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Dear Journal,

we have new eggs in the cave today. Three of them are green with yellow stripes, one of them are a dark green with sickly spots all over them. I don't know what they will turn out to be, but I guess I have a very good hint. Sometimes I play with them, and I think I can see the developing hatchlings inside. But Terrus shoos me off, and I have to regroup with the other Neotropicals. One of them are about to hatch, I know it. There are cracks on the outside of the green shell. I can't wait to meet my new partner.


I feel bored. Nothing to do. Terrus, Esido, Aliba, Olivrus and Moss are out hunting. Me and the others just stay home. We are supposed to guard the eggs, but instead, we play around in the dirt and train. We get dirty. I know that the grown-ups will be mad at us, but we don't care. We'll clean ourselves before they get back. I hear scuffling outside, and I go to investigate.


-Green Tail

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Dear journal,

So much time has passed since I heard the scuffling- it turned out to be a small squirrel; and I chased it off. It wasn't much for us to be intrested in. It has been a few days now, we have all matured, including me. I am now what is to be considered a "med dragon". My duty is to use herbs and various plants to heal wounds and to bring down fevers and diseases. We also have more eggs now, none of them are mine, but my fellow cave-mates'. The eggs have yet to hatch, I know that; there are also new fellow dragons in the cave. They were abandoned, but luckily, Moss managed to retrieve them and take care of the eggs in a short matter of time in the four days before they died. They too, have now matured; into adults, along with the rest of us. There are two new hatchlings in the cave. They have both grown wings, and I know it won't be long now before they grow up. One of them is an Olive dragon like Olivrus, but its a male. Another one is pure black with yellow markings. We never had a dragon like that before; I don't know what it is, but I have been studying it. When ever something live comes in contact with it, they get a small burn. I am always careful to stay away from it. What is it?


-Green Tail(now matured)

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There is so much to say


so much to say


We are so excited

So very excited

This is so exciting


Where do we begin, there is much to say

Perhaps we should begin with the hatchlings, yes



It is sad. In the past few weeks, many hatchlings went missing.

Many of them, yes. We counted

sixteen. They were likely taken

by the evil ones

for experiments.


But tonight there is something special, something new.

The wizard came into town very excited. She rushed back and forth before

she came with a basket. She gave it to Azzie. Inside were two eggs

that had not been seen

before. The expansion of the squadron

has begun.


But tonight,


there came a most wonderful thing. It has

all sorts of treats.

We like this "carnival".

We hope it


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I'm fed up with this.


I get picked out from my cave to be a member of a lineage! At first I thought, great! But now I know I shouldn't have been. I'm a Serf. I'm kept only for breeding eggs for humans that don't care wat generation their egg comes from. This is crap. Real crap. I have a bunch of "sisters" and a couple of "brothers," but King, Queen, Princess, and the Heirs and Heiresses never talk to us. We never even talk to each other. So here I am, Azultaini, a puppet being mastered by my new monarchs, the King and Queen I thought I'd like. What is going on?


There is a few scribbles at the bottom of the page.....


I feel the same way... what did we get ourselves into?

- Azumikua


This really is some deep crap we're in, you've got that right.



Maybe if we just give it some time...... No, probably not....


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(Wow hello Dragcave forum long time no post blink.gif )


Well, a dilemma has arisen in the clan. It would seem that Azila had been missing for a while, and then suddenly all of our names were reduced to codes again and no one could remember who they had been before. Azila returned soon afterward, changing some of our names back to our old ones and modifying some others. My name has been changed to Xanar, which personally I think sounds a lot better than my old name.....whatever that was. I asked her what she was going to do about the dragons who still had their old names in their descriptions, and she assured me that this was only a temporary setback, and that she'd be returning things to their proper order soon. I just hope she means to keep her promise. I'd hate to see her run off again like last time. And to think that she's missed so much.....she's kind of dejected over that fact, but we've been doing our best to reassure her. On another hand, I've been practicing harder than ever at becoming a hunter. I FINALLY got the hang of sideways divebombing, thanks to Fayah (who's actually not nearly as stern as he looks), and I'm faceplanting into the ground upon landing much less than I used to.


