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Dragon Codes V2.0

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A shame I'll have to wait until Christmas to breed a Mistletoe from Lusts but nevermind. :D

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A while back I managed to get a code that was something like "Fengs", I thought it was awesome. Then I thought... wouldn't it be MORE awesome if it was a Vampire... imagine "Bitten By: Fengs" on a page. So, I took the risk and I had a vampire of mine bite it... Fengs tragically died.


Now I've learned my lesson and I am DEFINITELY not biting https://dragcave.net/lineage/fAngz !! Nope! Not this time! 

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My recent(ISH) favorites:
mED1A !

jadEZ (Green Dino!)
AgEMr (A CB Copper! What A gEM :D)
Eh20s (A lazy Pillow that I emotionally relate to)
YpELT (Another Pillow; "FloofYpELT")

epiWS (Big fan of perfect reverse words. Potential mate for yrroS?)

FKnOT (Named "Falconer's KnOT")

SpooP (spoopy Seragamma)
0SM0S (Can't settle on cosmos or osmosis, probably the latter since it's a Water Walker)
4P0Em (Should I write A P0Em for its description? :P)

LAMeU (This year's valentine thinks I'm lame. o^o)
AskIL (A vampire politely asking to bite)



Also naughty & naughtier

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5 hours ago, -Iceheart- said:

My recent(ISH) favorites:

jadEZ (Green Dino!)

Whoa, that's an amazing find! Congrats on the matching gem :D

I was asking for GoNkins as usual, and I recently got one with an almost yummy code XD


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I was really excited to see rutan when I was picking up eggs (like Burt Rutan, the aerospace engineer)

I also got my 3rd 111 code (unfortunately, this one's a drake so I can't really use it in my breeding project)

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I'd say this Deep Sea I grabbed from the AP yesterday is pretty NIceE.

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