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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I happen to be taking an Emergency Medical Responder class in college currently and, just recently, I bred this guy.  What are the odds I breed a code that relates to a class I am taking in college right now?

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This Tan Ridgewing - yTHOy - is seriously questioning something. Why, though, why?

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I just love this code.



This dragon wants to be a programmer.



This is so close to the god Ares!



This dragon likes rum.

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My latest code babies...

Two Zek babies that were gifted to me by awesome people!




This guy was gifted via the ACC thread but I don't think there is any almost about it he is definitely cool!



And these guys




https://dragcave.net/lineage/OOpea <- Double O pea, I don't know why that makes me giggle :lol:


Thanks to another lovely gift I now have the ability to get to 3rd gen with this same code naughty code.


And to go with my Dr codes




Thank you again to everyone who thought of me and gifted me some awesome codes.

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5 hours ago, Miaplacidus said:

Mose! And it's a Teimarr egg! So how I have to interpret it, as Moses or MOSE?

...really? XD


Yeah, yeah, it's definitely MOSE.

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God, I swear the best CB non-holiday codes I get show up during the holidays. XD I just got Isooo. (As for my hypothesis, I got Tramp during Halloween 2017 and 49032 at Christmas 2017.)


I plan to breed it like "I soooooo ____ (other word code)" with codes such as 1 or 2.

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Just caught a perfect palindrome Frostbite. If anyone wants to call dibs here I will send a link when it's off cooldown otherwise I'll offer a link up here for a few hours.



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Well I wasn't planning on keeping an egg from this line but I guess i'll have to now: (naughty)

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