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Give your dragon a journal!

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Dear Journal:


The last few days have been hectic and long. We had an attack of both the Lagmonster and one that everyone seems to be calling the "Datamonster". Many dragons were lost to this new creature, it seems. We fear they are gone forever.


At first some of the many forever-young hatchlings were in hiding, fearing the creatures, and it took some time to find them and set things to rights. I almost thought my own son was gone at first but he was soon found by one of silver dragons. I am very glad that he is safe. All told we have lost one of the paper hatchlings, four of the black hatchlings, four vine hatchlings, and one mint hatchling. One adult was also lost. A male split. Yipiri and Yipora are mourning the loss of their mate, Yizoren and Yizaren. We all miss that two headed dragon. One egg, too was lost, a silver who never had a chance to see the world outside its shell.


Baby is sticking so close to the Winged Wolf that i don't think he will ever let go. He was stuck in the cave with the rest of us while she was unable to come to our aid. She was as glad to see him as he was to see her. I can't help to but think that he is one of her great favorites. He certainly is cute.


I am glad to say that, aside from the losses there were no injuries at all and we three healers were not called upon to perform our magics. Still the emotions of those mourning the losses weigh heavily on us all and the losses themselves as well. It will take some time for us all to recover from it. I have never quite seen such vast piles of frozen hatchlings. They all seem to want to sleep together and against each other and with the adults, who are rather outnumbered by them. It's rather cute to see them all tucked and piled together rather than sleeping in certain places or wherever the whim takes them.




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Excerpt from the caregiver's journal: It has been a long while since I went in search of a diary from one of my dragons. I am at loathe to pry into their private lives, but sometimes I found it necessary in order to deal with something that I otherwise wouldn't have known about.


A disaster had struck many of the neighboring dragon caves in the land. There were rumors of all manner of dragons--adults, children, and eggs alike--dying horrible deaths and disappearing altogether. Hoping that this entity hadn't struck my precious valley, I went to see the Honored Mother and Matron of Clan Dust, Lilac Dust.


She was busy caring for the new eggs that I had gathered from the cave only days ago. The Albino had hatched and was resting curled in her talons. The strange Drake egg was kept warm with her tail wrapped around it. I have the Pygmy egg with me in my own home, as the egg is too small for such a large dragon to keep, but just big enough for Hennessy the chicken to sit on.


Lilac couldn't describe the panic...but she actually allowed me to read her journal. It read:


Dear Journal:


I barely know how to respond to this. It was horrendous.


As I was spending time in my den with the new eggs, my mate Tierraverde comes to me with the news that Silverstride had sent the Elite Guardians into battle against a great foe...they call it the "Data Monster." I know not what "Data" means, but if it was anything like the "Lag Monster" of long ago, I knew they were up against a formidable adversary. Dragons who could not fight had to go into hiding for their own good, and for a time the lands were still and silent.


Save for the roars. And the flashes of fire and lightning. I couldn't watch, but Tierraverde did.


Thank the great ancestors, the threat has been battled and no one was harmed. Silverstride's small but powerful army and their select family members came back with many a wound, but nothing that Blanca and the White Healers couldn't take care of.


I am happy for this. But it gives a lesson that none of us are truly immortal, despite escaping death by old age.


In other news, the children are also healthy. The little one with the pearl white skin refuses to play when the sun is fully out, however.


--Lilac Dust


I thanked Lilac for her help and returned the journal. I find myself proud that I raised such responsible dragons. Perhaps I ought to throw a party in honor of the Elite Guardians.


For now though, I have some more patrolling to do.

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Dear Journal,


I can't believe it! My little sister, a green striped who was adopted during the new eggs drop is DEAD! She was eaten alive by a beast called the Datamonster along with the only summer in the clan: Phantom's Summer Breeze. My caretaker says she saw the horrible beast. She said it was as big as Akakabuto from GNG (an old anime). It had one glowing red eye and had wires for a tail. It had huge claws and its body was covered in scars, with more wire underneath the skin. It also had plating in all sorts of places. Snow Miser and the Springs are very upset over the loss of Summer Breeze, but no fear, April Showers and Snow White produced a summer egg to replace him. They hope this one's a boy. The oldest dragon, Lucky Star, feels my pain. She's like my mother to me (even though I'm caveborn and was gifted). I miss my little sister, she was so full of life.... But there is some hope. Most of the new dragons matured. The little Pygmy gendered female, the Albino a female, the Ochredrake a male, the cheese egg has a big hole in it and another Pygmy egg joined the clan. May the ones lost the the horrible beast rest in peace.


