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Give your dragon a journal!

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RogueRadar borrowing a piece of paper from Nighthirses journal to start her journal


----RogueRadar's Journal piece,


Dear journal. Everything is a mess. I'm not a good leader at all. The dark unseen forces are on their way. I'm going to have to evacuate and start on our way to the new nesting grounds. We have no knowledge on how to figh and i worry i will lose everyone in a battle not prepared for. We will leave on the first of december when Merlin comes back with the last of the food from the hunting grounds. As I write this I am crying. I have no one to support me in this. My fiancee' hasn't proposed to me in six months, not making this a true clan and me atrue leader. A week ago he said he would propose, but like all the other times he hasn't. I'm joyful that our little green and yellow striped egg has hatched. dure i'm used to this hatching thing and none of my babies ever died but I still always get nerbous. My clan knows i'm weak and they could easily overrun me or take my place, and without a husband i'm no match. Journal i'm just about out of room and lightning is comming my way. Please bring me peace tonight.




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--------NightHorses journal


OmGosh!!! yoou'll never gurss what Journal. I was going to go over and check on our egg when i saw it. Lightning PROPOSED to RogueRadar. With a beautiful sapphire Humungus Rock necklace with forever shall we live, and together shall we die, me and you for an eternity, with all my heart can hold, Lightning.


I almost died right there and then, not just the fact that he actually proposed but at the fact of those jewels, it must have taken him forever. they were faceted with gold and silverintertwining the jewels. It was heaven in a box. Well I think it gave shadow some thinking to do before he propses to me HaHa! Well RogueRadar said she's be gone tomight and left Roquue the female Guardian dragon to watch over. Iknow what they're up to but everyone else seems so wrapped up in the necklace. including me!.. It makes me think that i'd wait an eternity to get married to shadow if i could get something like that...only in amathyst! Oh i'm squirming all over in delight. I think Snowy and Tundra The seasonal winter dragons are going to wait as well to get married, and Twins and yin-yang as well the splits. Well now everyone wants a journal to write down all they want as a proposal gift and now a buzz of a x-mas gift list! WOW! Well I have to get back to watching the hatchies and eggs. So i'll write you later. I don't think anyone's going to be able to go to sleep tonight.--------NightHorse

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The ink has run where the page has been wet, but the page can still be read.


November 28, Year of 09.


I have been crying all night. My friends have all left me, but 'twas not their fault. They were kidnapped. Its hard to even express my feeling on this simple sheet of paper. Here it goes.

I am a purple dorsal dragon. I have lived most of my life with other dorsal, whether they be red or purple. The black dragons, ecspecialy Tambala the Warrior Leader, have been acting strange. the only one that seemed sane was Warrior of Light. Bless her heart. She was a great friends to the dorsals. We have given her a nickname that her past elders seemed to have. We named her Naleen. She has spoken with us about how Tam- I mean the Leader of her clan, has given them only titles, not true names to hold like a life.

Anyway. Tambala the Warrior Leader kidnapped every dorsal my master owned. And she refuses to hand them back over until Naleen gives up her name and sticks with Warrior of Light forever. Tambala also proposes that if Naleen ever comes into contact, whether it be sight or sound, I can bid my life farewell.

The Leader is strict about her Warriors friends and enemies, but it appears that us dorsals are obviously on the 'REJECT' list.


May Naleen be safe and my friends returned,

Fusion Maria Fall.

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------shadow's journal

It didn't go well.. they weren't able to breed. RogueRadar is so upset but lightning and pearl are there for her (pearl is their daughter) RogueRadar is tying to stay stron so that pearl doesn't think she's worthless but.. it's still tough.. such a dissapointment on your proposal day. Iv'e booked a spot for pearl to get the last journal. My lover actually thought of the idea. she says big changes in someones life needs a prescription of a journal to hu and hold, cry on, and befriend. I feel so bad for all three of them. but.. there's nothing i can do. plus they can try again. I wanted to go up to rogueradar and ask her to book me aspot in the breeding but now i cannot face her and ask that selfish question...i will wait. I want to marry NightHorse more than ever now after watching lightning propose. it was so magickal. i have to come up with something good! Well journal I have to go now because i want to watch over Night'horses and my baby dragon egg.



