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Give your dragon a journal!

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[The paper looks as if it had once been part of a book, with a thin layer of white paint covering it's surface in wide strokes. The page itself is damp and has a few curls and rippled slashes on it's surface.]


Wow, I can't believe that the paper is still okay. The human gave it to me, for which I am very happy that they care that much, and what did I do but almost lose it to the ocean? The water would have loved such a dainty moral, greedily sucking the tree's thin flesh into its abyssal mouth.


The crisis was averted, however, since Android was around. He swooped in and caught the paper with ease; I can never say that I would ever achieve such elegant movements as he. My body is starting to fail me, so such acrobatics would be wasted for me to learn.


I thanked him graciously, and I think I saw a little glimmer of emotion in his eyes this time. My time around him seems to be affecting him, and the feelings that he has caused me are affecting him, I think. I hope so, anyway. He is such a wonderful companion, and I couldn't wish for a better friend. The dragon has kept the others from keeping me from the ocean, and is always around to help me.


Like the time when I couldn't get out of the ocean. My wings were much heavier than I thought and, for a few moments, I thought that I would give my life to the sea then. But Android seemed to notice my plight and dived after me, dragging me from its depths.


I think he was worried sick after that. Though his face didn't change at all and most could say that he had no emotions at all about the event, I still think he was scared. His movements at the time were not like usual; they were jerky and he kept almost tripping, which is something Android has never done so far.


Maybe I am having an effect on him. I do hope so; realizing that he has no thoughts about me would be a devastating blow to my moral. It would just....it wouldn't be nice, lets just write that. Being this long around him would make his rejection very hard.


Ah, I should clear my mind from such thoughts. The last time I let it invade my mind, I didn't even want to take a step into the water at all. Android had stayed by my side the whole time then, not even taking the time to go and hunt. He eventually just picked me up and dumped me in the middle of the ocean; that had hurt physically, but I felt exhilarated that he would do that for me.


The sun is setting now. Its rays are reflecting off of the water very nicely, and I wonder if Android is enjoying the view as much as myself; staring out into the sun gives the hint that he does.


I wish I could do this forever. I wish that I could stay on this beach, curled up with Android, and sit here with the setting sun forever.


That's impossible, however. Not on Android's part; no, it would be my fault. I would die before forever could even begin. My body isn't in the best of shapes, and I know that it is my fault. Diving into the ocean on irregular intervals is not the best way to keep healthy, but I need to be in the water sometimes. It helps clear my mind.


Well, I'll stop here. This writing is fun, but I want to enjoy this silence with Android a little longer for now. He is such a nice dragon to cuddle up to and I wish sometimes that we shared caves. Oh well; the human has plans for the both of us and we cannot go against their wishes. But at least they leave us alone for this.


[The paper ends here, the page covered with too much writing for a complete signature. Instead, there is a small 'id' on the bottom, accompanied by a '& an'.]

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Somehow I feel I must turn to this scroll again, though I have not revisited it since it was given to me.


One of our hatchlings died last night. This has not happened in my lifetime and I pray that it never will again.

The dead one was a little gold Shimmer-scale. He had just begun to show signs of maturing. The Keeper prized him, doted on him even. His name was “Time Can’t Be Bought Back” - harshly fitting now. The Keeper tried to revive him with a spell, but it failed and the body crumbled into nothing before our eyes. All I could do was keep the other young ones away. A stone has been set up near the cave entrance as a memorial, bearing his name and the word “RIP”. The latter is something humans put on their graves, a wish for peace in the afterlife.

All the older dragons are forlorn now. Few of us have flown today, and those who have left the cave have not yet come back. I can only assume that they wish to be alone for a while, and will return tonight.


All is not darkness, though - the other hatchlings are happily oblivious to what has happened, and have been playing about as usual. They enable me, at least, to smile.

Speaking of the other young, there are many of them! The Keeper continued to bring in those strange new eggs, and now we have a Ribbon Dancer, Snow Angel, Winter Magi, Wrapping-Wing… even one of those Yulebuck things. There are eggs, too - two new blue-and-gold ones, which will apparently hatch into Solstice dragons, a new “Crissmis” breed, and a reflective silver Tinsel egg.

The other Tinsel, Won’t Last You Long, who hatched at the same time as the dead Shimmer, has grown up. I feared he would die too, as he still had not matured even after the other had died, but somehow the Keeper kept him alive and he reached adulthood. It is something to do with “views” and… “click-sites”, I think was the term. I was advised not to ask, but in any case I am grateful that no more of my charges have lost their lives.


