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Hatchling/Rare Egg Departure Announcement Board

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This thread is for the purpose of announcing the departure of your hatchling and rare/uncommon egg to the ABANDONED page.

This is NOT a request/trade/gift thread.


You may announce ALL HATCHLINGS and the following eggs ONLY:



user posted image GOLD


user posted image SILVER


user posted image PAPER


user posted image DINO


user posted image CHEESE


user posted image CHICKEN




user posted image TINSEL / PRIZE


user posted image SHIMMER SCALE / PRIZE


user posted image GEODE


user posted image STRIPES


user posted image SPLIT


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image TRIOS (Magma, Ice, Thunder)


user posted image BLUNA


user posted image SHALLOW WATER


user posted image TAN RIDGEWINGS


user posted image VAMPIRE


user posted image BLUSANG


user posted image GOLDEN WYVERN


user posted image SEASONAL


user posted image COPPER


user posted image GILDED BLOODSCALE



To announce COMMON EGGS, you may utilize the two thread listed below:-


The Giving Tree - TGT

DC Community Notice Board


*Lineaged Eggs ie Dorkface, Thuwed, etc that are not RARE/UNCOMMON are not to be announced on this thread.



How to Make An Announcement


You can announce the departure of your eggs/hatchlings in 2 ways.


1) Via Teleport Link


*To do this, generate a teleport link (TRANSFER) for your eggs/hatchlings


*Post the time when the link will become visible for pick up


There is a 3 minutes minimum notice rule before posting your pick up link


*Edit your post with the teleport link when time is up


*To be fair to all players, you must announce the time when you will post the teleport link instead of posting the link immediately. This way, players will have time to set up and be prepared to catch your departure.


2) Via AP abandon


*To use this method, simply post the time in which you will ABANDON your egg/hatchling to the AP




See example below on how to properly format your announcement:-


Method: Teleport Link / AP Drop

Stage: E

Breed: Gold


Days/Hours To Mature: 4D/4H

Gender/Influence: M

Teleport Link Time / Departure Time: xx:15 past the hour

Contact Owner: Y


Teleport Link: TBA (To Be Announced)


Legend :

H - Hatchling

E - Egg

C - Caveborn

L - Lineage

D/H - Days/Hours

M/F/U - Male/Female/Ungendered

Y/N - Yes/No




Making the Announcement

• Please adhere to the format above to keep this thread clutter free.

• Once an announcement has been made, do not reply asking if anyone has picked it up.

• Just indicate YES in the contact owner option for others to let you know if they have picked up your hatchling/egg

• To better facilitate this thread, please REMOVE your teleport link shortly after departure so players will know the dragon is no longer available for pick up.


Picking Up

• If you have picked up a hatchling/egg from this announcement board, it is highly recommended that you contact the owner using PM.

• You may also post back to the board to let the owner know that you have successfully caught their rare egg/hatchling.



• Please keep all chatter to a minimum

• Please do not disrupt departure by asking the owner to trade/gift






**Mods keep rotten dragon eggs and morbid moldy cheese on hand for pelting of rule violators. Please follow the rules or you will be smelly.**


Thread monitors are responsible for monitoring and over seeing this Announcement Board. If your announcement did not meet the requirement of this thread, any one of the thread monitor may PM you a reminder. To ensure that this thread is kept up to date, thread moderator will work together with Forum Moderators when deciding when to have the thread wipe.

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Banners:-You may place either in your signature


user posted image




created and designed by: Svataben


user posted image




created and designed by: aynessa


user posted image




created and designed by: xSolstice

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There is a 3 minutes minimum notice rule before posting your teleport link.


Please do not immediately post your teleport link when posting an announcement. The 3 minutes minimum notice rule is a good way to help users get ready. Many are subscribed to this thread and will receive notifications when there is a new post. When you allocate some time before dropping the teleport link, this will help a lot of users to get notified in time.


Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Everyone please refrain from personal type posts to this thread, and allow the thread monitors to do their job. If you have a specific issue with someone, please send a PM instead of posting here. This thread is for announcing the departures of hatchlings and the rare eggs listed in the first post. A three minute window is strongly suggested to allow players who may not be signed in to their accounts to get ready to try for your dragons. Thank you to all who use this thread, we just ask that you help us keep it functioning smoothly and cleanly by reading and following the rules.

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This thread hasn't been used in a year, and it's creator isn't currently active. I think it has run it's course, especially since I can't update it. Could a Moderator lock this please? Edited by Bodecia

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Hey ^__^ anybody want a 2nd gen tinsel fail from a gaia? Adopt: V1ILD


Thanks for giving the eggy a home

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11 minutes ago, priscel said:

Hey ^__^ anybody want a 2nd gen tinsel fail from a gaia? Adopt: V1ILD


Thanks for giving the eggy a home


Wow thanks so much!! My first 2G anything from a Prize :) I will name and hopefully be able to find a mate one day!!

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