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I just found an entry from my very first dragon, Caerulia-Lynx!


I've been with this lovely human for so long now that I can't imagine what it would be like to be elsewhere. I remember hatching several months ago and seeing her with a fluffy blanket to wrap me in. Now, I use my blanket with all the new little hatchlings. AeliaLynx, our caretaker, always called me the den mother and Aster the den father, since we were the first female and male respectively. I love caring for all the little ones, and now I have many paws to help me as well. A little red...dino? I think that's what it's called, just joined our group, and I'm headed over to him now. Oh thank heavens, Aster got to the little one first. Last thing the poor hatchling needs is to be bombarded by the other hatchlings. I have to go now and make sure Aster doesn't need anymore help. ~Caerulia

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My name is Inquiria. I am supposed to be a girl, but since I haven't matured yet, we don't know. Personally, I think that my mind is certainly focused on things that most girls worry about. There's this other Purple Ridgewing in the hatchling cave. His name is Ivan Geroff. He's supposed to be a boy. I've been hoping that my wings are purple and his are red all the time. I think I'm in love. Bad Inquiria! He's second gen, while I'm third. It could be a major no I don't know about. He'll probably reject me and take one of the Tan Ridgewings. They've come to visit the hatchling cave. The two sisters would adore him. And if they do, I'll be stuck to watch. Since Ridgewings are only found in mountains, it's best for me and Ivan to live there. But that's where the Tan Ridgewings live too. I can picture the three of them joking about the ridiculous names those sisters have. Dancing Now Come Back Later and Tan Mounain are charming and polite. I hope he picks me. I know I don't need a mate to survive, but I'd love to raise eggs of my own. A Stripe named King Dasdarian Charming has visited us. He has 8 children. He tells me that he wants them to live all around the land so that his last name will be everywhere. His wife, Queen Black Magi, is very nice for a Black Dragon. She was cast out since she was normal and that's where the human rescued her. She invited me to talk to her any time.

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We found

this thing




We have been practicing our writing. Trying to better maintain control

rather than constantly switch

as we argue

We do not argue!




It takes much effort to work together, but we have tried. We believe we are successful.

We have learned a new way of writing. We are trying it now.


Hmm yes it looks nice but it tires the eyes to read too much of it.

Yes. We can be fancy when there is not as much news to tell.






The human mage has returned. We did not believe she would be back for so long.

She seemed so tired and weak when she returned. And much older, too.

We know she would not approve of telling secrets. So we move on.



She returned. Despite the prevailing thoughts that she would soon leave once more, she regained her role. With her Whiptail outcast by her side, the speedy mage set about building up forces for those under her association and the protection of Master Pisces.

(We have not actually met Master Pisces. Only the Shimmers know what he looks like and where he dwells.)

At first she was merely finding homes for those we have seen wandering about the lands ever since the beginning of the year and throughout the summer, though it would appear that part of her goal is approaching its end.

She laments a lack of nurturing Incubators. Foolish mage.

Mmm yes the mages only have powers of ice, not of fire. They cannot substitute a true Dragon's warmth.


She has been busy as of late, and we have been surprised, yes, to hear the rumors.

They say she has returned to her famous lightning speed elemental and metal tracking.

Honestly this does not surprise us. She has a clear weakness for them. And beyond that


she has a vision.



We have seen her speaking with other mages. One of whom gives off a feel of the harsh sun and tropical waters, a koi-shaped brooch pinned to her wear. Our mage seems forever in awe of her, yes.


She spent much time with the Shimmers, and then went up into the mountains to speak with the Tinsels. We saw her on the way by—and you would not believe

NO we must not speak of that yet, it would place him in danger!

Mmm yes.


She went up the mountain and on the way back, tarried with us.

She brought gifts of spiced meats. Yum.


She told us stories for she knows we like them.


She approves of our writing.



She told us the story of Lonely Mother, the only Frill to traverse our lands

We should explain our lands

But the story!

We must explain, yes. Other clans and dragons have done so. We must stake our territory!



We are not housed like cattle or caged like lions.

It does not matter if the preserve is an acre or a square yard. It is still a cage.

We are not caged.

Yes. We wander where we please.

The clans have staked out their own territories. The squishy mage must travel between them when she wishes to meet with us.

Most clans have chosen to live out in the wilderness. Away from other Clans, away from humans, away from thieving mages.


The Squadrons have changed, as time has gone on. They have grown too large and split off again and again. Now, there are many more squadrons… but the leaders of the older, larger groupings may still order other Squadrons around, for they are the leaders of the FORMATIONS.