There is little other news. The only other event of note was the laying of my own eleventh egg, another little Copper like me. I was not permitted to raise it - the Keeper took it away, and came back with the silver Tinsel. I am not unduly upset - it is sure to have a good home, and I have ten other offspring, and will surely have even more. Perhaps the next will be a Gold, like my dear mate Ofae. I know that is what the Keeper hopes for.


Written by Reaching Glimmer, red Copper female - Young-Raiser of the Clan

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Hello journal, Drcha here. The keeper gave me this book to write in, a few others have one too, keeper says this is an 'experiment' what ever that is. The new eggs hatched, and weird looking hatchlings came out. Oddly enough, the other dragons love them, the girls especially. I just understand girls.






Dear journal,


The rare eggs hatched and the keeper named them already. In the snow war the keeper hit king TJ's fort by accedent, and destroyed another fort. It was quite funny seeing the king covered in snow,however.



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[The page is perfectly neat and is green with blue handwriting.]



Heya, journal. This is gonna be quick, OK. So, earlier today, I was taking a walk to go see what was up. But while I passed by the jungle, I saw the cutest egg ever. I decided to take it and have a new friend. Who was in that egg?




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Dear diary:

I don't know if I'll EVER grow up.


Even Festive's grown up, and she was still an egg YEARS after I'd hatched. I just stay little. Every morning, i check to see if I've grown up, or AT LEAST gendered! I asked Merry about it, and she says that I'll always be little - that I'm frozen. Well, I was pretty cold at the time, so I went over to the red dragons, and asked them if they could warm me up, as Merry said I was frozen. They all laughed, and Izzy told me to go away. I didn't UNDERSTAND! It's happened to a few other hatchies, too. Maybe...


Maybe we should form a HATCHIE ARMY!!!


Awww, a hatchie army!!

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[The paper was once part of a book, its surface swept over with a thin white paint. The writing is thin and the words are very close together; the page itself is slightly wrinkled but looks like it had been read over and over again.]


This paper thing is really taking off; many of the dragons around here are writing their thoughts down almost every day. Jawr seems to have been caught in the crazy as well and he has requested that I write down my own mind with him. He told me up front that he would probably read over them frequently, since the human has stopped giving him books to read; the bookshelves have been getting taken over by romances lately, since the human is always getting the books Jawr wants. And of course Jawr is going to want to read romances; most of them are incredibly cheesy and corny, but he seems to enjoy such stupid tales.


I don't. But, I do have to admit that, when he tries to act out parts of the book to me, I do enjoy being the second star of the tale. Even though the second star is usually a 'frail' princess, which I am most definitely not. Don't let him tell you otherwise.


Hmm...the human came back with a few eggs a little while ago. A few of them are hard to find, while one is from a blasted Red and user posted image Grave. Damn Halloween species is being made by the human to spread his lineage everywhere.


But...that one rare egg has caught Jawr's attention, as well as my own. The human calls it a Tsunami Wyvern, and even says that they own two of them. Pff, as if I believe that. Where are they then, if you raised them?


I really can't believe that Jawr is coddling that egg. Yes, yes, I know that sometimes, a Vampire wishes that they had kids, but he doesn't need to adopt it. He's always told me that he never wanted hatchlings, since they were already everywhere in the cave. But of course he would go against that. It's not enough that he helps me look after the Vampire hatchling; no, he has to go and look after a 'rare' dragon.


Ah, okay, I give in. I'll help him out, since he really has no idea how to care of hatchlings. And then there is the fact that he is too truthful; probably will tell the hatchling all about the 'birds and the bees' before they even mature. But that may not be a bad idea, since it would probably scar the things mind if they found me and Jawr 'messing around'. They'd have all the information before hand, like the Vampire hatchling did.


This paper is too short. I can't even let my mind wander as far as I want it too. Oh well, at least I can now try and tell Jawr that talking gossip to an egg is not a good idea. The poor hatchling will probably come out worse than us with that sort of talk.


[The paper has a small signature signed '-SR'. The signature looks smudged, as if someone felt over the letters multiple times.]

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(If this is in the wrong thread, I'm sorry. ^^')

[The handwriting's slanty, but curly and tried to keep neat, although failing as it goes along.]


Dear Diary,


Should I tell Noiziroh that his name's misspelt? Oh, I bet he'd be angry. Or, well, it's hard to explain. [A few typos of 'Let's' are scribbled out] Let's move on to more [More scribbles of 'important'] important topics, shall we?


