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Dragon Codes V2.0

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The only code of mine to actually make me laugh a little

Made me laugh, too. biggrin.gif


I found a hatchling with the perfect (except for caps) name code "Heinz" on the AP and had to keep him for the code. Too bad he's not CB.

(And maybe "he" wouldn't even be male if I had waited for him/her to gender...)

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I have this one who likes to eat non food items.




This little one who likes Motocross.




This one who really likes movies in 3D.




This one thinks highly of himself.




This one likes eggs.




This one is very wide.




This one likes the girls.




This one almost beeps.



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DRafy likes the raffle, apparently. I don't know.


abOKZ is an odd name for a striped river dragon, but why not.


AopMU! Sounds like a cow that fell over.


606xI- the last hotel room he went in killed him, or something.


N0011- The avatar of destruction will rule, not kittens on the internet! (looks like he's saying noo!!)


MUNn5, if the "5" was an "e", it would spell Munne- and if the "e" sounded it's vowel- Money.


rgaDO- is it just me, or does it sound like a weird person with a sneeze trying to say fusrodah?


KeR9y... looks like Keroy- a nickname I have for one of my friends. xd.png


Sq0qd- the squad is here.


VVyOP, she thinks she's very OP.


2mYMU- perfect example of unrequited love with AopMU.


k4ypp... kaypop... kpop...


JMMAM, J'mamma- idk.


CuV1D- change the "v" to a "p" and the "1" to an "i" and you got cupid.


CBweB- caveborn web? But you're not even cave born.


OnmEZ- I don't know why it's so catchy.


aIzPB... he really likes Peanut Butter.




subJo reporting for duty.


BzsIc, replace the "z" with an "a" and he's just basic.


JACOs...? xd.png


spfCE, with all your sunblock needs.


PV0XI, either trying to say she's a diva or she's a proxy.




Well then.


I have more, but didn't check them.

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I have only recently noticed that I have this pink CB, who is a little confused:




Now I just need to find him a mate with an equally neat code.

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So lately I've been hunting pretty much 100% on the basis of codes, paying zero attention to the species of the dragon. It turns out that, when you do this, it's surprisingly easy to find neat codes.


Also: Whoever snapped up 'wtfDC' or something similar today is REALLY lucky and I am VERY jealous! ;.;


Still, I lost that one, but I have landed some really excellent ones lately...





Influenced these two as mates. If you never read the Dragonriders of Pern books this pair won't make sense, but anyone who has will probably - as I did - go YESSSS OMG NEAR-PERFECT PERN CODES




Just brilliant. Going to be bred into my 'Sinnish/Hellish-mate' lineage once I can settle on a mate...





Another slightly obscure one, but I read this as 'a ton of OG kush'. wink.gif




'Beg, cutie!' If it genders right, could be a mate for cLiaR or DrugU, but hoping to find something else that implies either violence, sex, or both, for a better match. (Actually, come to think of it, that might be pretty funny paired with 'fap2B'... )




Just a basic three-letter, but I liked how the capitalization was perfect so I picked it up.




She's just topz, peeps! xd.png Really too bad this one is a pygmy, would've loved to have this code in my normal-dragon-neat-codes breeding pool.




It's a moot point, k? It's just... just moot. ;p




This has to be an all-time favorite, right up there with DrugU. Especially because I -do- artz! xd.png




Celtic gangsta pride? TORCZ YO




Part of my 'vulgar/rude' collection, but second tier since it's not QUITE perfect. If only that f was a 4, it'd be a perfect 'late for BJ'. Alas...




This guy on the other hand is first tier, at least until I find one with an actual properly spelled expletive in it. xd.png Just... too classic. Saw someone post about catching this one on the release thread for the new species and just had to offer to trade for it. Happily they were willing to do so!




Taco! Or... ta COQ ;O




One of my best three-letter words. Perfect spelling, caps, and all. If only she were one of the cold-loving breeds!




This one is up there with DrugU among my best four-letters. Not only is the Quit perfectly spelled/capitalized, but '0' is the best fifth digit I can imagine for that word. Can't decide whether to influence male to mate with DrugU, or female to mate with Liar. Hard call! ;.;




This one's a touch disappointing - I'd love to switch that 1 out with an L if I could - but heck I'll take it, especially as a Z code. Jai Kali Ma




Roll some Budz in a J, anyone?




I LOVE that this one is a Horse Dragon. I often don't name my neat-code dragons, but I couldn't resist calling this one Crazy Horse. xd.png




I almost thought of offering this one to that person who collects dragons with 'gay' in their codes, but then my brain read it as 'Bisexual Tiger' and I began giggling. A lot. So I kept it. xd.png




So close! If only that 9 were a 0...




Great code for a bred egg, too. Depending on my mood I read this as either 'I Am On' or 'I Amon' (the latter being a StarCraft II reference).




I picked this one up in the AP not just because it was (at the time) an April 1st eggling, but it's also one letter away from 'amor'. You could also read it as 'am more', I guess?




Not sure what this guy dislikes so much about Io, but I named him ' I Hate Io' because of his code.




Not quite as perfect, but Just Sass was the best interpretation I got from this one.




OxyContin in the Evening... if only this guy were CB he'd be the perfect mate for DrugU. Alas...






I got a few Gemshards with nice codes, including Apt and the one I decided to read as 'Doctor Dark', but for sheer quirkiness I think 'Elfy B' has to be my favorite. Hard beats and chill rhymes comin' strait atcha outta the Keebler Tree, yo.




Gotta love an ivy background.


I think that's enough for now - I didn't realize my coded collection was getting so big. Whee!

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I adopted this one from the Oddball Code Trading thread!


http://www.dragcave.net/lineage/jiimM - Jim xd.png And it's got a nice lineage, however I hope it becomes male since one of my irl friends is named Jim and I want to name it after him tongue.gif (currently fogged)


This one was found as an egg with 3 days and 10 hours left on it in the AP; I couldn't resist a low time egg!


http://www.dragcave.net/lineage/kUMWK - A naughty little Turpentine!


http://www.dragcave.net/lineage/monBZ - A little cheese egg who is busy on Mondays? tongue.gif

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I just bred this guy ->" seacq " a River Dragon lol his mothers' being WhoYx (like who, why and x marks the spot so "where") and then epic "Ehp1k"


I had a Green Dragon who had the code EDEA for those FF8 lovers


Those are my best so far ^^

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