The squishy mage looked displeased and said the words were being used wrong.

She is an odd duck.



Although the entry stops there, as if the writer had gotten distracted, another "entry" is found laying nearby. It's actually composed of cut-outs of dragon descriptions that appear to have been pasted together in a chart somewhat sloppily, showing the following dragon descriptions:


Mutant Hissi is the Alpha Male for a squadron of Two-Headed Lindwurms. He shows clear favoritism to his green kin; his attitude toward the blue-hued Lindwurms could be described as ambivalent at best. Most of the other cavern-dwelling dragons tend to avoid him; he is known to collect bones and seems very partial to skeletal remains from crypts.


Little is known about the squadron as a whole beyond their tokens. Each member possesses a cubical statuette of a cow that is covered with glowing carvings of the symbol of the Snake rather than spots. These tokens are constructed largely of ivory and bone, but have inlaid red gemstones for eyes. It is rumored that these tokens are gifts from a guardian, much like the Pisces tokens carried by many water-based squadrons.




Lil' Parmesan spends its time outside a rural town in a place that is constantly humid. Because the town is populated by farmers, wild birds tend to flock to the fields and the nearby river where Lil' Parmesan stays. It has multiple gaping holes in its body from years of said birdies trying to eat him.


Though it is not a true dragon, Lil' Parmesan was "adopted" by a squadron of White dragons who took pity on the enchanted block of cheese. It currently resides with a ragtag group of Cheese, Paper, and White dragons.




That's strange...


This "dragon" appears to have been raised in captivity by Vengeance Vendetta and his minions rather than being eaten or turned. It is covered in mold and--like everything else in the area--stinks of dead eggs and hatchlings. Though it broke free after being successfully revived in an attempt of zombification, it continues to remain within the Vampires' territory. It is almost as if it doesn't know where else to go.




Torchic Torkie is a rather grouchy bird. Few can blame her for that: all her eggs keep being eaten by dragons, snakes, and humans. It doesn't help that ever since she and the other Chickens tried to eat Lil' Parmesan, she's been placed in a henhouse.




Kazzy'ak is the Alpha Female of a squadron of Copper Dragons. She serves as the brood's matriarch, a duty which mostly plays out by helping Lonely Mother take care of orphaned eggs and hatchlings. It is no secret that she is highly territorial, especially when it comes to her rank: the separation of her squadron from other Metallics occurred after she refused to surrender her position to Regina Maria Evenstar. Unlike her younger counterpart, Kazzy'ak scorns handouts and has little patience for intruders. She is the only known Alpha Female of currently recorded squadrons to be without a mate. Rumors say that she once vied for the attentions of One Nation, but was spurned in such great disgust that it left her with little else to do but care for the young of others.


It leaves off there, as if—once again—the makers got distracted.





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I can't believe it! The magic of the pink dragons worked. I'm a girl and Ivan Geroff is a boy. The human says we'll grow up soon. I can't wait. Black Magi says I have nothing to fear about Ivan. She has told me that the human would like for me to mate Ivan. If he refuses, it is likely she will breed the other dragons that aren't Tan Ridgewings. Oh, I hope he doesn't refuse.

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Icarus finally let me read his journal entries on the vow not to sell them to the humans outside of the Cave. Right now, here is an entry that he has written...


The Twentieth of September, 2014


Today was of such happiness.


Spyro and his daughter Fluffy had boosted my and Angel's Fertility respectively when it was time for us to breed. It has worked and my dearest Angel and I have successful produced our twelfth child-- our third Ice Dragon Egg. I'm staying with Angel at the moment so that she can recover well. Our eleven children have heard the news and have arrived to come and see the clan's latest arrival. I had been informed that the rest of the clan is waiting to see the Egg. But Angel has denied this request for the rest of the clan to see the Egg. Not yet, anyway.


Angel is now asleep with the Egg gently wrapped in her arms in protection.


From my understanding, three of our adopted Eggs, two Royal Blue Dragon eggs and a Canopy Dragon eggs, are hatching. Soon we'll have more hatchlings.


But today is a sad day, too.


Keys, our white Striped Dragon, has begged our Caretaker not to take his Egg that he and Swimmer, one of the Waterhorse Dragons, have produced. I could tell by the Caretaker's eyes that she didn't want to do such a thing, but she had no other choice as we were too full with Eggs at the moment. Poor Swimmer is in grieving when her first child is taken away to be abandoned. She won't let anyone go near her in her time of grieving.