First of all, I'm sorry about all the typos. Second of all, nothing good's happened, Dun hasn't been saying a lot of things, so, pretty much...[A scribble, of 'Third'] Third, my cloud almost went missing.


Yeah, yeah, these aren't interesting, I know. I'll try my best in future [The rest of the paragraph is torn out, or burnt. It's hard to tell, but it's certainly missing.]


- Raincloud [A few ink splatters lie around the name.]


(If someone could tell me how to shrink the writing so it isn't a huge wall of text, I'd be very grateful. ^^)

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January 1 2014

Hello Journal,


To think that I became an adult just yesturday. Maybe that would explain the

name that my owner gave me. I like the name and find it quite fitting, but thats just

me. I didn't do much today, just sat around my owners fort, standing gaurd. As did my sister.


Shes not really my sister, we just hatched next to each other at the same

time. I like to call her my sister because we are of the same species. Oh! Duty calls, someone is attacking the fort. I must attend to my duties. Until then...



~Eve Of The New Year





January 1 2014

Dear Journal,


I've been sitting here guarding my masters fortress with my good friend. She calls me her sister, I think she is weird to do so. Despite her being only a few hours older than me, I still look up to her.


Since we both became official adults yesterday, I would have to say that it was a great way to kick off the new year... oh dear, icicles are being pelted at my masters creation. Therefor I must be off, until my next journal entry, I bid a farewell to you...



~Nightfall Of The New Year

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Dear Journal,

At least that is what master calls you I guess. Oh he hates being called master actually, he would rather be called friend but master always seems so more fitting since isn't that what he is? Then again he allows us to have free reign in this spacious cave and go as we please with few rules to follow and he never asks much of us.

This time of year though very few leave the cave, besides me and those holiday dragons, mostly we stay around the fort watching for those that would attack it since it is quite a nice fort and we would hate to see all that work go to waste.

There are several new eggs and hatchlings, most of them are a color of gold, with one being bright orange. Soon we will have more family members in this mixed up group of dragons.

-Iormungr the Winter

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The writing on the cream-colored scroll is childlike, but it is obvious that who is writing has tried to keep their writing neat. *


January first, 2014.

Master has wrote the thing they call the date

for me. I don't understand some of her words,

and what I do understand is strange. I hope

that once I'm older I'll understand her...


Yesterday was my hatching day. I don't know

why the Master was so excited over such a

small egg as me - she says I am very special,

and I will bring a lot of good fortune to her clan.

Most of the other hatchlings don't have names,

but she gave me a name right off. I don't know

how I feel about that yet.


There are three other hatchlings, and all of them

are unnamed. There are two eggs that Master lets

us watch and wait until they hatch. Master goes

'exploring' a lot, but never takes me along. She says

that such a special dragon must stay inside and wait

until she returns. She always takes the stupid fire

dragon and the gold dragon instead...


Master would be mad if she saw that I called her

dragons stupid. I hope she doesn't read this.


~ Panormae


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[The paper was once part of a book, its inked writing covered over with thick white paint. The page itself has some small red stains covering the edges, with a few rips and wrinkles covering its surface. The handwriting is very thin and loopy, almost elegant.]


I met up with the other two Marrows today. Word has spread that something terrible happened to one of them, so I felt that I needed to know. Master would want to know as well.


The two of them, Lost Love and Freaky Thursday, met with me at a small, secluded cave near the coast. I...felt Love's aura. She was grief stricken, I could feel those waves of pain flowing off of her, and I'm not that magic based. I do not know how Thursday could put up that much negative energy.


It turns out, a tsunami wiped out Love's new hatchlings. Took all of them, and it would have taken her as well if her older daughter hadn't been with her. While Love has been led to believe that it was just Nature doing its thing, Thursday has looked into the incident and has found some foul play. Many of the water based dragons in the area hate that Love lives on the beach and have actually made some threats towards her before hand. Now, this 'accident' was the pinnacle of the anger towards her and was caused by a small band of Tsunami Wyverns and Skywings.


While Thursday hasn't told Love and doesn't plan to, this breach of wild dragons towards passive dragons is horrible. It cannot be allowed, not while Master and I are alive.


I of course told her all about it. She was troubled, especially since some of the other dragons have been acting rough lately. A Royal Crimson has been starting fights and getting others riled up. She fears that he is trying to upset her rule over us and that cannot happen.