.....Don't ask.


On a side note, we've been getting an influx of new members into the clan. Some of them, in my opinion, have kind of stupid names, but Azila said that's only because she wasn't feeling in a very creative mood when it was time to name them. She assures me that she's not the only member to do this. Some of them, I can't stand in the least. Orousi seems nice enough until he's showering you with dream spells (I swear I got knocked out for an hour or so the other day by them), Redhot Inferno just disturbs me, What Does a Fox Say is going around shrieking that TJ-forsaken song at the top of his lungs again, and CHEEZEBURGR almost ripped my wing off the other day just because I went a step too close to his hamburger stash. (Really, I've looked at those things, and for the life of me I can't understand why any civilized dragon would want to eat them. Who wants to eat meat that's sandwiched between two crusty old pieces of bread?) Really, I don't even know why I bother to stay in this clan sometimes. It's getting increasingly harder to live with these buffoons, not to mention that the cave is getting rather crowded. Sonre's been talking about expanding the main entryway and digging into the mountain to create more living spaces, but I think she's been a little preoccupied with the new members that are coming in. Honestly, sometimes I think she cares more about the number of dragons that are in the clan more than the dragons themselves.


Sorry if I sound a bit more moody than usual. I just got back from getting my feet unfrozen for the umpteenth time (scorch you and all your ancestors, Melting Icicles). At least that Valentine dragon, Theon, is fairly reasonable to talk to. Despite the fact that he's so shy, it'd make a baby rabbit seem terrifying, he's actually not so bad when you get to know him. Though I have to admit, it was a bit frustrating to try and get him to talk to me when he kept cowering behind a rock half of the time. At least he's not as bad as Moss, in any case (seriously, what is with her and her clinginess?). He even shared some chocolate truffles with me. Those things are delicious, enough said. And he does have a beautiful singing voice, which I only say because I happened to catch him singing some of the hatchlings to sleep the other day. Speaking of which, we seem to be having a shortage of young dragons around lately. Which should worry me more than it does, but at least I don't have to deal with baby dragons yanking on my tail every second of the day anymore.


Azila did manage to grab some Halloween-themed eggs from the main cave the other day, but seeing as they seem to be taking their sweet time to hatch, no one really knows what they're supposed to look like yet. The one feels cold and stinks, which rings a little warning bell in my head. The last thing we need is another vampire roaming around here, after all. Then again, there is a new egg in among the batch that no one's ever seen before, and I'm curious to see as to just what it grows up into. Hopefully it won't be as creepy as some of the other Halloween dragons, but knowing the general looks of the type you can never be quite sure.


--Xanar, hunter of Clawclan

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((It's been a long time since I posted here but I think I'll enjoy it, I've been meaning to write up little fics involving my dragons and journal entries are a good way to do it. For those interested I have a date system that my dragons use, same number of days in a month and whatever but for them 1 day is 1 month, so an egg that takes 5 days to hatch online, took 5 months for in character dragons.))


These sheets of parchment are contained inside a scroll case, the end of the scroll case is a wax impression of a rose circled by thorny vines, the wax is keeping a tag attatched to the scroll that reads "The Journal of Hayden Dracokin, Patriarch and Elder Male Vine. The Second of Autumn Wanes 160 C.E


Dear Journal,


It has been a long time since I have added more to this account. Balkanog was more than happy to take a break from cataloguing the various books brought back to the clan, I appreciate him copying my sand writing onto parchment with ink. I have been a long time away from the clan with my mate Ninde, adventuring out to appease our wanderlust. As far as I'm aware nothing worth reporting happened in my absence though perhaps I should urge Ergan and Lyra, who temporarily took our place as clan patriarch and matriarch, to write up their experiences in that time. I must say however that within a couple of weeks of my returning, a problem was brought to my attention and has since split the clan. I am going to document the events so that future generations can understand what has happened.