I can't belive it. I feel so sad. How could something like this happen to RogueRadar! It's just not fair! oh well I assured her that they would be able to try again soon and not to worry about it. Aww I just thought of what shadow had proposed as an idea. To invite Trouble the ochdrake dragon to come and sleep with us and join our group. he's so cut he said he would. he's talking to shadow as i write this. I'm happy Shadow has helped another, and can have a friend. It gave me the idea of befriending pearl.... but she's so powerful in the cave. I doubt she;d want to hang out with us..... but Trouble said to let go of my fears and listen to my gut feelings. He asked "What do you think she wants right now?" I knew the answer immeately. I replied."A friend, someone to talk to." "Exactly he said." "That's why you put her on the list for a journal... but the real healing comes within the friends that surround you with light and love." He's right!

------- NightHorse.


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Dear Journal,


Vel is a graceful and sophisticated dragon, I must say. She, after learning that I've been keeping a journal, decided that she would teach me how to write beautifully. I have no problem with my penmanship as long as I can read it. But I have to admit, sometimes I can't even read what I have written. I took up her offer and she taught me calligraphy. See! Look at my penmanship now.. I feel good.


Everyone in our cave has moved down to the Underground Passages, except for Cai, Joli and Jum'll, who are either hunting our gathering their possessions. Sel is, of course, not here cause as I've said before, salt water never freezes. Lucky him. Besides Sel, Marti isn't here yet. She left out three nights ago to go hunting. She's stubborn, but she has good intentions. Hopefully, Marti will be back before snowfall, or it's tragedy for her and all of us.


Momma is out right now, rescuing some poor hatchlings eggs before winter. She was able to get a silverish white one with yellow stripes. It would look like Pur when it grows up. And then there's this.. weird one. It ain't dragon, that's for sure. Not dino either. She's small, REAL small.. maybe as big as a pygmy egg, even. I asked Momma about her and she said she was a chicken. Some human animal, I guess. We named her Clair Poulet. The last one she found was a balloon hatchling. The thing's freaky.. floating around without using it's wings. Momma named him Baby Matt, or Matt for short, after her own little brother.


Voler and Jum'll got into a fight earlier today. They don't tell me much about it, for some reason, but I think it was because Jum'll insulted Voler about her feminine incapability/s. If I were him, I'd watch my mouth... Voler packs quite a punch.


That's basically it for today. We're all just sitting in our rooms, worrying about what winter will bring us all. So.. until next time, journal.


~Citrouille Cheri

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-----Trouble's journal

Hey jornal i'm trouble... no that's my Name. I don't know why my owner called me that.. but i'm getting used to it. It's one o'clock in the morning. I awoke to the sound of an egg cracking. It was shadow's and NightHorses. It's doing very well. I thank shadow wholeheartidly for bringing me in and helping me become part of a something rather than the nothing (loner) i was since i've hatched. Oh journal how did i het you, you ask? Well it just so happens that some parys of the shop and the scrollmaster open to their products after 12:30. So lucky the egg woke me up. I tried to get RogueRadar's and Pearl's, but the scroll master said he had to give it to them in "Dragon." Well ive been debating weather or not i shold wake up Shadow, but ive decided against it. he needs his sleep and it's not like he won't be able to see it in the morning. I want to ask shadow if we are considered friends. it would be really cool if we were. but i guess irs enough that he's taken me in at all. I don't know what to do so i'll practice my letters for a whike*practices letters*








-----goodnight journal


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November 29, Year of 09.