I do wish that this wasn't happening. It had been peaceful for such a long time, and most of the other dragons are happy that Master is around. But...things have been getting out of control. I don't know why this is happening, but Master has told me that she expects more trouble soon.




Ugh, I do hate that Royal Blue. So what if I sound like a female? It doesn't matter at all, now does it?




I think I really understand what Master was talking about now. There's so much disrespect around here, it isn't even funny.


At least I can look forward to tonight. Master wants to have a peaceful ride to clear her thoughts, and I think flying under the moon is rather relaxing. I think this type of thing is going to disappear soon; both of our thoughts are going to be so focused that flying at night is going to be an inconvenience.


For now, however, I will try to enjoy the time I have left for relaxing.


[The paper ends with the signature 'Xil', with a blob of black ink next to the name.]

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3rd January 2014


Dear Journal

Oh it's so difficult to write with these wings, maybe next time I could get one of the others to help me who isn't a wyvern, but I have gotten quite good with writing with my feet.

Master finally gave me a name. He sat down with us hatchlings and took us in turns, giving us selections of names until we picked one we liked, my name is Garjzla. Master says it means 'light' in some form of tongue. I think it is fitting since my scales reflect light and leaves a gold hue in the cave

There's another wyvern like me, I believe he went with Gedwey, which means shining. He is rather cute though a few days younger then me.





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Caretaker's Notes: Today I was walking along the edge of a plateau that separates the ruins from the icy mountains, when I found a journal in a most peculiar way; it was carried in the mouth of a running hatchling! Her wings were flapping as if she were trying to fly, but I knew that she was still rather inexperienced and could only run. I caught her, albeit with a good amount of difficulty, and read the latest page as she tumbled and played in the snow near me.


Dear Journal,


Today was quite a momentous day for my family, or at least it felt like it should be. My beloved Xatobi was laying peacefully in the nest, and our hatchling was playing with her wing. But when I came inside and looked into her eyes, she didn't have a faraway stare. She was smiling, beautifully and broadly.


"Cratnos, look!" she told me, her gentle voice full of excitement. As she nudged our hatchling out of hiding, I saw two beautiful wings with creamy white feathers growing out of the back of them, stark against shining sky-blue skin. The child flapped them happily and laughed, and Xatobi did as well.


I could not help but smile myself. Our dear creation, a long-awaited special birth of a Soulpeace dragon, was growing up. It would not only have its wings, but its name.


"A wonderful sight," I said and nuzzled the child as it ran to me. "A fully-grown child we shall have in no time at all. What shall the name be?"


That was when her eyes cast away from mine again, as they do so often. Oh, how long I'd wished for my love to be fully returned when we were betrothed, but I understood her feelings. She had felt like her life was promised to me, and that she had none of her own, and so was trapped. But her smile returned when the child hopped into her line of sight again. "The child is a girl. What ideas have you for a name?"


My head shook, and I lay beside her. "She is your child too. I want to give you the honor of naming her. I insist."


When she looked at me again, it was as if she gained a renewed sight of me. She was almost tear-ridden with joy. And nothing had made me happier than making her happy.


"Karisa," she said, and I took the name immediately to heart as my daughter's identity, the name of her being, her soul, her power. "Karisa of Clan Lhiannan."


Karisa seemed to love the name as well. She was dancing happily, keening to us in song about learning to fly soon. "A perfect name, my love," I said, nuzzling Xatobi warmly.


To my own happiness, she nuzzled me back. "Now we've had a Soulpeace," she said, her eyes closing. "Now will we be able to have a family as we please? No more eggs taken away from me?"


I felt her sorrow, for it was also mine, and held her close. "I do not see why not. We will have our normal family now. Or I will make sure of it."


May the spirits allow me to keep my promise. I took her away from her freedom, so I owe her everything in return; her and my daughter and others to come.






I looked up from the journal and looked at little Karisa, who was now watching me with a tilted head and a wonderfully innocent expression. I told her to return the journal to her father and be on her way. As I watched her leave, I couldn't help but feel a little remorse for allowing the dragons to enforce a marriage instead of letting things go naturally. Hopefully Xatobi will forgive me herself.

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12th January 2013

Dear Journal,


The eggs have hatched and the hatchlings have grown. Our owner doesn't visit us as often any more. No one really knows why (except maybe for Rale Rock...he's the only dragon that she actually talks to most of the time) but I think it has something to do with school. She completely missed the growth of the six used-to-be hatchlings. In fact, the poor dragons only got named earlier. Well, better late than never, I guess.