I have to go, the clan meeting is about to begin.



Silver Tiger Striped

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Notes from one miss Rocket Dog:


-Cazanna fixed Ma Peche's child's injuries, and ze has finally stopped hiding from everyone. The adopted vine girl has been named by A-chana, an albino and a drake have hatched from two of the eggs, and a tiny egg and another Whiptail egg have been taken in. A-chana seems undeterred by recent event, even if she is rather jittery.


-The daughter of Zip Zoom and Westbrooke is considering leaving us after all this. She wouldn't be the first to choose to leave, but it's still rather saddening.


-Westbrooke still refuses aid from us healers. She has been bitten in her midsection fending off the Datamonster, but it doesn't appear to be fatal.


-Meeting between us Cave Elders tonight. We are the oldest of our cave, sans Chickum, Nudge, and A-chana (she is technically older than all of us, but remains looking like a young non-magic human adult). Us sixteen dragons (rather, fifteen dragons and one dinosaur) are charged with overseeing things in A-chana's frequent absences.


-Figure out just where half those Cave Elders went. Youssarian, Doshi, and Tina Sparkle fled deeper into our cave during the attack and haven't returned, while Frenzy-Plant, Kokyo, and Tsu' left to hunt the Datamonster or possibly the Lagmonster. I think some of the pranksters just left to goof off, too, and Zelly is practically catatonic from sensory overload. Bern, Willpower, and Repaired Connection (the latter of whom survived an attack from the Lagmonster) are filling in at the moment, but they lack the bond us Elders have. I think they'll all be back by tonight, though.


-Also on to-do list: Convince Twitchy Pile not to eat that cheese egg.

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Dear journal:


We lost at least one dragon to the Datamonster. Possibly more. We haven't had time to do a head count.


One of the sandy coloured eggs hatched today. The hatchling cannot stay still for one minute, and is constantly rushing around. It is extremely hard to keep up with it. My tiny egg has not yet hatched, but there is a huge hole, and I can hear the hatchling cheeping inside.


~~Dancing Arya~~

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Dear Journal,


Emeree has not gone on any travels since the beast's attack. She seems to be anxiously awaiting the hatching of the eggs. Considering how nervous those hatchlings seem, I am not surprised. They poke their heads out nervously every now and again, but no one has been able to convince them to come out. Several of the dragons have murmured about telling the hatchlings they are no safer in their eggs. Emeree was quite irritated about that. It's true, especially considering the stories we have heard from other dragons and their keepers. We were fortunate not to lose any eggs, though we still greatly mourn the six young dragons we did lose.


They were buried together in the quietest corner of our valley, overlooking a very calm pond. I have seen the siblings of four of them visit their burial site frequently. They pay respects for the two who were brought into the cave by Emeree, of course, but I cannot help but feel bad that we do not know the families of those two. Surely they would mourn the loss of their offspring, even if they grew up somewhere far away. Maybe Emeree's future travels will take her to them. Only time can tell.


--Aura Sunrise

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Dear Journal,

Aznspirit picked up another egg! We are very excited to see who our sibling might turn out to be. White Speckle has been poking the egg and staying very close to it. I wonder why. Also, Wild Quake and Wild Blaze are arguing again. Oh my! Just now, Wild Blaze almost squished the new green egg! Charming White scolded them. Aznspirit seems to know what type of egg it is. She's been murmuring about saving the mint population. Hmm, well, White Speckle is wanting o play fight with me now, so toodles!

-Great Water



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Dear Journal,


Well, I am glad to say that for now, the monsters seem to have gone away! We have rejoiced gratefully in time.


We have rejoiced even more with the fact that our owner sent Aahil into the wild. How joyful it is to have him gone!


