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Welcome to the once peaceful land that humans once had settlements everywhere and life was abundant. The land used to be testing grounds of sorts for hatchlings of all shapes and sizes. It also used to be a place for them to group up and enjoy themselves. Now that time has passed.


Evil has taken a darker form. It's not just humans making trouble, but other dragons as well. Some aren't as easy going or right in the head. And if that wasn't enough, a new head of evil has risen. Expelled from his own universe and spat into ours. Others rise and fall, he shows and leaves, but he is never truly defeated. A bone plated Vampire dragon with the physical combat power of many others in one, the power of a Guardian of Nature at his fingertips. He does what he wants and thinks that no one can stand in his way. Not hesitating to make others suffer, not batting an eye at others pain. It's mere entertainment to him.


But resistance has risen. A small band of dragons that mostly united as hatchlings and have stuck together through trying times and continue to do so. Many enemies wish to defeat them, however, none have. Using each other's abilities to fend off foes that have risen in their land, they shelter the weak, train the willing and fend for each other. Surviving the devastation of their homes, they stand strong, ready to face off the evils the world sends their way.


Welcome to Hatchlings. The story that has yet to end and that still continues. Will you aid the group in their struggle to keep the land free? Or will you aid the forces of evil? Or will you try to defeat both? It is up to you how your part of the story continues on.


Current time: Morning ☼



Username: <your forum name>
Name: <character name>
Gender: <male or female?>
Type/Breed:  <what kind of DC dragon?>
Power: <what super power it wields, please describe limits>
Personality: <what is it like?>
Appearance: <how does it look like from the average breed?>
Age/Stage: <how old are they?>
History: <how did it come about?>
Extra: <anything else you might want us to know :D >



1. No God-Modding (Killing or controlling other's character without permission)

2. No Power-playing (Acting super powerful)

3. No spamming or double posting (Posting a post after another post)

4. No flaming (Using bad words or insulting)

5. Put a ninja emoji somewhere on your form if you've read the rules.

6. Your posts should have a minimum of 4 sentences

7. You may use romance, but don't put it in graphic details.

8. All characters should be posted in the OoC thread located here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=ST&f=9&t=106769

9. (And the most important) Have fun!

Note: This isn't a rule, but we'd appreciate if you could post at least once every 3 days so no one gets stuck waiting. If you can't keep up for whatever reason then please let us know.

Update (1/28/2016): Unfortunately, because too many people over the past few years have thought that they can disappear for weeks at a time without consequence, we no longer tolerate if you leave your fellow Roleplayers waiting for more than a couple of days. That means you'll be kicked from the RP (your character most likely killed) if you can't be courteous and you probably won't be allowed back in. Seriously, just tell us if you're stuck or if you'll be away for a while. We won't be mad. smile.gif



~Current Characters~


Username: sharlykng (and Booo)

Name: Artemis Leafbringer

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: Shimmer-scale (jade)

Power: She can heal minor cuts and scratches using only water. She also knows how to use herbs for medicinal purposes.

Personality:[/b] She's quite shy around others and usually when threatened she'll fight and ask questions later. She's a little vain, loving to spend her days by the pond preening herself to glowy perfection. She's a little lazy and loves to procrastinate on whatever task she's asked to do.

Appearance: She's a jade color that glows subtly in the dark, like fireflies. She has claws instead of paws, a rich mane rather than 2 rows of frill. She has amber eyes. Her antlers are rather thin and are shed monthly.

Age/Stage: Adult

History: ???

Extra: She's almost as bad as a Lumina; tell her she has an odd scale and she'll stop whatever she's doing and pry the thing off her in seconds. She's also semi-aquatic only, meaning she doesn't need a body of water to survive or to swim in. But she feels its draw and usually just stays near a water source.


