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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Just made a brand new stoned Vampire xd.pngDuuuude

this made my day, if I had anything valuable I would have begged for a trade.

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Caught a CB Royal Blue.




I have no idea what it means, but I'm definitely naming it Azion.

Zion definition


You have a couple choices, if you go with A Zion, but I really like Azion, lol. Either way, nice catch biggrin.gif


Collins World English Dictionary

Zion or Sion  (ˈzaɪən)


— n

1.  the hill on which the city of Jerusalem stands

2.  Judaism

  a. the ancient Israelites of the Bible

  b. the modern Jewish nation

  c. Israel as the national home of the Jewish people

3.  Christianity  heaven regarded as the city of God and the final abode of his elect

4.  any form of social organization, way of life, or life after death regarded as an ultimate goal

5.  a. a religious community or its site, regarded as chosen by God and under his special protection

  b. an ideal theocratic community, esp any of the Christian Churches regarded as such a community


Sion or Sion


— n

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I got a TJ code in a tinsel I recently traded for: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0hTJh biggrin.gif


In other (random) news, this is my 1789th post... the year the US Constitution went into effect!

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About one week ago I decided to go hunting in the cave with small hopes and less care looking for a swallowtail


Well, the first egg I saw in the first biome I opened was actually a swallowtail, and it has this awesome code too http://dragcave.net/lineage/UNIQo (in Italian "unico" means "unique" )


Well, I though it was destiny biggrin.gif

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Ha ha haaw

Caught these two today:


eatja (eat ya)


bfED2 (be fed too)


Looks like they were made for each other xd.png

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StIv5: st ives (lotion?)

B0nG (is a gold, lol)



just a few. My son has a Toby (cant remember caps but its his name) and Tby5 (again cant remember caps but he was hooked on the movie short circut at the time he was gifted it). He also has a lamp somewhere

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snagged a CB ember yestruday with the code dFLVr. it will have da Flavor in it's name now lol


edit - i've also got an inbred Red with the code KWrEK, i always tink of a door with hinges that need to be oiled and go kereeeeeek in my head everytime i breed him

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I for


Forq(like fork xd.png)

11in (11 inch, oddly enough it's on a frozen hatchling xd.png)

JamN(sounds like Jam in to me xd.png)

XpUq (looks sorta like XP UP xd.png so I named the dragon respectively)

Mnff (just sort of funny sounding, and funny that it's attached to a derpy looking albino dragon xd.png)


got this one yesterday, and I just have to say, while my egg's code is nothing special...it's ancestor has what has to be the greatest code ever xd.png...which is naughty so I will no repeat it =X



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Just got WlR3D, amusingly enough it's an electric. rolleyes.gif

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That's hilarious ^ xd.png

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I just bred and abandoned a 2nd gen Split with the code 'tibba', exactly as is. Thought it was a rather cute name for one with very un-cute parent names =)

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