It started with the Elder Female Vampire Damsalt approaching me and Ninde. She brough to my attention a grave situation, you see the Vampires were struggling to survive in the clan. Their weakness to sunlight means they cannot travel far from the cave and little prey is found within a days travel within our territory, as such they were starting to starve.


This starvation in itself was a problem, such suffering is just too awful to comprehend, but what added to the urgency of the problem was that with the onset of hunger, the Vampires bloodlust was growing. Damsalt warned me that if a solution couldn't be found it would not be long until some of her coven's younger members might start to view others of the clan as prey. This was a problem and not one that could easily be solved. I consulted both Thoran and Lyra, hoping that together the seasoned healer and accomplished mage could find a solution. Alas, all we discovered was more about the dangers a dragon faced if he got bitten by a Vampire. Unfortunately it seemed like the only option was to ask the Vampires to leave and to chase them off if they refused, but then a solution was found in an unexpected way.


Uxi, a Bright Pink dragon and an assistant to Thoran, timidly approached us and told of an issue a small number of the clan was dealing with and how it could help. This small number of dragons all knew that they had something wrong with them, and though I know they hate the word it is the only way to explain, they were inbred. This inbreeding in their line meant few of their eggs would survive to hatch and even fewer hatchlings would survive for more than a few weeks, Uxi had to endure such a loss herself. The solution she proposed was that any egg laid by an inbred dragon would be offered to the Vampires giving them a sustainable food source, in return the inbred dragons would know that they were helping others to survive.


The idea was passed around the inbred dragons and a few agreed to it. When Damsalt was told of the idea she gratefully thanked the inbred dragons and also made them a promise, that if they desired, an egg offered to the Vampires could be turned into a Vampire egg, thus circumventing the high mortality rate of their eggs and hatchlings and allowing the parents their own little one to raise. When the offer was raised, all the inbred dragons agreed to the cause, and we thought we would have no more problems.


We were wrong. Once the scheme was addressed to the whole clan some members expressed disgust at the idea, even though they themselves were not directly affected. Some of these members even threatened to attack the Vampires and inbreds if the plan went into affect. Luckily the quick-thinking Uxi came up with another plan, to create a new cave system a little way from the main one, those who wished to help the Vampires could live in these new caves, those who had voiced their negative opinions need never venture into the new cave systems and those who did not mind could go wherever they liked. Scylla made mention that if new caves were going to be created, we might as well make a brand new nursery cave, as the growing gaggle of frozen hatchligns were fast outgrowing their small offshoot tunnel.


Finally the plan was accepted and the inbreds worked tirelessly to make a new cave system. When the work was finished, me, Ninde and the other elders gave our blessing to allow the clan to be split into two, the Dusk Clan which lived with and helped the Vampires, and the Dawn Clan finally giving a name to those who lived in the older cave network. The new nursery cave sits proudly in the middle and was named, perhaps appropriately, the Noon Sands and there were no complaints with raising all the hatchlings in the same nest as has happened since the clan was first founded.


The excitement and distrust has settled down now and our clan is once again peaceful, though I still wish to know where our clan founder Draco has disappeared too, perhaps...


Balkanog wishes me to stop now for it is late and he mourns for the amount of parchment I have already used up. So I shall leave the speculation for another day.


Hayden Dracokin, Patriarch of the Dawn Clan.

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Saltpath has been cooing over the strange new hatchlings with flames on their wings AGAIN! I don't personally like them at all. They have empty eyes, and something about them makes me shudder.

I've been pretty much ignored recently. I think that after Saltpath got that little tree thingamabob, and all of the strange dragons and creatures who seem to be having an argument about wether being edible is good or not, I think that's pretty much it for all of the commons like me...


