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Give your dragon a journal!

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Dear Journal

I have no one. I'm doomed. I can't believe I destroyed an entire city. I killed so many. I don't know who I AM anymore!


Somebody help me...


I used to be kind and noble. I used to help people. I used to SAVE people. And yet I became corrupted. Funny, nobility and kindness seem so far in the past. I didn't ever consider getting a GIFT for my services. Drat Eye of Onyx. Drat power. Drat everything that I've done in the past year. Now I'm alone. I'm alone out in the middle of nowhere. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with my life. I totally ruined any chance I had of finding a friend, much less a mate. So what the heck? What the HECK am I supposed to do?


I don't even know why I'm writing in this journal. It's not like it'll help anything. Whatever.


~Tonitrua Stormsinger

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Dear journal.


Much time has passed since I have last written in you. Earlier today Mother had picked up a geode egg. After seeing it's lineage she was tempted to throw it back from the main cave but seeing as how she's always have had a soft spot for that breed, she decided to keep it instead.


The leader of the cave our guardian of nature has been quite ill-tempered lately. It makes me want to cry at times. The oldest female an old earth dragon tells me how it was back in the beginning with only a handful of dragons. It was so much more peaceful back then. Now with over a thousand dragons strong the only way we stay together is because we have to fight off hoard after hoard of wild dragons, human thieves and other scroll keepers looking to gain more land


P.S. On the bright side (for Mother at least) she picked up another paper egg today. She loves keeping them as pets, seeing as they such simple minded creatures and aren't actually alive.



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Dear Journal


It's quite some time since I last wrote. But whoah, if you think life in the Carai Clan has been quiet, you are wrong!


First, quite a few new breeds has popped up in Galsreim, Tinti says. Some time ago she came in holding on to 2 green eggs with colorful patterns! Later we got to know they were called Anagallis dragons. Of course they, along with two more has grown up and are qute friendly, and colorful! It's been a long time since something new has happened in our beloved cave so most of us are quite happy.


Talking about new breeds, Tinti says today is some kinda birhday of Dragon Cave! Weird, right? But anyways, she found three, yes 3, new breeds in the cave today! One is a Pygmy, one is a Drake, and one is a Twoheaded. Only I don't know which is two-headed or which is a drake. Oh well, we'll see I guess. Tinti got two of each so now there's quite a bunch of new egggs in the Hatchery. Soraya is watching them like a hawk, being very curious and doesn't want anyone to come near them.


Tinti has also gotten her hands on some dragons she's calling Prize dragons. 3 bronze Shimmer-scale, one silver Shimmer-scale, a sllver Tinsel hatchling and a gold Tinsel hatchling. They shine and gleam and glimpse so much, making the cave lighter it seems.


There's a chick in the cave! How the heck did that get in here? It's so tiny, even smaller than the Pygmies! It's only a little hatchling yet and seems content pecking around and eating some kinda grainy stuff, but I'm starting to get worried. Wu, a hellfire hatchie just tried to nab the little chicken tail, getting a smack for it. Poor thing thought it was food. Now she's sitting sulking in a corner.




Deer Juhrnal


Der's a chikn chiken in de cave! It dosent say anyting, juhst hops around and bips and pekking stuhf. Ai tryed to eet it buht den ai got liphted hi in de aer buy de Gardion Gardien dragon watshing de hatcies and a Wiptale wiped me wit his tale! It still stings on my back. But ai asket him what his name was so I could tell Tinti how bad he was he sed "Notting, Tinti hasn't named me yet. And you may report me, ai'm shor she won't punich eeder of us," Wat do you sey? Nameless pis of trach! I breaded some fire on him just to pay him back fo de vip *snikkers* At list I'm not gonna eat chiken. Ever. Only GoN nows what will happen next time. It's juhst dat ... it smells soooooooooo gudd!


-Woo Tsjing May (aka Wu Xing Mei), Helfire Hatcie.

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Much has happened since I last wrote. Several new dragon species have appeared, with most notably a new pygmy breed. There hasn't been a new pygmy breed for close to four years now I believe. Mother hasn't picked any of the new eggs up though. Instead she returned with several golds and silver eggs which she got from another scroll keeper. The cheese egg though she says was a gift.