Aside from my Warrior's acomplishments. I have a life of my own and I wish to share it. With the help of my fellow Warriors, we have taken all of the dorsals hostage, all except for petty little Fusion. She was so weak. What use could be of her? The other dorsals put up a good fight, only Fusion seemed to back away and cower. On the otherhand, Warrior of Warcraft had to take Warrior of Light(or as the dorsals call her Naleen) back by force since she wouldn't come voluntarily. Warrior of warcraft had some trouble bringing Warrior of Light back. Quote from Warrior of Warcraft, "I had to dodge all these attacks. It was insane. That dragon is powerful. I personally think that she should be locked up until loyalty and prestige are the only emotions in Light's mind." Light? Light? Warrior of Warcraft has shortened Warrior of Light's name. Does that mean I could call them, Light, Witchcraft, Warcraft, Wind? I'm too tired to list all my Warrior's names, but... Wow. My Warriors are friends. It has never occured to me that friendship could be spreading among the recruits. I'm tired and the dorsals are yelling to be released. I shall fall asleep to their music tonight. May My Warriors Live On.


Long live the Warriors,

Tambala the Warrior Leader.

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----NightHorses Jourbal entry


Dear journal,


Despite all of the bad that happened last night there is some good this morning. Well... first off the one Albino hatchling has finally grown it's wings in and has been given the name Reign. she is now so jumpy and playful she likes snuggling with shadow, and I. I'm guessing she really doesn't know why she doesn't have any parents so shes "adopted" us as her parents... but she must know that when she grows up... we are not her parents but are willing to be her best friends and still take care of her on a different level. Rogueradar gave me the option to tell her the "Real" story of how we found her...one day, when she's ready. but in the meantime, she jumps on shadow's belly tugs Trouble's ears with her tiney teeth and snuggles at naptime with me, she's quite a sweetheart. I just hope our little baby is the same way... that is if it's a girl...OH!!! I forgot(well just for a second:)

Our baby egg has cracked so much through the night tha there is a huge whole in it. I'm getting so nervous as to be a new mom. I'm quite scared, but RogueRadar has given me some lessons and will continue to, on how to raise the young ones. "It's really just instinct." She told me. "You get used to it." "It comes natural"

well i hope she's right!

-------------- bye for now journal




-------------------Shadow's Journal entry

Dear Journal,

you'll never guess what!!!!!!!!

My lover's and my egg has a big hole in the middle of it with just a thick mucus layering comming between our baby andd us!! It all must have happened last night! I'm so excited. I'm going to make a great dad!!! Okay so today I'm going to go to the nearby quarry,(i got some secret info from lightning) and go digging. Imust admit I probobly shouldn't have, but i peeked in NightHorses Journal and saw that she wants amathysts. and Lightning said trhat their was and over abundance of them!!! ...Well on other news Trouble is still sleeping, and he has a journal under his arm. I was the first to awake thismorning at six o'clock. He must have been up early this morning. I wonder if he knows abput our egg cracking....

Well i'll have to be on my way now to see if i can find some jewels and bring them to Merlin to be faceted. There is a price to pay but I'll talk to him about paying him in jewels later, after i propose.i reallhy want a big piece of rose quarts in the middle. Well I'll right you later.



---------RogueRadar's Journal entry

Dear Journal,


After a long night's cry with Lightning by my side I think I'm okay. I'll just try again next time, like NightHorse had suggested. Pearl has been my anchor through all of this, holding me upright whenever i stumble or picking me up whenever I fall. I feel really bad about putting her through this. She must feel as though she's not good enough, and I hate myself for that. I'm going to stand strong and be a strong leader. I am going to start working with Merlin to find the secret's about fighting and include pearl in it. i won't start Pearl in any magick though. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. Merlin said Some elves were going to come and assist us in our training.Plus they will help us fight if it ever comes to that point. and help us move to our new nesting grounds and cave. I find Paradice, the pink Male dragon verry depressed lately. I'm going to ask Shadoww to invite him to their group. NightHorse has asked me if Pearl can join their group and I have no choice but to say yes. I want her to have a normal life to. Merlins comming so I have to go. I'll writcha later.



