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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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I just had to work the code into its name; it's so perfect: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Zufri

At first glance, my eyes moved some letters around so that it looked like Izaya- but is definitely not a shimmer: http://dragcave.net/lineage/IZY6A

This is almost Soap! http://dragcave.net/lineage/vBoap

Like a car was zooming along and then its engine stopped and went GRG! ...I have too much time on my hands. rolleyes.gifhttp://dragcave.net/lineage/zmGrG

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I have a Black Tea Dragon with the code hrrRa (Either a roar of hurrah!)


Just got a lovely Blacktip from the AP with TUchx.

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My most loved code is for my Ice Dragon I made an offer for a trade and it was excepted. That was easy, and so is her code! EASeY! LOL! laugh.gif

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Some fun codes I share at this time.


Dino (Yellow with teh code Antt)


Oh My Thats a Big antt


Y U DOG ? Wow someone confused tongue.gif An of course its a shimmer!


Y U Dog?


A silver shimmer thats confused that it thinks its a gold Its says gold xd.png


Im Gold! *whispers no your a silver shimmer not gold*


I share more these are my top fun codes at the moment I have tons more wink.gif But I like sharing three at a time ^^

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Haha I was staring at that one for the longest time in the cave!

Decided not to get it because of that "I". You know how in those waldo pictures multiple people would wear similar clothes to waldo to throw you off? It was kinda like that xd.png


∂eity: That last one reads like "get it" to me xd.png


Not word codes, but I really like these: kyEmi and J0LOA. Both of them will be named their codes when they hatch laugh.gif

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LOL at this one

Its code looks like it's saying "Nein YTP You", which would further "translate" into "No Youtube Poop You". Yeah, "ytp" is an abbrevation for "Youtube Poop". (Sorry if this is offensive, since I can't find a reason why would it be)

And I also like the lineage :3

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I just realized my Hellhorse is destined to be named Dundy.




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Oh woah I totally did not notice my blusang's epic code until now 0:



Not only is it a Z code but HIM. OH MY GOD HIM.

My pinks haven't matured yet either so I can't influence D:




I will die.

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