Afraa and I are just bored to death. We told each other we were trying for a new egg, but as it turns out, all the males are taken at the moment.


Amreen, well, she's in a much better mood without Aahil around She was so happy, she took the cute little blue egg on a ride in the cloud. S/he seemed to have cheered up with Amreen, and did not worry of his deceased father

Tasneem, howerver, seemed...almost jealous, seeing Amreen with the blue striped. I think... Tasneem might like the blue egg, if it is a him. I must tell Jumpyr not to go about telling anyone, she always watches me write my journal....


Najih is also enlightened with the fact that Aahil is gone. Najih says that without the pressure of Aahil, HE'd like to deem himself as a boy. She brought up that Najih is a boy, and Najihah is a girl.


Afnan and Tasneem are doing wonderful! They just adore the fact Aahil is gone, and both plant to visit Shaminah soon.


Speaking of which, I visited the water one yesterday, shortly after I finished my journal. Jumpyr was bored, so she tagged along on my back. Shaminah herself survived the attack fine, she didn't have any injuries at all, but as she swam around in the ocean, she saw a few dead dinosaurs. Sad :'<(


Her mate, Nabhan, whom I visited after Shaminah, seemed delighted of Aahil's departure. I asked him how the attack was, in which he said, half his cave crumbled into pieces, but he still lives. I offered him to come. He said that he would consider it, now that Aahil is gone. Besides, our cave is closer to Shaminah than Nabhan's.


Mulhim is doing great, my cute little handsome boy. He told me today that he would like Nejat and him to be the permanent breeding couple in all of our cave. He says he loves her as much as he does me. I tell him, "Son, she is pretty. You wish to breed with her, choose so. You too shall enjoy much together, I love you and soon, I shall love her as a daughter." I am glad for him, I truly am.


Oh my, Jumpyr delivered the news to me last night that Tayyab had grown up. I saw her, and how beautiful she looks. Just like Sawad. She has Tazkia's heart though. Even though she is all grown up, she will always be my little protegee'.


Sadiyah is taking quiet some time to grow up! As a silver, I must admit, she is quiet a beautiful thing. Never seen anything like it. One of my masters friends dropped her by, shame I didn't see the parents.


The geode and the split seem close to cracking. They both have a hole now in which I can just barely hear noises. We all take good care of them, and prize them. They are uncommon after all, so we must value them.


The other split has started to crack, but is nowhere near hatching yet.


Well, it's Jumpyr's turn. *laughs* How silly it is, seeing that Jumpyr tried bringing a pink egg to us today, but all our egg caves were occupied.


Dear Journal,

Hey Jumpyr here. I tried bringing a pink egg today, but master caught me and said no. Sucks...


BYE! *churya wacks Jumpyr slight with wing* "girl, where are your manners? You never give me the pen to say bye'

Bye, from Churya.

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July 22nd, Aries Donta


I am reporting late this Wednesday for a lot has happened latley. Our clan has been devastated by a horrible occurrence. The cave was attacked by a creature known as the Lagmonster who had come and kept my Lady Victorian from seeing us or caring for us. I feared the eggs would all die if she was unable to get to them in time. I did my best to keep them all safe, all the dragons and eggs. It was dark and everyone was afraid but I and the other guardians stood in front of them and tried to keep them calm.


It was then the Lagmonster brought with it a new creature, the Datamonster. It lunged at the dragons. I moved to stop it, I tried to stop it. I fought the monster for some time, trying to keep it away from the others. I didn't try hard enough, I have failed. The creature charged at Victor and Westly, the male split dragon in my clan and the mate to Maggie and Aggie. It bit into his side tossing him to the wall. I watched bleeding and frightened thinking back on darker days. I watched as our brave and beautiful dragon died, his life fading away.


I tried to close my eyes hopeful help would come but I didn't know, I didn't know of this would be the end. Then light came back into the cave and the datamonster vanished. Our masters came back to us looking over those who had been lost. I have been resting since then licking my wounds and enjoying my Lady's presence once again. Days have become happier as our eggs hatch and new dragons come into this world. They have survived, they are very strong.