Keys has approached me and asked me if there would be "Vampires" afoot. I'm deeply concerned that there would be Vampires, but if they exist, I will not let them touch my love or our children or their children.


If I could, I would have stopped the Caretaker and brought the Egg back to our clan immediately. But it can't be undone now.


But soft, the Caretaker comes to visit our child. Let us hope that she does not stir my love from her sleep.


But what's this?


A journal entry by Angel? What does it say?


I am sore for the twelfth time from laying my and my mate's newest Egg. It is an Ice Egg, like Frost and Icicle before. Overjoyed? Always will be, and Icarus is happy, too. Our children have gathered before us to meet their newest sibling the Egg. Before Frost hatched, Heir, Comb, and Trickster (our first three children, Magi Dragons like I) were surprised to have an Ice Dragon as a sibling. Now with this Egg, they are no longer phased.


Icarus has asked them to leave us so that I would be with our new child. Heir, being the natural eldest brother, obeyed and was the first to leave, with his brothers and sisters following suit.


After our children have left, Icarus turned to me and spoke (with telepathy), "My darling, you were very brave from what has happened. But you are tired. Here, I will stay with you until you have enough strength left to return to the other Dragons. Then we shall hope that our child can survive Egghood like their siblings before them."


I complied and allowed him to stay with me. "Your ancestor, Opalescent Romeo was it? He would be very proud of you that you are following in his footsteps," I spoke as we rested together.


"Aye, but I do not know what my father would have said," Icarus responded with a sigh. Ah yes. He did not know much about his father. "I doubt that he would have agreed much with having a Magi Dragon as a daughter-in-law, let alone talk about how his lineage did not have one."


Aye, yet I must rest. Good night, Icarus, my darling. Good night, all.

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I've never been this proud. Ivan and I's child has hatched. We are calling him/her London. I am secretly hoping for a girl, but we did not ask for the human to influence our child.

Our human is worried. Apparently someone has been attacked our eggs and they are suffering from soft shell. I hope they are okay.

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Today is my first day as apprentice to Moodtail Whiplash. She and the mage found me amongst an endless pile of eggs. I had hoped to work with her as soon as I was grown, but instead I have been sent to…


If I did not snort flames, I would sigh at the level of ludicrous of my first assignment.


Having learned of the records being kept by an eccentric Gilded Bloodscale, I have been sent to the mountain to aid in the record keeping. It would appear that the weird strange dragon simply cannot focus. I am hardly surprised. Bloodscales are, as a species, just two scales short of a crazybake.


I would start at the beginning, but I'm afraid I dozed off while I was listening to them ramble. I just woke to learn that it is night, and


blast their incense and tea so… sleepy





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I spoke with Moodtail regarding my previous assignment. She seemed amused at my reaction, and the fact I had fallen asleep near the Bloodscales. Once I explained how dreadfully headache-causing it was to listen to that scrazybake talk in freeflow, she took pity on me. I was taken before one of the oldest dragons in order to record that history which the Bloodscale was always trying to discuss. Hopefully, once the basics are actually recorded, their attention span will be better able to focus, as opposed to trying to do everything at once.


I still don't understand why they should continue to be the ones to record history. However, as a lowly apprentice without a mate, my opinion matters little.


There is a delicate and elaborate design done in ink that separates the next entry.


Lady Celestialtien has been around as long as anyone can remember. She was among the first, and knew the mage when the mage was young.


There are, in this vast, vast world, kingdoms of men. They work in their fields, in forests and mines, atop the seas, and along the rivers. They are few, tightly knit together, mostly in another part of the world. However, they are not powerful. Even their sorcerers are weak. Long ago, they used to hunt dragons for sport and gain, but that was a long time ago, when men were strong. No longer do they possess the skill, strength, or numbers. Those who have tried have died. None have tried in human generations.


The mages, on the other hand, are another matter. Strangers rumored to come from another world, their outlandish dress, behavior, abilities, and durability seems to support such a thought. They are young females as a general rule, though that is not always the case. These mages are egg thieves. Oddly enough, they do not try to eat the eggs, but to tame the hatchlings.


These mages congregate around the breeding grounds claimed by truly feral dragons. The influence they extend over those they have stolen varies. The mage who is associated with us shows little influence, other than a preference to bring more young for some squadrons and not for others.


Our squadrons do not house near the mage hunting grounds, nor near the human kingdoms. We stay in another part of the world, in territories staked out by the squadrons. And that is what has been attempted to explain for some time now.


Another fancy line break.


