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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I'm in love

It's the closest to Dirks I'll ever have I'm sure... Dirk as in the dagger or the Homestuck character, and such an appropriate dragon too. Swords on swords on swords.

I wasn't even looking for nice codes, I've just sort of been blessed.

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I found a lovely all-lowercase CB Water called kaqen. smile.gif


Edit: And now BONGG!

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This is why I just love breeding my codes. smile.gif


Behold, the WOOLY Bright-Breasted Wyvern!

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Just traded away one of the new harmless eggs with the code NAKED. Yes, all caps.  laugh.gif

Wow. biggrin.gif



I found a rude Balloon - not perfect, but the closest I have to the F word (apart from a German version).

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A nice bunch of codes from this drop c:



beep beep



"The M-Bahn or Magnetbahn was an elevated Maglev train line operating in Berlin, Germany from 1989 to 1991. The line was 1.6 km in length, and featured three stations, two of which were newly constructed. The line was built to fill a gap in the public transport network created by the construction of the Berlin Wall, and was rendered redundant by the reunification of Berlin."


No idea what's with those transportation codes recently but... keep dropping.



Also an irrelevant, naughty code.

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Some of my codes I've acquired recently, in the past couple months.







SNOva (need a dragon with a code like "super" lol)

ShRff (sounds like sheriff)


xEnwM (he wants to be a Xenowyrm..?)

MCAwZ (it's a Macaw!)

30xTo (this one's solving math problems)

Bhnny (so close to bunny, yet so far)



0NlTV (this little guy is on it.)

Two dogs; it's a shame drakes and mints can't breed xd.png8DoGF


And my favorite code by far...I made sure to click this egg in a jiffy...

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Almost the best possible Z-code. Hope she likes (ezZZZ)!

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