Lately as more and more of these new dragons are discovered, more and more scroll keepers have been abandoning their eggs and hatchlings. This has lead to a great influx of wild dragons and it is starting to get worrisome. Many of our dragons have grown up in peace and only the natural warriors like blacks and bleeding moons will be useful in a long drawn out fight.


Mother has been more and more withdrawn from us. We fear for her mental well being as we remember that time many moons ago when she tried to take her own life. Without out our Mother I fear we would all be torn apart either by each other or the wild dragons.




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Dear Journal!


Tinti had a serious talk with Wu about not eating the chicken. Looks like it's supposed to be here. I don't know what's with that but anyways. Allmost all the new eggs have hatched and Tinti has brought a few others into our cave. We expect the last one from the Thursday batch to hatch any minute now. The last Targaryen dragon Avarule gave Tinti just grew up. Tinti hopes they get together well enough so they can produce some eggs. Well, I've got to go, Tinti just caught an ER spring egg so I have to fly it to Silvi.



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(Seems Folly has taken a liking to this journal writing lark, because I've got another page from him here.)


Dear Journal,


That is how I am supposed to do it, yes? According to Peta, when humans write in these "diary" things, they address it as if it is a sentient entity in its own right. Humans have strange customs, I told him, but to act as if the scroll they are writing upon is alive is preposterous as paper does not live. Origami and his siblings chose that moment to fly past us, engaged in some juvenile pursuit. I have no doubt that insufferable Shadow Walker is still smirking even now.


Anyway, on to more important matters. Since my last...entry? Yes, that's the term. Since my last entry, fate has handed us a mixed bag. I am overjoyed to have successfully sired two children, my daughter Crimson and my son Cold. My eldest, Dream, has also sired again, another daughter - the beautiful Embrace, who is herself a mother already! - and an egg which has yet to hatch, and the Cave Mother has brought numerous orphans to join us.


Sadly, several eggs did not survive my children's bites, while others that did were....stolen, including Embrace's firstborn. Under normal circumstances, I would suspect that spiteful little Dorsal, Rudy, of being behind this. But not only does he fear his twin sister's wrath too much to even attempt such a vulgar act, his recent confrontation with one of our newest additions has made him far more wary of encountering we Vampires.


Before I speak of this newcomer, I should speak of the events that brought him here. Several months ago, the Cave Mother returned from a longer than normal excursion, jubilant and carrying a Vampire egg. Soon after, she summoned me to her private quarters and tasked me and only me with caring for this egg.

"Why, Cave Mother?", I asked, "What is so special about this particular egg?"

"My dear Zazan," she replied with a smile, "Our flock has been accepted as carers for eggs of the Montague clan,"

The Montague clan. One of the oldest, most esteemed Vampire families in all the land. To be allowed to adopt members of this family is of the highest honour, so I could fully understand her joy. As such, I cared for the egg as diligently as I did my own, and was rewarded with a young male, whom the Cave Mother has dubbed Count Vetinari.


Veti is a frightfully nervous young thing, so much so that even the smallest thing can start him quivering in fright. Being a victim of the Egg Thief has not helped his disposition, but he seems to have struck up a friendship with the most unlikely of characters; the Lurker, Chimera. Hopefully this relationship with such a proud dragoness will serve to bolster his severely lacking confidence.


This brings us to the second Montague to join our flock; Count Reddington. Unlike Veti, Reddington is pure Montague, thus I must shamefully admit that I let my prejudice get the better of me and expect this young one to become rather....Well, snobby.


I was very very wrong. Red, as he insists we call him, is an interesting individual. He presents himself as quite a calm and collected mind, undeniably quick-witted and possessed of a rarely seen yet sharply refined humour. Overall, his company is pleasant and sophisticated, and it is no surprise he is already firmly integrated into the small circle of intellectuals that Peta and I founded.


However, as with all good things there are bad elements. I have only seen Red lose his temper once, and that once is enough. During one of our conversations, he introduced to me his newly hatched daughter, Nerium, and permitted her to play with the other hatchlings. But shortly after, we heard the young ones squealing in fear; Rudy had decided to take advantage of his sister's absence and torment the chicks. Specifically Nerium.

Not even the whiptails move as quickly as Red did, knocking the belligerent Rudy away from the chicks before pinning him. I do not know what was said, but Rudy fled as soon as Red released his grip and, according to the others, refused to leave his cave for the better part of a week. No matter, he deserved it.


