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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I got a lovely new release - sirBG - and his mate (who admittedly has a less fantastic code, but still nice), Qhupu.


Anyone want an egg? xP 

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8 hours ago, Naughtrish said:

Look what I just bred... 🤣 

Is anyone interested? 🙄

I would be - it's a lineage type I collect AND a great code XD

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I picked up this one earlier: https://dragcave.net/lineage/KNowQ


Know Q? Gives me James Bond vibes XD Not sure I'll keep it though, so if anyone finds it sufficiently amusing to want to adopt it, feel free to shoot me a message

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I haven't posted in a while but I've gotten some interesting codes the past few months, here's some o my faves:


UHAX6 - You hax!

5DRoW - Elf dragon.

LEAKx - The coast is leaking..

bcrOW - Caw caw!

jErK5 - Rude pygmy.

YrCAT - This is apparently not my cat but yours.

8Oobz - Yes.

fRAUD - This miscolored Lunar is a FRAUD.

fBRED - CB dragon claiming to be bred.

uKpam - The Office UK's Pam.

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