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Kinkajou Karata

You Most Hated Warrior Cat

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I agree partially with Brambleclaw. He's been turned into another Firestar: dumbed down into an idiot because he's not in the spotlight anymore. This is one thing that bugs me about the writing in the books: anyone who isn't a main character gets saddled with one of a few stock personalities the writers have set aside for minor characters. Even the ones who had their own unique personalities suddenly get character transplants.

I totally agree! mad.gif The minor cats have either lost their personality or completely changed!!

Anyway my HATE LIST!






...last but not least Leafpool she needs to...change. alot.png. <WHY IS THERE A ANIMAL RIGHT THERE!??? someone please tell me!

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...last but not least Leafpool she needs to...change. alot.png. <WHY IS THERE A ANIMAL RIGHT THERE!??? someone please tell me!

That's an a l o t. it's a censor so that if you write a l o t, you get alot.png, but if you write a lot you won't.


Anyways, my hate list:


Firestar(he got too serious)


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Why Leafy? :< What do you mean change?


Haha I love Berrynose. He's so annoying... and lovable. <333 I do hate Tigerstar though.

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Tigerstar and Brokenstar, that is all, for now.

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I never really got to know Brokenstar enough to love/hate him. I wish the Erins revealed more of his personality to us. They just revealed enough to show him as a mad, merciless kit-killer.

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Hate list(Going to 5):


1.Brokenstar and his gang






4.All the cats that helped Tigerstar create an army


5.Bloodclan(Except Scourge)


Love List(Going to ten):


1. Firestar and most of his kin.








5.Scourge(He's too awesome to hate)


6.Dovewing and Ivytail(I Think that's their names)/


7.Ravenpaw and Barley(About equal to everyone else, 1000000000.


8.Bluestar. Never Really got to know her.


9.Sol. He generates a feeling of cool. I know he is breaking the warrior code, but he's awesome.


10.Mistystar.Still really loved, but again, Never really getting to know her.


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And Tangle's list is how most people think of the cats in the warriors series... but hey. Some villains were pretty cool. Idk why people like Scourge though o_O I just feel bad for him, but ehhhh what's to like about his character....


and again. Firestar's getting bo-ring.

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I don't like Squirrelflight. :I She's always annoyed me, because her reasons for doing things don't always make sense.


My favorite is Brambleclaw biggrin.gif I really want more story on him, and I really want him to be the leader! I think I identify with him better than the others.

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Warning...spoilers ahead...




1. Tigerstar. He needs to die long, violent, horrible deaths and then die more long, violent, horrible deaths. I know they're just books, but I hate him with a passion.


2. Squirrelflight. That girl gets on my nerves. She whines, she complains, she's a brat, she has everything and wants more, she's cold and unfeeling, and I despise her.


3. Jayfeather. He's such a grouch, and he reminds me of Squirrelflight. Such a brat. Such a whiny, irritating brat. Why is he a medicine cat if all he does is snap at people and complain about his life?




1. C R O W F E A T H E R <3 If I were a cat, I'd marry him ten times.


2. Hawkfrost. Love him so much <3 I know he's a jerk but he's pretty flippin' awesome.


3. Leafpool. She's gone through so much. Why does everyone hate her? It's so sad. She's always been one of my favorites!


4. Ashfur. Squirrelflight is a heartless, cold meaniebutt for dumping him like that and breaking his heart. :<


5. Firestar. Uh, hello? If you don't like him, what are you doing reading the series?


Gosh, there's so many more that belong on both the hate list and the love list, but I can't think of them all right now.

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Hollyleaf- HOW DARE SHE KILL ASHY mad.gif Other than that, she's OK.

Firestar- In the first books, he just SCREAMED 'god-modder'. In the later books, he became less over-powered, which was good.


Jayfeather- He's such a cute little pessimistic blind kitty X3

Ashfur- Even though he's sort of annoying, I LOVE HIM.


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I'm feeling angry so I need to vent my anger at non-existant cats.


Sharptooth/fang/claw/no one cares: Oh hello! I'm a mountian lion. Because I'm a useless plot device I won't figure out where the Tribe of Rushing Water's caves are until I'm directly lead there, despite having figured out the jerks were trying to poison me. I'm very special. Unlike the other cats who die by tree I'm gonna die by totally avoidable stalagtite that was dropped on my by a cat! See? Spe-shul!


