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Rules/ Guidelines, for Site Discussion/Sub-forums.

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Topics not allowed in Site Discussions.


1. Rant/Vent topics.

2. Chat topics.

3. Members goodbye topics or member returning topics.

4. Clubs.

A club or group that excludes members (you have to be a member of to post)

5. Spoilers for new releases (including posts) - including the names - aren't allowed.

6. No catching topics or posts.

  • Catching eggs, logging into another members scroll can be seen as multi-scrolling.
  • ~We strongly suggest members do not give out private information. What members do off the forum they do at their own risk.~
  • Scroll sitting: Be careful with how it is handled. Adding or removing dragons from fansites is fine. Catching breeding eggs for someone else can be seen as multi-scrolling.

7. No IOU topics.

       The following applies to all IOU threads in SD and posts in the Trading Section:

  • IOU's are not an option of the game, IOU's are agreements made between members. As we (DC) are not responsible for any IOU's made, allowing a topic/posts gives members the impression we condone the practice, which we don't. Therefore, these topics/posts will not be allowed.

8. Blacklists in Signatures and or profiles are unacceptable. If you wish to keep blacklists please do it off the forum.



Board rules apply to all sections.



All members must follow the following rules:


Respect Others

It isn't possible to get far in the world if you refuse to respect others. Treat others kindly, don't insult them, and others will do the same in return. If you refuse to treat others well, then you will get not only a warning, but a bad reputation, which opens the door for more negativity.

No Spam

No one likes spam, it clutters the board, so don't contribute to the problem. Messages that do not contribute to the topic or forum are considered spam and the poster will receive a warning.

No "Click- my- dragons" Posts or Topics

There are tons of people doing this, yet their dragons are almost hatched and they still have over 6 days left. Most people don't need the clicks desperately enough to spam the entire forum to get them. Put a link to your scroll in your sig and post them on other sites (providing you do not break that site's rules) and you'll be fine.

No Eggs/Dragons in Signatures

Because this is a forum created for Dragon Cave, there is a much higher ratio of Dragon Cave members to non-members than on most forums. Thus, if eggs were allowed in signatures, there would be a higher concentration of dragons/hatchlings/eggs on this forum. This leads to egg spam, which is prohibited in the above rule.

Use Constructive Criticism

When someone posts their art or other types of creation, they generally do not want it insulted or put down. If you do not like a work, post how you feel it could be better; Offer suggestions for improvement, but do not insult the creative works of others.

Post Content

The following list explicitly and exhaustively defines what is considered inappropriate. Posts may neither contain nor link to any of the following content:



    Adult material (Nudity, pornography, or explicit sexual acts)


    Extreme violence


    Viruses, spyware, or malware


    Illegal downloads/piracy


    Accounts of illegal activities


    Threatening, harassing, or obscene content.


    Swearing/censor bypassing (links are allowed if a disclaimer is included)



Note that this list refers to direct references; high-level discussions are fine. Thus, a topic on the use of extreme violence in video games is okay, while links to or detailed descriptions of specific instances of violence are not.


Anything not forbidden by the above list is fine for discussion.

Read pinned topics and make sure to post in the right section

Pinned topics are there for the benefit of all. They save members from having to recreate the same common topics, and save mods the time of reviewing posts. Duplicate topics are a waste of both your time and the time of the moderation team, so any duplicate topic will be closed.




1. How you Title your topic:


If you're making a topic about Breeding, pink eggs or Coconuts - (whatever you're discussing) - put it in the title!

If someone searches for 'coconuts' but you've labeled your topic as "Oh My!" users won't be able to find it. Whereas if you labeled it "Talk about Coconuts" when they use the search feature or just look at the topic title initially people will know what it's about and can find it.


It would be helpful if the OP of existing topics, would check to see if they can improve their topic titles, to insure we can find them when using search. Site mods will edit topics when needed for the above purpose.


We've had many complaints about using the Search option (at the top right of the page) and the creation of duplicate Topics. So to help make Searching easier, We need to follow a few simple tasks when making a New Topic.

You can find a step-by-step explanation of the search feature in the next post.