My Lady is helping those who have lost their beloved dragons, she is breeding the stripes again to get new hatchlings for them. She always did have a big heart. However I can still see the pain in her eyes. losing her dragon was hard and yet she does not wish to replace him yet. Time heals wounds...it seems both my lady and I have wounds that must heal before we move forward. She has started working with many lineages now these days as well. This means more eggs and hatchlings. I hope this also means there will be no more of this 'purposely abusing eggs' sort of nonsense. After this incident this is the last thing we need.


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I found this scroll when I was straightening the hatchlings' nests. It was written by my little Geode hatchling.


Dear scroll,

It's been very strange around here ever since I hatched. At first things seemed normal enough. I was welcomed, wrapped in warm blankets and taken to the hatchling nests. Our clan human visited that evening as she always does. It was after she left that I noticed something was amiss.

At first it was just a sense that something was wrong. Then I noticed a strange greenish mist beginning to fill the cave. It soon blocked the entrance and prevented anyone from coming or going. Several tried and were temporarily overcome by fumes or energy from the mist.

Some of the younger dragons grew restless and wanted to take action against this threat. My father, John told them to be patient and not to do anything just yet. Since he is the clan patriarch they listened to him, albeit grudgingly.

We are still on high alert here. I just wish I knew what the threat was.


Hunter Locke



Dear scroll,

The mist remained into the night. The nest I am in is in the main cave so I was able to watch it closely. It was so thick as to be opaque and appeared to pulse occasionally.

No one was surprised when our human didn't come that evening. I doubted she could get through the mist (or survive the attempt if she tried.)

It took me much longer than usual to fall asleep that night. When I awoke it was still dark and the mist had changed from green to purple. It hung all about the cave now. Our assigned Guardian, Tom Boone was curled up asleep next to the nests. (That was very strange. From what I've been told Guardian dragons never fall asleep on guard duty.) The only other hatchling, a little Sunset was running around him. Just then it stopped and looked around. It then began to walk towards the mist. I cried out in alarm but no one answered. I turned towards the tunnel door and was relieved to see one of the Fire dragons coming. It was Udre's daughter Nadia. "You have to stop him," I said. She didn't seem to notice and walked calmly into the mist. Both of them disappeared without a sound. Suddenly I felt very sleepy. I laid my head down and closed my eyes, not aware of anything anymore.

When I woke in the morning I noticed that the mist was dissipating. Tom Boone and Island Guardian were patrolling the cave entrance. My sister Aida was tending to the eggs. No one acted like anything was amiss. There was no sign another hatchling had been in the nest with me. I asked Aida about it and she didn't know what I was talking about. No one did. It was like the hatchling and Nadia Belicoff never existed. I began to wonder if I was losing it.

Our human came that evening. She was glad to see we were all okay. I told her what I had witnessed and she was very distressed. She also remembered the hatchling and Nadia even though all evidence of them has been wiped from the scroll she carries. I felt very relieved that I wasn't cracking up.

She also had news of the clans. The neighboring Locke Ness clan lost one member. Others lost many more. She said it was the work of something called the "Datamonster". I've heard of the "Lagmonster". I wonder if this is related? Just thinking about this makes me shiver in my rocky skin. He's gone now but what if he comes back?





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Dear Journal,


Its been awhile since I've been able to write. Its been so busy here, and I've been ousted as Clan Matriarch. The Clan is in shambles now, without a Matriarch to guide them. I've even been ousted as guardian and caretaker of the eggs and hatchlings.

I should have known it would happen. Unease at my position has daily risen, as eggs became soft, hatchlings became sick. Forgetful are they, forgetting that I cared for the young and our eggs, nursing them back from illness. They blame me for the illness that plagued them.

A few days ago, our little human, Morgan left the cave in search of her own food. Within minutes of her departure however, a shadow overtook the entrance to the cave, a dark mist entering the cave. We could hear our little human screaming from the outside, pounding against the fog, trying to get back into the cave. The mist took shape into an evil of which I hope we never see again in our long lives. It called itself a "Data Monster" and demanded we pay tribute to it, worship it as a god.

We snorted in disdain. SAR Naur even shot fire towards it. In anger and perhaps revenge, the monster swiped towards me, its claws digging deeply within, past my scales. I grunted in pain, but kept my place, in front of our eggs and hatchlings, snarling and crouched.