Pearl's Journal Entry

I'm So glad I got you journal!!! I finally have someone to talk to. Last night was difficult for me. I know my mom just want's to continue our heritage, but I still feel as though I'm not good enogh. NightHorse has asked me to come over and be in their group. I'm a little hesitant. In one way it will be good for me. I can learn social skills nad be independant....but i feel I need to help my mom and i don't want to leave the comforts of her saftey.. NightHorse is signaling for me to come over there.. but i'm scared.... journal I think you gave me just enough confidance for this situation so I'm going over. I'll writcha later...


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Dear Journal,


Poor Azulstar! I did not realize the extent of her feelings for shadow's thief. She has no mate or children, because she says that the leader must look out onto her whole clan as her children. I now know that it pains her to never be able to have a hatchling of her own bouncing around her and a mate.

I went into her cave today, and she looked sad. Her wings drooped. I asked ehr what was wrong, and she explained. HEre I will quote what she said the best I can:


It is Shadow's thief. He is so strange and distant, so rebellious.

She looekd me in the eye.

I love the clan, adn I am glad I am your leader, btu sometimes I regret making the choice to be the leader, to never take a mate or have children. When Jaded Wing, Reganade, Tempest's Wing, and Flickerfly first joined the cave, as eggs, LuciKnight fell horribly ill. So I didn't get to help raise them. Tempest's Wing always was a bit of a rebel as a child, Leslie told me, so she didn't appreciate attention and instead just played with the other hatchlings, not going near Leslie or Luciknight much at all.

But Flickerfly loved them, and still thinks of them as his parents. When I returned to the cave, Jade and Reganade were frozen and Tempest's Wing and Flickerfly were adults.

The nest egg to enter the cave was Shadow's thief. I knew that becasue of illnesses spreading around the clans nearby that it would be to dangerous to expose us to anymore new eggs for a while...

So I did my best to raise Shadow's thief. He was like my own child, and he seemd to care so much. I taught him to fly, gave him his first meat, took him on his first hunting trip, even. I know I'm a vegitarian, but I was still proud when he excelled at hunting. And he learned the herbs quickly, too.

But now....


After that she faltered, and I left. But I realized that was the main reason that Azulstar didn't inquire into Shadow's thief's strange, rebellious behavior. She trusted him, adn loved him, like her own son!

I must think on this.


~Grace Spelunker

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We have a new eggs!A dark-bluish one with electricity around it.....It hurts to touch!Also,there's a cheese that smells like cheese......I want to eat it

so badly.......Well,that's all for now!

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------------------Shadow's journal entry,

dear journal,

I getting very anxious. I NEED My baby to hatch. I want to see it's eyes hear it's breathing, feel it's small siljy scales...I'm running on edge. I found a whole lot of amythests. digging in the quarry was more fun than i expected. It took my mind off of our baby, even though in the forefront that's the only thing i want to think about. Merlin came by today and started training RogueRadar, in fighting techniques. she was practicing right beside me. She's good....

-----------------that's all for now journal I need to check on our egg.




NighHorses Journal entry


Dear journal,

It's kind of getting on my neves that our egg isn't hatching. I just want to finally become a mommy. I want to see my baby!!! well...I need to calm dow ...I think i'll venture out for a little whileafter checking on Shadow's and my egg. Tick-Toc Tick-Toc......!




Trouble's Journal entry

Well I love playing with all of the hatchlings they are so cute! The watery ble one that looks kind of like a horse can will water to go anywhere or nowhere like it's covered in water but it can stop the water from going on the ground... and like if it's being playful it can will water off it's body and spray other dragons. Like it did to me ...all day. haha it's so cute and the other one greenish blue with some spotts of brown, has long leggs and can't really walk that well it's really wobbly.. and Reign wow! She's quite a character. Jumping from rock to rock, trying to catch buggs and trying to sneak up on me. she's learning her first words ...well sentances now. I shared a secret with her that I had a journal and she said she wished she could write something in it...so i siad why don't you tell me what to writ and i'll put your name next to it. and she said to write.