Long ago, there were few dragons in association with the mage. But in recent times, that began to change. Population skyrocketed so quickly, today it seems almost unimaginable. Over time, leaders were chosen or made themselves known, and alliances were formed. Thus started the first Squadrons.


Squadrons are formed as protected communities under the control of an Alpha leader, sometimes an Alpha and their mate. They are neither restricted to one clan nor one breed. Squadrons who share bordering territories may choose to form alliances with one another. Such was the case with early Thunders, Grays, and Shimmer-scales.


However, as the population only continued to increase, it became necessary to expand territories. Eventually, Squadrons grew too large. Former Squadron Alphas became Wing Alphas, and new Squadrons were formed.


There are many squadrons, but some are more famous than others. I shall endeavor to record the names of the most important leaders soon; I believe they may entertain taking council. This ought to be very interesting.

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[The paper seems to be originally from a book, slopped over with some white paint that covers most of the dark inked words. It looks quite old, worn from however long ago it was written upon. The handwriting is shaky and wobbly, and there are many dots that are spaced in the middle of multiple sentences. (For the sake of avoiding confusion, you skip over these long spaces of periods and try to read the funky writing.)]


I have(...)grown my wings today. They have been(...)itching a lot in the past week and(...)I am glad that I woke up today with(...)them all smooth and nice. I don't know if(...)I want to fly just yet(...). It seems very(...)dangerous. I don't want to fall, though(...)everyone keeps telling me I'll be fine.


I guess(...)everyone is getting excited for when I get(...)older(...). They, which I mean by the(...)Avatars(...), have told me many times that I am(...)important. Something to do with a(...)prophecy?(...)I don't know(...)if I am that important or special. I am just a(...)regular Albino(...). Nothing too special, I think(...).


But, guess I shouldn't(...)write all that. The human, or I guess(...)my owner?(...), wanted me to write things down, because(...)as they said, "Your words will be remembered and read by many for a long time"(...). I don't think that anyone would want to read my stupid writing(...). Even(...)I think it is boring.


But(...)I should at least write about yesterday. My owner(...)took me up to the mountains. It(...)was very cold up there and(...)I had to ride on Xil's back. I(...)don't think I like Xil too much(...). He is scary and(...)kind of smells bad. A lot of the others(...)say that he has killed other dragons before and(...)even eats hatchlings. But(...)why would my owner keep Xil(...)if he was that dangerous?(...)


But(...)anyway, so I was taken to the mountain top. I think(...)the place was called a(...)sanctuary? There was an(...)Avatar there, who I remember meeting before.(...)His name is Flight of Fancy, though my owner and Xil said his name with(...)a lot of funny sounds.(...)I guess(...)he was nice? I don't really know(...), but he did like hugging me a lot.(...)He talked to me about some stuff, nothing very(...)interesting or important, but I was able to sit in the building with the(...)pretty windows. He talked for awhile, saying stuff about(...)something to do with laws? And there were a lot of other dragons and other beings listening(...)to him.


I guess(...)that is all I can write for now. I am(...)sorry if this is boring(...).


[The paper ends with a shaky signature of 'Sebastian(...)Calvery'.]

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I'm not really sure where to begin. There has been such a frightful hullabaloo these past few weeks. It has been causing me almost something of a headache.


I have heard no further word regarding a meeting of the Squadron Alphas. Most disappointing, but not entirely a surprise. This month is a month of a significant amount of activity, not the least of which would be the grand night under the moons. I heard stories about the tales of last year. Such horrid tales.


In my observation, those with certain alliances can be identified by stones they carry with them. There are those that carry smooth black pebbles with glowing symbols of Pisces graved upon it.


Others have a cubical statuette of a cow that is covered with glowing carvings of the symbol of the Snake rather than spots. These tokens are constructed largely of ivory and bone, but have inlaid red gemstones for eyes.


I will have to research to learn more about the other ones…


{Much later, a new addition revealed some progress.}


I think I have seen the symbol for the Coppers. It appears to be an eagle beneath a simple fish.
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Much has changed.


It would, perhaps, be best to start from the beginning, but that beginning is not known.


Some time ago, something… changed. There were mages everywhere, frantically running and writing and tearing their way through with no clear direction. It was some time before things became quiet, but then…


Just this past month, there was a terrible snowstorm. We were caught in the snowstorm, but…


There appears to have been a mishap of sorts that has affected our memory. It may have something to do with our telepathic bond to the mage. She is ill.


[A fancy page break.]