A battle ensued. Somewhere in the distance, I could still hear the feeble attempts of our human to get inside. I prayed she wouldn't, for if we could barely handle it, she would get killed immediately.

Our biggest hatchling, one of our drakes, shot past me. I always said drakes were stupid creatures, but Morgan has a soft spot in her heart for them. I tried, truly tried to grab it, but my teeth snapped mere centimeters from the edge of its tail. One pitiful attempt at attacking the monster left it hurling against the far wall of the cave, its body torn and broken. Finally, its power seemed to wane, and by the power of all of us, it slunk back into whatever hell it came from, whispering of its return.

Morgan tumbled in. I could smell the blood on her. Her clothes were tattered, her hair was a curly mess, her hands bleeding from her attempts at entrance. Getting up, she quickly surveyed the damage. Half of our cave had been destroyed in the attack, but she seemed relieved to see all of us were still alive.

"Where's Drake?" She asked. She came to me, putting a gentle hand on my foreleg. "Where is he, Carnim?"

Silence was her only answer, but the guilt took my eyes from her to the back of the cave where his broken body lay. She followed my gaze and sobbed, running to his body.

Touching him gently, our little human cried silently. We circled behind her, each trying to give comfort where there was none. Eventually, she fell asleep in exhaustion. I brought her over gently in my jaws to lay with the surviving hatclings and eggs. SAR Naur picked up the body of the ochredrake hatchling and brought it outside.

I could hear Naur's firebreath as it created the funeral pyre for the young one. May it rest in peace, because we surely never will.



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No, I don't know what happened. At least, not that must

Everyone's gone, or scattered, as I've seen. Something of great power attacked us, in the middle of that ghastly night. I know that a few dragons were killed then, just not who. As for the others, I cannot tell.

As for myself, I barley escaped with my life. The beast had turned its eyes on me when I started running, as that's what I'm good at. Being a coward and running.

But, yes, I ran, avoiding blast of magic I knew were aimed at me, despite being in a crowd. Our cave was so big...

I manage to get out, hearing the screams of some of the other victems. I could do nothing for them, I constantly tell myself. Lie to myself.

So, I ran away. I don't know how far I went, but I ran until I feel. I was, and still am in some sort of evergreen forest, my home now out of sight.

That's not all of it, because, right next to me are the surviving eggs and hatchlings. My, did they give me a shock when they dropped from the sky. I assume a magi teleported them, but I'm not sure. There was a new one among the lot, too. One so tiny I nearly stepped on it. I had never seen it before.

So, here I am, with five eggs(That mystery egg, two summers, a dorsal and a whiptail I assume is my uncle) and two hatchlings, a sunset and a daydream male called Ekzor. Poor things are terrified, and the summers and dorsal are cowering in there shells.

I pity them, they are alone with me, the great coward, as there guardian. They will have a rough childhood indeed.


((Had to do it, sorry^_^))

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~ Dear journal.


Things have seemed to be calming down though Xeelos seems to be more tiered then normal.


Lightness has now mature and is now taking "Egg watching duties" ( So now "I" don't have to do it! Niiice).


Speaking of the eggs. We now have a RED Dorsal egg ( So now me and Dark-O-Ten-Tails won't be the only Dorsals anymore.). We also have a really tiny egg that we have to be extremely careful around so we don't smash it. A sandy colored egg with strange markings. Yoko Kurama and Kurama's Rose's egg of course, so soon we shall have another white dragon added to our clan. And the other egg....I don't know how to say it really...I can see the hatchling curled up inside the egg through the shell. It always gives me a creepy feeling somehow.....


Well, looks like I've got hunting duties. Got to go now.



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Dear Journal,


The Cheese egg has hatched. It spends most of its time curled up like a big orange cat. Emeree was quite amused to see that earlier today. It doesn't seem to realize that it shouldn't be able to move around like it is. Fiery Ashes asked me if I thought the hatchling would melt in the heat. I honestly couldn't say. It has been fairly warm recently, but the hatchling hasn't gone outside, as far as I know.


