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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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It's a xeno with an odd lineage XD and coded "odd"!




And another thing:


I am disappointed that this is not a green colored dragon


I'm tempted to try neglecting this...if it works then it'd be green but then I wouldn't be able to produce lineages with the code. Ugh, it's a tough choice...

(AND it might not work. I'm not great at neglecting. Ahhhhh (internal screaming



EDIT: More codes!











Honestly I've never had this many cool-coded things on my scroll at the same time XD 1/3 of my growing things are CB and cool codes...ahh I love hunting codes, it needs more patience but usually isn't that much of a "who click faster" compared to rares (which I never actually am able to catch)


EDIT: Actually, I missed one code I didn't report XD cuz it was an egg when I pasted the hatchi codes over and decided to scramble out of the egg when I went onto counting the eggs


Inclucing "Hulk" above, that was a total of 9 coded CB growing things at the same time...

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The cave has been giving me a lot of biology/medicine codes, recently!


YPUFA - my very first Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) code

(naughty?) - an interesting drug code

kvaxA - a vaccine!

iratV - a rat to experiment on

These should all go well with SwABs

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I just bred this code! Oh no, that doesn't sound like something Marx would do. 😥



Also, Nobleshields go moo, apparently?


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just saw that 2 of my Valentines, that were bred to the AP, have All-Numbers-Codes ^^

Anyway, got 2 nice coded New Valentines for my Name code and Caps code collection 😃 BIHGO and Gnuaz

also dropped 2 New Valentines with those codes to the AP: SMYUU and Clusb - good luck catching ^^

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5 hours ago, Fly-by-Night said:

I don't even remember all my dragon's NAMES, let alone their codes...

I don't remember ALL their codes - would be a bit much with 12,300+ creatures XD Only the ones that looked like something to me, that made themselves somehow memorable.

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