Enough for today, it will be dusk soon and I have much to do this coming night.

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Mother had given me a real, proper name. It is Golden Wish. We are filled with the hatchlings of the new species and two lovely golden wyvrens one who has gendered female, and a single bronze tinsel hatchling.


Unfortunately we caught mother sitting alone in a corner rocking back forth. Arguments split out from everyone as to who was to blame for her depression. An orange Pyralspite (Spessartine is what the orange ones call themselves) by the name of Pureblood Orange went to sit by Mother knowing she was one of the favourites and that Mother enjoyed her company. The Guardian of Nature was very upset though. She has taken to snapping at the more unpleasant breeds residing in our caves (bleeding moons, hellfires, brutes, Plated Colossus, Avatars of Destruction, Hellhorses, Dark greens, Desipis simply too many to list) but she has left alone the vampires as Mother has always had a fondness for that breed. Perhaps that is why their coven has gotten so large?


One pastime of Mother's we have noticed is that she loves to make up dragon breeds. She'll spend hours making each one perfect and then forgetting about it. The whites have taken to encouraging this behavior as they believe it to be a healthy simulation for her mind.


I must go now for the metallics have taken to grouping together and if I'm not with them then they will shun me


-Golden Wish

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There is still no advance on the mystery singer. Haven't heard a song for a while now. Have noticed that it seems to be when the night sky is clear of clouds - that's when the singing is more likely to be heard. Haven't really mentioned this to the others, apart from one, since they'd probably think it was all in my head. A few of them already think I'm strange for not having taken a mate yet.


The only one I have mentioned it to is Na Creagan Bana. He's pretty much a loner, as I am, and to my knowledge, does not have any offspring. His reaction was slightly odd. He's normally quite cheerful, but when I told him, he went very quiet for a while. I changed the subject afterwards, and he perked up again, but I could've sworn that for a moment there... well, no matter. T'was probably my imagination anyway.





I hate this. All of it. I don't like lying to the others, but I feel like I must. It seems as though if the others knew the truth, then their attention would scare her. Yes, I have a mate. I've even sired two offspring out of her, although one lives far away. My mate is ...she's so lovely, but quiet. I just feel like I have to hide her from the others. I hear her sing though. Sometimes I even join in, but only when I'm sure there are no other dragons around.


Na Creagan Bana


P.S: Suspect Coxwold has heard her singing. He mentioned something of the sort earlier anyway. Not sure what to do now.

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Love this idea. Just going to try it out.


Dear journal,


The place I'm in is HUGE. There are other hatchlings, a couple of eggs, and tons of adults. Although, neither of my parents are here. I don't get where they are. I just hope I'll get a name soon. I really want one. But as always, I'm told: "You're to young," or "We can't trust you,". Although by now, I think I'm pretty trustworthy. But still, nobody believes in me. Except for Rocktalon, another older hooktalon. I know he really wants me to have a name, but otherwise, nobody seems to want me to have a name.


There's also this really weird egg... it isn't really an egg, in fact. It looks more like a bunch of paper folded together. It has a huge hole in it, and I think whatever is in there is going to come out. But Duo Slash- my current caretaker- doesn't want me near it. I don't understand why I shouldn't be allowed near it. Maybe it's because I'm so young.


-Unnamed Two-Headed Hooktalon

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It's cold. Really cold. Whenever I try to stretch even just a little my paws push against something hard and smooth. I can't see anything either, it's just so dark in here. I hear something outside......it sounds like some other dragons. Why won't they help me? Are they keeping me prisoner here? ......The idea of it makes me sick.


Thoughts of an unhatched ice egg.


I want out. Right now. It's too much it's too much I've been stuck in here for too long.......I want to be free. I have begun to feel the first stirrings of hunger in my stomach an unknown and alien feeling which serves to further my panic. I want to know what I look like what the world looks like. If I even have a mother or father......so with a deep stirring in my chest I began to push against the walls of my prison. Some deep instinct inside me told me not to rush but to take it slow and steady. Using my claws I managed to make a crack. A crack! Gasping from exhaustion, fear and a little bit of excitement I pressed my eye against the crack desperate to see the outside world . What I saw took my breathe away. I stared in awe as dragons of so many different sizes and colours were just sitting there. I had no name for the colours I saw for I had never imagined them. But now I will be able to dream about them. Are they alive? Much more timid now, the progress to break free was considerably slower. But finally I had done it.