Andrew Hurricane and Golden Sunstorm welcomed a new Gray egg. It was a very bittersweet feeling with the loss of their son, Byron, still so fresh in their minds. I suspect they will name the little one after its older brother if it turns out to be male. It will certainly hear of his bravery in battling that horrid beast.


Emeree has finally started to relax a little. I think she may have been worried the beast would return if she left. There is no way to know for certain, though. I have told her she shouldn't let her fears hold her back from her journey through life. She smiled very slightly at the advice. At that moment, I turned and noticed both Vampires sitting off to the side and listening to our conversation. They have been acting odd since the attack. The beast rattled these proud dragons greatly. I think they realized that even they might not have survived such a vicious attack. Perhaps it will cause them to have better attitudes towards the rest of us. We shall see.


--Aura Sunrise

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To Whom Listens


Hello, I am LV Blue Moon Rising, Prince of our clan and first born son of Aries Donta the guardian and matron of the clan. For many moons I have longed for Tarja Nersus the silver female to love me as I love her. She had her moment of weakness just once but it seems she has turned form me. All we have to share now is our son LV Bagura. He is young even if he has grown to adulthood but he knows he is unwanted by his mother, he always has been and I feel sorry for my son. He wanted so bad to get her to notice him and to be proud of him. He even did something forbidden just to show he was worthy of her.


Our master wished that one of us may created a green striped to help as replacement for someone who had lost their dragon to the dreaded creature who had come to our cave. The same monster I helped my mother fight in order to keep our cave safe. He mated with a common...an Earth dragon, Morgan Le Fay. It is forbidden in our clan to mate with her or most other commons, but he has...hoping to help create this green striped to give to those who may need it.


However in our masters rage against him she cast his new egg aside, I had never seen her angry at any of us before, but she was and she took it out on the poor egg. I know from my time here in the cave that these dragons are rarely adopted...and if they are rarely do they go to good families. I know my son's first child will die and I pity him. I feel sorry for he must now suffer for the hatchlings death...and his crime. I fear because of it he will never be used for breeding, he will never pass on the LV bloodline through the proud lineage that made me. He was wrongly punished, how can you blame him for trying to get her love.


I have tried for her love...yet she refuses me every time I make a move upon Tarja. I wish she would see me for who I am, not some...fool with a soft heart. Weak she told me...our hatchlings would all be weak. She fancies Sora the mighty black male among the clan...and a few of the other striped males. Why not me? What makes me so different? Was it that I am only so revered by my master because of my mother? I fought with the beast...did I not prove my worth then? What have we been so shamed among the cave these days? Why has the LV lineage gone hated since the cave was attacked?


I blame the male splits death. We could not save his life and now we are to blame...because we are the decedents of Aries...and not even she could hold the beast back. True my son did cower and run from the datamonster...but it had nothing to do with weakness. He is just to confused...to hurt to understand. I too am hurt. If I can not have Tarja Nersus I'll have no dragon. My bloodline rests in Bagura's claws now...I take my leave of this silly quest for purity. I surrender to this game of love.


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~ Dear Journal.


I just came back from hunting...Ugh, I lost my apatite before I could even catch anything. There were still corpses left from the fight. Not even the Dinos or Chickens were spared from the Datamonster's rampage.


It also seems, as I heard from a Vine dragon I had stopped to talk to, that the Datamonster didn't only just kill dragons/Dinos/Chickens, but also used some magics to change some dragon's genders! ( I shuttered at this and thanked the heavens that that didn't happen to me! I'm happy to be MALE thank you!) And some forgot their names! Sounds bad, but it's better then being dead I guess...


Oh! What I caught was water buffalo by the way, witch was odd since they aren't usually around here.....But the Datamonster could have scared it over here...I mean, I heard that one of the WILD DRAGONS was so scared he ran back to his old clan! Heh!


That translucent egg is still giving me the creeps. It just.....So....Weird! Like something's wrong about it being here! Am I out of my mind or something?! Perhaps....All Hail Shadow, the Black dragoness, her mate Crush 40, the Guardian dragon, and their two sons I Am-All Of Me (Guardian) and Dreams-Of-An-Absolution ( Alt Black) seem to be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeary interested in that egg....Well, perhaps DOAA has hopes he'll get to mentor it or something.....