We are currently studying the results of some scrolls that the Magi recently acquired. There is great interest shown in them, and there are more talks about the Squadrons. I look forward to this; hopefully it will be worth a good story. It is difficult to tell at this point.

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My gosh his cave was dusty. How could Timaeus let it get so cluttered? While sweeping some of last autumn's leaves out of the cave for him I found this small parchment mixed in with them. It must have fallen from one of his books. For a GoN he can write really well.



The cove's repairs are coming along well, but I wish the others would stop bowing to me. I don't want to be worshiped. I'd rather be accepted as an equal. Sigh~ Very well. If they see me as a leader then perhaps I should start acting the part instead of shying away. The youngsters are always playing with my tail and climbing onto my back. I don't mind, especially little Zack. He's such an energetic Magi, but he's kind and strong and he'll make a good shield caster one day. Brontio Glidewing is recovering well from his sickness. For a canopy dragon it amazes me how well he is respected by the rest of the clan - even the Metallics. Then again he is one of the cove's three founders so it's perfectly understandable. I do wish Thermosa would lose the edge to her bite. She's quite grumpy. Yes, she cooks for the entire clan, but she might get more help if she would be less aggressive to those who wish to help. I will give her credit though, she's very good with the hatchlings. Speaking of which I can see POOR Thing now. That young one is such a nuisance. Always trying to earn pity from the rest of the clan. Roxas Frost gave him one of her shiny scales that she had shedded and now it seems he's showing it off to the other hatchlings. I'm tempted to tell him off, but I see the situation is in good hands. Purest Treasure has arrived and is gently telling him off. The hatchlings all run off out of my line of sight, but I can already tell what's gotten their attention. Purest Treasure is also smiling which can only mean her friend Bibox has returned. That shimmer is one strange dragon, always be-bopping to her own tune. And as usual that clucking sound means Mrs. Cluckie is right behind her dancing along. I will give her credit, she's one brave chicken to be so comfortable around all of these dragons. I wish I had time to write more and put things into better detail, but the sun is setting and the Nebula dragons wanted to show me their new Star-Shine performance, though knowing this unique bunch I wouldn't be surprised if most of the clan came to watch.


Until next time,


~The Legendary Timaeus

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This seems like a cute idea. I'll give it a try!


January 24, 2015.


Dear Diary,


We had a celebration today. My cave owner came back from the Forest with a Cheese egg today! It was his first self-caught cheese egg. Swisster Slice, my Cave Owner's first Cheese, (Gifted to him) is really happy to finally have some company. It was really cool to be able to watch my Owner slowly grow his collection. It started with me, Airelake, Lumenatir, and Jungle Eye. After that, he just started bringing in more and more eggs. As he got more dragons, he was able to get better equipment and was able to bring back 6 eggs at a time! Our newest egg is the Cheese Egg, and there is a Red, a Spotted Greenwing, and two Pinks taking care of it right now, but they haven't forgotten about the other eggs and youngsters. We have a team of Sunsong Amphipteres and Moonstones taking care of that. When my owner goes to hunt for eggs, I'm left in charge. (Being the eldest dragon.) During the celebration, everyone was having a blast, even the hatchlings! Radiahlet was flying all over the place, having just gotten his wings recently. Even the Vampire Dragons were having fun! (Alas they had to sit under the shade, but there were many of them to keep each other company.) There hasn't been a party this big ever since my Owner got his first Metallic dragon. It's been a good day, but now I have some Eggs to take care of. It's my turn to nurse the Winter Egg.




I really liked the idea of using real dragons from my scroll. smile.gif

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I found some pages from little Flutterflit's journal. He's being taught how to write by Scrollscribe, though it seems his spelling is a little off.


I dont belive it! I waz watching anothr sumoning, I always like the prety colors and spells. But this time somthing new hapened! There waz this big flash when all the elemnts mergd togethar, and this glowing blue egg appered. The ice dragon startd talking about the sumoning working, and she picked the egg up. She and the magma and thundr dragons took it to the elder sumoners. They sayd somthing about Gardions of Natur, and since then the egg has been garded. The only Gardion of Natur I hav seen waz the adult that livs in the mountans when she came for a vizit. She waz sumond befor I waz laid, so I didnt see her sumoning. She was soo big! Maybe the hatchling wil be big too!


My spelling is geting better. I need to practise though, thats what Scrollscrib said. The blue egg hatched and is now a hatchling. Evryone keeps talking about it and the trio who summond it got a specal seremony. I want attention too! The nice lady who looks after us hid the egg in fog befor it hatched to protect it. She nevr did that with me. She also had a pink dragon influense it to be a boy. I hope this hatchling grows up, I want to be cuddled!