I see that Dream Dell has also received a journal from the owner. I can't believe she's still up at this time of night; she's that excited about her new journal. Oh well.


I saw those glowing eyes again. Those familiar, glowing pair of eyes. Watching me from the bushes. I must be imagining things. She left the clan a long, long time ago. She can't possibly be back. No way. If she was, why would she be here, anyway?


No...I must be imagining things.


~ Moon Puff



Dear Journal,


I'm so excited! Our owner just gave me this new journal! I know she gave one to Moon Puff - goodness knows why - but then she gave one to me!! Yay!


I don't really know why I'm so excited about it, though. It's just a notebook...but it's MY notebook! Haha!


I wonder why she doesn't give one to Rale Rock. He's pretty much the only dragon she ever speaks to. She rarely interacts with the rest of us. I guess maybe she's shy. I totally get that feeling when I meet other dragons that I don't know. It's okay to be shy but it can get annoying after a while. You want to make a new friend but you just can't bring yourself to speak to that dragon. It's annoying to me since I like making new friends.


Oh! By the way, I was flying a bit further away than usual and I think I saw Icer Spots! He's a Spitfire dragon that used to be in our clan but Rale banished him out for being too violent and causing chaos in the clan. Let's not talk about that... Maybe he's changed! I mean, he probably didn't mean to cause chaos last time. He could've been a victim of an unexpected turn of circumstances...okay, maybe not, but you never know. Glow Whip, a Purple dragon who's his mate, totally misses him and still does, even though he was mean enough to take away their egg with him. I mean, hello! How can he possibly take care of that egg by himself? He's too violent...or maybe he actually did manage to take care of it. Anyway, Glow Whip stayed with the clan and watched her mate leave the clan with eyes full of heartbroken tears. She told me once that she regrets her decision to stay with our clan but almost immediately told me not to tell any dragon or else...


Just remind me never to fall in love. What's that saying again? "Love hurts"? Right.


Still, maybe I should try to make contact with him. Maybe he's just a lonely dragon who wants to start over now.




Ahh, quit it with the maybes, he probably has changed.


Or not.


Never mind, I'll just go to sleep now. It's really late. Ta ta!



Dream Dell

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[The paper looks extremely new, the white paint shiny and clean. The ink letters, however, are rather messy and wiggly, as if a young mind was writing it. The paper itself has a faint smell about it, possibly rosemary.]


Owner was very happy to see me. Of course, I didn't know who Owner was at the time; the only friends I have is the Purple Dragon and his friends. But the Purple (his name is David) explained to me that there was a two legged walker without wings that runs the place and orders everyone around. He said that he hasn't been here that long, but he gets the gist of the place.


Owner looks really interesting, with their funny long hair and round glass things on their face. But Owner looks nothing as good as David and his friends.


See, David is the first person I saw after I woke up. He's really nice. I want to be his best friend forever! Then there's this tiny green Mint Dragon. She's really quiet, but David seemed to be happy with her around. There's also a Black Tea and an Ember and a[The paper has a few scribbled out words here. Most of them look like spelling mistakes.]Lumina. So that makes...um....with us all....Six! Purple Dragon, Mint Dragon, Black Tea Dragon, Ember Dragon, [More spelling mistakes.]Lumina Dragon, and me, a Tri-Horn Wyvern!


Owner actually sounded really happy that we all got along. They lead us all to a cave guarded by a big Purple Dorsal Dragon and then introduced us to our new 'home'. It looks huge, but Owner said that they'd make more rooms once we got older.


Right now, David's talking to the Black Tea. He's kind of weird. He keeps craning his neck around, looking scary. But he said sorry to the Mint after she got scared of him. So, I guess he could be nice...


It's kind of funny, but I don't think [More spelling errors.]the Lumina likes me. She keeps glaring at me...but, then again, she glared at the Black Tea and the Mint too. The only ones she's being nice to is David and the Ember Dragon.


I wonder if David notices...The Ember doesn't seem to have a care in the world though. He told me that he was 'frozen', so that he'd be like that forever. I hope that doesn't happen to me. I want to be big and have wings and be smart like Owner and all of the big dragons. I hope David doesn't get 'frozen' either. I hope we both get big and smart together!


[The paper ends with a sloppy drawing of two adult dragons holding hands/claws.]



