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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Was looking through my dragons and found some interesting codes lol


This one thinks it's a cat. And it's black. I have a black cat...?



This one thinks he's a mushroom and was named for his odd thoughts.



It's questionable why you almost like fire when you're basically a plant.



One man... Er, dragon.



This guy's crispy and his parents have debt.



I have more than I thought, so I'll stop with my favorite... I guess Saiyans live here lol.


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Caught this messy by missclick but then I saw its code.

EREbO! Which is the Italian word for Erebus, ancestral deity from classic mithology.

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Naming unnamed dragons, I found both a ZIIzg and a Z1Izg (capital i's in both cases).  What are the odds of them being that nearly identical on the same scroll?


I'm going to breed Tide and Thief to make a pirate, I think.  :P

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...and I own all the CBs in this and this, so it does happen - although usually only if you're paying attention!  :P


ETA:  I have some more duplicate codes, I'm sure, but at least two of them will never breed 'cos they're different breed classes.


Also, yay all-number Daydream!

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On 27.12.2017 at 3:53 AM, Lazurite said:


And it's even the name 'Levi', if the first letter is 'l'! (Can't tell if that's true from the link...)

It is an L indeed XD You're right XD

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Found Garlands that both came with name codes: Ceqyn and XARRA 

Sadly Xarra was already taken as a name but look at dem caps :lol:


And found this guy in the cave: xGoOO

Bred: G0Hug

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