Scrollscribe says my spelling is good now, even though I still make misteaks. The hatchling is an adult now, and is a boy. He was given some odd name I didn't recogniz and was sent to find a home. The other dragons don't talk about him as much now that he is gon. I listened to the elder trio dragons and they said one more egg could be summoned before their powers would be gon, but I don't want anothr one! The nice lady gave me attention today, it made me feel a lot better. I hope she doesn't ignore me again.

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There has been something odd going on lately. Like all Blacks, I tend to hunt at night - for the simple reason that there is less competition for prey.


Sometime ago, on a certain night, I was hunting in one of the many valleys, when I heard something. A slight breeze carried a strange melody down from somewhere on the mountains. As I listened, it gave me the strangest feeling, and I couldn't help but feel shivers running up and down my spine.


There were no words, or none that I could make out, anyway, but the tune was haunting and yet joyous at the same time. Something of a contradiction there, yes, but in order to fully understand what I mean, you would have to hear the melody.


I gazed upwards in expectation of seeing a dragon perched somewhere, but there were none to be seen. However, I almost feel like I don't want to know who it is who sings. That knowing would spoil the magic of the song.



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22nd Day of the 2nd Moon


Nest status:

Two wet, red-striped eggs

Two black eggs

Two large crimson eggs

One white hatchling


Things have been quiet around the cave lately. Not much to write about. Our nest has been empty for quite some time, as no one has been willing to go and collect more eggs until very recently. The group of four that finally made the long trip returned with as many eggs as our nest could handle, as well as reports of new species of dragons, too many to name. Four of the six eggs that were brought to the nest are of these mysterious new species. Everyone is very interested in them; at all hours of the day, I have visitors inquiring about the new additions, asking questions about what they will look like and their estimated hatching times.


Along with this strange batch of eggs, there is a small white hatchling, a dragon of my own kind. It is very weak and likely hatched prematurely, but it responds to my voice and touch, so perhaps there is hope for the little one.




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24th Day of the 2nd Moon


Nest status:

Four black hatchlings

Two red-finned tidal hatchlings

Two royal crimson hatchlings

One vine hatchling

One white hatchling, female

One yellow-crowned hatchling, female

Two polished eggs

One thunder egg

One black egg


Our nest is quite full now, with four eggs and eleven hatchlings, nine of which are freshly out of their shells. I had forgotten how much joy it brings me to watch the young ones, so small and curious about the world around them. When they first hatched, they would toddle slowly around the nest, chirping and chittering amongst themselves, and now they venture out beyond the safe borders of the nest to explore the rest of their enclosure. The area is just large enough to accomodate so many hatchlings at once, but small enough that I don't need to worry about keeping a constant watch on them.


Along with their apparent desire to explore their surroundings, they are very interested in the other eggs. Two of them, which I am not yet familiar with, are like precious stones, polished to near perfection. The braver hatchlings approach them slowly, peering at their own faint reflections in the gleaming shells and nosing or pawing at the eggs, as if they believed that the reflection was another dragon staring back at them. And if that wasn't amusing enough, every so often, the thunder egg tucked into the corner of the nest will crackle and pop with electricity, causing any unsuspecting hatchlings near it to startle and raise their tiny hackles in defense.


Two of the hatchlings have gendered, both female. The yellow-crowned hatchling was brought in with the most recent bunch of eggs and hatchlings. She is an interesting character, very intelligent for her age, but doesn't like to talk much. I've named her Idroze. The little white one, who was unusually small and weak at the time of her hatching, is much stronger now and enjoys sitting with me to observe to eggs and younger hatchlings. She, too, doesn't speak much, but she is gentle and has a good temperament. She will be a fine young adult, and a good student, should she choose to pursue advanced healing (as many dragons of her kind do). I've named her Alaurn.


It's late now, and the young ones are all taking their long nighttime nap. The writing ink runs low, and my mate, he calls me to our den.




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(Not sure if this is considered necro-ing, but I wanted to have a go, too. If it is, I'll delete the post)


Today has been a most tragic day for my family and I.

Early yesterday morning, before the sun had fully risen, the Cave Mother left to search for any more of the unwanted to add to our ever-growing flock, leaving instructions for Key and myself to watch over the younger generations until her return. Key was kind enough to volunteer to her go amongst the other diurnal dragons and ensure all was well amongst them, whilst I tended to my own kin and kept an eye on the youngsters.

