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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I am so immature


I really shouldn't find it so amusing that my first two-headed hatchling has 69 as the first two digits of its code.


But I do anyway. tongue.gif


I name and describe all of my dragons, though, so the code would go to waste. If anyone wants him/her, I would gladly trade her for about any other hatchling. (I only have ~30 dragons; so I just need a new breed.)

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Snatched this perfect palindrome zAbAz from the AP!


Edit. And just noticed this Red is almost a torch!

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And its a Nebula!

Love it <3

This is cool! ^^


My dragon breed codes are all a little confused about what they are:

Skywing who thinks she's a Vine,

Tarantula Hawk Drake who thinks he's a Xeno (even has a "wurm" mate),

Candelabra who thinks he's a Mint,

and a "Fog" Dorsal.



Oh, and this "Gold" Royal Crimson, too.

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