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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I love it when the codes for the eggs look like good names. I got this code for my Bronze Shimmer egg: BiBox


It sorta reminds me of Bebop from the original Ninja Turtles.


Also picked up a hatchling from the AP pile earlier this week and it's code was: NYmoP


So of COURSE I had to name it "New York Mop" xd.png


DunoL: Sounds like Dunno.

mW0oW: I guess my dragon's surprised by something. xd.png

deKdI: My Black Alt is "De Kid" x3

FkbiP: I sense this dragon has some bleeping issues. o.o

qWRRX: "Q works"

90pFL: Florida page 90?

heSUk: xd.png

RUgRB: Is it a rug or a magic carpet?

qHAbt: "Que habbit"

7Bitl: How can that dragon bite when it's not a Vampire?

YEjEE: It just seems funny to me. x3

nERDS: My Doutone is not a geek! She just like Wonka candy. xd.png

GZp0D: another one that sound kool.

SC4np: would have named her Scamp if she had been a boy.

hWDBy: "How D' Boy" (Almost named him that too)


That's all I got for now after looking at three pages. I'm too tired to keep looking. I may come back later when I get another neat code.

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I have a pinQo that grows up in a couple of hours. It's an Albino though, and not a Pink.


I'm also trying to decide if L00q2 is Luck, Look or Luke, and is aR1bs a rib, Arabs or Arby's? xd.png

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Bred this one, not sure if I should use him or not  laugh.gifLineage

Oh my GOD that is just TOO AMAZING x] /wants hitler code


My only good recent code was Gum.



For some reason all my CB Golds have at least 3-letter codes o3o

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one of my dragons code is wnsnw ...i like it

xd.png I collect codes like that - one day I will turn them all into a glorious even-gen celebration of perfect palindromes. tongue.gif


A lovely person gave me 8ACTS and ASgoD recently - I'm hoping that ASgoD will gender female and make babies with 8ACTs. smile.gif


Oh, and I picked up a beam last night. I just cannot resist an interesting code. rolleyes.gif

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Oh, and I picked up a beam last night.  I just cannot resist an interesting code.  rolleyes.gif

Ooh, I saw that one! Was debating picking it up, but didn't want to use up my last egg slot, lol.


I bred this palindrome code awhile back o3o

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