Newly hatched spring hatchie

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What is with all these new dragons these days. Back in my day being a dragon simply required four limbs and maybe wings if you were a land dweller and the water ones just had fins. Of course there was the occasional oddity with two heads or just having wings but they didn't go flaunting their deformities around for all to see. But these new hatchlings......they don't have any limbs whatsoever. IT ISN'T NATURAL I TELL YOU. These abominations shouldn't exist. They go against everything it means to be a dragon. Why they're just basically overgrown snakes.


PowderSnow one of the first white dragons in the clan

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Journal for Rentaro the Purple Dorsal Dragon

''I was dumped as an egg,As i can check my owners were looking for a Red dorsal,but i am a mere common purple.My new owner seems to be new,and having barely any knoweledge.She seems to have named me after some anime character.she mentioned ''Black Bullet'' before,Am i named after Rentaro from BB? I don't know. There's seven more hatchlings in here.An albino,BBW,A brimstone,a carmine wyvern,a waterhorse,an Ochredrake and a pygmy seawyrm.They're all looking at me.There are four eggs,One is striped,the other is pink,the other green,and the last one is green and glassy,about to hatch--I'm confused.Why did they choose me over the thousands of abandoned Dorsals out there...? I also think she called me something else other than Rentaro.Sylphide,was it? Am i part of a project? A lineage? What's going on? I guess only time will tell...'' -Rentaro

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(Folly left another page today. It's covered in what look like chicken feathers...)


Dear Journal,


There have been some...interesting developments, since my last entry. I shall save the most extraordinary until last. First, some more personal events.


Since my last entry, I have sired another child. However, this one was passed along to a friend of the Cave Mother, a human who also cares for a large coven of Vampires and has asked us to rehome some of their successful bitten eggs. At least that explains the sudden influx of new Vampires! "Chuckle" Anyway, my youngest has been named Death's Desire, and is doing splendidly, I have been told.


My other children have been quite prosperous, too. My youngest daughter, Crimson, sired a daughter of her own, Black Butterfly. My eldest son, Cold, has sadly yet to sire successfully, but he shares the same bright optimism of his sisters and has not given up hope. And while she has not sired herself recently, the three daughters of my eldest, Dream, have all families of their own.


Fate have not been as kind to the Montagues, sadly.

Nerium fell victim to the Egg Thief, and has been in a terrible depression every since. Even the antics of the hatchlings does not cheer her up.

Red sired a second egg, but it was decided to pass this egg to a new Montague foster clan, something Red himself suggested as he wanted to spend as much time as he could with Nerium.

Vetinari finally produced a child, a daughter named Samhain. Sadly, she shares her father's poor luck, as her first bite perished.


Onto the most interesting and fascinating occurrence. A few days ago, the Cave Mother returned to the Cave in a frantic state of excitement, carrying several strange eggs that almost resembled those small glass orbs that human children play with. When Mother Gaia, one of our resident Guardians of Nature, managed to calm her enough to be coherent, she explained that these eggs were from a new species.

Sure enough, the eggs revealed dragons that none of the clan recognized: limbless wyrms, possessed of powerful magick and extraordinary hues of colour.

Only Mother Gaia and Father Ailill, the other GoN, seemed to know what these little creatures are, and they informed the rest of us that these new dragons were called Xenowyrms.


All I can say is that they are quite a handful. Poor Key and Janis are run off their paws, trying to stop them getting into trouble or eating the cheese dragons or the chickens.


Speaking of little creatures, where do these chickens keep coming from....?

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What is with all these new dragons these days. Back in my day being a dragon simply required four limbs and maybe wings if you were a land dweller and the water ones just had fins. Of course there was the occasional oddity with two heads or just having wings but they didn't go flaunting their deformities around for all to see. But these new hatchlings......they don't have any limbs whatsoever. IT ISN'T NATURAL I TELL YOU. These abominations shouldn't exist. They go against everything it means to be a dragon. Why they're just basically overgrown snakes.