Username: Booo

Name: Irah (means "watchful")

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: Red Copper

Power: Stealth

Personality: As a hatchling Irah rarely experienced a normal childhood, having to always flee from her clan's pursuer and—being one of the older hatchlings— she was expected to set an example for the younger hatchlings every now and then. Her way of coping is trying to retain her childlike innocence, playing with dragons of all ages whenever possible. She also sometimes watches and protects other creatures which exemplifies her respect for the land and its inhabitants.

As she grows older her childish curiosity declines, but she still seeks out adventure on occasion. Her calm demeanor and engaging nature will often result in hatchlings enjoying her company while other dragons around her age tend to see her as a know-it-all and a bit rebellious. She believes it's important to protect the younger generation and will go out of her way to please those who have earned her highest devotion. However, this usually leads her to care too much for others and unable to meet her own needs.

Appearance: Your typical Red/Rainbow Copper with curved horns and spiked neck and tail. The rainbow effect her scales give off is especially visible when light hits them, otherwise, she appears a shiny copper red with a few green and brown patches. Her eyes are cobalt blue.

Age/Stage: Mature Hatchling

History: Her mother was killed by humans leaving Irah (who hadn't hatched) abandoned in the forest. Luckily it wasn't long till her egg was spotted glowing red in the moonlight by someone who was willing to take her under their wing.

Extra: I'll probably add more to this as the story continues.


Username: Booo

Name: Ranu

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: Soulpeace

Power: Very sensitive hearing, can hear for up to a kilometer around, but is easily startled by very high pitched or loud noises (over 70 decibels). Her hearing can change at will from normal to super.

Personality: Ranu is very fragile, gentle, and kind, and has great respect for other life forms.

Appearance: Like a normal Soulpeace, but has larger ears and a silver belly.

Age/Stage: Newborn

History: Ranu was abandoned at egg-lay as her parents fled for safety, and believed that Ranu's egg was very dangerous as Ranu's parent's other children had all been Whites. Ranu has only just hatched.

Extra: Ranu is a vegetarian and is very weak. However, her powers make her an amazing night guard/sentry and can be awake for up to 24 hours without needing a rest.


Username: Little Lost Dragon

Name: Stoneza

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Stone

Power: Instead of fire, Stoneza shoots stones from his mouth.

Age/Stage: Mature hatchling


Username: Little Lost Dragon (and Booo)

Name: Crusher

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Vampire turned Magi

Power: Developed an ability to be able to hide in shadows (E.G he hides and you can't see him). Also has telekinesis and a form of pyrokinesis.

Age/Stage: Adult


Username: Little Lost Dragon

Name: Grezeshal

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: GoN

Power: Power of earth elements itself

Age/Stage: Adult


Username: skwerl56767

Name: Cayhatpekn (inspired off a genre of music I apparently love; we can call him "Cetn" for short)

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Bleeding Moon Dragon

Power: Instead of a neurotoxin stored in his tail, Cetn instead has hundreds of tiny Lightning crystals stored within; this allows him to use bio electrogenesis, similar to how Electric Dragons can manipulate electrical currents. Cetn's ability, in short, is that he is both immune to strong electrical currents and capable of creating and delivering electricity to anything that touches his tail. At the moment, he uses his ability only in the interest of hunting, although he isn't afraid to use it on a foe. Cetn's power will grow with him; as a hatchling, his electrical shocks aren't deadly, but upon nearing adulthood, he will gain a mastery of his ability and be able to use it more finitely.

Personality: Cetn is a bit naive and always considers someone to be a friend before being a foe; it isn't hard to earn Cetn's trust or to break it, as the hard part is earning it back. He takes rumors with a grain of salt and tends to ponder things he is told, although in tense situations he will willingly rush headlong into chaos before thinking. As a hatchling Cetn usually chose to flee from danger, which is something he is ashamed of; rather, he likes to boast about the times he stood up to danger and intends to do it more in the future regardless of how stupid of an idea it might be.