"I love you Trouble, from Reign"


Now she wants a journal but i explained to her we don't have any a t the current moment and that she didn't know how to write yet. So she said she'd get one later.. and then went to catch a bug. The last albino egg the one after shadow's and nightHorses has a crack going all the way down ...Is it me or do all the albino's seem to grow really fast?

Well i'll write you later journal.....


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November 29, Year of 09


I am sneaking this writing because I'm under constant survalince. Our leader has become even more strict about who I talk to or even see. She has become my tutor for every subject of power I have.

*ink has been splattered over part of page not yet written on*

I must go. Tambala is coming. Fusion! Save me! I don't want to live here anymore! I want to come with you!


P.S. I am full grown. I might be able to battle Tambala. If I win. I will take over the Warriors.


Save me Fusion!

Naleen - Warrior of Light

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Shadow's journal entry,

Dear journal

we'll our egg hasn't hatched all day. and I'm just not going to get upset about it anymore.. itwillhatch and that's all that matters, trouble bet me ten peices of journal paper, which i declined because I want my journal to be perfect for when i hand it in to the master scroll keeper To officially inscribe what i want on my journal to make it mine and to put the dat that i finished it on. each time we finish a journal we have the option to upgrade to a bigger one or two of the same size ones we want or like if we have a large journal we can get a medium and two smalls, for different things we need;which i think will become useful when we start our training;in the magickal and physical fighting arts.

Well i'll keep praying journal night



Nighthorse's Journal entry,

Dear Journal, I've been stressed all day... I want our baby to hatch!!! I don't know how Yin-yang and Twins can stand waiting for their egg to hatch..!!!! They don't even have a journal and their egg is taking TWICE as long as ours. They say they meditat??? They said they's help me and it would relax me. I'm going to do it and give Twins three pieces of paper for each lesson. I'm going to ask Trouble if he'll join me because Shadow seems so busy and agitated and when he's nit outside he's hovered over our egg making MeMore anxiouse. RogueRadar is starting to laugh again and that makes me happy, even if it is towards shadow and i being too anxious over our egg. I'm going to bed journal. plus shadow's in the mood for cuddling he's signaling for me to come over to him. aWWWW I love him! He always makes things better....

----------------Night journal



RogueRadars journal entry

Well Journal I can laugh again My two friend dragons are hysterically funny when it comes to waiting for their egg to hatch.haha . don't get me wrong i don't like to see them in displeasure, but ther's no need! haha well i'm going to go guard the cave it's my job when it comes close to bedtime

Catcha later journal



Trouble's journal entry


Well journal i slept most of the day ..I was so tired ..when i awoke there was a lot of commotion. nighthorse and Shadow were dissettled about having to wait for their first newborn, so pearl and i tried to keep them distracted. Pearl was trying so hard that she was running and then fell and nocked her head! Well she's okay but she went to bead ealy haha. I love this place now:) Do you like this design i just drew? well reign likes it too she's almost got it down! well that's it for tonight..i'd betrter get to bed before andy more egg hatching wakes me uphaha


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Dear journal:


She's done it again. I have no idea how she manged to sneak past all of us, but when I last checked, the egg that Carpentaria and Sola Dreamscale had was pink. I got called away for something, and, when I returned, the pink egg was a Vampire.


And it was Oighreachd. I don't think Reap can bite just yet. Not that I've seen much of him either. Besides, I believe that he killed the egg last time he tried.


So. Our third Vampire. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Neither Oighreachd or Reap have posed much of a threat to the clan, but the vibe I'm getting from this egg is different.


All we can do now is wait and see how this plays out.


~~Dancing Arya~~

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To my little diary...


I have done it.


