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Badly Named Dragons: Part Deux

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I collect eggs and hatchies with fun named ancestors. Some of the ancestors in the lineages of my dragons:


One family has:

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

NCC-1701-D Enterprise



~so I had to name the hatchie to match the theme

Warp Factor Nine


Another lineage included:

Dolly Llama


The Thing Behind The Mirror


Another included:

Freddy Mercury

so the baby had to be named

Bohemia Mercury


Other ancestors are:

Pixy Stick (water)

Immovable Object (stone dragon)

King of Orange (magi)

red rubin (red dragon)

White Hot Intensity (gold)

Lipton (vine)

Chopstick through my Heart (mint)


Keep on naming fun names, it gives me more to collect biggrin.gif

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Is there any name for a male Stone but - Basalt Rathstone?

*groans and throws peanuts*


You're right...you had to do it. laugh.gif




I got a male purple the other day. His Great-great grand parents' names were quotes from the movie, Serenity, I Am A Leaf On The Wind and Watch How I Soar. So, browncoat I am, named this one using a quote from the first Firefly episode shown. His name is: Ha Ha Ha - Mine Is An Evil Laugh





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I have a Skywing called "Cloudboy Bebop". Can he join the gang?

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Gioco di luce dei mille ciliegi and A Thousand Cherry Blossoms are both named after the cheap partial translation of Senbonzakura tongue.gif Edited by Lizzyluna

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all mine have insane names. either from their codes or me being sleepy, or just having namers block...so yeah they are oddballs all of them.

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Well, I have a pygmy named Minee-School. And a Paper named Postit Notes.

A male Terrae named Chloro Phill. . _.

A water horse named The Jelly Master,

a Skywing named Surfer 'Boi,

a male twin-head named Megan and Fox,

and stone named Stonecold Pavement. I believe that's it for my weird/lame names. xd.png



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I have six cheeses named:

When the dark

Of the ni-ight

Comes around

that's the time

That the animal

Comes alive


(Ke$ha FTW?)

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I have three splits named,


We are siamese

if you please

We are siamese if you


I need a few more to finish that.


UMMMM RAWR (water dragon)


AWWW MisClick (frozen electric)

The Thing That Should Not Be -x (Black. Named after a Metallica song, but also has a extremely long lineage. I watched it get thrown back at least seven times before I got it. She is also an alt.)


EEWWW I Stepped in Gum(dorsal)


Look Iz can do Handstand(frozen dorsal)


Fluff the Magic Dragon(daydream)






Pardon Me


Would you pass the Gray Poupon(a pair of orcherdrakes)


Ching Chang Chewz(purple male)


Mr Pinky Pinkerson & Mrs Pinky Pinkerson


And a lot more too, but I won't list them all here.

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Some of my dragons are named:

Harri james pottah

Leafling Lee Ling

Dan the Man with the Master Plan

Google It

Did you just Bing Google?

Im discontinued in may

Chrysafeniosilektron Dorkface

One to be not named

Evil Chinese Pastry of Death

I wonder how closely related Chrysafeniosilektron Dorkface is to Chrysaor Dorkface, who was my first Dork.

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I have:

Sweet Souldream (daydream)

Lord H Vetinari (male vampire)

My Lucky Break (frozen hellfire hatchie)

Shield From Bad Luck (frozen guardian hatchie)

Frozen Fortune (frozen albino hatchie)

Steadyrock (flamingo)

Romancedawn (pink)

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Male Flamingo Dyz Lawn Ornament

Female Flamingo Social Significance of PublicArt

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I named two male magmas:

Give you f-f-fever

Caught you f-f-fever




Other silly names from my scoll:

Side Order of Dino (frozen dino hatchie)

Cutting the Cheese (cheese dragon)

Holy Cheesus (cheese dragon)

Sparklier Than Diamonds (vampire dragon)


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I recently found that my Featherfall's children owned by someone else had kept the -fall suffix down the line. ohmy.gif Someone else kept my person line going. xd.png


I have:

Action-Packed Online RPG

Alice B. (he's a guy)

The Influence Has Failed

I Can't Spell My Real Name

Lustful Oceans (lyrics from a song I was listening to)

Dorky Dorkface the Dork

Haunting Your Memories


Skoll died and I am really

unhappy about it

Evony Play Now

Ray's King Tasty


Jaguar Platinum

Lust and Betrayal

Broccoli or the Beholder

Infinity's Judge

Sparkle Rock Candy

This TV Show Is Random

(a set of dragons in song lyrics)

Topical Acne Medicine

Try Before You Buy

Empire Nine

Be A Lord Conquer Your World


Your Nightmare's Essence

Halcyon Nightmares


Yet Another Frozen Pink

I Have An Annoying Accent

This Pink Reads Too Many Fanfics

What Have You Done Today

Pink Handstand

Apartment Rotator Five

Fatso King Of Ice Cream

Conquer Your World Dorkface

Super Evil Dorkface


PPN Top 50-1

I Have Abandonment Issues

Finish Line 624 Miles

Bioware 2



There are more. Most of my dragons xd.png

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Some recent additions to my scroll:



- Claire Redfield Eats Babies

- Nemo Is My Homeboy

- Leeloo Dallas Multipass

- I'm Not A Weathervane


xd.png I love naming my dragons silly things.

Edited by omgitskairi

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Mine was an influence fail. It's a red striped female who ended up with the rather male name of Red Nicodemus. Yeah, that will teach me to wait until I'm sure the influence has worked. Every time I see her I wince.

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I have:

The Laughing Cows Cheese(Cheese,obviously xd.png)


Death Note(Paper)

Lord Touch Me and Your Dead(My fav.)

Chillin' with my Peeps(frozen chicken hatchie)

Frozen Dragsicle(frozen black)

Thelma-and-Louise(female split)

Sceptile the Reptile(summer, looks just like Sceptile from Pokemon ^^)

The Hashslingingsplasher(Shallow water)

ShallowCarp(Shallow water)


Neck Biter(male Vampire)

OMG you stole my Mojo

Edited by BlazingAces

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Unwanted Thief(Male Black for ND experiment)

Shiek(Chicken. I wanted it to be 'Sheik' from OoT, but I spelled it wrong.)


So i herd u liek me(Male Terrae)

Oh noez i'll be eaten alive(Cheese)


I used to name dragons names backwards.

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Glowstick Bonanza Espada

A Deep-Sea. I still am trying to figure out why I thought that was such a suitable name...


(Btw Espada is the Surname for all my Dragons)


And for any of you medieval literature buffs...


I have a Split named Beo und (German for "and") Wulf...



Edited by Ulquiorra+Cuatro+Espada

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The Hashslingingsplasher(Shallow water)

I think this one is my favourite. xd.png


A few more of mine:


- Whatever Happened To Robot Jones

- Cloudy With A Chance Of Fail

- Eat Dung Umbridge

- God Is A DJ

- I Eat Lilacs

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Anyone who watches Smosh...


I just named my Flamingo Wyvern "Mah Daym Pet Flamingo"






I also named a Cheese Dragon "Bleu" in hopes I can get another one to name "Cheese"...



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Heh, out of a few of mine:




I Hate Stupid People [her code is IHSP]

We'll lead 'em to the slaughter

And we'll murder Harry Potter

Sin 9


Hopefully another /x/phile catches the first couple references.

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