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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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11 hours ago, Alectrona said:

This guy would like to join the running club: https://dragcave.net/lineage/oORUn

I too want to join the running club: rhhhN (close enough) and RANNy (ran)



Some of my favorite codes include:

AM0k4 (to run amok)                                                                   HOboM (Hobo)

tvnek (tv neck)                                                                             qOKKA (quokka)

54002 (my only all number code)                                                3EOW3 (meow)

CH45e (chase)                                                                            jBADZ (bad)

EGGCK (egg)                                                                              DVDH4 (dvd)

JOYhn (joy)                                                                                 sadny (sad)

krocD (crocodile)                                                                         hat4u (hat for you)

5thgo ( 5th go)                                                                             rLEAF (leaf)

Owwls (Owls)                                                                              honeX (hone)

AREm6 (are)                                                                               dpSS5 (DPS, damage per second)

TOYg3 (toy)                                                                                 D3thW (Deathwing from WOW) one of my favorite codes

pTALk (talk)                                                                                 dUnny (toilet)

WeaKL (weak)                                                                             majer (major)

ARe30 (are)

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26 minutes ago, Miaplacidus said:

I've caught Mew! And it's a val'09, pretty close. 


Whoa, I bred that Spinel checker. :o 


Looks interesting with an P.Neb x 09 checker!

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There was a WWJD egg in the Valentine's Biome, and if I wasn't a Z code collector, I'd probably have caught it for myself.

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Got a nice Oak code on one of my new Valentines dragons.

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This Valentines event has given me a couple of gems.

Which is good because the holiday kind of makes me... queasy. I'd rather be playing JRPGs.


(I did have one previously with the code 'otduq' (odd duck), but I liked these ones better and had to scramble to snatch them up. >_>)

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congrats to those who got the CB Radiant Angel coded "aztec" (caps messed) yesterday, and "nope" on an Arsani, I think. Evil 2-per-breed limit! XD

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