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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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My thunder dragon wants followers

-view spam removed- view/xCult[/url]

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This dragon was determined to stay on my scroll. laugh.gif

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Was trying to breed goldfish dragons, but got magi instead (name says it all): sucKe


I also picked up a dragon that thinks quite a lot of itself: GoDTm

[God of Trademarks much?]


And this Gem I might name Blaise: PCSAL


Has a spring cold?: ornks


Oh really?: wlbEZ


Guardian does not like:Yickk


Carmine is very crazy: Cz8zy


Rude egg: FEQuw


Despis is not sure: LhmTk


Dismay?: ODiNO


or this one: nOewZ


It left the cracker box open again: stAil


And last but not least (I can't remember if I mentioned this one before)- A purple [heart]: WaRs1


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You guys are lucky. Mine's a dud!


But seriously, so happy to have snatched a word code and a perfect palindrome! Now to dig through all my other code pygmies and pick a suitable mate. @.@

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Maybe she would like to be friends with Tony! LOL

Oooh, we should introduce them once Bela has cooled down. xd.png

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I just found ruHE0 to match lAuTI xd.png Not 5 letters, not properly capitalised, not in English, but a pairing that makes me smile :3

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