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shric debar

Dragon Codes V2.0

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Go look at my scroll on the first page and scroll down until you find a nocturne dragon named "UAJEW" I have many prized codes :3

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I don't know if it's just my dirty mind, but this sounds dirty to me: lAn0L

Lol! Nope, I see what you see. xd.png

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Speaking of dirty minds....dPsEX


A pygmy me a cute "Me" MpbMe


A dragon that is always in agreement nods


Then there is this dragon that spells Roes but also so close to Rose ROESx


This is a dragon that had a code that was meant to be his name BoBPO


This dragon is a nun NDnun


This code looks like Scam or Game SGAM5


I have two dragons that spell out dug DUgQI



One dragon that is obsessed with tin TlN89


And lastly, a DJ dragon DJZZI


Best thing of all this: I had just discovered these codes on my scroll after reading this thread xd.png Some dragons got their names changed upon discovering their awesome codes.

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