PowderSnow one of the first white dragons in the clan

Well these snakes have grown up into......bigger snakes. I'm so disappointed in Mother for picking these things up and keeping them.



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Oh, this actually seems really fun! I'll try it out with Xeloh, one of my Xenowyrms happy.gif


In the beginning of this post, Xeloh and her siblings are still hatchlings. Also, because of her young age, she isn't very literate and she hasn't become very wise like most Magieas yet.


Dear diary,

Mommy handed me this weird book thing to write my feelings in today, but I don't know what to write. Hmm... I'll just write random stuff instead. Hammer. Knight. Sun. Melon. Meat. Hungry. Meh, this is getting boring. I feel like eating. Or sleeping. Or both. I'm bored. Maybe I'll do something with magic. I'm going to try writing by making the quill I'm writing with float. -incomprehensible scribbles- Yeah, that didn't work. I wish I could do magic like the grown-ups. They can do all sorts of cool spells. And they can fly. I'm stuck on the ground while my brothers are off playing tag in the air. I still can't fly yet for some reason. I don't know if I'll ever be able to fly.

Hi again, I had to go for a while because Mommy called me over to eat. I wonder why she doesn't eat the same things we do. She's very different than us. She doesn't even have a tail. And she covers herself with this kind of removable fur and stands on two legs. Maybe she isn't even a dragon at all. But then what is she? She's not a squirrel, squirrels are tiny... maybe a monkey? No, monkeys have tails.


I'm really sad now. Mommy saw what I was writing and told me she was a human and that she wasn't really my mommy. She found me in my egg somewhere in the desert. I want my real mommy... I'm going to go find her. But Mommy can't know or else she will bring me back here.


I've been going towards the desert for a really long time now. I wish I could just fly over everything here. I'm really scared because I'm all by myself in the dark. This is going to take forever... I think I want to go home. No, I need to find my real mommy. I'm going to try to fly.

OH MY GOSH!!! I actually levitated for a second! I think I got it now!


Dear Diary,

Good morning! I can levitate for a really long time now! Not as much as my brothers, but STILL!!! This one time I had to make it across a river, and I could just fly over it! It was so fun! Right now I'm resting under a tree, and I can already see the desert, but there are these huge mountains in the way. They look so cool. I can see tons of dragons over there. I bet it's cold. I wonder how dragons can stay warm over there.


It's so cold... I wish I knew how to warm myself up with magic. Right now I'm trying to get over the mountain. I can't feel my tail. Or anything. I think I'm going to die from the cold. I'm so scared. I'm lost. The only reason I'm writing right now is because there's nothing else to do. I found a cave and I'm going to stay here until the snowstorm stops. I don't think it will. Why did I ever leave home...


My Dearest Diary,

My, it has been quite a while, hasn't it? I simply cannot believe I finally found my lost journal from all those years ago, completely intact, even. It is a miracle that the writing is still legible.

Ah, I remember the days of my youth, so curious and innocent. Now that I think back, it is strange I would actually leave my own home, alone, and travel many miles to seek my real mother. I still have yet to catch a glimpse of either of my parents. If it wasn't for my human mother sending two honorable Magis to rescue me from the cold, harsh winds of the mountain, I would have frozen and my consciousness would have ended for eternity.

The next sunrise I had vowed never to run away from home ever again, and that I had learned my lesson. Never have I violated that vow.

When I had matured, my mother allowed me to explore, and each day the limits to this disappeared gradually. Now, I am able to explore all the land, and it was only this day I spotted my old diary frozen within the ice of the mountain, close to a very familiar cave.

Perhaps it was destiny to come upon this old memory. Perhaps not. Not even I will ever be able to solve this mystery. What I do know, however, is that the belief in destiny makes a dragon wonder. Wonder turns to imagination, and imagination leads to dreams. Dreams are necessary in our lives, whether they are the ones that appear in our slumber, or the ones we wish to accomplish. They guide us. Sometimes, down the wrong paths. But without dreams, we wouldn't be able to follow the right paths, either.


I'm starting to ramble, and the ink is about to run out, so I believe I should end here. I am not going to bring the journal with me on my journey back home, for I believe that destiny will bring another living being to find it, and learn of my deep written thoughts. Farewell, and I hope to see this journal again someday, perhaps with an extra written entry from another expressing their thoughts as well.

