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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Yesterday caught an Electric egg with the word 'hate' in its code ^^

I have another dragon with a code having 'pray' in it. So now I'm hoping to mate these two once the little Electric "hater" grows up rolleyes.gif

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Just caught this Spring in the AP, and it appears to already have named itself laugh.gif Too bad it has to be influence female ^^;

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Kinda cool, I guess



>b = better

g = get

v8 = v8







>Tina for Jay






>r8 (this code) smile.gif





>Ye, waz' up?



>'Murica #1







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XpuFf is apparently extra puffy. I wish it was a pillow. xd.png

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Just got a Yellow-Crowned who decided to name herself Illia.


Edit: And just now got a Neotropical who really likes nuts.

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My hunt for CB pinks has led me to catch and AP many a flamingo but I did finally give in and keep one... because who can resist a flamingo named (smAhg)?

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I don't hunt specifically for codes but I figured these ones were worth sharing. XD


These dragons like technology (I just tried to breed them together but alas, no interest. -_- But they both have pending descriptions that fit. lol)


All hail Lord Helix *shot* (These two did get along and the lady has a pending description.)


Hoot hoot~


This Split is a pirate




Appropriate code for a Black Tea no?


Someone's in a bad mood


Put some clothes on!


I could probably come up with some more but I don't feel like going through all my dragons atm.

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I was really excited to see this code, i think it's pretty neat.


The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

WOW. That is just -


an Anagallis, with THAT code -


green-eyed and drooling, I bow -


you WIN! smile.gif


(If she had landed on my scroll, I would definitely try breeding with IhOWl. ) <3

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Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!


I just bred this Gem-shard that seems to be a bit of a romantic!


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