I also heard from one of the dragons teporaraly staying with us, that the Lagmonster was also around when the Datamonster was hear. This was news to me since I only saw the Datamonster while I was fighting it.


I don't mind the LAGmonster much, call me crazy if you will, but it never has done us any damage. In fact, Tass (Claims) to have made friends with it. I wasn't born when it happened. But Chaos' Warz, a Storm dragon, saw the whole thing happen. " Then Xeelos yelled 'Tasselhoff Burrfoot!!!!!! YOU GET YOUR TAIL HERE RIGHT NOW!!!'" He told me ( I couldn't help but laugh at this) Long story short, Tass "talked" with the Lagmonster for a long time before it went away. Needles to say, it seems to come to our clan and not other often. So maybe Tass DID make 'friends' with it....Nah. Couldn't be....Could it?


Ugh. Better try and force myself to eat something before I waste away. Seya.



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Dear Journal,


It has been a long week... And there is far too much for us to handle. I spoke to Diego, Dante's son yesterday. Now since the first incident in the winter when my mind was controlled by Reign Crystal (may his wings rot and fall off), Dante and I haven't talked much. And Diego, his Red Stripped son, doesn't care for me much either.


I saw him looking at Summer Huntress's name carved in the wall with a forlorn face, and walked over to him. "You miss her, right?"


"Yes." He said, with more maturity than I ever expected from any child of Dante's. "More than I can stand."


"Did you love her?" It was a moment before he answered.




"And do you wish for her to come back?" When he replied again, there was an edge of venom to his voice.


"Of course! But you and I both know that's not possible..." Ah, the poor boy looked like he was going to cry.


"The Gods never take something away without giving something else in return. Maybe she will come back... But she may or may not be in a form you recognize." With that, I strode away. When I saw him later, he was alert and playful again.


Here comes Dante. I had better go, it looks like he wants to talk.


Vergil Darkslayer

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Lying here is a black velvet journal with the letters 'Pygy' embroidered in silver on the front. The first entry is written in fine, softly printed words with a delicate slant.


Dear Journal,


The Mistress came to me again today. She leaned against me as I worked on shredding some of my garden's herbs, stroking my neck scales and simply talking. She called me 'Pygy' instead of Sadie, as usual; my egg code bestowed me an endearing nickname, one that means a lot to us both.


After quite a long while - the morning had already begun to fade into noon, if I remember correctly - the conversation ceased and she fell quiet. Then she handed me this, with a beatific smile on her face and a soft glow to her eyes. Mistress left before I could say a word.


Now I'm back in the cave and in my usual corner, a section of stone lightly illuminated by the ice blue phosphorescent herbs I store in the wall's niches. My little star-plants. I'm not sure what they're really called; they just appeared in my garden one day, and it was all I could do to prevent the little shoots from dying. Now they grow successfully and I frequently give them away to light the dens of other dragons, who appreciate the plethora of colors they come in and the lovely fragrances they emit.


On a different thought, I wonder why the Mistress gave this journal to me? Looking around, I see no other dragons writing or holding anything like this, not even the other white dragon like myself, Salem. We're both peaceful creatures (perhaps I a tad more so than he), so I would have thought a journal would suit him just as well. That's strange. Mistress doesn't normal single out anybody, except perhaps Brightscales, her good friend, or the others from her first egg clutch (Mist, Ancient, and I). But none of them have a journal either.


No matter. Today was a beautiful day all the same, what with the visit from the Mistress and the flight of fringed birds that had been aerially performing throughout the day. I think they must be some subspecies of phoenix, though they were shades of blue and white rather than red. They're gorgeous! Unfortunately I only get to see them once a year. I do wonder where they migrate to?


It's getting late and the birds' songs are dying down. I shall try to get to sleep before the last of it fades - I won't get to hear it again for another year.


~ Sadie, female white dragon






A little further along lays a brown leather journal embossed with the gold letters 'Dell'. The first entry is printed in dark, slightly spiky writing with an impatient look to it.