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While exploring the deepest recesses of my cave, I found a few scraps of crumpled up paper. Unfurling them took some little effort on my part, but from what I can see, they seem to be diary entries. They're unsigned, however, so I have no idea of the writer's identity. I shall transcribe the first entry underneath this one.


As to the mystery singer I have mentioned before, still nothing. There have been some fine, clear nights recently, and four times I've heard the singing, yet I'm still no clearer on who it could be.




Dear diary:


Oh, how I wish for some kind of order in this place! Granted, the only time we really come together is when there are eggs and hatchlings to be looked after, or there's some great matter of importance to be dicussed, weighted or argued over. But still...these hatchlings may be trouble. I've already had to treat the Tangar hatchling for various wonds, caused by the Brutes "playing" with it. Two of them, a male called Aoineart and a female named An Eilrig have already left the area, since they wanted to claim territories of their own. As have two Fever Wyverns, also a male and female. Not sure that we'll be seeing all that much of the female Fever. The male, possibly, but again, still unsure. He seems more willing to try to make an effort to visit occasionally, or so I gathered from the few things he siad before he left. No use dwelling on it, I suppose.

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(I found two more pages. One is definitely from old Folly, but the other one isn't. It's not signed, but going off the messy writing and the occasional child-like terminology, I think it's from Folly's newly matured daughter, Serene Grace. I'll transcribe that one first.)


Hello Mr Diary!

Daddy has asked me to write down a bunch of stuff, since his paws are still too sore to write properly (No, I don't know why he's sore. He won't tell me, nobody tells me anything. They think I'm dumb because I'm so young because I just got bigger, but even I can see something big happened). He wants me to just write down about how our family has grown, how the Montague family are doing, blah blah blah. But that's soooo boring, so I'm not gonna bother with that and write about something really cool!

When I was playing with the Cheese Dragons, I saw the Cave Mother sneaking into a section of the caves that Daddy says is off limits. She had that creepy ghost dragon and his skeleton friend (Friend? More like boyfriend!) with her, so I decided to be all stealthy ninja dragon and sneak after them. And you will not believe what I saw! Desipis dragons! Two of them! And they were talking to the Cave Mother! I know they're really really bad from what I read in Daddy's books, and the Cave Mother wouldn't let bad dragons stay here (Unless she's insane, which I think she is), so they must be controlling her with their evil mind powers, so I'm gonna warn the rest of the clan! Daddy will be so proud of me for saving the clan! I am such a good dragon for doing something so noble!


(Here's the second page, from Folly.)


Dear Journal (And Grace, you insolent whelp, since I have little doubt you will read this),


Rule One; When your elder, and especially your SIRE, asks you to do something important, it's best to do it without complaint, even if it is "boring". You'll learn as you get older.


Rule Two; The romantic inclinations of the rest of the clan is NOT a topic of gossip. If the two dragons mentioned in your "report" (One of which is a close friend of mine) are indeed romantically involved, that's their business. NOT YOURS.


Rule Three; NEVER QUESTION THE CAVE MOTHER. She is the undisputed leader of the clan and in the end, her word is law, even if she doesn't exercise her authority often.


Now, I will explain properly. The pair of Desipis you saw are known as Labyrinth and Verlornes. The Cave Mother brought them here not long after the clan was founded, they are two of the oldest dragons here and, despite the notorious reputation of their species, they care about the clan, since, to quote Verlornes, this is one of the few clans where they would be accepted without question or chains, so long as they follow the Cave Mother's rules. Specifically, they are forbidden from harming other members of the clan, so no, the clan is not in danger; They are basically our greatest weapon against those who would see us harmed and, were it not for them, YOU would not be here right now.


Writing has severely hurt my paws, so I shall end this here. I will explain in my next entry as to why I am injured and what my last statement means.

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I may be late since the last post was last year, but I found scrolls scattered by Edghen's (A Speckle-Throated Dragon) den. I thought she was reading some of the scrolls I wrote when I first found her and Kas and Mai (A Two-Headed Dragon) until I picked one up and read it. I then ended up reading all of them. There went my free time.


Just to specify, Deris and Sevs is a Hooktalon Dragon, and Cherul is a Blacktip Dragon.


