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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Summoned Odajx and KIRUR. smile.gif

Awesome! laugh.gif


I caught a certain LaraT (Volcano Power xd.png) and a Striped JOKRY which fits neatly into my small collection of pronouncable caps codes smile.gif

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A few codes that are just about almost cool:

(oz06e) - just one N away from being oz0ne.

(8HO1w) - the Zyu says hoi!

(vEHAG) - this must have some hidden meaning.

(D3wbl) - this one's an older one but there's something funny about it, like it's trying to sound like dooble (whatever that is) or something. biggrin.gif

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I just traded for wow because i caught mom last week.


I'm not big on stairsteps but it's gonna be an awesome breeding pair.

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