Well, maybe I'll be noticed some day...


Snoozing Flame

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Blusang Lingwurm Hatchie


They're watching me. The humans. The second I hatched I was dragged out of my egg by them. I hate them. They hate me. There are many dragons here. Most of them are bigger than me, and scary. One of them took another dragon away and than stuck it here again. He looked the same but he kept saying King Nathaniel over and over again. I think it's his name now, but I haven't a clue in all honesty.


There is a new egg, the humans call it Tsuami Wyvern. They call me Blusang. I hope that's not my name.


What an Earth has my mother got me into?


The writing stops but on the next page it says.


I want to go home.

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Ferocious G-Force ~ Trihorn Wyvern, proud member of Terron Clan:


I'm so tired of this boring life. Everyday it's the same thing: hunt, fight, sleep. The onyl dragons around here are rival Trihorns that would tear me apart if I let my guard down for even a moment. There's an Ice dragon that lives around here, but no one dares to go near him. I miss the golden wyvern. He was the only one worthy of being called my friend. Having saved my life as a hatchling; I owe him, I just can't find him.

As I curl up in my nest and try to sleep I can't get comfortable. In the morning I sit bolt upright.


"That dream again?"


It's been happening every night for the past week. A secret cove hidden along the coastline. Several dragons of different species moving around it as they carry out different tasks. Everyone gets along and no one is fighting or trying to kill the other. They hunt in teams and share their catch. I long for that kind of life. This time the dream was more detailed, as if I could reach out my claws and touch it. Then I remembered a familiar face. It was Argon! He's living in that clan! He must have found his happiness.


I spread my wings. It's time I left this frigid, horrible place and find that wonderful cove protected by the wind and waves of the sunny, warm shoreline. I circle my nest one last time and fly off towards the coast. Let the others bicker and starve. I'm leaving for a better life.

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By Queen Europa


I got up this morning to find myself in a strange place called a community...weird. There were dragons everywhere. The only collection of...things I've seen like this are of the cities some older Grave dragons would burn for our meals. I don't like it here. I want to burn it. I'm hungry, all they feed me is meat. I don't it animals, I only eat their souls.



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Ferocious G-Force ~ Trihorn Wyvern, proud member of Terron Clan:


It's very difficult flying through these mountains. The wind is strong and the blizzards are fierce. I have to be careful, I can feel my sings starting to stiffen with the cold. If this keeps up, they may freeze. Not even an hour later I can't take this anymore. Flapping my wings I climb above the clouds. As I break through the final layer I am blinded by the intense sun. The air is thin up here, but I can finally glide.


After several hours of gliding I begin to feel the updrafts. Some send me plummeting while others threaten to fling me into space. I try to find a better altitude when I catch an air current that sends me forward as if I had been shot from a human catapult! I've never flown so fast before. Within minutes I am clearing vast leagues as if it were but a few steps!


In the far distance I can see the land shining. That means water! I hope it's the ocean. Then I'll be closer to finding that cove.

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Dear Journal,


There's a new gold in the cave, received from a "shiny drawing". Already he shows incredible promise, producing a gold egg with Chinese Elemental Erhu on the first try! Phantom has named him "5E Pot of Golden Luck" and we all wish him the best at producing more golden offspring.


~Lucky Star Yuurei

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[The paper looks like it was torn out of a book and then painted clean. Its edges are charred brown and black, and its skin is wrinkled randomly in the middle, causing the thin letters to warp slightly.]


I remember when I awoke. When I first came into life. It was so new, a dream that never ended. The others that were of my own kind acted in ways reflecting my actions, and we all looked the same.


And then we grew up. Our real selves appeared from our masks and everyone saw our sensitive minds. Except for me.


I by no means am holding a mask over my face. I have none. All I ever see is what everyone sees, yet I process it differently.