Here is one of the scrolls, which I believe is the most recent:




One of the abandoned eggs just hatched. We named it Ken Ku because, ironically, it was coded "KeNku". The other egg should hatch soon. Meanwhile, Kas, Mai, Deris, and Zevs were watching the new Duotone hatchling stumble around, as if they expected it to gain its colors instantly. Perhaps they're searching for the first signs of maturity. Cherul was letting Cilitris, the new Magi Hatchling, chase her tail.


Our tribe is certainly growing. Meanwhile, that human who calls herself Dragmori keeps making lists of dragons on scrolls all the time. I've read some, and they appear to be wishlists or goals or something. The human is no help right now. I just see them drawing on parchment and writing on scrolls when they could be pouncing on deer like us dragons do when they're hungry (though, I'm not sure if humans are capable of hunting like us, as their teeth are flat, their claws are dull, and they stumble when they run through trees). Even so, without Dragmori, we'd all be dead.


Still, dragons still have doubts about Dragmori. Eventually, she's sure to sell our young to strangers, abandon one of our greatest warriors, or freeze one of the hatchlings. If she doesn't, then she'd be great, but, as far as we know, none of the humans are great in some way, collecting dragons just for the sake of it, trying to be "rarer" than others. Kas pointed out that Dragmori hasn't written about gold dragons ever, but I told her I've probably missed a scrolls. Kas then got angry at me (with Mai trying to get out of the conversation by trying to walk away) and said I'm just trying to convince myself that Dragmori's cruel for no reason. Perhaps I am-


There was a pause at that same spot. A few inches below was this:


The egg has hatched. It's what I believe is a Celestial Dragon, a newly-discovered breed. Cilitris was immediately interested with the hatchling's glowing lights, and the Duotone Hatchling stumbled towards the new dragon. I must say, this dragon's arrival has got everyone interested.


Well, I have to prepare the nursery for another two dragons. Farewell.




I was rereading some of the other parchments when Edghen showed up and snatched up the scrolls, her face looking like a ripe tomato.

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(Turns out bad experiences are good muses. Hope the mods don't mind me bringing this back.)


(Strangely it is not CD who delivers this latest scroll, it is a small but terribly sad-looking Pumpkin Pygmy, who hands the scroll over without a word before fleeing. The scroll itself is covered in inkblots and patches that have clearly dried after something has dripped on to it. The writing is also surprisingly messy, as if the pen was shaking when it was forming the words.)


Dear Journal,


Something terrible has happened. Even now I struggle to comprehend that what has occurred is indeed reality and not some dreadful nightmare, my paw shakes so that I can barely write, but I must...I need to write this down. If only for my own sake of mind.


I had been out on patrol, making sure that everything was well amongst my blood-drinking kindred and the other nocturnal dragons in our flock. But when I returned to the main cave...I knew something was wrong as soon as I set foot inside. Everyone, even the young hatchlings, was awake at the darkest hour, but nobody spoke, they just stood gathered around, each face bearing the same expression of stunned horror.


I tried to find out from them just what was happening, why they looked as they did, but each I spoke to merely shook their head, terror becoming sorrow as they pointed towards the Cave Mother's chambers. But upon reaching them, I found the door sealed against myself and the others who tried to enter, no answer for any of the concerned calls we made. Even Peta, the Cave Mother's right hand, could raise no response.


It was Gwyndolin, the young gold who is one of the flock's newest additions, who finally told me what had come to pass, and his words would've made my blood run cold had it not already done so.


Verlornes is dead.


Looking at those words makes me feel sick. Part of me wants to deny them, to say they are nothing but deceitful spite. But I know it is true, for I helped bury her myself.


I do not know the full story, nor do I know that....filth's motives for this heinous act, but this is what Gwyn relayed to me from his own knowledge; the Cave Mother was in an empty part of the Cave, preparing it for the spring and the influx of new hatchlings that would bring. Then...she was attacked. It was only pure luck that Verlornes and her mate, Father Ailill, were only a few caves away when they heard the commotion and were able to respond so quickly. But that luck turned so sour for the Desipis, struck down whilst protecting our Mother...


Worst still, if the rumours are true


(There is a blank space, then more writing, this time not as messy.)


It is true. Gods help us, it is true.