My dear mate, Mina, wass still mourning her own recent failed attempt to sire a child, though she still tended as diligently to the orphans as she did our own. I can only assume this is why the Cave Mother departed much earlier than is normal for a human, and why she did not return until the stars had already carpeted the sky. She carried with her only a solitary egg, a Nocturne. I assumed she would ask us to tend to it, being of the same temporal alignment.

Instead, she asked my grandaughter, Fury, to turn it.

We waited with low hopes, since we had been so sadly unfortunate in regards to siring in the last months. And there was great jubilation when the egg survived the process, becoming one of ours. It warmed me deeply to see my granddaughter so happy as she settled to sleep with her new egg - her first born - tucked beneath her wing. With assurances from my dear Mina, my daughter Dream - the proud new grandmother - and the Cave Mother that they would see that the child makes it through the tenuous first few hours, I left to inform the rest of our children of the joyous event.

If I had known what I would find upon my return, I would not have left. I came back to the cave at this morning's sunrise to find chaos, my mate and descendants frantic and the Cave Mother in a frightful rage. When I managed to calm them enough to be coherent, I learned that some of the other dragons had stole into the cave while my family slept and had taken the egg. The Cave Mother had already sent her faithful messenger, Peta, to spread the word of what had happened, but his return a few hours ago brought no good news. Whoever took the egg is not admitting to the crime, and none of the others have any knowledge of who it might be or where the egg is now, not even when Peta informed them of the Cave Mother's anger.

It pains me to see my sweet grandchild so distraught. Which is why I have requested the Cave Mother to find another egg for one of us to turn. It may not be her child, but at least it may do Fury's heart some good.

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Please don't mind any grammar mistakes!


Journal of Yopple, First of Esko,


    Today was an exceptionally strange day. Happiness rang throughout the cave. I stood beside Esko and Ohimia, the Lumina dragoness who always followed me around like a dog. The cave was full of something, something strange. It seemed normal. The Pygmies were playing pranks, the Brutes were sparring, the Pillow hatchlings were playing. The Change Avatar pair, Erin and Misadaka, had bore their first egg. Merriment was in the cave, and this was a celebration. But something seemed off.


"Sir, Starsun's hunting group has not returned yet. It worries me." I said to him, and his sold ears flickered. Nobody knows why, but he has wolfish things to him, including an obvious set of wolf ears and tail.


"Patience, my Yopple. Maybe they are in a tussle. Happens." His deep voice rang. Ohimia preened her scales again, and I sighed.


"Something seems off, sir. I feel it in my scales." I responded back.


He looked at his shoes. "Aye, I have been feeling it too. Maybe...HE...is going to strike again."


I looked at him. That kid? That one with the sythe and the mask and the little ghost buddy? And the cloak? He tried to murder Esko once out of cold blood for whatever reason.


Then, a call rang out. The dragons looked up to see Arragos the Destruction Avatar shooting fire everywhere. Then other dragons came out. The dragons from the large hunting party.


Then , about half the dragons in the cave turned and started attacking the others. Blood flew everywhere, staining the cave red. I told Ohimia to bring Esko to safety, and addressed this sudden rebellion. Then, Starsun, the Sunset dragon, came face to face with me. I was about to lecture her, when she simply attacked. I was caught off guard, and then I ran too, hearing her maniacle laughter.


The worst part was, Seriphina the Vampire got past Erin and Misadaka to their egg. The Vampire took out her fangs and shoved them into the shell. Before anybody could see what she had done, she ran off, not leaving an eggshell behind.


The start of the Cave Rebellion has begun.


Yeah, gonna turn this into a journal series.

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Dear Journal


Tinti's back! I thought she'd left us to fend for ourselfes, which we do fine, but you know, we've all missed her, either we hate or love her, she's the Clan Leader. She's been in a few times but never for real. She's been very busy the last few years, been getting a "real job" and her own place to live, whatever she means by that. But, since we've been iving in our own little world and rarely gotten news from Tinti it was a shocker hwo many new eggs have come! I mean, there's probably twice as many dragon types now than when Tinti last checked in. Now she's gonna have to relearn everything about teleporting and breeding and ... everything because there's so much new stuff she's getting confused tongue.gif Have to say some of us grinned a bit revengeously at that, if that's a word. And Soti's gone sad.gif I miss Soti! We've gotten some new eggs and hatchlings, and I miss the habit of going to Soti's with them. We've got a Nilia Pygmy egg with a big hole in it, we think it's about to hatch soon, as well as a Yellow-Crowned Dragon. We've also got a Royal Blue, a new sort of two-headed and a Bleeding Moon hatchie, all wingless, and a sort of plated egg, I can't remember what it's called, a Carmine Wyvern egg, a Brute egg, and a  Falconiform Wyvern egg, all with no or a few cracks. The hatchies hatched really quickly, I'm used to it taking at least 2 days but a couple hatched within 2 hours which is incredible, and none of them has ran away! Must be the new place we went to with them, Vally Sherwood or something. We still use Silvi's, we love Silvis. Oh well, I need to go, something funny is going on in the main cave, maybe Hijor made himself and sergio fall, he's gotten that habit when Sergio is going too far in attacking someone. Hillarious!


