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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Gonna name him/her "Too fleepin' cold for you here"



if they ever have a mate it'll be "Get inside you dum-dum" for a girl and "Stop touching my sweater" for a boy



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thanks @ Lullakai-Shi for gifting me GURLZ (I hope she willl like ACIOY, yes she did)


thanks @ Ruby Eyes for gifting me Iphab


thanks @ littleironhorse for gifting me (in the Code Trading Thread) Xaxsa


and I caught those:







and 2 Daydreams that will hopefully like UVEAG and RAVCY (they refused each other)




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Deku~ (And it's a Z'!)


Plus a bunch of other things. I'll get to them some other time, I just really wanted to post this. :v

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Not a word or anything, but I found these two within thirty seconds of each other. Brothers from other mothers?




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Lots of name, all caps, and all lowercase codes!


Names: Azlai, Opwap

All Caps: Zymen, Beram, Yitto, Rosro, Iayer (Also works as "Layer"~)

All Lower: Ahiya (Also works as "Hiya'"!), Ubeia, Smeiv, Woapo

Palindromes: 1 (Thanks for the trade~!), 2, 3 (right letters, wrong caps)

Other: Frill, Galak, "I hiss", Kerhe (Not a perfect match, but almost the same word one of my words, Kerne.)


And a somewhat appropriate perfect word for the breed, Kills. :x

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Caught a tool last night and some gods just now. Thanks to those who AP'ed them! I promise that they'll be well taken care of~

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I couldn't resist picking this up, as the code made me giggle for some reason...


ohhHAi thar biggrin.gif

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