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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Today I was going to pick up some more Laculas but I guess you could say that went out with a bang after I saw this volatile little chap. XD

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After 21Roy, 75Rob and 37Yvo, I also found 09Gus.

I wish I could find some female names to go with these. Like "Sue", "Mae" or "May" or "Tia"? Just with 2 numbers in front ...

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I used to be determined to name every adult dragon on my scroll, but I've started picking up more and more code dragons. 

The most recent batch is:

Malfo(y), funny because he's the wrong House.

Alvar, because I vowed to collect only nameish-coded Lindwurms

Jakk, ditto for Nilias

Filk, which I nearly put up for trade

KFC on a birb, which I did mean to trade but got distracted for a couple days

 Felvy, that I was surprised was not taken as a registered name

And last but not least a friend caught me Luke.  I would have traded names to a name collector, but Luke is the name of a werewolf character I've had in my head since first reading the original Dracula in middle school.  I had to keep him. He's even gray and black!   /nerd


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