[The page is very smooth and clean, as if it was part of a book but never got written upon. The writing is short and precise, without any elegance whatsoever.]


A few of the hatchlings hatched today. I watched as they talked and played with each other, frozen by the sunlight that was drifting in through the cave's entrance. The human, Owner, Master, took them away only a little while afterwards, going towards the new tunnel that she created with the help of the others. The place is starting to fill up, and I do believe that she's going to clean it out soon. Many are going to get new names and new homes, with little knowledge about why. Most are not even going to put up a fight.




I foresee that the cave is going to become very chaotic soon. The Royal Crimson has been snooping around, the Royal Blue right behind him. They're looking for weak points, trying to find a way to escape the human's power, all the while planning the new government they're going to put up. The Royal Crimson wants to be the King, and, unbeknownst to him, the Royal Blue wants to be the Queen. Even if they ever got to that point, it would all fall with the Royal Blue's declaration.


Of course, the human will stop it beforehand. Yes, control will slip and there will be injuries, possibly deaths, but the human will still keep everyone in an iron grip. No matter how many complain, no matter how many whine about how they were made to mate with another dragon by the humans command, the human will prevail. The magic energy and power from that human can crush any resistance.


There is a convoy of foreign dragons meeting with the human now. I am watching them stomp past, all watched by their own owner. I find it interesting that my human has a sister with the same amount of power and control.


[The page ends without any sign of a signature.]



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I saw this and decided on giving my new little Ember hatchi a journal of her own, a few of the other dragons might catch on and write their own, only time will tell


Saturday, January 18, 2:21 am

Dear Journal (I think)

Today I hatched among two of my kind, i'm a young ember dragon and the caves master comes and goes every now and then, although according to the elder dragons she wasn't visiting for a long time. Wraitheon, that's our cave owners name, she prefers Wraith, has been coming daily recently and has been bringing new eggs to the cave the older dragons haven't seen. I've also noticed the egg that smells dead has been offered to another cave for a hatchling! If the other cave owner accepts I'll have a new friend to play with, the other two hatchlings shun me from the nest and so the two male embers protect me, that's all, I'm going to try and befriend one of the other hatchlings, although it most likely wont work,


Unnamed Ember


such a cute little guy, he seems to know most of what's going on already, hopefully the older dragons don't try and cause trouble, I'll have to talk to the other hatchlings as well, I'll just have to find another page and see if anything changes

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so the little nameless ember hatchling tried to hide this page but I found it under a rock in the nest, here's the entry


Saturday, January 18, 11:46 pm


Dear journal,

Wraith has been offering our eggs to the other caves, the first two didn't accept but after a while another cave accepted and took the hatchling that looked dead, I don't know how that thing hatched but the newest egg now is a frozen one, I hope when it hatches the dragon inside will want to become my friend. Speaking of friends one of the other hatchlings that doesn't have a name has offered to be my friend, I don't like the named hatchlings much, they boss me and my friend around too much. Oh well, the hunters have just come back with some prey, I'm going to grab a bite, bye for now,


Unnamed Ember

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so, it appears the other two ungendered hatchlings have decided to write their own now so I'll now have more pages to find.


Sunday, January 19


Dear journal,

I tried talking to the other hatchlings today but now that they've matured they think they're better than me and the others, I hope we mature soon. Wraith named us last night, she called me W1 Sparks, I don't know exactly what the two letters at the beginning are for but some of the older dragons say it's what makes us unique. The frozen egg that Wraith traded for hatched and has been named W1 Frozen, and the other hatchling that was unnamed is now W1 Glider. Most of the dragons around the cave ignore the first part of the name to abbreviate it, but I don't care too much. Lately I've been helping Glider to learn how to fly because he already has a set of wings! I'm kind of jealous but I'll get my wings when I'm ready, one of the sky dragons is saying that Glider will most likely become the best flier in the cave because of how well she is flying now. I hope so,




Sunday January 19


Dear page,

Today I hatched! finally I'm in a new cave without any frozen hatchlings around, I hate to look at their miserable faces knowing they will never grow up but I'm glad to be here, three of the other hatchlings here are really mean though and have already matured and grown their wings! I know I'll get mine soon but I don't want to wait. After I hatched the cave owner named me Frozen with two weird letters at the beginning, I think it was W1 or something and one of the other hatchlings said it makes us unique, I hope so. I've noticed there is only one other Ice dragon in this cave and he's very protective over me, like, I'm the first other Ice dragon he's seen. Oh well, I hope I don't get frozen, haha, I'm sort of frozen already with all these icicles on me. I might write more later.




