BOTH of us to day, and no 'Ifs', 'Ands' or 'Buts ' about it, understood? Rein thought back to him, less of a question, but more of a command Fine... Nick said back not in the mood to argue anyways.


Land down there. Nick said pointing a finger I will set up camp down there, while you hunt. Rein landed on the ground, letting Nick. He took off the saddle and Rein took off in pursuit of the deer she smelled earlier.


While Rein was off hunting Nick removed some bags from his bag, and unhooked his hunting dagger. He then opened his bag, removing his water canteen, drinking from it and then poring the rest of the water into a pan, he would make stew today so he could fry the left overs and eat it later. He checked in all the bags, none of them were gone. The contents of the bags, if you are curious are only cooking spices. He pulled out some flint n' tinder and started to slam the two flint stones together, producing sparks, but no flame yet.

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Username: Verzon


Name: Kayja


Gender: Female


Personality: Quite like saphira but eagerly needs to kill and loves to fly and thinks she is better than everyone else. Takes commands from her rider.


Color: Grey with 3 purple spots around her wings


Rider: Juzan, held captive by Galbatorix, heavily guarded


Other: Kayja is almost ready for breeding which is why her rider is held captive, so she can recreate the dragon race.


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((Okay, all riderless dragons pm me and Ill post that you need riders in the announcement part))

can i be my own rider aswell as my own dragon?

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((Right now you just broke three FOUR of my rules, also you need to be Semi-literate, and all the dragon spots are filled (For now)))




((Edit not three, but four you have a warning and no more chances, next time you break a rule you will be banned from my Eragon RP ))

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((Nick look at what LD aproved this as.))


Ayleth wakes up and saw her dragon. She knew he had named himself Kadaen. "Morning Kadaen, " she said to her gold dragon. She got up and wiped the dirt off of her green dress with yellow fake flowers on it. Her long hair was in the wind.


Kadaen wakes up after Ayleth. "Ayleth." he said, in telepathically to his rider. He stacked out and he yawned. His front paws were in front next to each other and his but was in the air.

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OOC: Very well, I edited my post, and good job on you post. but dragons don't speak out loud, they speak telepathically.

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((Okay. I edit that part and I fond a color for Ayleth. Thanks for saying good job.))

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OOC: Thanks for saying thanks laugh.gif


Rein flew observing the land below, gliding wings expanded to their full length. A bug flew into her nose, and she snorted with disconcert, and blowing it out of her nose. Rein took in a deep breath of the morning air and looking down, smelling deer. She saw some grazing on the grass below. She tilted her wings ever so slightly. That slight movement angled he flight downwards in a dive towards the deer.


She took the deer up in her talons before gaining some altitude and diving again at the now terrified and running deer, who were headed towards the forest, thinking they would be safe there. Rein took up another victim in her powerful maw and then flew back up into the air and turned around, flying back towards her rider, Nick.


Nick continued to strike the two flint stones together and producing sparks that bathed his flint. After 10 painfully long minutes, a spark ignited the tinder and it bust to flames, he quickly put the burning tinder into his fire pit and watched the twigs catch fire, and then the logs he had put in there. While listening to the fire crackle and pop as pockets of heated air trapped inside the logs burst open, he hung his pot over the fire. After 15 more minutes of tireless waiting, the water began to shimmer. He looked up into the sky, awaiting Rein's return.

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((You're welcome Nick.))


Ayleth looked at Kadaen. "I got no idea but we might as well get to some were else for now, " Ayleth said to her dragon. She picked him up and started to walk around.

Kadaen looked at Ayleth as he was being picked up. He doesn't like it that mush but at lest he knows what is going on in Ayleth's head at times. He smelled smoke. "Ayleth." Kadaen thought to Ayleth. He pointed to were the smoke is coming form.

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((Aww. Can't Kadaen talk for now?? And only to Ayleth??))

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OOC: He can talk, but he HAS TO, as in mandatory, have a limited vocabulary, like in Eragon Saphira could talk when she was small enough to be picked up but the only word she knew was "Eragon" xd.png


Rein flew for a little while longer before landing in front of Nick, dropping the deer in her fore talons in front of Nick. She then settled down and began eatting her deer. She dropped it from her maw and held it down with her two front paws and ripped of a big chunk of meat with her powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth.


Nick looked at Rein Thanks He said picking up his hunting Knife and beginning to skin the deer. After he was done skinning it he set it out on the ground to dry, he could use it later. He then started cutting out chunks of meat and dropping them into the boiling water, after all the edible meat was in the pan he then started adding seasonings. Nick took some bones from the deer carcus and walked over to Rein, who had already finished her deer and nothing was left of it, and sat down, using her side as a back rest and began fletching arrow heads out of the bone.

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((I'll go back to Edit. *Thinks on what to put.*))

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((okay thats good, can you make a post now? Lets have Nick and your person meet, and Rein can have a little snack >=) ))

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