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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I checked my Cheeses for codes..



ASgAD... missing an r :D 








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4 hours ago, Confused Cat said:



I wonder how long you'll have to wait for the other shoe boot to drop... :P


Lol! I actually want to hunt and find a mate for it...breed them together for a nice code lineage!

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Recently got a dragons with the following codes:





only thing is that caps are messed XD

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So this silly thing happened to me at DC today.


I have an egg, and it's code name is MadOk. It's amusing for me, because it may be as if the egg was mad at me for some reason and wanted to be left alone, as some teenager after an argument with their parents.


Did you ever got any "strange" code name like this?


(Also I apologise if this topic doesn't belong in here, I'm new to the forum, but not to the game. Feel free to correct me if it doesn't!)

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I have a balloon that's gETMT, don't know why but i think montana should fear him
My Black Tea dragon, mUkUM, which is amusing imagining a pokemon trainer being like MUK UM WHAT IS THIS MESS

NzlOO, New Zealand Bathroom, a blacktip

I have the following Bright Breasted Wyverns: lOLaT, 84gon, ZWhyL

A celestial, F1sis, which is funny because it's a hybrid breeding term

Cheese dragon: 1b1ow 

I looove my myst pygmy: Atm1P (atmosphere 1 pressure)

Daydreams: KsGAyZicco, GsSag

Embers: FoKnOmSALtJ0YNL14LoL

Falconiform: crUtZAiscs

Fire Gems: ziiav0menh

Gemshards: I have a dragon with the code maRyn, which is a cute name in and of itself. BUT both her parents have KEK in their codes. Maryn, top kek. praise her. URxQTCUT7W

Bloodscale: F05RK

Tangar: BAtTZ

Greater Spotted Drake: SErRVOFLLY

Hellfire/Hellhorse: if00f / SAYbI

Hooktalon: IFlys

Ice: MrGE0

Fleshcrowne: pOMfFUMyMJ (u my michael jackson), mH0ur,

Khusa: IoMix

Magelight: 5SowOlooh7TuUuA, QUITWpBjOO

Monarch: 3THSMceZeetidzztZoOy,

Morphodrake: AAIKU

Purple: Imp3D, xAxPa

Ridgewing: X9e9XmissfTHugF4488x

Script: nooXi,

Sinii: zEnLF3FOUDSOoWpdenUFr3HotAooko, my one who looks like an emoticon (uou0S)96zazZxxehZzZcr

Skywing: otsUn

Specklethroat: SstiTCL0GBaTad0

Spirit Ward: 0LolHf5era

Greenwing: SKoiLIF8MY,



i can't even keep this list going omg

I have too many codes I really like - not that i'm complaining! 

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