Cetn does have a fascination with metal objects, though his personal hoard is always carefully separated into conductive and non-conductive materials, as despite his immunity to electricity, he can still shock himself and cause damage from doing so (especially when napping, it seems). Cetn doesn't understand vanity in the sense of preserving and beautifying one's body and thinks the most scarred and beaten body—especially if it has metal prosthetics in place—is the most attractive (and he doesn't get why no one else seems to agree with him on this). He does tend to sharpen his claws and horns on rocks, but avoids his tail tip the way a Fever Wyvern would its own, which causes it to be very blunt; when pondering something, he will always find something to sharpen his horns on. He will also occasionally chew on things.

Appearance: Cetn is a smaller Bleeding Moon, so it's probably a good thing that he didn't grow up around other roughhousing Bleeding Moons. While his tail tip makes up for his size, his wings still aren't that impressive, preferring to run or glide when it comes to travel. His scales have a typical blue coloration, with the red patches being a brilliant scarlet indicating his more (comparably) affable nature. Like any other Bleeding Moon he turns red when in sunlight and regains a blue coloration out of it, though interestingly enough the longer he stands in it his scales seem to further change, turning from red and smooth to orange and rough like rusted metal, raising up to reveal pale skin underneath. His eyes are bright yellow.

Age/Stage: Maturing hatchling

History: Cetn doesn't recall much. He remembers hatching and he remembers a few blurry faces... a little bit of telepathy. After that, though, his mind is pretty much blank up until the memory of living in the forest. As far as he's concerned, he's always been in the forest, and he brushes off the memory as just a dream. Because he found a way to survive on his own, though, Cetn doesn't really know any other dragons or dragon breeds, and his telepathy is shaky. He also uses a lot of made-up words for things he didn't know, like calling a brook a "trickler". Cetn doesn't even know that he's a Bleeding Moon, though he has always had an inkling to climb up some steep mountains and roll in the snow (as such he really enjoys himself during the winter). Cetn's history is pretty boring beyond that, though what he can recall from his memory includes a threatening voice and the sound of cracking around him... Siblings, perhaps? Maybe he'll never know.

Extra: Nothing right now.


Username: Captain_Gunzou

Name: Liger

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Royal Crimson

Power: Pyrokinesis, catching and dousing things that could be on fire with his mind. Half a minute when hatched,fully grown and trained- 1 hour. Range:5 head to tail lengths for him and very focused.

Personality: He is very friendly and easy to get along with. Likes helping and cares cares for others, not to mention their well-being. Doesn't like fighting, in fact, would rather run/flee than fight, however, will fight when backed into a corner and has to defend. Woe to the one who does make him get backed into a corner.

Appearance: Darkened scales because of what happened while on his journey in his egg. Red crimson inner scales, wings like a vamp.

Age/Stage: Newborn

History: Liger was still in his egg when his nest was attacked. It began on what he thought would be a typical peaceful morning, waiting for the warmth of his mother to return, but then the silence was penetrated with roars from both his parents and screaming from the invaders. The screams were soon accompanied by the clanging of metal on scales, and the heat of scalding flames close by. Before the fire could reach his egg and kill him, he felt that he was being lifted out of the nest and was soon on the move. This must have angered his father who let out a deafening roar, followed by intense heat just barely singeing the side of the egg.

Liger's egg was dropped into a free falling off a small straight cliff side. It fell down and splashed into the water, bobbing under before it had resurfaced.

It follows the route and Liger was on an enjoyable ride when he suddenly picked up speed. Soon after he started hearing a roar all around him, which seemed to get louder quickly, before it was deafening. Then he was falling a bit before impact, then submerging, then coming up again, only to be warmed once again by nearby flames as the egg floated between two fighting dragons. The two fighting dragons paused, puzzled by the sight of a random floating egg before resuming their conflict when the egg left their site. A bear fishing scooped in, reaching out with its talons, snagging a fish went to throw the fish onto the land. The egg flew out onto the soft shore bank of the forest along with the fish. The bear taking its catch back to its nest, the cubs, however, was curious about the unknown object that was scooped onto shore by their mother. A tiny crack appeared near the top of Liger's egg. Liger was getting ready to come out, he had about enough of this crazy ride. The two cubs sniffed and poked the egg Liger was in and it was starting to get warm to the touch for the cubs.


