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"Oh, hi. My name's Scipio," the Royal Crimson hatchling said. He started to ask a question, but quickly cut himself off.

Making an effort to sound friendly, Rimaline smiled and said, "My name is Rimaline. Are you hungry?"

Just then, a jade-colored shimmerscale entered the cave with a flaunting, "Don't mind us, we're just late to the party." A young hatchling slept peacefully on her back.

Rimaline was disgruntled, but continued. "There's water and food over there. I don't know where we'll be sleeping tonight, though... it doesn't seem like we'll have room for everyone."

Rimaline wandered off and exited the cave. The air was cold, but she appreciated it. The sun had fully dipped under the horizon now, and she silently watched the changing colors.

"Where are you, mum? Where are you, daddy?"


((What type of hatchling is Quinn? unsure.gif))


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((I've been stuck here on this post for a while. Writing it now.))


I'm watching... -Torque yawned. There was no denying he was tired, and the steadily setting sun wasn't helping keep him on his toes. As the two wandered through the plains, Torque followed Enzy's directions to the letter, hoping that it wouldn't be long before they found their target.

Zeditha had begun her own search effort however, though fruitless as it may have been, she kept an eye in the sky for anything resembling their missing comrade. Sadly, the low light conditions didn't make for promising results.

A good fifteen minutes of searching later, she decided against it and just continued following Torque, who was still, as expected, following the directions given to him.

Zeditha too didn't want to spend their time in the dark, so much so that she was contemplating starting a forest fire to flush out their target.


A nice, huge inferno to purge the land of all impurity... yes.

No! No... not again. -she gave herself a mental slap at the thought. This was no time to give in to old habits.

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"He's here. We've been walking in a circle for hours and it keeps leading us here. Do you see him? I don't see him. He should be right... Oh..." Enzy looked up. There he was, in a tree, as if he had been possessed by exhaustion and fell as he was trying to glide. "Torque, um..." She gestured up at her comatose adopted brother. Not that she knew he was adopted.


((I can't think of anything better. *shrugs*))

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((@Lily She's a Solstice.))


"Um excuse me." said Irah, raising her voice as Rimaline left. Her and Mihari seemed distracted whereas Scipio just looked shy and didn't want to say anything.

"I said...who's throwing snow around!?"

Irah was irritated now. The snow had melted and Tulvir was possibly her only witness. She glared angrily back at him just in case he was trying to sneak up on her again.

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After his short introduction, Mihari realized he had forgotten to ask what the name of the Royal Crimson was. "Oh, uh, hi." the Crimson responded, not seeming too bothered that Mihari had forgotten to ask for his name. Fortunately, Rimaline was also there.


"Hi, there. What's your name?" Rimaline asked. Mihari noticed that something seemed to bother her, but Mihari didn't say anything.


"Oh, hi. My name's Scipio," Scipio said, looking at the entrance. He seemed to be confused about something. "Who are they looking-" Scipio stopped before he finished the question. Mihari knew what they were trying to say, but he didn't know the answer himself. All he knew is that they had something to do with the Black Tea hatchling, Enzy. "I don't know," Mihari said, soon wishing he didn't even answer. He looked out the cave himself, seeing that they were already gone.


Mihari felt awkward standing there, but he didn't just want to walk off. Rimaline continued to talk to Scipio. "My name is Rimaline. Are you hungry?" she continued as the Jade Shimmerscale came inside.


Mihari decided he wasn't very good at introductions, or talking at all, so he didn't say anything else. He never talked to anyone very often in his old cave. He preferred to explore the cave or staying around the entrance rather than socializing. If he did talk, it was mostly with his parents. How long ago was that? No, I shouldn't think about them. Worrying about them isn't going to do anything. But, what about the eggs I was supposed to be guarding? What... Mihari stopped, trying not to remember.


"I said...who's throwing snow around!?" Mihari looked up to see Irah was in front of him.


Distracted from his thoughts, Mihari almost laughed aloud before saying, "I'm not sure, but it could be Baltia." He hadn't seen her since she hid away in the cave. In contrast to his mood seconds before, he smiled.

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((Aw man I forgot I'm being talked to))


"Oh, um, I'm not hungry." Scipio said. Then another dragon came in, going off to ask about someone throwing snowballs.


