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What where your "First Four" eggs?

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I just remember my first three dragons, a frilled dragon , a Water Walker and a Grey Dragon. happy.gif

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My first dragons were a Vine, one of the old Pinks, a Black, and a Water dragon. I didn't get them all on my first day. I got the Vine and the Pink first, to see how the whole concept worked, and if I'd like it.

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My first was a single vine, who died from a glitch.


My real first four was a magi, Starpyre Childe, a guardian, Elm Blossom, a black, Fairpaint and a skywing, Ice Lilly.


I released Starpyre and Elm because awhile ago I felt like they wanted to be free and pass the clan down to their kid. ... ... ... dry.gif Really regret it now but I'm incredibly impulsive.

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i believe mine were nocturne, sunset, magi, normal pygmy, I got all but one of them from the ap. i was very confused with the cave back then, and i liked being able to actually see the eggs. though not all 4 were gotten at the same time.


the sunset and Magi i actually permanent mates, (both have decently pretty even gen lineages.)

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First: Ochredrake

Second: Balloon dragon

Third: Ridgewing dragon

Fourth: Horse dragon


I remember this list like this was yesterday...They grown so fast sad.gif

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How could I forget? I spent most of the day clicking on them to hatch. (because I didn't know about the click sites) the first 400 views were all me. wacko.gif


1st: Male Water Dragon

2nd: Female Gray/Weather Dragon

3rd: Male Canopy Dragon

4th: Earth Dragon, but I killed it by mistake (I didn't know you could abandon it instead >.<; )

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Oh no, I didn't grab four. I didn't know about view/click sites, so I was scared of anything I got dying from not enough views, so I started out with one egg, and put it on the only forum I used that had space for a signature. It was an electric dragon.


After it successfully grew up, I splurged and got 2 eggs - a spotted greenwing and a white. (I named the greenwing "Mosswage," so everafter I keep mentally calling them "Mosswage dragons.)"


Not long after, I found out about view sites from the wikia, so then I went crazy.

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Can't remember excatly, I think



Crimson flare Pygmy



Last two don't remember which ones were first

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Purple Ridgewing


happy.gif Joined at about June last year

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My first four were..


Frilled Dragon



Striped Dragon

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1) Male Lightning Dragon

2) Male White Dragon

3) Female Pillow Dragon

4) Either:

Male Black Tea Dragon


Female Nebula Dragon [RED]


Joined July 10, 2013 (Yeah, I joined the Forums a bit after...)


EDIT: Yeah, it was a Male Black Tea Dragon that was my 4th.

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I can't exactly remember my first four eggs, as I went through at least 2 sets of dead eggs/hatchlings before I managed to get a grown adult. But my first four adults were


1) Messy female Stone

2) CB Purple Frill

3) 2nd Gen PB Vine

4) 2nd Gen Balloon with two dead parents

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When they're sorted by age on my scroll the first 4 are:

A frill, a summer, a black, and a green


But I had abandoned a whiptail when I first started and I know that he was one of the first four - just not sure what #.

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