-Stripe (that's no longer called stripe because I lost my name but I'm still Stripe!)

Edited by tinti

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Still no nearer to finding the singer mentioned in my last entry. I do not even know if it's simply a figment of my imagination or if there really is a dragon out there somewhere. It bothers me. I feel that if I did find out, then it would ruin the magic, and if I don't, then it'll keep eating away at me. Ah, to be honest I do not know where to turn nor what to do!



In other business, I believe that there's something going on between Dancing Nemesis (Sunset) and one of the Nebulae. Which particular Nebula it is, I do not know, but I have a suspicion it's not one of the females. Which is surprising. Or maybe not, depending on how well one knows Dancing Nemesis. While I'm not particularly close to him, I have, on occasion, spoken with him on various subjects. Must admit that I've found him a little bit proud. Rumours of him rejecting many females simply for the sake of it have reached me. I've heard of many a female flocking to him, only to be turned away with harsh words.


So to hear that he might be getting close to a certain dragon is slightly surprising to me.



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Today is a day for celebration, for today, Pitch Black and his mate have finally produced an ice! Phantom is thrilled to finally have a mate for Black Ice Jutsu, as the pair have been only producing blacks up to this point.


But in the midst of happiness, there was some sorrow. Many months before, several members of the clan have been convicted of treason and have been exiled. Many oldtimers were banished, including the Miser brothers, several Silvers... and my dearest sister who I nearly lost in the infamous Datamonster attack. Luckily, the elder pair (Lucky Star and Aura Guardian) weren't among those convicted, so there wasn't any rebellion.


In other news, new eggs have been appearing. We managed to retrieve one, but we became overburdened with the group of eggs we have now, including the ice. Golden Ticket, one of the unnamed Plated Colossi, and I have been charged with protecting it. We switch every ten hours, which may seem long, but we find ways to stay awake during our shifts.


I must end it here, it's nearly my turn to guard the egg.



Accio Ookami (AKA Silver Tiger Striped)

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Today was a day filled with sadness and confusion. Dragons were wary of Erin and Misadaka, for the Avatars were in a terrible emotional state and could snap at any moment. Hatchlings were crying for their parents, parents were mourning over eggs and hatchlings, and survivors grieved for their deceased mates. The surprise battle was a bloody one, and ruthless at that. I kept asking myself; What exactly caused this to happen, and have the rebels always fealt this way? Waiting for the perfect moment to strike?


Esko seemed to be in deep thought as well. "Sir, what should we do now?" I had asked him, earning a 'hm'.


"I have an idea." He responded. "We select warriors of the highest skill to find the leaders of this rebellion and crush them."


"Who shall you choose?" I asked.


"Call all the survivors here. Now." He commanded. "I have some warriors to select"


To be continued...

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02, May, 2015


Today is another day for celebration, for today, the icy daughter of Pitch Black has matured and has successfully bred with Black Ice Jutsu, producing an ice egg! We are overjoyed at the news and are now watching the egg expectantly.


Accio Ookami (AKA Silver Tiger Striped)


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I am a nameless female gold. I was given special privilege as a child just for the reason that I came from the wild.

But our Mother, the one who raises all of us and decides everything, she pays so little attention to us. Instead she takes to brooding every so often before wandering off and coming back with strange eggs or hatchlings.


Just earlier today she had returned with yet another hellhorse hatchling to go along with the growing female we have now. I've never been fond of that breed simply for the fact that they are so ill tempered. But they have never bit or kicked our Mother.


A purple hatchling has been left in a corner of the cave. He is to be transported away to someone else soon enough. That is why Mother barely pays any attention to him.


A male copper hatchling is quite nice to some of the other frozen metallic babies and he keeps nosing around the silver tinsel egg.


A pair of red and pink hatchlings are ready to mature soon. They are so excited about it that it's actually getting on my nerves.



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