The Rimaline dragon continued to talk to him. "There's water and food over there. I don't know where we'll be sleeping tonight, though... it doesn't seem like we'll have room for everyone."


He replied, "Oh, um, I don't think I'm staying here."


((Argh bad=bad))

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I would really like to join-

Username: HannahSwiftstar

Name: Amber King

Gender: female

Type/Breed: Horse Dragon

Power: can shoot out its hoof to kill someone a long ways away

Personality:brave, trusts few, loyally defends friends, doesn't understand romance

Appearance: purple with a proud gait

Age/Stage: Adult Female

History: First egg obtained by HannahSwiftstar, was abandoned

Extra: smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

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((Hello, please post your sheets in the ooc.))

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((I'll post when I am out of school. May I have a recap?))

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What? Oh.... -Torque arced both eyebrows.

What a curious and silly sight to behold. Galletian had crashed into a tree and looked as if he'd dozed off there and then.

Finally! -he exclaimed and approached the tree in question.

Getting the dragon off of there without causing him any injuries would require a lot of delicate fiddling. Maybe it was possible to wake him up?

I don't see how we can get him off of there. Especially not me, I'm built for speed, not strength. Do you think you can wake him up so we can get out of here? We don't have a lot of time left...


Zeditha meanwhile, was circling overhead. She was still looking to find their target, but was also struggling with her inner desire to ignite everything and watch the inferno. She wanted it, and the encroaching darkness made her want it even more.

Just one, just one... no, no no... -she mumbled under her breath, slowly losing herself to that primal urge.

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"Nope. He's back in a coma. I mean, perseverance and pure will can only last so long. If we could get Zeditha to fly him down it could work. Hmm..." Enzy stared up at her brother, considering all possible solutions and outcomes. He would fall down eventually and possibly break something if they just left him, if they pulled him down hard he could injure his wing further, if they tried to gently move him off it would take too long...


"We know where he is... We might need someone else to get him out unless Zeditha decides to land."

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Far off, a fight in the air seemed to start in the distance, flashes that looked like star twinkles could be seen even in broad day light. As time wore on, the flashes slowly went out. Before each one went out, something seemed to cover it, darken it then it would just die.


"Flank him on both sides, hurry!" one sent to his brothers, 2 other storm grey's and a pink. They seemed to not show any sign of getting his telepathic message. The dark dragon in the middle seemed to just smile at him. He appeared to be a vamp, but he had bone platting over his whole body. And his power was so great it seemed to be leaking off his wings in dark wisps. the pink attacked from behind and the vamp seemingly knowing all along dropped suddenly before with a powerful pump of his wings shoot back up, spearing the pink's belly with his sharp muzzle. "NO!" One of the greys shouted launching a lightning strike at the dark one who took the hit but did not seemed fazed by it, but the pink was now dead for sure. "My turn." the dark one said with a grin before he shot towards them, tearing ones wing membrane while raking his claws down his spine paralyzing him.


The white looked on in horror before the dark dragon shot at him, only to be stopped by his brothers body. The second grey looked at him. "Go..... NOW!" he wheezed before trying to hurt the dark dragon. His teeth and claws useless though.


The white turned and flew away as fast as he could. Flying towards a land he had never been too before. Hopefully he'd find shelter, the dark one, had chased his family for a long time now, picking them off one by one. Today they tried to fight back, and now he was the only one remaining. Tears formed and ran along his cheek as he pumped his wings. Then the heart stopping screech sounded. His brother was dead, and the dark one craved for more action. His eye's widened as he saw the dark wisps rapidly gaining on him. Another screech this one much closer. Too close.


A painful something struck his gut winding him and sending him out of control.... a rock had struck him. Before the claws of his worst enemy reached him. He fought back with all his strength, but the dark red eye's of this vamp just seemed to glow with glee at his feble attempts. "Did I not tell you, the last thing you will see, is my jaws? You vowed not to be killed by my claws. Here we are." the dark one said seemingly happily "This is your last breath." he said right before he opened his jaws and clamped them across the whites scull.