Feathertail: Like every other cat who falls from a high place, I will die slowly and dramatically. Everyone knows cats DON'T have a built-in parachute like structure on their windflap and a tail that reduces air resistance along with a stress-relieving endorphin that allows the cat to walk away from sky-scraper high leaps with nothing more than a broken leg. TOTALLY NOT, HURR HURR!


Crowfeather: ...I think I was sad about this ordeal for three chapters, but I'm not sure.

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Ashfur. Well, I only hate Ashfur because he goes all crazy and tried to murder Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze (Hollyleaf and Jayfeather are two of my favorite characters) because of something Squirrelflight did, just so he could hurt her.


Sol is my most hated cat in the Warriors series. He lies, never does any work, and cats always get hurt because of him. He corrupted ShadowClan, furthering the other clans' hatred of ShadowClan, and got innocent cats killed in that twoleg town (Flower, Jester, Pepper).


Firestar annoys me. It seems like in the first arc, leaders died alot.png faster. Now Firestar has been the leader for three arcs. I'd be happy if he died, just because he's lived so long. Same with all of the other leaders and medicine cats and stuff that are from the first series and still living.


(Sorry for any wrong info, I haven't read them for awhile and I haven't read the first arc)


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1. Darkstripe

Oh. My. BEJEEZUS. This mangepelt can't even hope to win against a sick, injured, starved, tired cat alone. He needed backup from friggin' BLACKFOOT to kill Stonefoot. What's more, the wimp deserted to BloodClan, and--guess what--failed AGAIN in killing someone he had by surprise. Before that, he tried to kill a kit. A KIT! Has this crowfood-eater have no honor? He TRIES to be evil, but can't pull it off. Darkstripe disgusts me.


2. What was the kittypet's name on ShadowClan territory that killed Talonpaw? Well, whatever it may be, I'd like him/her to o die in a hole.


3. Breezepelt and his mother. I'd get in to it, but... I really don't feel like it.


4. Not HATE so much as DISLIKE.... Hollyleaf. I just... don't like her. She's insane. O.o

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It's impossible for me to hate any cat. I like them all, and see the good in them when others can't or refuse to do so. As Brambleclaw once said when discussing Tigerstar with Lionpaw/blaze: "The trouble is that everyone only saw the evil in Tigerstar. They forgot what a bold and brilliant warrior he was." . . . "But we all have strengths and weaknesses. It must be sad to be remembered only for your weaknesses."

Why would I hate one of the characters for acting as they saw fit? I may not agree with everything that they did, but I don't hate them. In fact, some of my favorite characters are the antagonists.

I like Scourge the most out of the series although he was never a warrior tongue.gif


You have to remember that most of these "bad cats" were once innocent apprentices who were exposed to negative, actions from their ambitious mentors who went through the same thing when they were younger. Kind of like Tigerstar, Darkstripe, and Longtail. (I love Longtail to bits!) These cats may have been hurt badly and just didn't know how to handle their emotions. They wanted someone else to feel the pain. My main example in this case would be Ashfur, poor thing. And I'm not mad at Squirrelflight either, she just got mad at Brambleclaw and went to her best friend who gained misguided feelings for the confused she-cat.

And as for Hollyleaf, I adore her and feel for her deeply. She didn't know how to handle the truth behind her birth in any other way than the one she did. Also, when it comes to cats from other clans, you are told the story from Thunderclan's point of view, so when they act hostile or cautious of the other clans, you do too.


Maybe I think and feel this way just because I know what it's like to be disliked, abandoned, to be looked down on, to feel pain, and so on and so forth. I can look past all of a cat's mistakes and love them for who they are. I'm not asking you to change your views on any cat or anything, just try to learn a little more about them to see if there's a reason as to why they acted out. smile.gif

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Firestar and Purdy were annoying. xd.png I remember this from when I used to read it in elementary school. I haven't read anything since middle school. ohmy.gif/

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Hm, there's two categories to this question.


There's cats who I dislike as people, so to speak; for instance, I highly dislike Scourge, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Crowfeather, and Thistleclaw for the things that they've done and the kind of people they were. Yes, some of them had terrible kithoods, or other things that happened, but that is no excuse for doing what they did, especially without remorse. I also disliked Berrynose for a long time, as a person, because he was kind of a jerk until he underwent character development.


