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Dragon Codes V2.0

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I was hunting in the Jungle this morning, with space on my scroll, and the first code popped up, click, followed by another, click, third, click, fourth, uh, wait, these aren't the breeds I wanted! rolleyes.gif


http://dragcave.net/lineage/WhyR9 - Why are 9?

http://dragcave.net/lineage/sURNz - sur, sun, urn, urnz?

http://dragcave.net/lineage/PEWFU - Stinky? My mom used to say "feee-YEW" when something smelled real bad, and this would have been her response to Pepe Le Pew.


ETA: I almost forgot http://dragcave.net/lineage/cArkk! Of course, she is Ark Listed! biggrin.gif

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Since we're not allowed to post other ppls dragons I won't post it, but I found one that had the f word as a code. It was an ancestor of one of the dragons on Green Leafeon's scroll.


Also I thought this code was fitting for my even 5th generation pink:


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I got the code "noBin" on an Alt black today. It was a win. Idk if I'll ever have better code catches than these two though.

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I have /view/FroG[/url] my froggy..

Also, NAWM



-please use lineage links on the forum-

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Not mine, but checked a dragon's lineage on the congrats thread, and found this code right at the top of the page -

-removed, please don't post dragons that are not yours

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Ahaha today is the day for codes

Today I got:


9eOe9 - A very distressed pygmy. It's also a palindrome code. biggrin.gif

6x8GR - I named this guardian Jkifat Aso-Jbukadw Jedw Thuwed because the code reminded me of the Multiplication Rock from schoolhouse rock where the annoying blonde girl sings about 8 and ice skates. It's name means "Stupid Ice-Skating Song Thuwed". Because that song was stupid and I always fast-forwarded through it.

uYgod - A distressed CB Water


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Time to dig out ALL my cool codes x3 I collect them <3 Most all are CB or 2nd gens bred by me, since my scroll rules prevent me from collecting anything else...