I am not stupid. I understand that I am not any different from the next creature. I am not special in any way besides being a cryptic old fool.


I state all that happens. I live in the present, but not in life. Sometimes I wish that I could have a personality, and I try, but it comes out wrong. Always wrong and twisted.


Others see me in ways that I cannot comprehend. The human, the albino, the countless hatchlings that were once abandoned. But, of course, all they see is an illusion that they put up for themselves. I continue doing what I do, stating what is, but it will not matter in the end. Nothing ever does.


[Replacing the spot where a signature would be is a perfect circle of ink, as if the writer didn't want to sign the paper but still wanted to leave a mark of their own.]


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Citadark seems intent on remaining here for the rest of the Christmas Season, inconsiderate to both the nursery and my own feelings. We have no room for any tourists, so filled are we with extra staff and holiday dragons, let alone the guards, but he claims that he has nowhere else to go, and of course Rose wants him here.


A black alted today. Rose is ecstatic, putting it down to Citadark's presence, but I doubt that it is so. We shall have to wait and see if the other egg alts - which I hope it will. It would be nice not to have to see another hatchling crushed by rejection from its parents.


The Libra Clan has yet to send a vampire, to Rose's relief, but Esme frets. Rose does hate the vampires being around the eggs, but as a Holiday Dragon mated to another, biting her eggs is the only chance Esme has of keeping one. Nobody has any idea who they will send, although we are crossing our claws that it will by Valkyrie herself.


Aurora has yet to bear a silver egg, and I worry for her. She has to force herself to eat, and I know she feels the pressure. Slender is not nearly as supportive as she would like, and I know neither of them want to spend the winter out here. Even though she breeds in four days, she has already taken the fertility herbs, and we can only hope for a silver. I feel for Aurora. Twenty nebula babies, but never the silver, and never allowed to keep her child. I intend to appeal to Rose on her behalf, but Rose is different as of late.


Perhaps she is missing Rome. Nemi is no replacement for the nursery scribe, though she tries hard, she will never reach the levels of skill that Rome did. Caspar hanging around is also on her nerves. We know he blames her for not getting a mate last Halloween, and he brings guilt with him whenever he enters a room.


We only need 3 more seasonals now, thankfully, as Rose was tearing her petals out in frustration. But the hatchlings are calling, I must run.

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[The paper is crumbled and has a few tears on the edges. It looks like it had been torn from a book and then painted over hastily. The writing is in charcoal and is on both sides of the paper.]


Well, I'm rather surprised by this new development. The human whose been with every dragon since they hatched has given each of us a sheet of what looks like paper. Of course, they had to tell a few of the more paranoid species that it was from a book, not a paper dragon.


I already knew that. The paper is obviously been torn out of one of the more 'boring' books that the human complains about. I can even make out a few words here and there.


At the moment, I'm watching one of the Grave Dragons across from me scribbling on their page. She's kind of weird; that isn't too descriptive, since all of the Grave's here are weird, but she never talks. Mute is what the human calls her.


I wonder what she thinks about. Actually, no, I don't. The rumors have been circling about how she's mated to more males than any dragon here and has not had any children yet. It makes the human mad, but they don't talk to her about it. Mating here is very rarely for life and more for the humans satisfaction.


I'm never going to have children. Ha, the thought of having hatchlings makes me laugh. It isn't my mindset; no, I'd love to have a little Tinsel baby to cuddle with. No, I can't have children because of how I'm 'inbred'.


The human told me about how my father was actually my mothers father. It's...kind of confusing and totally bizarre, having a father who mated with his daughter. The human won't let me mate with that sort of lineage and genes.


Sometimes, I don't think I'm inbred. Most of the Reds in the cave are inbred and they show it. It doesn't make me feel bad, seeing them with their disabilities, but...well, I don't know. Maybe I'm just not inbred enough to be messed up like them.