Then there are those that I dislike as characters; they are being forced into roles that don't suit them, or they're clumsily made, or they're carbon copies, or they did horrible things and are being treated as though it was all fine.


Leafpool is the biggest offender to me in this category, because she strikes me as a Mary Sue who always knows exactly what to say or how to be perfect, and her doing things like ditching her responsibilities as a medicine cat for someone she hardly even knew is treated as 'bad enough that the characters will angst over it, but we all know it's secretly twue wuv and therefore fine'.


Crowfeather is a bit less so, because he started out as 'jerk with the potential to get better,' and then when Feathertail died he tried to replace her with Leafpool. When that didn't work out, he took Nightcloud as his mate, and from then on is portrayed not as 'jerk with a secret heart of gold,' but as 'jerk who used to have a heart of gold who has now become an extremely horrible person through and through.' He undergoes a twisted, tragic, and very well-done spiral into bitterness and abusiveness, and for that reason I like him a great deal as a character. The same with Ashfur, more or less.


Sol also strikes me as, if not quite a full-out villain yet due to how nebulous his ultimate goal is, an uncaring true neutral who is willing to destroy the lives of those around him to get what he wants, whatever that is. Depending on what his eventual goal turns out to be, he might be either the best or stupidest character in the series; so far, I like him as a character, and dislike him as a person.


Although Firestar starts out as a ridiculous, eye-rollingly bad Gary Stu, I was surprised to discover that he does have some depth of character revealed as the series goes on. From little things like him being terrified of heights, to his desperate need for the attention and approval of others, which manifest themselves as Chronic Hero Syndrome, being hypersensitive to what his Clan thinks of him, and struggling badly with being opposed by those under his command (going through with the attack on the other Clans when pressured, leaving without saying goodbye in Firestar's Quest because he can't stand the thought of them being disappointed in him, etc.), he goes from wallbanger to very subtle and interesting deconstruction of the generic hero. He's a little bit too goody-goody for me to really like him as a person, but I've slowly grown attached to him as a character.


Thistleclaw and Tigerstar were both very well-done as well. Thistleclaw wasn't evil from the start, just opinionated and snotty, which was over time tempered by having a loving mate as a good influence, and his mate's sister opposing them to help drive him to better himself for Snowfur, instead of disregarding her over time. He's almost, almost matured enough to become a good, loyal cat, with a mate and son to care for, when Snowfur dies. This is the real turning point; if it had happened a bit later, the experience might have served to harden him while making him stronger and more determined to be a good warrior and father. Unfortunately, it came a little too early, and it went along a twisted, parallel route of development instead. He becomes hardened and determined and wants to be closer to his son, yes; but instead of doing so in a healthy manner, he is obsessed with killing and driving off the cats who he perceives are responsible for his mate's death, and by extension any other cats who might harm his Clan. He starts training his son too hard and too harshly to prepare him for the 'war' that he sees ahead. Even worse, he manages to push down and hide the raving, violent xenophobia enough that his Clanmates don't see anything wrong with him. Fortunately, Bluefur steps in and protects Whitekit from his madness.


Enter Tigerpaw, who is strong and opinionated and a little spoiled, much like Thistleclaw was as an apprentice. This is another turning point: if Tigerpaw had been apprenticed to a warrior who wasn't fox-dung insane, he most likely would have grown up to be a strong, wise, just and determined warrior, and might have even made a good leader. Instead, crazed, abusive, xenophobic, just-lost-his-mate/moral-compass Thistleclaw is allowed to mentor him and pass on the hatred to his apprentice instead of his son, simply because no one notices that anything is wrong. As a result, we get Tigerstar as we know him today: a power-crazed, intelligent, ruthless cat who has committed horrifying atrocities to satisfy himself and his twisted beliefs.


One thing I really love about the Warriors series is how it neatly sidesteps the pitfalls of both making the villains start out as a ridiculously sweet kid who was corrupted by other forces and none of it's his fault, the poor thing (except for Scourge, which is why I dislike him as both a character and a person), and making the villain just be a nasty little ankle-biter from the start. Everyone has the makings in them to be either great or terrible, and Warriors illustrates that very well.


