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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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oWAY5 - Oh Ways

QrBeb - I always see "Dr Bob" xd.png

WDIeD - Who Died?

Di5NY - Disney

A373A is cool code xd.png

That's all I can think of

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There's a lack of any nifty codes lately, so the next best thing for me is a combo of big caps and numbers which don't mean anything but stood out from the rest,


A lot of the times the code is all that stands between keeping or giving away an eggy tongue.gif












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niCk NICK A Deep Sea Caveborn

JUD1 JUDI A Terrae Caveborn


And the ones that need some imagination


9Rok - a cheese dragon (as in roquefort cheese. So I named it Zees Roquefort Cheese)

r3Or - Made me think of ROAR when I picked it up

QIf4 - Quiff? Dorkface I maybe should have called Elvis

WCaT - Wildcat

eEGa = Egga

SLi8D - Almost slated

ur0bl - You Rob I (as in stolen from cave)

peJS = P J's (maybe only Brit term- but short for pyjamas)

1SOO = just an old golds code I like

Oli4 = just cute Oli 4

IMe4 = just cute I me 4


sMgc = is magic

8Nug = an oldy - made me think of ate nuggets when grabbed got it

nttJ= not TJ. Funny seeing as it's a Thuwed dragon lol

cFuN = see fun

xbX0= almost an Xbox

6gmt = time 6 GMT

64FAq = 64 FAQ frequently asked questions


One of my daughters has one that spells TJ but I can't remember who's it is so can't search through a thousand dragons.



I also have three that I can't post here that spell out rude words. Quite a shock when grabbed from the AP/ One is even in all Caps lol


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Why do my Bronze Tinsels get the weird codes? xd.png The one I bred just now is "Bp3ds".


3DS? What's the bp stand for? Bulletproof gaming console? ...Wait, what?

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GOMYO ;D it's my harvest and Plan8 is my red and there is something else but i can't remember.

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I only have two really awesome ones that come to mind off the top of my head.


First one: my CB Snow Angel: JoEI (which I took as a misspelling of Joy)


Second: Just got this egg today: Ooo0c. It's a glory.

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Here are a couple of my newest finds:



O9USS was caught from the AP, I just like the code.


I bred eScon, which I saw as "Scone" with the e moved.


891b8 could be 89 pounds?


tTUB3. Bathtub love. xd.png


EOmbP. Why do I keep thinking "bomb?"


pUNKB was from AP, no need to explain.

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I just got a couple if new ones:


Itone - It one?

B20lI - Be 2011?

Hehe! I like "Itone" -- I read it as "I tone," like "I work out." Sounds active!

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HOOt - self-explanatory

LuRK - self-explanatory

sUXY - funny name for a little chicken

Pet4 - Nice pet

Hat3 - Either Hat 3 or HATE

Mr0H - Mr. Oh ?


iWin - well doesn't count, because I chose it myself. xd.png


Noola - not any specific meaning, but sounds nice

Fipia - another one

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i only have on kinda good one.

- TvCeL


like TV sell? i dunno xd.png




and i also have a ochredrake whoose code is con9m. makes me think of con-man. to bad shes a girl! http://dragcave.net/view/con9m


and a sunsong ampithere whoose code is OdagT http://dragcave.net/view/OdagT maybe like oh dang or oh dang tree?


my mint is ofUNb http://dragcave.net/view/ofUNb it looks like of nub and that sounds funny


http://dragcave.net/view/aec3r makes me think of ace-er


http://dragcave.net/view/0hiUF sounds kinda like oh i owe you f or oh you f. and i mean the letter f.

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