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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I found some ham! I guess that means now I have to find more to bring my ham lineage up to 5th gen :rolleyes:

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I had bred some great codes for Halloween, my favorite being 'Sngry'. So angry! Kind of wish I had kept it, but I have enough of that Marrow's offspring and need to spread the love. 'f0Uwl' was cute too, but alas, not a chicken.


For my own catches, I was super happy with a frozen S1 Marrow 'OWWVv' (too perfect), and a bunch of all-lowercase gibberish like xytxl, hlglg, regha, and fllye. 

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Yeah, they liked each other:




I planned to gift their first offspring in this thread but I was so eggcited that I did not check my limits before breeding :blush:


If someone would like a sibling just shoot me a PM.

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20 minutes ago, Sunrunner said:

:blink: Srsly?



Anyone else have the same code to different dragons?


I've got several dragons with matching codes - including some that are also proper words.  I don't think it's a common occurrence, though, congrats!  :)

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I got a little lady .,, someone or something made her really really mad.




Maybe she don't like the Vancover Canucks ... or maybe Vice City in Grand Theft Auto ... Can't think of too many things that are abbreviated VC but whatever it is, she don't like it. She won't tell me what it is, I've asked but she isn't talking.

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I caught a CB Silver with the code aYuhh. This one's a keeper, ayuhh! LOL!

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Today is my lucky day...


Caught "MANdY", a CB Water. Bred 4 new CB pairs and one 3rd gen to the AP.


Bred (DENT9) with (R00f3). 

Bred (fyloR) with (alma0). 

Bred (PuRen) with (oLUcK). 

Bred (LIMe0) with (sOURs). 


Bred Jagdschein with Jagdfieber (the 3rd gen - all CBs got the word "Jagd" in their code = German for hunt)


Grabbed Jagdfieber from the AP (thank you Ramani/Confused Cat) and bred Jagdschein myself.

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