As I was writing, the Cave Mother's doors opened, she and Ailill emerging from within, accompanied by another dragon, a Desipis, who I know as Keres, Ailill and Verlornes' second son. The Cave Mother and Ailill looked...broken, while Keres was the image of pure fury. The Mother addressed those gathered, confirming our worst fears, that Verlornes was indeed taken from us by her eldest son, and that the traitor's name was never to be spoken again in our flock. That from now on, this...detested one is our enemy and should he be seen in our territory again, he is to be brought to the Cave Mother.


I pray for Ailill, to lose his beloved and his son in one fell swoop...As for that fiend, he best pray that he is far away from here by the nightfall, for I have made an agreement with the remaining Desipis dragons, that should I or my kin find him, it is not the Cave Mother who will decide his fate...

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Bolz's journal (when he was a mature hatchling)


Today, I went for an adventure, searching for a lair.

I traveled far, and my wings felt tired... I just thought I would die of exhaustion.. Then I found a human town. Immediately, I tried my best to fly to the top of the highest and closest tree I could find. I then perched on the strongest branch I could find and slept.

When I woke up, I thought this would be the perfect place for a nest. And even better, I could start an egg trading shop here. Right away, I traveled around to find materials for a nest. After a good while, the nest had been finished. I just need some decorations. And I know who to get them from.

(will continues)

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OH! OH! OOOOOH! I found this so quickly...


Dear Journal,


LIGHT! I love it! I'm so happy I've hatched now! Then, another dragon hatched from a beautiful blue egg! There were a couple more eggs, they were almost identical. A human ran in, and I could tell she was excited! She told us that her name was Berri! I call dibs on being leader! biggrin.gif


This cave is huge. There's a lot of space here, and she said she'd go get food. The blue dragon is pretty playful. Berri came back with some 'roasted meat' which was pretty delicious to be honest. Wow, this entry is all over the place!! Hehe!


Berri said she'd name us once we gendered. I wonder what my name will be! We both really like this human. She's fun to have around. I can't wait to be a big, strong dragon! And she said I'm going to be a Monarch Dragon! Woah, sounds cool!!


I'm just so excited! What will the future have in store?!


Unnamed Hatchling


Wow, that's impressive for a dragon that just hatched minutes ago.

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I love this!


Dear, Journal,


I am tired, I haven't even slept my daily eighteen hours because of the others. Mainly the Mints, they keep climbing into my fur and making their beds in my fur. This is problematic because there are like 8 of these large lizards that are hopping around making noises and tangling my fur. They keep telling me things like,

"Oh it's fine, we'll untangle your fur!"

"Come on, your fur is so fluffy I can't sleep anywhere else!"

I think you can find somewhere else to sleep you annoying whelp, you can very easily just sit next to a Red and be warm the entire night rather than resting on me. The most annoying of the Mints has to be Mintiest Princess. She is pretty stuck up and won't listen to anything I say. To get her off me I actually have to roll over... Maybe I should pull a prank on the Mints! When they are all sleeping I could bring them to a high place, like a mountain, and watch them freak! I mean, I wouldn't leave them there, that would just be plain rude. Maybe then they will learn their lessons and leave me alone to my sleep!


-- Themuldr


Looks like the Mints are in trouble, huh.

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A journal entry from Feirlire Mohkeat


Dear journal,


The days and years blur until the only way I can tell time is passing is by looking either at our ever growing family, or from seeing age creep over TerraAnne's face. She used to be so young and naive, but now a solemn mature face graces my presence every day. Sometimes I reminisce about the days when I was fresh from the egg and we would play together for hours on end. Nowadays we both tend to stare at the landscape together during our free time.


TerraAnne still brings new eggs into our territory. I've lost count as to how many she's given to my care to incubate within my nest. I enjoy the young, but feel closer to them when they mature when I can then trust them at my back during a fight. Not that I couldn't hold my own in battle. Though I'm still no match for Satanka. Even with age on my side that black dragons beaten me more times than I care to admit. We were practicing the other day near the almost grown hatchlings when he surprised me with a new move. I sometimes hate hearing laughter of children directed my way.


Perhaps TerraAnne and I will patrol the skies again soon. I sometimes miss when it was just Agirtra, TerraAnne and myself around. I suppose I should stop rambling on in this journal now. I sound like some senile old fool. Good night reader, let the moons of our land guide you.


~Feirlire Mohkeat

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