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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Best code ever

ndhgg (I caught a dragon from Norse mythology! XD luls)


Christmas haul

JOYe5 (Snark the Herald Angels Sing~)

GODxh (and I caught god)


Halloween haul

Lid8b (lid to a coffin)

kiD3L (a kid)

GkGod (geek god, could be Greek? I should pair him with the Starsinger.)

ZyUah (not a Zyu)

OJa18 ("oja" is Finnish for ditch)

jBAgs (shopping bags)

MaqOO (Mrs. Maqoo)



HoTap (Bubba HoTap)

T1CMe (it wants tickles)

8RoAn (I thought only horses were roan?)

3LYyn (too many Lyns in Fire Emblem Heroes)

SPyE1 (an Irish spy disguised as a sea shanty)

gNG0N (not a GoN)

cABCC (cab driver)

bmW5d (my dad's car)

ReVVB (revving engines)

r1BTB (not really a rib)

nOf0G (dislikes fogging)

InrEX (actor in Kommissar Rex)

LyleN (Lyle Dylandy)

eekDY (scaredy cat)

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2 hours ago, Wiz said:


Ohhh so close! I look at it and see Dr Whoop :D

And yes Almost Cool Codes (ACC).

Yes! That's the one!! XD Thank you, Wiz. That lil one will surely join, as soon as I have developed the right pun xD

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This Blacktip says hey from the 80's.


An all-caps Black-Capped Teimarr whose code would be "WORMS" if only that S were at the end! As is I guess you could say it sorta looks like a worm inside of the word "worm"?

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After finding 9Hob0, I was excited to see another "hobo" code on the same day. But on a second glance, I'm... I'm not so sure that how you read this one

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I... I didn't even mean to, the parents were named before breeding...



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