Sunday January 19


Dear journal,

I'm growing up steadily, and Wraith, she's the cave owner, has named me! I'm now called Glider, the three hatchlings who keep bullying me and my two new friends, Frozen and Sparks, have matured and naturally think they're better than us, but truth is I already had a pair of wings from when I hatched, Sparks is helping me to use them and I'm getting better, I overheard one of the Sky dragons, Sky High saying to her mate that I might become the best flier in the cave. Well I can only hope.




Such cute little guys, those other three hatchlings need to be taught a lesson, I might talk to the two dragon leaders and see what they say about it.

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okay so the three hatchlings are hiding their pages in the weirdest of places, these three were found, surprisingly, in a hidden cave I didn't know about untill I saw one of the edges sticking out, anyway, here they are.


Monday, January 20


Dear journal,

Today I matured and grew my wings! Now there's three male ember dragons in the cave. Glider and Frozen also matured, Glider is a male and Frozen is a female. One of the other hatchlings has also fully matured and has claimed he is their leader, I'm worried about what they'll do. A lot of eggs have been bred, abandoned and rescued in the cave and Wraith has been trying to swap with other cave masters to get rare dragons, so far no one has accepted. It's getting late so I better go.




Monday, January 20


Dear Page,

I matured into a female today, ever since I grew my wings I've noticed Icycle, the other Ice dragon, has been eyeing me, personally I can understand why but when I'm older I want to find someone else unless something happens. I saw the two leaders of the cave, Royalty and Kingly have adopted two abandoned eggs that have no known parents, the two eggs hatched and have been named Golden Hope for the Golden Wyvern, and Silver Strike for the Royal Blue. I kind of envy those two hatchlings, they're going to be raised together to be the next leaders of the cave! I wish I was being raised like that. Oh well, I better hide this somewhere.




Monday, January 20


Dear Journal,

nothing much happened recently but I matured and grew yet another set of wings! but I will say one thing, ever since Wevil grew up he's been acting strangely around his other two friends who are extremely close to maturing fully--


damn, It's ripped off. I hope Wevil isn't planning anything, since he and his friends matured I can't teach them any lessons they'll remember, oh well, I'll keep searching for the other half. The rip is too neat to have been done accidentally, maybe Glider's trying to hide something? who knows, but one thing's for sure I'll have to keep an eye on that annoying Bleeding Moon dragon and his friends from now on.

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I woke from my long sleep as I felt someone lift up my egg.

I has been a while indeed.

Since my own mother abandoned me, because a human touched my egg and then desided I am not good enough, I have been sleeping here in the abandoned are, waiting.

I really didn't want to come out and be left to die as a hachling.

Then I felt the person move around but I couldn't tell where they were going.

I wanted to stay awake, to find out what was happening, but soon I passed out...




Several days have passed since I felt myself moving again. The place where my egg has been laying was warm and I didn't want to be disturbed, but the hands had this motherly feel to them. I got curious.

Has my own mother come for me after all!

I tried to crack my eggs shell, but found myself too weak to break it.

But it now has a crack in it. Maeby if I rest some more...

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Day 1


I heard hushed voices through the cracks in my egg this morning. I peeked through the crack and saw a large furry golden pelt, it looked warm and soft and I had the urge to leave my shell and curl up in it, but then my egg was bumped and rolled onto its side. "Prince! Don't do that you could hurt the hatchling inside!" It was a soft kind voice, I guessed it was a female, my egg was put right side up and a hurt voice came through the cracks "Sorry Mama.. I didn't mean to I just wanted to keep it warm like red dose." I looked through the crack once more to see another hatchling he was so red it hurt my eyes a little so I looked back to the golden fur I so wanted to curl up in, "its ok Prince just be more careful with your brother." Brother? That confused me I didn't look like that red hatchling did I? "the golden fur started moving and I felt my heart sink a little thinking it was leaving me until I saw a green eye looing back at me through the crack, "Well hello there darling." It was the females voice, the one the red dragon had called Mama but this time it was soft and soothing, "would you like to come out and meet your new family? How would you like a name as well?" the voice cooed at me. I pushed a few bits of shell out of my way to make a hole, "A name?" I asked of this 'Mama' person, "Yes Every dragon around you has a name. Would you like to meet them all? If your scared you may hide in my pelt you haven't taken your eyes off it in some time." I felt heat rise in my face from embarrassment, I crawled through the hole and stopped air felt odd and it tickled a bit, "Hey there!" came a voice from behind me and I jumped and sprinted into Mamas fur burying myself in it.