A shriek later and a sickening crunch later, the white now hung limp in the attackers claws. The vamp dropped the now dead white and he then looked around and smiled "Ah, I know these lands. I wonder if Crusher is still alive." he said out loud before spotting some activity. And someone was flying. He grinned and let out his screech again and began to head right for the one he could see flying. Time to instill some fear in these ones again. And hurt his other self some more.


((The chase and battle with the white would be visible to many due to how high in the sky it happened, along with the screeches, Crusher will reconize them in a heart beat.


some facts about Evil Crusher.



He does not care for power or control.

He has little to no combat weaknesses.

He does have a weakness, its kind of cheesy.

He only cares to cause fear and chaos.

He has the power of a GoN that specialized in earth powers (rocks, soil, ect)

His bone platting renders most claw teeth and physical attacks ineffective

Thanks to a character from before, he was taught an ability to see the world based on life energy, kind of think thermal but instead of based on heat, its based on life energy, so good luck hiding.

He is not above deals, but they must benefit him and make it problematic for the deal maker to back stab him. Otherwise.... he simply won't go with it.


I will try to refrain from


Letting him maim, kill, or severely cripple non NPC characters unless permission is given.

Letting him imprison, enslave, ect unless given permission

Having him go power happy. He'll stay a claw to claw favor dragon, but he can use his GoN powers.))

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"Baltia, who's that?" asked Irah, her voice sounding accusive at first as she said the Dark Myst Pygmy's name. She then looked at the Royal Crimson with a 'Huh?' expression.

"Then why are you here? Are you lost? If so, you can ask Zeditha if you can spend the night when she gets back, then maybe we can help you. You're not the only one lost here." Of course, she didn't even know if he had met Zeditha yet, but Irah wasn't one to consider these things.


((Will get Artemis in later.))

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Mihari didn't even bother searching the cave walls for Baltia; She would most likely appear again soon anyway. By now she should have forgotten about Mihari not listening to her. Still smiling, Mihari said to Irah, "Baltia is a Dark Myst Pygmy who came to the cave earlier today. I can't find her, so she's probably hiding. It wouldn't surprise me if it was her, she was throwing rocks at us earlier," Mihari finished.


For a moment, Mihari thought of his old cave again, but it didn't bother him like it did a minute before. Even so, it gave Mihari a familiar feeling of loneliness. The same feeling when he found the cave empty when he had returned. The same feeling when he was surviving on his own. Everyone he had known in his cave was gone, but it didn't upset him like it did before. He knew wasn't alone anymore; he had this cave. Mihari smiled again, glad that Zeditha had offered for him to stay in the cave.


"You're not the only one lost here," Irah said to Scipio.


Mihari, still standing next to Irah and Scipio decided to say something too. "Yes, Zeditha would probably be fine with having another hatchling stay for at least the night." Mihari paused for a second before continuing. "Also, where is Zeditha?" Mihari asked Irah.




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((Oh I'm stook))



"Oh. Right. I'm not lost though. I'm looking for my sister." Scipio said. He probably was going to leave the next morning. It was dark outside so he was probably going to have to spend a night here. Despite the awkwardness.


((Whaaat nowww))

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Frustrted by her inability to satiate her desire for a veritable inferno, Zeditha hastily scanned the ground beneath for Torque and Enzy. The moment they came into view, she breathed a sigh of relief when she identified a third individual with them... up in a tree, stuck, and un-moving.

Great... -she growled quietly, before setting down near the three.

What a ridiculous situation this was indeed.

Chief? Are you alright? You're uhh... -Torque gestured for Zeditha to check the back her neck.

What? What is ARGH! -she exclaimed when her claw made contact with the blue fire now trailing down the back of her neck to where her tail ended.

Oh no... no no no nonono! I have to get out of here before it goes completely dark. I don't do well in pitch black! Not around all these trees! These easily flammable forestlands. -she spoke those last few words calmly, almost eerily so as a light grin crossed her face, erasing the mild panic that'd overtaken here a mere moment ago.

Chief! Huh, what? Zeditha snapped-to, almost having lost it there for a moment.

Let's just get him down before you do anything you might regret already! We'll talk about this later.

Right. Okay. Uhh... Right, see if you can remove the dangerous branches, then we'll topple it over.


Torque promptly crawled his way up the tree with all the speed and flexibility of any whiptail, and gently started snapping away the individual branches that looked like they were begging to impale part of poor comatose Galletian.