At last, the vision of having my own coven of vampires has come to light. Tonight as I awoke, I felt the venom in my fangs. I felt the urge to feed...to breed the only way we of the undead can.


I stole away towards the outside of the Cave. There lay so many eggs, waiting to die or to be adopted by a kind soul. Is it a sin, really, that my kind can grant both to an egg?


I kept my silent oath to the bookkeeper and ignored the White dragon eggs. Instead, the one I took was a beautiful shade of bright Pink. It felt wonderful after the last failed month to have a pulse beating under my claws again. A life force that was mine to do with as I will.


Of course, once I took it back to my domicile and avoided the notice of the Guardians, I sank my fangs into the shell post haste. The life force stopped, and I saw as the Pink turned into a vicious shade of black with a red cross. The way my egg must have looked after it was turned.


Soon it shall hatch out a corpse with hidden magic. Whether a son or a daughter...the first of Clan Nightbane.


I just hope that I can raise it to also respect the rules of the Valley. It just won't do at all to have an uprising against me, now would it?


--Signed, The Contessa of Nightbane

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Dear Journal,


Too much people know that Mother mainly takes from the abandoned dragons nest. Those abandoned dragons say that some of the dragons they have lived with has suddenly changed species. That's right.


The five eggs. They have turned into hatchlings, and now have wings. Their names? Caryn the Frilled, Yardey Dal, I Got The Pink Slip, The Calm Frilled, and Big Ro. Caryn loves to show off her compared-to-the-adults tiny frills. Yardey gets upset a lot, especially when I accidentally tripped her little body when she was just passing by. The witnesses stared at me evilly. Ah, my notorious reputation. I Got The Pink Slip loves to hang around near the female hatchlings. Guess it's because of his species. The Calm Frilled, as his name suggests, is very calm and collected, opposite of Yardey. He doesn't boast much, unlike the other frilled dragons. And Big Ro. She just can't stop hanging near the waters.


I suppose it's time to try and befriend the five hatchlings. I Got The Pink Slip already wants to be friends with me. ME? A cursed black dragon who loves to fight? Pfft. I Got The Pink Slip is insane. Totally insane.


~Midnight Ninja

Female Regular Black

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Dear Journal,


I am becoming increasingly concerned. The Time of Breeding has come and passed, with only three eggs to show for it. One is Agaza and Izaila'a, another from Hocachi and Mislan, and the last of Cimiafe and ... Cadophan. I knew that despicable green dragon had done something by the smirk on his face and the sudden change in Cimiafe's behaviour. The poor Autumn just stared at the Green egg, until she told Ciderup to get rid of it. Nobody was sure what Cimiafe meant, so Ciderup simply took it to the Abandoned area. What's worse, we have recieved news that the egg is now dead. Cadophan could care less, but I fear for Cimiafe's health. She has not moved for days, and has only eaten a peice of meat I insisted on giving her.

But that is not the end of reports of dead eggs. Nearly everyone was aware that Olace and Hexeto had eyes for each other, but they only recently made the announcement that they had decided to become mates. They also decided to send their first egg as official mates out into the world instead of having us raise it. That egg is now dead, as well. Olace is distraught, blaming herself for the misfortune. Nothing we can say or do will calm her; it is purely up to her to recover from this tragedy. Loheiroe has tried to calm Olace, but Olace's hatred for our "New" Pink remains despite the offered comfort.

It would seem that our eggs are either being killed, or none are to be produced whatsoever. I was visited by my mate Rurisc during the Time of Breeding, but we were unsuccessful in producing even one egg. The same holds true for our other breeding pairs, Achinolli and Sunicour; and Knilet and Ciderup. What does this mean? We used to be able to have multiple eggs per clutch, now we consider ourselves blessed for just one. I hope this blight of no eggs passes quickly, and that other caves are not being affected as well.


~ Kzimiote

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My litte journal, By: Unnamed new pink girl


Everyone is so happy, but why? Why are they happy? When I look and talk to them they always look at me with a big smile and they speak to me with friendly calm tones. What makes them so happy and friendly?


