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Dragon Codes V2.0

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My catch of the month - possibly the year is 'KlKOi'. Why? Well, first of all Kikoi is an actual word. It's the name of a striped, fringed fabric from East Africa. Secondly... 'KlKOi' is a CB stripe dragon. It's just... too... perfect! Never mind the fact that the first 'I' is actually a lowercase 'L'. SHHHH! ToT


I was recently gifted eGAUd too - 'Gaud' being another real word which means 'a showy and purely ornamental thing'. What better word could you use to describe a Specklethroat? So again - the code fits the dragon!


Then... there's fOalZ, which is pretty self-explanatory. Would've been cooler if it had been a horse dragon, though. Oh well. 2/3 isn't bad. xd.png

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I just got an antarean egg that really likes to speak in caps, because it wants to remind me to type "X NOT x" xd.png I'll have to give this one a math-related name or something.

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my new replacement Thalassa is quite naughty blink.gif also just caught a All Caps Antarean "WEGFT"


edit: also caught a Moonstone "ZYLUC" gender shall be random, since I already have 4 Capital Letter Z-code pairs

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This code is pretty fitting due to the fact that I've been watching the show Arrow. It would have been better as an Undine or a Green, but it doesn't matter. (Too much)


Meet OAroW!


EDIT: Code typo>

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I got 1wAYs. Proceeded to name it "One Ways", then wrote a description about how awful his grammar is. xd.png

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An angry little pygmy!



It's too bad this one's a pygmy, because I caught it's exact opposite inverse today in a fleshcrown that would have made an amazing pair. ggrRg


I have a few nice codes, although half of them are really just cool name codes. There's 4268, Wooeb, JUdu, Taig, TAYA, Avou, esKa, JuGa, and XuGEN.


Ljv3 looks like live to me

aswiG wears wigs

nsyNe looks like nsync

GYHH is very frustrated

ZIM0D is going to invade the earth

LIQR just wants a drink

Pffui looks like it's saying phooey

f3v4r has a fever

spIT8 reads like spittake

hUkUS says hocus pocus

And then there's just EelZ

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