I find it interesting to wonder what would have happened if he had trained Whitestorm instead; would Tigerclaw have ended up the loyal deputy of ThunderClan, who helps Fireheart out on his journey to becoming Firestar, while tragic, abused villain Whitestorm wreaks havoc and tries to take over the forest? Would Whitestorm, being a bit more naturally nice and fair than Tigerstar, have managed to go through his mentorship without being fully corrupted, therefore removing the need for Fireheart to save the forest to the extent that he becomes deputy/leader, therefore completely altering the entire course of the series? Food for thought; it's a little odd, but I just love these what-if scenarios.


Anyway, tl;dr version: I dislike Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Scourge, Sol, Thistleclaw, Crowfeather, and others as people, like Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, Sol, Crowfeather, Firestar and others as characters, and greatly dislike Leafpool and Scourge as characters. Also, pondering alternate universes is fun, and it's important to make the distinction between disliking/hating someone as a person and as a character.


/end Great Text Wall of China


(You know, these character analysis blurbs are more fun than I thought they would be. I'll probably do some for other characters later, like Longtail, Darkstripe, Power Trio, etc.)

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I absolutly HATE Firestar

I know this was on the first page, but...



Probably... I'm not quite sure. Basically, all Shadowclan.

I was leaning towards hating Yellowfang during the first book, but I sort of like her.

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I dislike Breezepelt. His attitude is horrible. In addition to that, I'm disappointed at Onestar's personality now. I hate Mothwing for a number of reasons.


My favorite characters are on a much longer list though.

-Firestar is okay, but his lack of emotion in the newer books is meh. I like him though.

-Cinderheart is awesome.

-Jayfeather's sarcastic personality is nice, as well as his mental struggles.

-Sandstorm is great, but we don't see much of her.

-Hawkfrost. I usually don't like antagonists of books, but he just has that crisp attitude that I like. I wouldn't say he's a favorite, as much as I would say I respect him.

-Briarlight is nice.


-Rising Moon.


I'm sure there are more cats I can't think of at the top of my head, but I'm sure there are many more cats I could say I dislike, and many more I could say I like.

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Tigerclaw and Thistleclaw. I hated them both soooo much. In fact, when I was reading Bluestar's Prophecy, I wanted to reach in and chuck Tigerkit into the river. That would have saved ThunderClan a lot of trouble tongue.gif

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Well, I'd have to put Breezepelt on my list for being a real jerk. Mapleshade really knows how to hold a grudge... And Tigerstar. For being plain E.V.I.L. Scourge is a blood-thirsty tyrant, but he's got that deep backstory that makes me feel for him. I'm not sure where to put him.

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You know what? All the leaders are just... Ugh! Fireheart was great, but once he became Firestar... all my respect for him went down the drain. I have to facepalm at all the wrong choices any leader made.


Then there's Purdy, who was okay until he actually joined the clan. What was the point in that? He just annoys me!


Stoneteller- the one we knew for the longest time, not Crag or Half Moon- also made me super angry! First, he kidnaps Stormfur, then he banishes said cat and his mate from the tribe. Then he rejects his ancestors, who were the ones guiding him in the first place!


Of course, there are several others who I probably should hate, but my fangirl mind goes gaga over several characters like Breezepelt or Hawkfrost. What would they look like if they were human, I wonder? *drools*

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Tigerclaw and Thistleclaw. I hated them both soooo much. In fact, when I was reading Bluestar's Prophecy, I wanted to reach in and chuck Tigerkit into the river. That would have saved ThunderClan a lot of trouble


I agree with disliking Thistleclaw because it seems like he started all of the wrongdoing in the first book series. Kill him off after Snowfur's expecting kits and I dont think Tigerclaw wouldn't have been that bad having no evil role model to look up to

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I hate Crowfeather. I honestly kinda hate Jayfeather too. Well the part of him that is mad at Leafpool. Honestly, she had it coming, but he should treat her... not aggressively but give her more of a cold shoulder. Same with Squirrelflight. They deserved it, but they shouldn't be openly hostile. I'm hating ono Squirrelflight because she lied to Brambleclaw, who I liked. Also Squirrelpaw was annoying as censorkip.gif

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