...The human caught another Tinsel awhile ago. They don't think they are inbred, but the lineage looks messy. The poor thing won't ever mate, just like me, because of that.


I watched it hatch. Such a tiny thing...was I that small, once? It's being coddled by the Whites at the moment. It's rather funny to watch, since there is only four of them. Actually, make that three. Burthil and Action may be ordinary dragons, but the other two...they think that they're one dragon. They go everywhere together and do everything together. The human thinks that they have some sort of personality disorder, except its two different dragons instead of one.


They have different ideas about raising the new Tinsel and fight a lot. One wants to teach it how to play something called a 'card game', while the other just wants to have tea with it and be 'British'. Don't ask me what being 'British' means, I have no idea.


Burthil and Action just sit on the sidelines and watch. It may not be healthy for the Tinsel to be around the other two, but it will probably turn out normal. At least, normal in this place.


Well, I'm running out of space. Looking across the cave, I can see the Grave Dragon already is done with writing and is playing with her 'music box'.


I kind of liked writing this stuff down. Maybe I can get someone to ask the human to get more paper. Maybe I can create a journal or something. That would be interesting to read, at least for me.


[The paper ends here, with no room for a signature.]

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The paper has a little marking on it. It is blue and a bit shiny.



I was just going to go out and see how Kalup was doing today. She was fine, which is good. I really don't know what to say here....hmmm....aha! Yesterday, while Brownite and I were practicing how to fight, I accidentally clawed Brownite in the eye! His eye hurt, but he wasn't too mad. Later, I decided to go see how everybody else was doing. But as I was walking toward one of my friends, something caught my eye. A piece of string with a pebble attached to it? This was a failed trap, I thought. I continued to walk over and say "hi" to everybody.






I stink at this sad.gif

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[The paper is only slightly crumbled, looking as if it was once a piece of a book and then was painted over. Both sides are covered with thin but bulky writing in black ink.]


Disgusting. The human has brought in an armload of Mint eggs. Mints! They say that they have spectacular lineages and they plan to breed them to create nicer ones.


Hmph. Why bring in such lizards when there was obviously some Crimson's in the egg pile? They brought them in and kept chucking them out again, the stupid human. They keep getting useless species and stock piling them up in this place. I mean, look at the amount of Dorsals that are in here! They are almost as bad as Mints!




Oh my user posted image. That-that insufferable Vampire! I was just glancing by, I wasn't even looking at you, you piece of user posted image! Disgusting, why hasn't the human thrown you out yet?! Why am I surrounded by those freaks of nature?!


Why is this stupid cave full of abominations?!


Ugh, there are rules in nature that you have to follow. Being one of those is breaking the rules. It's almost as bad as all the females going around doing what they want.


Whatever, I'll get out of here someday. I know I could just fly off, but where will I go? And then there's the problem with the human. I don't even think that thing is a human, with the amount of magic they weld and how they are living so long. And then there's the fact that almost all of the dragons in this place seem to adore them.


Except that Water Walker. He hates it here, I can see it in his face. He's the only one that seems almost normal. The only thing that needs to be changed is that he keeps trying to pretend that he is feral. For user posted image sake's, dragon. You are feral! We all are! We could leave if we want, we don't need to stay here!


But that's besides the first point that I was getting on about. The Mints. They'll hatch soon, and then I'll have to deal with a cave full of stupid breeds. Ugh.


This paper isn't that large, is it? What is the human trying to pull off, getting my thoughts down? Well, they won't get anything. Anything at all. I didn't write important things down, so the stupid human can have this stupid piece of paper. Bah.


[The paper ends with a thick signature which says 'Pure Bred Crimson'. However, it seems like someone got a hold of the paper after it was written and 'fixed' the name to be 'Pure Breaded Crying Son'.]

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[The paper is ripped slightly and it is written in brown ink.]