2. Spam in Duplicate/Incorrectly placed or Spam topics:


Posting spam in topics is unacceptable, but the wave in pointless spam in duplicate topics is even worse, and becoming a real problem. Examples of spam in topics include:


  • inb4givemeawarning.
  • OBJECTION! (links)
  • Quoting the original post in question and saying Lol or something equally pointless afterwords.
  • Proceeding to have a conversation in the topic you already know is a duplicate or against the rules.
  • If someone has already stated it's against the rules, someone proceeding to just say: Rule breaker!/Eggspam! Reported (or similar) is also equally spammy. There is no need for a wall of posts saying Eggspam or Duplicate! It made sense the first time.
  • This also includes posting to inform the OP that their topic is in the wrong section, is spam, etc if it has already been pointed out by someone else. If you notice that a topic has already had what rules it is breaking pointed out, the most you should do is report the thread using the Report button and leave the moderating to the moderators.


However it is acceptable if the first person after the OP's post merely states that it's against the rules, explain why and where applicable give an alternative course of action. This single post after the OP will help those who perhaps don't know where they've gone wrong or that it is a duplicate.


Those who see the topic and recognize it's a duplicate/against the rules, do not need to reply with the above examples of subsequent spam. Reporting the OP's post with an explanation it's a duplicate (or whatever) is more than enough.


Members that spam topics in these manners will receive warnings for spam, with a link to this topic as explanation.


~Trading/Gifting Topics~:


Due to members continued spam bumping posts in trading/gifting topics, we will allow one (1) bump every 24 hours. All other bumps/reposts will be treated as spam, the member will receive a warn.



Member posts trade on the 17th, member can not repost/bump the same trade until the 18th.


~All other topics~:

Bumps are spam in Site discussions and Sub-forums. Multiple posting is spam, please use the edit tool.


Codes : We seem to be having a problem with members posting censored codes. Please remember if the word/code is censored by the forum, do not use censor evasion to get around the censor. You will receive a warn.




3. Project accounts.


# All Project Usernames MUST be approved by a Site Mod before being made. This is to ensure that someone actually in charge of the project is making the name, among other things.


# When requesting a project account, it must be for a successful, existing topic, having enough members to keep the topic active. Please provide a link to your topic in your pm.

If a project account is allowed, only use it in the topic it was created for. Members using project accounts in other topics will receive a warning.




TJ09 said:
Using a proxy is forbidden and may result in your account being banned.


TERMINOLOGY, Frequently used DC terms : EXPLAINED





4. Cleaning


Please PM SD or Global Mods for thread cleanings. For project accounts, please keep records handy offsite if you'd like your thread cleaned regularly. With the new forum software, any thread with 20 or more pages may be too tedious to clean for mods. Please be sure to PM a mod for a cleaning before the thread reaches too many pages, or you may have to close and restart the thread.




5. Additional Info About Intros/New Accounts 

The only way to recover an account with a forgotten password is via e-mail password reset. If you no longer have access to the e-mail account listed associated with your Dragon Cave or forum account, then you will be unable to recover your password. This is why it is crucial to keep your account's information up-to-date.


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How to Use the Search Function

The search function on this forum can be quite helpful, if you know how to use it to its utmost. This guide will hopefully allow your searches to be more successful in the future.


Big images are linked for size, do click on them to get the full effect.


You can find the search function by clicking the "Search" bar found in the upper right (zoom on top, full on bottom):




When you click in the bar, you have a dropdown bar on the left with more search options:



By clicking "Topics", you will search all topics within DC forums. By clicking, events, you will be searching the forum calendar which is not a feature of DC forums. By clicking Members, you will search for a member's username.  


* This is the Advanced Search with a lot more options available to you.



- This option searches the entire forums by default.


- Under Content Type, both searching All Content will give you results from all areas of the forums. If you click "Topics", you may choose a subforum. If you know what you're searching for is in a specific section, and which section it is, you are much better off selecting that section in the out of the list. This will greatly reduce the number of results you get, and make sifting through them much easier. You will get a dropdown bar that looks like this:


- You may also "Search by the Author" by typing a user whose topics/posts you'd like to see containing a certain word or phrase. 


- If you are searching for a specific topic about something (for instance, you wanted to post a topic and wasn't sure there was already a topic for it) you can click "content titles only" to only receive Topic titles with the phrase you're looking for.




- If you're looking for posts within certain dates, you can alter the Date Created and Last Updated sections. 


- You can also Find results that... contain all of the words you are searching for or any of the words that you're searching for.


- You can also search for Members with the member search tab. 


The other way to get to know how to use this search function better is to just use it - a lot! The more you use it, the more able you will become with it. Some searches will not be as successful as others (for example, in this forum, searching for "dragon" is liable to bring up the majority of posts in the forum, regardless of what section you are searching, except maybe some of the General Discussion sections). But it's a good rule of thumb to try searching several different keywords when trying to find something, especially if you are trying to find out whether a topic you want to start has already been started somewhere or not.

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