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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Just snatched a Royal Blue from the cave with the code OD1Nh (caps messed). Perfect for my norse/Scandinavian based scroll biggrin.gif

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I have my alot.pngs:

alot.pngp - a wonderful gift from a user who knew about alot.pngs

alot.png - which I bred myself and couldn't abandon


My mods:

MOd9c - bbw

cmOd1 - see spot mod run

pmmod - PM us, sillies

2mod - To mod or not to mod? That is the question.

1M0du - I mod you! >D

gMOD2 - Global Mod version 2 =o

YJmoD - Modsssssssss


My socks:

leSok - it is me, le Sock and a wonderfully generous gift

KS0C - sock that's been in the washing machine too many times

sWTsK - sweatsock; another kind gift

ZKSoc - _Z_ and I's love child

EgSps - E.g. SPS; another wonderful gift

s0CK7 - another fantastic gift - I am so lucky to be surrounded by awesome players!


My almost a words:

eiDT - almost edit

onho - almost oh no

CtrU - control+U

AC5E - almost ace

7AY7 - well, I read yay when I saw it on the AP

tEidY - almost tidy (uh, almost)

bOvI - reminded me of Bon Jovi

LtZ9 - totally a Lieutenant

0CD7 - even dragons can be OCD

RuUb - yeah, that hits the spot

VIL3 - how vile

C3uur - I don't even like curry

PB0Wl - bowls are useful

eRCb3 - it's even actually cb

H7eI1 - looks more like it on the scroll

6GaaY - I feel pretty and witty...

3OObY - paired with bra for a breast cancer poem

RiWpe - almost wipe

HAaG - almost a witch

0nabY - obby 8D

5cR4P - aww, I don't think you're crap

5ARTm - ignoring the fact that art is a word, you decide whether it's smart or fart ;3

pOoIP - someone doesn't like their IP address

sLOB3 - messy dragon

GddiE - someone's happy

seEEu - I seeeee you

5KiPZ - there's no need for such language D:

mePm - PM me!

m00SF - what sound does a moose make?

]IiCKe - so close to lick

hUNNk - what a hunk!

1cAkL - evil laughter!


My words:

hArP - caught myself

PooL - caught after missing a seasonal with the code of "dawn"

cuts - and the first baby it bred was coded "HOpE"

aLLL - just has an extra l, lol

6OMom - would have gifted this to Lyz for the mom code, but it's part of a lineage

67Fog - too bad it's a stone

SsET - wants to be an actor

OnEs - can't you carry bigger amounts of money?

hoFF - Hasselhoff; totally a word and a person =p

44lb - very heavy balloon

fag0 - you're a winter, not a cigarette

BRa06 - paired with 3OObY for a breast cancer poem

RNAr6 - y'know, like in our bodies

jOYB9 - happy dragum

ZenR - Zen, just like Daryl Dixon

53get - get me 53 things!


sDocS - I have the docs right there, in that folder

i9NuT - That's nuts, yo

puRRZ - Meow

2GULP - We all eat, no?

9sANg - doe, ray, me...


Dragons whose parents have lol codes:

nTvKm - RoAD x mOan

Xamo - HOOk x JaBS


+the ones I've forgotten and some other codes which I found cool but no one else does, lol

+the ones I picked up and bit, all of which either died or were repulsed (recently bit Lie and that was repulsed)

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Just now discovered that and scrambled to influence it female xd.png

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I just caught an ER pygmy with this code:




It looks so much like Buddy.

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Just caught SP7WX

Service Pack Windows 7 or something like that...lol

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Just caught this one:




Because fezzes are cool.

Would have been funnier if it was a Split. biggrin.gif


Caught two the other day, mOgWh (the Mogwai from The Gremlins) and A3vOn (Avon).

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Been lucky lucky lucky lately and caught as mates for codes I already have:


uBrat for TWeRP

GaFfS for go0fs

n00B3 for PWnYa (although the more I cross my eyes and think about this, the more I fail to be sure I influenced it correctly. Oh well!)

PRoDs for goaD


and I traded to get

crAPs for sl0ts



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Have a Gold hatchling with the code Hug27.

Edited by Muile

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This canopy seems to be confused about what species it is.

Oh man. As a birdwatcher, that egg is a "do want!!" for me. <3


I bred a black egg with code urF7g today. "Urf" looks like the kind of sound a dog would make. tongue.gif

And this fuzzy code would be better suited for a pillow.

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I know right laugh.gif

I didn't even know that, about yoshi(s) - my friend told me, when saw my dino laugh.gif

*isn't knowledgeable about this either*

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Awesomeness! I just got the code grOXr! (If you don't understand just why that is so awesome, look at my username tongue.gif)


Thanks must go to Kirjava for noticing it and picking it up out of the AP for me <3

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