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Badly Named Dragons: Part Deux

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i am terribler at coming up with names for me dragons.

my Light Blue is named "Splishy Splashy Water Rox"

my whiptail is "Woosh the Wee one"

my balloon is "I BELIEVE I CAN FLYY!!!"

daydream is "I Believe in Miracles"

and my magi is "Hairy Pothead"


i know, i fail sleep.gif

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I had fallen behind a little with naming my dragons, but now I've caught up again. Admittedly I haven't named any of my Hatchlings, but then I never do.

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Minty Orbit - Frozen Mint


You Should Have Been Female - Frozen Red Stripe


Oxyclean Orange - Frozen Magi


Ranchero Sauce - Adult Frill


Hawt Stuff - Frozen Red





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Valentine- So You Come Here Often

Cheese- Cheez It

Albino- SPF 100

Albino frozen hatchie- Coppertone Baby

Gold- Bananas in Pajamas

Gold- Platitudinous

Silver Male- 3 is a magic number

Alt Black- Skillethead

Alt black- Well Color Me Pink

Alt black- Ain't No Hollaback Girl

Alt Black- It Be Dark in Herr

Ochredrake- Mighty Mighty Earthtone

Blue Stripe- Don't Steal My Thunder

Green Stripe- Where's My Trashcan

Green Stripe-Yellow and Blue Make Green

Blue Stripe- My Wings Are Yellow

Sunrise- Cloudy With A Chance of Rain

Daydream- This Cloud is Lonely

Daydream- Who Said That

Male Pink- Pink's for Boys Too

Male Pink- Where'd My Wife Go

Female Pink- I IZ RETURNED

Geode- What's That on My Nose

Geode- I Wish I Was in Hawaii

Geode- I Block Ads

Geode- I'm Really a Gold


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Smaller-Than-Small-Jock Jock


Guess the breed laugh.gif

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The worse name I ever gave, that wasn't merely a mistake, was The Prodigal Sun for a sunset dragon, I should stay away from puns. Though, naming my first red Bing Cherry and my first water Bleu Cheese wasn't very swift either. dry.gif


"Geode- I'm Really a Gold" Is not bad, it's hilarious. xd.png

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CBS. What, I was bored. Maybe Nevser is bad. It sounds so much like Never. Unintended.


Someone was actually cruel enough to name their dragon 123. D : Somebody named their chicken stupid and their Magi Dummy! There's also a black dragon named Idiot and an Autumn named Dumb. How cruel.

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and IT'S THE OKAMA WAY the male sunrise dragon.


... if any of you watch One Piece, you'll get it. ;D

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Pepto-Dismal for a male pink

Needs A Weedwhacker for my vine

Go Buckeyes for my split- the code was OH1O

Auto Pistol for a Dorsal because she had UZI in her code

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I named my albino "Sometimes My Neck Bends Back." :-)


When my Spring Dragon named "Springs Into Action" lost her name in the Big Crash, I renamed her "Stupid Lagmonster ATE MY NAME." LOL But then after everything was restored, her original name was too. Just as well, since everyone renamed the new culprit the Datamonster anyway, her name was already out of date. :-D

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Funny ones I saw:


Female Dorsal: Missing My Weenie

Male Dorsal: Missing My Coochie


Male Split: Mutt and Jeff

Female Split: Laverne and Shirley

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Lol alright.

New Pink Adult Dragon = PeggyTheDragon

Orchdrake = GoobleDarlingTheDragon (xd.png It should be drake @_@)

Red Dragon = SmokyTheFireDragon (you know, smoky the bear. Heh. =P)

Summer Dragon = BoogieTheDragon

White Striped Dragon = ZebbyTheDragon (I should've done Racing Stripes or summthing. xd.png)

Pigmy Dragon = EensyWeensyTheDragon

Buahahahahaha. >:3

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I named a mint "Bites Your Knees"


Then the pygmies came out, so I had to name one "Bites Your Toes"


Poor little guys... they probably hate me for it. wink.gif

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Aw, this thread always gives me a good laugh. Time to bring it back to the first page.

I couldn't think of a name for my female red striped hatchling, so I named it what a red sign I saw yesterday said: Rooms To Rent. xd.png

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Oh dear! There's some really funny names on this thread! I wish I had that kind of imagination, but alas I fail at coming up with humorous names. Here's the best of my feeble efforts.


Scraps Shardborne - frozen Paper hatchie sans wings

Scrivner Shardborne - adult Paper dragon

Munsterella Shardborne - adult Cheese dragon

Henrietta Shardborne - adult Chicken

Hither and Yon Shardborne - adult female 2-Headed dragon

Guardian Angel Shardborne - adult female Guardian dragon

Pebbles Shardborne - frozen female Stone hatchie

BamBam Shardborne - frozen male Green hatchie

Yammer and Natter Shardborne - frozen female 2-Headed hatchie

Yulebringer Shardborne - adult male Christmas 08 dragon

Lash Gordon Shardborne - adult male Whiptail dragon

Whipper Snapper Shardborne - frozen male Whiptail hatchie

Paleface Shardborne - adult male Albino dragon

Nina la Cinqua Shardborne - adult male Ochredrake (Poor guy!)

Siza Shardborne - adult male Pygmy dragon


Those last two were named due to their codes, 9la5 and 5IZA respectively. Then there's my entire ReBoot-themed gang.


Turbo Prime Shardborne - adult male Red dragon

Guardian Bob Shardborne - adult male Guardian dragon

Dot Matrix Shardborne - adult female Mint dragon

Enzo Matrix Shardborne - frozen male Mint hatchie (son of Bob and Dot)

Mouse Shardborne - adult Purple dragon

Ray Tracer Shardborne - adult male Skywing dragon

Skate Shardborne - frozen female Skywing hatchie (daughter of Mouse and Ray)

AndrAIa Shardborne - adult female Water dragon

Renegade Matrix Shardborne - adult male Green dragon

Deecee Shardborne - frozen male Water hatchie (son of Matrix and AndrAIa)

Hexadecimal Shardborne - adult female Red dragon

Hack and Slash Shardborne - adult male 2-Headed dragon

Lady Daemon Shardborne - adult Original Pink dragon

Deacon Shardborne - adult male White dragon

Snobol Shardborne - frozen male White hatchie (son of Lady Daemon and Deacon)

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Split: Gred and Forge Weisley blink.gif

o_o; Genious! Gred and Forge...I love it! xd.png

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Hokay, got another few:


YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY IT-male pebble

Its LOADS of fun-male black

Steak ala geode-frozen male geode hatchie

Sparkle of doom-female gold

Diggin for gold-male gold

I haz a tail-male guardian

I want to be a male oso bad-female drake

ME TO OSO BAD-same as above^

Froot salad yummy yummy-frozen male summer

Whip OW-female whiptail

Enjoy. xd.png


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I love my cheese. It's name is Cheeses Christ. Someone else came up with the name in the Cheese Name thread and said it was free for the taking and i love it. xd.png

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There's so many names like "OMNOMNOM" that go on for, like, five noms. And there's the variation where there's spaces in between all of them. And then there's NOM nom nom...


So I decided to name my Mint NomNom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom. That song is so awesome in its own cute way. Whether that name is horrendous or not is your own opinion.

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