I was going to go out and fly today, but I knew I had to guard my egg. My son or daughter was in that egg. I could not let anyone break it or harm the hatchling. I sniffed it, and it rolled over. I quickly picked it up and set it down, putting some leaves over it and sitting in front of it, looking tough. Suddenly, Kalup told me to come over. I followed her, hoping the egg would be safe. She hid behind a rock and told me something about Oceanie. She said he was acting skittish today. I was acting skittish if the egg would be gone! I told her that and walked over back to the egg, resting by a warm fire. Hopefully it wasn't gone and was still sitting there peceafully. I would attack the little censorkip.gif that took it if it was no longer there.




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Next Entry


The Keeper gave me a scroll of parchment today - a “journal”, it is supposedly called. It is to preserve thoughts, I am told, and to keep records of each day. It is enchanted so that when I speak, small markings appear upon it… are these my thoughts? It is not what I imagined thoughts looked like.

Perhaps I should move on to recording the day.


Snow has begun to fall over the last few days. I have never seen it near our cave before, although the mountains are covered in it. The Keeper says the snow is a sign of “Crissmis”, which seems to be a human event. It must happen very rarely - I have great-grandyoung and yet have not experienced it until now. The Keeper spends a lot of time in the snow, packing it into balls and building walls with it. Every so often, the construction is hit by an icicle or another snowball, and is damaged. The hatchlings seem to enjoy helping with this enterprise, though I don’t see the point. Iceberg spends most of his time out there, though as he is an Ice dragon hatchling, I am not surprised.

Since the snowfall, some new eggs have been brought into the cave to be raised - one that shines in green and gold with two red stripes, and one that has a light dusting of snow on top, despite being just as warm as any other egg I have raised. The first is a Ribbon Dancer and the second is a Winter Magi. These only appear when Crissmis happens, and it seems there will be more to come after the other eggs in the nest hatch. They all seem to have fantastical names like “Wrapping-Wings” and “Snow Angels” and “Yulebucks” - that last doesn’t even sound like a dragon at all! Why would a breed of dragon be named after a male deer? We eat deer!

I am bewildered by it all. Human activities make little sense.

The young from before the snowfall are doing well - the three eggs are close to hatching, though the Shimmer and the Tinsel are taking a long time, as usual. Jota, the Black hatchling, recently grew its wings - his wings, I should say. Cold, our Nhiostrife female, has been helping him to fly, though she says he keeps trying to flap off after the full-grown Black dragons when they go out on scouting missions.

Both Jota and Beamer, the little Magi, are also starting to develop their magical powers. Beamer has only been sending small stones to different locations around the cave, but Jota has taken to picking on the two Canopy hatchlings, Quagga and Ilehpz, and stinging them with weak bolts of power. He has not yet attacked Protos, the Copper hatchling. Perhaps he fears retribution if he were to do so, since the adult Coppers of the cave are far larger and more numerous than our three adult Canopies.

Despite the hatchling’s behaviour, Iskfin, our lead Black, seems to think Jota has “potential”, as he puts it. Another entirely unsurprising recruitment to the defence team awaits. I only hope Jota is not being encouraged by his elders to follow the scouts. Soon enough he will be mature and I will not be able to stop him, but while he is still young, an encounter with a hostile dragon would not end well - either for Jota or for Iskfin should I hear of it.

But now I am just being morbid. I should cease this journal-keeping and go for a flight to clear my head.


Written by Reaching Glimmer, red Copper female - Young-Raiser of the Clan

Edited by Cendaquenta

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[The paper has a little yellow marking on it. It is slightly torn with a claw mark on it.]



I was flying today when I spotted Dreaminess. You see, we were friends before, but shortly we became enemies. The little censorkip.gif was flying toward me and I quickly dashed off. I hoped they wouldn't find me. Quickly, I swooped down and landed on the ground. I hid in some bushes while they hovered above me in the air. I peeked from the bushes, frightened, but knowing that they would finally leave eventually. The shook their head and flew off into the clouds. They seem to love clouds. Grr.