-The rest of the page is charred and cannot be read-

(Hope I did this right. Punctuation is a weak point for me.)

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Dusk Divide Dragon Keep Journals: Previous Page | Next Page


Gotta write fast, OH PUNZ saw that I have the journal and is telling others now. Pesky pygmy, I should eat her.


By Th'overseer! Last entry was round 3 years old! That's a long time for a human. Guess we shouldn't swear by the Th'overseer anymore, since she's back. She's the one that gave me this journal. The Keep all thought it'd been lost! First time I'd seen the Th'overseer, she's not very impressive but then again she's human and they all look the same.


I see Magistrette flying up here. She's feeling irritated. Wow, I've never seen her fly before. I guess I should sign it before every dragon and their mother gets here. I was here first! The Th'overseer gave the journal to me!


- Concord Quincy, Radiant Angel




Feb 22, Saturday


State of the youngster's nests:

7 Eggs (4 wildborn)

11 Hatchlings (10 wildborn, 6 named - Loonali, Pompeya, Tilom, Tyrillia, Caspor, Kunei)


I swear, I've never seen such excitement in a dragon. Thank the Overseer thank the gods that Concord Quincy wasn't inclined to fight for the journal. What a pretentious signature. I suppose the Keeper gave him the journal because he was the first dragon who'd grown up after her long absence, along with Concord Acanthite. It would've been much more sensible to hand it to one of us caretakers once she'd found it, since we oversee the Keep's most important duties after hunting.


Speaking of caretakers, I feel we should appoint one or two new ones, as the influx of hatchlings after such inactivity has our current four rather strained.


But I digress... It's a relief the Keeper seems to be back. The Keep has stagnated in her absence. New dragon species have been sighted outside of Keep borders, and the Keeper has her hands full with obtaining their eggs. There's been special care assigned to the... verdigris copper egg, was it? And she's already begun trying to trade Keep-bred eggs for newcomers.


Reading the past entries is rather amusing. The old feuds back then have mostly settled down or been resolved. The most notable thing to have happened was the Silversky Clan's split from Keep territory, since the Keeper was no longer around to record their lineages, regulate their breeding, or assist in recruiting wildborn eggs. Now that the Keeper seems to be back, it'll be interesting to see if they rejoin.


I think it'd be best if I keep the journal with the caretakers for now until the Keep settles down - the Keeper's appearances have stirred to Keep up, to say the least.


- Magistrette, 5th magi and 3rd caretaker of the Keep

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2/23/14's Entry

Journal of: Wahwah

I only hatched a few hours ago but I've become really good friends with the other Daydream dragon, Regalious. I was accepted with open arms immediately despite not being "Cave Born", whatever that's suppose to mean. I also got a name the moment I hatched! The human that gathers and watches over us likes to call me "Wahwah" after a friend of his. That human sure must be strange to have a name like Wahwah, but it's my name too so I'll wear it with pride. I've learned the name of the human and a few of the hatchlings. FireFox likes to play too rough so I've been playing with Darkember. They also have a really silly name! Darkember is a real goofball despite that really gloomy name. I've already had to visit Aitheusa, she's good with hatchlings. Anyway, I'm just writing this before I have to go to bed, the human suggested it so I might as well! Nighty night.


You tuck the journal back under the claw of the fragile Daydream hatchling. They're sleeping soundly from such an exciting day.

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Journal of Unnamed

Previous Page <<|>> Next Page


I hatched a while ago, but no more than a day. It was good though, the egg was getting too small and hot for me. I want a name, but apparently my waverunner friend says that only adults get names. And sometimes matured hatchlings. He has grown his wings already and his trying to fly. I want to help, but first I need to grow my own wings. My friend said that he had to wait for a few days, and I am not so sure I can wait that long.


There is a very mean hellhorse who bullies the other hatchlings. There are also two dorsal dragons, one red and one purple who always stick together. There are two dorsal eggs too, one purple and one red. I think that is strange but cool. I try to make friends with all but the horse one. There is also a newly hatched dragon like me. It claims that it is a pillow dragon, although I can't see anything fluffy about it.


Anyways, I have to go. The only adult of me, a magma is telling me to sleep. Goodnight!


The unnamed hatchling closes the book and hides it in a crack in the cave before walking away to sleep.

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