Username: SaphireKat

Name: Vulkoorvulon

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Brute

Power: Through some accident, Vulkoorvulon found out he could freeze time, but only for a few seconds ((See: Time Dilation Field)). The power is only triggered when he is in danger or is feeling fearful. Other dragons are always confused about how he can dodge their attacks so well..... However, if the power is triggered or used too much, Vulkoorvulon can become disorientated and groggy. He also "forgets" how to think and becomes irrational. If it becomes too much for him, he can pass out, sometimes for days on end.

Personality: Vulkoorvulon is quite energetic and is into making "surprise attacks" on other dragons. He's also kind of smug and flaunts around his muscular frame, always reminding other dragons how he's bigger than them. Even though he's rough around the edges, he's still very caring and he's protective over younger dragons. And he will always put up a fight, no matter how big his opponent. Despite all of that, however, he can have moments that are extremely out of character for a brute such as moments of timidity and shyness. This is all due to the way he was raised.

Appearance: From his energetic demeanor, his horns are chipped from running into too many things, and there are teeth marks in his horns where his mother dragon would grab him when he misbehaved or when he was beating up on smaller hatchlings. He also has green eyes instead of the classic burgundy of a brute.

Age/Stage: Mature Hatchling

History: Vulkoorvulon was hatched into a flock of mixed dragons. Many of the dragons didn't want to raise Vulkoorvulon for fear that his size and nature would lead him to hurt the other hatchlings. This left the female dragons without hatchlings to care for him, which left him with Bleeding moon or another Brute as his mother. The Brute, whose name was Fearslash, quickly adopted the new hatchling with pride, for it was the perfect thing to fill the gap from her lost son. Fearslash felt something special about the hatchling and decided to give him a name in ancient dragon language.

An attack on the flock by an enemy group of dragons caused all the dragons to split, causing the fall of the flock. These enemy dragons were other Brutes, which captured Vulkoorvulon and Fearslash. Vulkoorvulon managed to writhe out of the grasp of the dragon that was carrying him, but Fearslash wasn't so lucky, and she got dragged away in the night by the other Brutes.

From there, Vulkoorvulon became lost in the forest.

Extra: Vulkoorvulon means Dark summer night in Dovahzul. May be called Vulkoor or just Vulon for short. Also, Vulkoorvulon's story is based off my scroll and the dragons I have there. smile.gif


Username: Narvix

Name: Venia

Gender: Non-binary

Type/Breed: Pygmy

Power: Forcefields - Venia can create a transparent shield (or personal bubble, depending on what you want to call it) that completely surrounds them. If their concentration is good, the field can last for 5-6 minutes before recharging, blocking any manner of attack from causing harm - short of magic that can disrupt it or bypass it. If Venia tries hard enough, they can extend their field to include any individual they're touching. However, this only works for about a second or two before failing utterly.

Personality: Venia is a worrywart, constantly fussing about this or that. Especially the small things that could potentially lead to bigger things (which, let's face it, is practically everything). Their imagination often gets the better of them, running wild and creating outrageous scenarios. They specifically worry over Roluth more than they worry about themself. If it weren't for so much worrying, Venia could be considered motherly. Instead, it's probably more akin to being overprotective or paranoid. When they aren't busy fussing about something, Venia does find moments to relax and simply enjoy the day, taking pleasure in the little things. Though, those are few and far between. They have a good fight or flight reflex, allowing them to act nearly instantly (even if it's mostly fleeing) and get out of trouble quickly.

Appearance: Venia is colored a shade darker than average Pygmies.