  • tOM8r CB Black tomater! x3
  • ifUgT "Fuga"? ("flight" as in "fleeing" in Spanish)
  • 8J0EI Joe? Joel? Joey?
  • uGLi6 Ugly CB Guardian 0_0
  • SEAra ("Evening" in Romanian!)
  • guPY3 Guppy #3
  • On42g On 42...ready...go!
  • siiZE What _ dress do you wear?
  • VT0EG Veto? Toe?
  • fiRl Fir tree loving CB balloon <3
  • nsalg All lowercase, "Sal" ("salt") or "No salgas" (meaning "don't go out" in Spanish)
  • WmwES This CB Black Tip wanted to be named Wes <3
  • QUuPS Oops? UPS?
  • AAULs Awl? Aul? Owl?
  • RckVh Looking at this code I could only think, "Rock!" Too bad it ain't a Stone...
  • G0fLf Kept thinking "golf" when seeing this CB BBW's code. X3
  • ePi71 A very mathematical Brimstone
  • 1C6D2 CD...number 2?
  • MADpk This CB Brim's code describes me PERFECTLY.
  • q0Oq Kook?
  • 8ADAD This CB Canopy ate a dad! @_@
  • XLgs3 This Chicken's legs are extra large o_O
  • AClvl Air conditioning level?
  • pi83h Another math dragon, this time a Wrapping-Wing...
  • slAte Perfect word code!
  • V3RSE Am I the only one who saw "Verse" here?
  • 1gEG This CB Daydream really is a 1g EG lineage! tongue.gif
  • BG58 Background 58? (I'm an HTML coder, so...I had to think that!)
  • K1EV Ukrainian Red Dorsal! Now I wish I had one with the code BCRST (București)...
  • SPAhY Spray? Spay? I'll leave that one up to you...
  • a7mAW This Electric has a big maw.
  • PIHsi I saw "Pishty", my first betta's name...
  • mkt5U This CB Gold wants to go to the market. Or she wants to "make it FIVE you" (instead of make it FOR you) LOL!
  • Sib8K Sibling? Siberia?
  • TMYL Trademarked Shallow Water X3
  • tUATB Animal lover that I am, I could see "tuatara" in this code...
  • RPn4q Roleplaying Shallow Water
  • 1Opt I keep seeing "10 pt" ("10 points"). Can you tell I play too many videogames?
  • MRDoT Unfortunately, I had no Pinks when I got this one, so it gendered wrong for its code. sad.gif
  • mYoeE Yoe looks like it should be a word. X3
  • dOTvq A dotty Guardian.
  • aEXN0 This Pumpkin screams, "Eek! No!"
  • CoNGk This Marrow is from the Congo.
  • v7PbJ I'd say PB&J, but this Shadow Walker really is PB e_e
  • tigGk I saw "tiger"...
  • tiMUM A mommy Cavern Lurker! <3
  • 8bO8W "Bob"? "Bow"?
  • mLUV My Love! <3
  • Ksaxu "Saxu" is an epic name!
  • AwpDf Cute PDF file xDDD
  • AOwnV A owns V. Totally.
  • MSgWP A messaging Horse dragon...
  • M0nr4 I kept seeing "Monera" here...
  • 2xSAq A sacked Ice, sacked twice. XDDD
  • dWPC A PC-loving Water. Can't figure out how it gets to them without killing them with moisture... >_<
  • 1QtO1 1 quart of Water.
  • hbugs Buggy Water? Hate-bugs Water?
  • PCj3 PC-loving GoN!
  • CAbMM Cabbie Lumina!
  • mAXNv Maxine...
  • MoRTR Mortar-flinging Magi!
  • 0URHF Our little Mint! <3
  • pupIM Puppy? IM?
  • CatdG This Moonstone is a bit confused as to its species...
  • wINb4 This Moonstone wins before everybody else.
  • aOUr3 It's our three...
  • hBOGl A boggy Neotropical...
  • dF0LD This Nocturne is folded.
  • ERlulThis ND-fail is laughing at its own emergency...
  • VBmil"Mil" (1,000 in Spanish)
  • uoo3h This Ochrelove is forever gasping softly in suprise and wonder e_o
  • usAv USA? You save?
  • ki4d This Paper thinks it's a kid.
  • TJIGE TJ-coded Pink here...
  • VnU5A Vine? USA?
  • cLAaV Claw? Clave? ("key" or "clue" in Spanish)
  • oon2r Ooo! Not R!
  • 4V0TU For vote you...You vote for?
  • F0SEc Fosec looks like it should be a word.
  • kuN2 This naughty Purple looks kinda like a bad word...
  • F8pc This Pygmy's fate really was decided on a PC.
  • BD1XV Beady 1-15?
  • Blu0j Too bad this Crimson Flare really is red and not blu...
  • aqkMe Ask me? Ack me?
  • PA7OW This PA Dark Myst is forever in pain. <3 Poor baby...
  • ppun6 This Misfit has the most appropriate code!
  • EATm8 This Seawyrm eats its mates >_<
  • PuMPi This Seawyrm seems to enjoy pumping seawater. Wonder what it would do that for...?
  • siBSl This Red seems to have many sibs...
  • ARims This Red apparently has a rim...or rims...or enjoys rims...OK, I'll shut up. XP
  • dP0NY This Purple Ridgewing thinks it's a pony. Only it's not half as pretty as a pony. XDDD
  • gERNn Is it just me or does "Gern" sound like it should be a name...or a word?
  • R9fuq Do I need to explain? tongue.gif
  • cRAnI A cranberryish (or crane?) Royal Blue...
  • m0OU This Spring thinks it's a cow.
  • SkEW Another one of my faves! I grabbed this girl off the AP. Looks like she's askew. Wonder who dumped her!?
  • tfck Does this look like "tick"?
  • WoFt "Soft" as said by Elmer Fudd.
  • 3banu This Autumn wants to ban you.
  • RtWrp RT Wrap? Red Tape Wrap? LOL
  • JPne1 Know anyone named JP?
  • zonMx This Soulpeace lives in the Mexican zone xDDD
  • annaQ This Spitfire named herself...
  • WARhT War? Wart?
  • lnt7a Lint? Eeeeuuuwwwww.
  • 4pall Pall? Pallor? Pallet? All my Stones have cool codes xDDD
  • G1ue3 This Stone is a bit sticky.
  • eWX1T Exit? Ew?
  • rnunn This Stripe is a nun, too!
  • 7podm This Sunset likes Podracing.
  • serUC This Sunstone likes backward cures. XDDD
  • 71doh Homer Simpson.
  • bBoRK Bork! Bork!
  • mUM2b Caught on Teimarrs' release day, too!
  • GPaCO Know anyone named Francisco/Paco?
  • uugR0 ROmania? Anyway, this lil' Ultraviolet wants you to grow!
  • tuDrN Tudor?
  • emoR0 Emo Romanian Sweetling! XDDD
  • svdiv DivID="save"
  • efUNd Fun? Fund? You decide!
  • EGReC This looks like it should be a word. Maybe to refer to some ancient hieroglyph.
  • 49li This Vampire is a forty-niner.
  • CGLO1 This Waterhorse wants you to see its glow, now!
  • Hose5 This Waterhorse (or should I say, "Waterhose"?) has many hose5. XDDD
  • hAM7G This Waterwalker thinks it's a 7th-gen ham.
  • nrHAt This Waterwalker is wearing an invisible hat.
  • ZXOMG This Whiptail is obviously shocked.
  • SLY5 This foxy Green Dino is very sly.
  • asfTj What is it with TJ codes!?


Think that's all for the moment...

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Seems like someone don't know the alphabet

That's the Attention Deficit Alphabet. smile.gifMy ADD is fighting with my OCD again!


http://dragcave.net/lineage/CUTTi grows up in about an hour.


These others have grown up in the past week:

















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