((I feel like Zeditha's been a bit stiff all this RP. I'll just add a bit of crazy into the mix.))

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Enzy crumpled to the ground, trying to cover her ears with her paws.


"Dude! You never said anything about being able to hear what you hear! That's twice as loud!"


I never knew that would happen, in my defense. What's going on?


"Ooow. I can hear you. Oh, the ringing in my ears doesn't affect telepathy. Zeditha's trying to-"


Who? Zeditha?


"She kinda looks like what you said a Nhiostrife looks like, but she's a tad different. She and Torque are trying to get you down from a tree."


A TREE?! Wha... How... That explains that, actually.


"No need to yell, man, you keep making my ears and my mind hurt!"


Sorry, sis.


Enzy got hit by a falling branch and looked up to see Torque taking out branches. She rubbed her forehead and looked up at the Whiptail.


"Hey, did either of you hear that screech? I don't want to come into contact with whatever made it."

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Rimaline lay outside, brooding. "I can't just live here for the rest of my life. And what about the bad people roaming the lands? I can't just leave.."

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a menacing screech from a long way away. She jumped up, her heart accelerating. "What was that?" Rimaline had never heard such malice before, even in the creatures that had put her in danger days ago.

She scampered back inside the cave and wailed, "Did anyone else hear that?"

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Tulvir had been whapped my a snowball. Uh....is that a shiny? He would have been pulled back in if he didn't hear an earsplitting screech from far away. EPP! What was that? He rushed outside to see what was going on.

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Scipio jumped when he heard a screech. He went outside. "That... That sounds... A bit like my sis." He stood there in shock for a while. After standing there, he decided it was probably not his sister. He had never heard his sister scream like that before, but it only sounded a little like her. He still had a bad feeling about it though. He went back inside.

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Evil Crusher smiled seeing the target fly down. Funny, it seemed to completely ignore his screech, though a few others seemed to have hearing capability though. the 3 or so of them he could see seemed to be working at saving one from a tree's clutches. He grinned. "I'll lend a hand." he said to him self before bolting over.


He came to a stop in view of everyone around the tree and grinned "Greetings." he said before looking at the one that seemed to be on fire "Fascinating, you haven't burned the forest down yet." he commented before looking at the 2 that heard his screech "Tell me, do you know of a orange magi around these parts? If so, I suggest you make your way to him now." he said with a grin "And here, I'll help you get your friend out of the tree." he said before seemingly on cue, the ground around the tree seemed to just reject it, rapidly its roots snapped before it seemed to pop out of the ground and into the air. By the time it landed he was back in the air still smiling.

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That was it. Zeditha could only sit there stone cold frozen while the scene unfolded before her. She'd lost it. She'd completely lost it. The darkness had gotten to her and she could feel her sanity leaving her. It was a hallucination! That was all.


...no no no! It's okay, just think of the kittens, think of the kittens, it's going to be alright, just think of those extremely flammable little puff balls just begging for A VERITABLE INFERNO! No no no no no no... -the same line looped in her head over and over as she watched and listened to what Evil Crusher had to say. She had to get out of there or else she was likely to just up and burn anything that looked like it could catch on fire, driven by her manic state of paranoia from the ever encroaching darkness.


As the pyre upon her back grew larger and started spreading onto her wings, Zeditha swallowed dryly as the very grasslands around her started to ignite. She immediately unfolded her wings and with one hardy jump, took off and flew away, away from the direction in which Shatterpoint Peak resided, into the darkest, deepest parts of the unknown lands beyond. When the last shard of her sanity abandoned her, though she couldn't see it herself, any onlookers could witness the trail of flames she left behind grow larger and brighter the further away she went, until she finally disappeared behind one of the hillsides in the distance.


Chief? Little help?! Or no, please, take your time. Just trying to breathe here. -Torque yelled from under the combined weight of a thick cluster of branches, and Galletian pinning him to the ground like a post-it note under an anvil. The whiptail had missed everything past the moment the tree fell down along with him and Galletian. He had no idea what went on past that moment.


((Aaaaaaand there she goes! Now to decide on the amount of collateral damage! Anywhere between small patch of burned trees to an eco-disaster. Hmmmm...))

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