Age/Stage: Mature Hatchling

History: It's kind of their fault for getting separated from their parents. Venia was one of a clutch of three and almost always latched onto one of their parents. Their siblings were often more adventurous, eventually provoking Venia to follow them around ceaselessly to make sure no one got hurt. Sometimes, the other two managed to ditch them and Venia would skulk back to the nest with the feeling that they failed. However, Venia got so lost one day, they couldn't find their way back home. Eventually, they stumbled across Roluth's egg, seemingly rolled into a bush as if knocked aside. Venia took it upon themself to take care of the egg in order to keep their mind off of being lost and alone. Soon enough, Roluth hatched and it's been a hectic 'adventure' since.

Extra: N/A


Username: Narvix

Name: Roluth

Gender: Male

Type/Breed: Colossus

Power: Invisibility - Roluth has yet to master any semblance of control over his ability, causing him to vanish entirely from sight and sound at random moments. It only lasts for ten seconds, fortunately, but seems to occur about three or four times a day at most.

Personality: Roluth is very curious, about everything. He'll often wander off when he's not supposed to because something strange caught his attention. He doesn't speak too well, but that doesn't stop him from asking so many questions. Though, if something frightens him (which also happens a lot), he'll run to the closest source of protection he knows. Roluth cries when he's terrified, stressed, or just generally not happy. Otherwise, he's typically laughing about some little thing he found funny or trying to get someone to play with him.

Appearance: He looks like a normal Colossus, though a little on the larger side.

Age/Stage: Newborn

History: He doesn't really remember anything beyond Venia finding him and imprinting on them. Venia tells him that his egg was alone in a bush, rather than a nest, and the Pygmy thinks his egg had gotten lost.

Extra: N/A


Username: Dusky_Flareon

Name: Eternal Peace

Gender: Female

Type/Breed: Soulpeace

Power: Can walk in dreams. If a dragon is dreaming nearby, she can enter their dreams, as an astral projection from her body. She can be killed in the dreams, as destroying an astral projection would be destroying a soul. The astral projection may also be injured, and the injuries carry over to reality as well (think Dark Forest in Warrior Cats, but it's EP's own magic doing this). She cannot completely change a dream world either - the rules of reality still apply to her in dreams, unless the dream's fundamental physics violate reality's physics somehow, then she is bound to the fundamental physics of the dream. EG: no magic in the dream means she cannot use her magic, etc. She is forcibly ejected from a dream world if the dreamer wakes up in a magicless dream, otherwise, she has to exit the dream or be erased when the dreamer awakens.

Her magic has a cooldown of 1 day if she exits a dream via her magic, and 12-hour cooldown if she was forcibly ejected from a no magic dream (or by other magic). However, she will be injured in reality if she got kicked out forcibly.

Personality: Eternal Peace is an unusually calm dragonling. She is extremely serious and highly aware of deadlines that may crop up. She also keeps an eye on her surroundings, a learned habit from dream walking and hunting. She acts indifferent towards families or hatchlings motivated by something their family did, but in reality, she is searching for her family.

Appearance:[/b] Your average female Soulpeace matured hatchling, except that her horns and feathers are silver in color.

Age/Stage: Matured hatchling.

History: Her past is shrouded in mystery, and she won't talk about it.


Username: Booo

Name: Quinn

Gender: female

Type/Breed: Solstice dragon, but her kind is a mystery since they're rarely ever seen.

Power: None yet, but she sometimes breathes out a cloud of frost, hinting at having Ice breath in the future. Her body can also become very cold very fast, but it doesn't bother her and she appears to have some control over her body temperature.

Personality: She is gentle and tends to stay out of fights, but she can be easily overwhelmed by others and will turn on them if they get on her nerves. She's also easily influenced by those she considers friends.

Appearance: Average Solstice, her body slimmer than most. Her eyes are baby blue.