I grow slowly, and one day were all happier than before. I had received a gender, now I am a little girl. All were overjoyed when they saw that I was a girl, and that Im a pure dragon (Not from the AP), and that I know nothing about my parents made them almost even happier, which is virtually impossible because they already were so happy as they could get.


Soon I will be a grown up dragon, and they all say that Im going to have a great work. Im going to gender many little dragon eggs into females, like myself.

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Dear Journal,


One of the batch of hatchlings grew up into a full adult. That would be Yardey Dal. Amazing how she got fed the least, yet grew up very quickly. In awe The Calm Frilled is in by her beauty. Pfft. Yeah. Right.


Weird-eyed Robogirl and The Weird Scar is worried about their children, mostly the one out into the world. Big Ro has wings, which meant progress, and relieved the couple. However, according to that piece of paper next to the abandoned nest dragons we have here in the cave, the other one does not have wings. They are extremely worried and stressed. Better try to soothe them, despite my bad reputation.


~Midnight Ninja

Female Regular Black

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Shadow's Journal entry,


Dear journal,


It's been so long since i wrote you aprox. 6 days. I've been so busy... First off Nighthorse 's and my egg hatched and we have a beautiful little albino boy, which we named NightShadow. Yesterday he grew up and was considered and adult. He and reign get along really well...I think they might make a pair... but not yet He's still my little boy. Twins, and yin-yang's (the split pair have had a beautiful little girl which they named Yin-Twins. She like's to play with her hatchling friend Albi, the other albino hatchling. I really like being a dad. I'm proud of nighthorse too. she took such great care of NightShadow when he was young. and now too. She's such a strong female dragon and i love her. Well the other reason i havn'r written to you in a while is that all of us adults have been training in fighting combat. between NightShadow and training iv'e just been so tired, but it's friday and i'll be able to write you more. It's just worrying me journal ...Why all of this combat training??? I don't get it. Well i guess it's just recreation...or is it..

Well Nightshadow and Nighthorse are calling me over for lunch.. write you later



Pearl's journal entry



I'm so worried!!! I know mom (rogueRadar) is ddoing all of this combat training because there is trouble with a dark force! and i'm scared. There is no one i can talk to.. iv'e tried several times to talkj to Trouble.. but i don't want to worry him... he is my best friend! and i don't want anything to get out. I mean i think I totally trust him now. He always sits by me when i cry and when i don't want to talk he still sits by me and comforts me. I'm going to tell him what i Know.... I know we can go through this together!....


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nighthorse's Journal entry


Hi journal,


I'm so excited about this combat training i'm getting so fit... it feel's great! on other great news Since i last wrote you. I have had our little boy hatch and grow up...Shadow takes great care of him and he has made Our relationship a lot stronger.. for the first few days it was really hard but Twins and yin-yang helped out a lot. I gave them 20 pieces of paper 10 each. thwy gave me a m,editation lesson which i think i will soon take over again.. I've babysat their little girl and they've watched my little boy NightShadow. We are becomming really friendly!

I'll write you later...



Trouble's journal entry



Pearl just told me what is going on..I'm scared...but even more I'm scared for Pearl...dhe's a nervous wreck..I care for her deeply.. I would never go as far as to marry her.. but she's like a sister to me. I'll continue to take care of her as long as we live ..I'm her big brother! I'll fight for her when the fight's ......

I'll write you later journal



RogueRadar's journal entry


Dear Journal....

I have great confidence in My Clan.. We are getting stronger and stronger each day.. I'm worried thogh I just went outside adn found three eggs of which i am not familiar ..i don't think they will make it though they are very sick...

see you later journal....


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Dear Diary,


I'm beginning to get a little uneasy with how quickly the number of vampire dragons in the clan is increasing. Don't get me wrong; I love Sangsue, Yomi, Cat and the new hatchling, but I can't help but feel that our luck with kind vampires will run out soon. I just hope our leader will be able to control any future problem dragons.