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The cave has been very hectic for the past few days. A bunch of eggs have joined the clan and from what I've heard they're "special" and can't be adopted again for a long time. They're cute and I'm excited to see them hatch! Some already came out of their eggs and are scampering around the nursery.


My clan-mates are also talking about something happening tomorrow. Apparently there will be new, never-before-seen dragons? Sounds fascinating!


~Dove Valencha

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Dear Journal,

I swear our caretaker gets so crazy around the holidays. I remember when it used to be just me and my brother but now we have more eggs coming in that are our breed. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind new eggs coming in and having our caretaker bring in hatchlings that don't have homes but it was nice when Candy Cane Cheer and I were the only Yulebucks. Two of them are hatchlings and the other two are just eggs almost ready to hatch. ugh. Why?


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A diary entry by Katiie, Hater of Silver Tinsels


Christmas is coming, and it is quite despicable. The hatchlings are out playing in what little snow I've left for them, building abhorrent sculptures that crumble and collapse from poor design. I have tried, dear Diary, to focus sunlight through gaps in the clouds to melt them in hopes of dispiriting them, but alas, they do not give up. Morons, they are. No sense of when their pitiful struggles are futile.


Not that any of the adults are much better. They spend hours and hours constructing forts of ice, pelting snowballs back and forth, desperately packing more onto their own to repair damages. One of the forts I saw had a snow kitten in front, complete with mittens and hat. For goodness' sakes, Dragons EAT kittens, not play dress-up with them!


What's more, those disgusting silver abominations are at it again, lining the trees with tinsel and decorating caves with holly and mistletoe. Mist Cloud and his brainless mate were out clearing the paths between the caves down in the hillside, so I decided to give them a scare and tackled the female. Such a laugh I've never had, dear Diary. I earned a large gash across my side, I am quite certain it will scar, but oh, it was so worth it to see the expression on that...thing's face.


It is running late, and I must be on my way. Cattle does not fry itself, you know!


~Katiie, Hater Despiser of Silver Tinsels




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27th December 2013

Dear Journal,


New eggs came in last night. Our owner seemed pretty happy with them, especially with two particular eggs that were bright blue and had golden markings. I wasn't sure what breed they were. Maybe they were a new type of breed.


I haven't bothered with the hatchlings much, cute and playful as they are. To be honest, I've been a bit worried. I could've sworn I saw a familiar pair of glowing blue eyes somewhere among the leaves of the trees the other night. If it's who I thought it was...no, it isn't possible, she left us long ago. Could she be back? No...stop it, she can't be back. It's unlikely.


Wister and Quope, the Duotone hatchlings, seem to be quite the jokesters. There isn't a single conversation that they've been in without telling a joke. I quite like them. I have not spoken interacted with them yet, though. I am still wary of other dragons' reactions to my...disability. Heh, fancy that, a dragon shy of a hatchling.


Stars was singing again today. Then again, when does that dragon not sing? It's her favourite thing to do. I could just sit in the cave and listen to her sing all day. She has such a beautiful voice. It holds emotion and can even cause someone to cry or sleep. Or it can just calm a dragon down. Sometimes, I can hear her singing softly to herself to sleep.


The moon is high now. That is good. I can practically feel the energy flowing into my Moon orb.


My stomach rumbles. Perhaps it's time for a snack.


~ Moon Puff

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Day-xxx year-xxx month-xxx


Dear journal, there seems to be a icicle/snow throwing war going on between most clans. The keeper is building a fort for our protection... Does this happen every winter?

I got to go. There's new hatchlings and eggs to take care of.




Hi journal, Turp again! There's a huge snow war going on and I get to help build this huge fort with the keeper and Some other dragons! And even cooler is that there's a few new dragons that look really awesome! One's name is flutterbutter! Eep! I got to go! A icicle almost hit my head!


- turpentine wonders

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