Age/Stage: Hatchling

History: Quinn's egg was found in the middle of a blizzard, covered in snow, by a Red dragon who had gotten lost. The Red felt that he was going to freeze, but then a bright blue light appeared followed by a ghostly figure with golden antlers who he first mistook for a spirit. They led him to a small cave to stay in until the storm had passed and he soon learned that they were also a dragon before they left him with the egg. He didn't know if the egg would hatch, but he kept it warm anyway in hopes that it would. After all, it wasn't like he had anyone else... As the storm died down, his patience paid off when the egg hatched. She was abnormally cold and looked half dead when she struggled out, but she survived against the odds much to the joy of the Red dragon.


One day when the Red left to go hunting, he ran into the same dragon he had met in the blizzard. He didn't know it at the time, but the egg he rescued contained the same type of dragon as his savior, a Solstice dragon. Long story short, the two of them became an unlikely pair, finding solace in that cave. They lived a peaceful life together there with their adopted daughter, Quinn, until the day Quinn went missing.

Extra: N/A




Due to people power-playing, we have decided some dragons will no longer be allowed:


- Holiday dragons (Tinsels included)

- Drakes

- Discontinued dragons

- joke breeds (duh)

- GoNs & Avatars*

- Neglected

- Undead


*There are exceptions. Ask in the OoC thread if you want.

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I'll join!

Name: Fireball

Gender: Male

Type: Red

Power: Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Light, Lava.

Job: Leader

Personality: Strong, curios, brave.

Apperence: Red body, yellow spike tail, yellow wing-mimbrain on 2 wings, Brown flaps for the wings. 2 Yellow horns. Yellow crest from head to tail.



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Name: Faeyth

Gender: Female

Type: Silver

Power: A strange ancient power that has not been seen for thousands of years; it's very mysterious and only appears on occasion when it wants to, and she has difficulty controlling it

Job: Co-leader

Personality: Very kind and never saying a word of bad about anyone, but very alone

Appearance: Beautiful silvery scales with a soft pink mane. Her irises are a pale rainbow, and her pupils are an indescribably dark shade of black.

Age: hatchling? (since we're starting out?)


I don't have the guts to be a leader, so, the next best thing. xd.png So when do we start?

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Name: Philomena

Gender: Female

Type: Magi

Power: Fire , Water , Earth , Air , Light , Darkness and Energy .

Job: Mentor

Personality: Friendly and patient . Likes to help and will fight if necessary

Appearance: A magi dragon just that she has a darker color and is much bigger than a normal adult dragon

Age: Adult

( Tip: Add some rules and try to improve the plot . More people will come this way )

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(Yeah, they are little right now, trying not to get stolen by humans, and we have never seen our parents before...)((Oh, and your in.))

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(( Good . Now add some rules ... And do the hatchlings met or are they going to meet "later" ? ))

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I'll start.

Fireball laid in his egg.

Then, he hatched.

Fireball looked around, but couldn't find his parents.

Suddenly a Hunter ran towards him.

Fireball thought he was his Dad.

"Daddy!" Fireball screached, running towards him.

The Hunter shot his gun at Fireball.

Now sensing Danger, Fireball ran.

Fireball hid behind a bush, wepping.


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A small silver hatchling lie in a damp corner of the cave, trembling. She had glorious rainbow eyes and what would normally be a beautiful pink mane, but in her current condition, she was emaciated and frail. She burried her small muzzle into the tuft of pink fur on her tail, trying to keep warm.

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(This sounds like an easy, simple little plot. smile.gif Me likes.


Is there any way that there could be two Clans? One of my preferred characters hates taking orders and always bosses anyone else around. She is usually stronger than my other characters too...so she probably wouldn't fit into the Clan well if she had to take orders. xd.png


So perhaps my characters, if I joined, could start off in the first Clan, but then branch out into their own, seperate Clan?)

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(( So this RP is in medieval , modern or future time ? I want you to decide . Also , this is not an OOC RP ))

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"Fireball....." said Fireball after thinking of a name.

The Hunter took out his carving knife and wacked at the bush.

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