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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Loving all these awesome codes-especially sHows! How cute! :)


I caught this cutie in the AP recently specifically for it's code, then for the gorgeous lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/AFOOb

That code cracks me up. XD I guess a Foob is a foolish boob? XD Who knows, but I love her. ♥

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UGraB why yes I do!


Bred one that's in a fighting spirit: 4TURF

...or gardening. I guess.


Edit: And traded for ThEon (Thanks Kiyoki!!) to match with 3ARyA. Sadly they're not actually breedable together

...storywise that'd be weird anyway -.-



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I wonder if fYfFY would like fYcRa.

(Note to self: when hunting for rares, STOP PICKING UP SILLY CODED COMMONS!)

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I use my dragons' codes as their names!  I fix the capitalization and turn the numbers into letters (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 0=O, etc).  Here are some of my favorites:

Qlomy (Ql0my)  Xiofe (xi0FE)
Dinim (DInIM)  Gbbok (7bBOk)
Ebhoo (5bH0O)  Arawi (Ar1WI)
Kwele (kWEL5)  Smude (SMu4E)
Utina (uT9n1)  Ushul (UsHUl)
Khosr (Kh0sR)  Hayek (8aY5K)
Lagia (LaG91)  Tohro (TOhrO)
Esvar (EsvAR)  Greap (gR5ap)
Axiqa (ax9Qa)  Ceyra (C5yR1)
Phwo (phWo)  Bwael (bwAel)
Cinue (CiNu5)  Bayiq (2aY9q)
Owinn (Ow9nn)  Xmene (XM5NE)
Moyph (MOYPH)  Boker (b0k5R)
Aomyn (a0MYN)  Jacen (jAc5N)
Hanis (8ANIS)

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I have found all of these codes in the last couple of days, since April 1st.


0h3rd - Bauta

rXyZo - Whiptail, kept it for the XYZ order

KKap2 - also a Whiptail, I like the Kap thing in it.

ko0Ty - pink spinel

VINiA - white

WURYQ - my upside down mint (may call it Worry Queen idk XD)

yGklO - upside down mint offpsring - Yu-gi-oh or sth idk lol

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