Ragnarosa Chiyo

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Aries Donta


Order is restored, my master has returned to the cave once again and with her has brought many new eggs. One in particular was very odd, it was incredibly hot to the touch, some of the hatchlings huddled around it at night to keep warm. Since then it has hatched and it rather beautiful, a full grown male dragon with the power of fire at his comand. I feel somehow it will become worked into the LV lineage sooner or latter. It is bound to happen. Also my master has seemed to stop her killing of hatchlings, all on the night of all Hallows eve so many died by her hand. I didn't know why but she said it was to get a special dragons but we had none, only many dead hatchlings. I was just happy they were not of our own clan, abandoned. They thought they had found a good home, but they found only death. I can tell my master is just as upset about it, she no longer wishes for a zombie dragon, never in her life She can not stomach the death of hatchlings, she can hardly abandon them and that is why we all trust her.


Again she has started her lineage's this means new hatchlings will be around but maybe not forever. I can only hope she sends them to good homes. A few of my own hatchlings live in safe homes and it makes me happy to know our master cares about them all so much. If someone does not take care of the eggs she worries and does all in her power to get the keepers to care for their egg. This shall be a good holiday, one spent with many new friends and maybe gifts from our master. I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow shall bring for the clan.


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Dear Journal,


Well, SeaChel was able to get an Ice and a Thunder dragon. The Thunder dragon is now grown and she and Kril now have a Thunder egg. The Ice dragon still hasn't even gendered, but he/she is getting along well with the other hatchlings, which is good. Koriana (our Thunder) is quite a warrior, if we had had her with us during the attacks on October 31st I bet the fights would have been over much sooner (but better late than never, right?)! Also, the two Ochedrakes have an egg, for which SeaChel is most excited (and, of course, Ali'ha and Brahm are excited too, as it's their first egg).


The cave has been relatively quiet recently, and I must admit I'm a bit stir-crazy right now. I mean, I love it when we have time to rest after craziness, but after a while it can get quite boring. I think I shall invite Makil to go for a fly, we haven't talked in a while and I've missed her company. It's so hard to keep up with friends when you have a cave to run. Perhaps this slow time is a blessing in disguise?


~Sesina Songflight

Black female, Leader of the Songflight Clan

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At long last, Lady Ink, our scrollkeeper, has returned to our Cave. All of the dragons in the cave were either relieved, overjoyed, or both. It has been a long while since Lady Ink has visited and many of us were becoming worried. She tells us that she had to spend a lot of time in her own world, but Lady Writting has urged her to return to the cave, and so she obliged. Now, we have taken two new eggs into our rejuvenated cave--a white egg, from Gilded and Endless's clutch and a Daydream egg.


Also, now that Lady Ink has returned, she is currently naming some dragons. In such fashion, she has apparently also given herself a title--Lady Ink, Wielder of the Purple Quill. Many of us were impressed by this. She does indeed have a new quill that is a violent shade of purple, that she carries everywhere with her, among her inkwells in her knapsack. 


I have actually not started this journal until recent. I saw Serendipities writing in her journals and I was intrigued. It is rather fun writing in a journal, honestly. Perhaps I will be better able to control my powers through this journal.


Quoth the Dream

Male Daydream Dragon in the Cave of Ink


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Dear Journal


I was right to fear. Not only has my master succeeded in grabbing a vamp egg, but 2 vampire eggs. To make matters worse, they have both hatched. Soon they will mature, and soon they will feast on eggs- our eggs- and immediate action will have to be taken. Hopefully they will be kinder then expected. If they turn out to be as bad and evil as we have thought, then we will have to kill them, with or without the help of brightblued. If it wasn't for her, none of this would have started. We would take her out if it wasn't for the fact we would all be dead without her. Since she can control us, maybe she can control them.



the male water horse

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