Dear Journal,


What?! Who does the Mistress think she's kidding? She gave me a freaking journal. Hey, this thing's pretty and all, but it's seriously not my thing. Everybody knows that; that's why I'm camping up here until I'm done. I don't want anybody getting any ideas . . . like I've suddenly become a literate freak, or whatever.


I'm not exactly asking around, but from what I can tell only one other dragon got a journal - that beautiful white dragon, Sadie. I mean, that I can understand. She's serene, intellectual, and with enough inner spirituality to become a priestess. The Japanese-ish kind of priestess, though, not the religious one. The kind that go and hunt demons with their powers. You know?


Ugh. It's so boring up here. I'm on the outcrop of mountain above the cave, a place that really only I can reach easily, since I'm a skywing. There are no dragons to rough house with here and the sun is too weak to make my scales sparkly. Then again, this whole day was annoying! Chrystal Wings is out today, and all the other lazy butt dragons are too sleepy for me to tease. Hmm. Maybe I should go tickle Ancient One while he's sleeping and see what happens . . .


Ooh, wait, it's getting late. I should go back to the cave before the Mistress sends out a dragon to find me. If anybody realized that I, Dell, was in possession of a journal, I'll be laughingstock of the cave for a week!


Those stupid birds. Can't they shut up? They're obnoxious cawing is gonna keep me up all night. Thank goodness they're leaving tomorrow, to wherever they go.


~Dell, male skywing


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Dear Journal,


I'm not quite sure what to do with these dragons. I thought all would be fine when Carnim took over as Matriarch, but none of the other dragons seemed to tust her. They seemed to think she was too young to be a Matriarch.

For now though, I am the undisputed "Matriarch" even if I am human. The dragons seem to trust me more than anyone else, perhaps because I raised them all from eggs. One egg I keep to myself is the tiniest one, afraid they will step on it accidentally. I keep it in my backpack. I can see the baby inside, through the large hole. Its so tiny. I believe even I am too large for it to trust completely to leave its egg. I talk to it soothingly, and it has poked its head out occasionally, but pulls it back in quickly when I try to stroke it.

Eventually, all the eggs will hatch, and we will grow our clan to its former glory once more. For now though, our first priority is to enlarge the cave and strengthen the foundations. Perhaps we will have to move to another cave if it seems too large a task for us.



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~ Dear journal....


Things seem to be more quiet now......If only it was a restful quiet....


This evening, Xeelos went, despite us disagreeing, to see the clan where her parents were. She wasn't too welcomed. But despite that, she manged to get info on what happened to them during the attack ( But she won't tell us anything).


She wasn't the only one to go check on their family....


Tass went to check on his two children who don't live in our clan. His daughter Black-claw is doing just fine, she wasn't injured during it's attack. Then he went to see his son East Pole.......That's when the sad news came....


He was alive alright. But, unlike his father, he had developed fear. He was leaving to become a wild dragon. They both said their goodbyes as East Pole left, possibly never to be seen again...." He's found his wanderlust..." Tass said, cheerful as usual but still a little sad.


He wasn't the only one related to us that decided to leave to the wilderness. For Chaos' Warz found that his mother had also taken off to the wilderness. The he of one, was glad of that. His mother wasn't from the best of clans, and often dragons there were being murdered by someone/thing.....Though unlike Tass, he never got to say goodbye to her before she left. Though, what exactly would he say if he could? He had never known his mother that well. Chaos' Warz was given to us by his mother as an egg. His mother wanted to get him away from the clan she was in...To make sure he was safe. After that, he only saw her a few times as a hatching......


Come to think of it.....I don't know who MY mother is either....


Tass just said that they found my egg on the ground ( And Fa'lore and Fa'lare said it came from a chicken! HA! ).


Meh, oh well. As far as I'M concerned, Dark-O-Ten-Tails is my father, as he mentored me has a hatchling.


Hmm....All this talk of the wilderness makes me wounder whatever happened to that frozen Mint hatchling we "banished" there. Xeelos has one rule we ALL agree on:




We all agree that Mints scared the dragon race by giving them the name "Giant lizards" Peh! The ONLY thing dragon-like about them is that they have horns.....And they can't DO anything for the clan. They just hide! The only thing good about Mints is their taste.....Mmmm....burnt Mints....


Ah darn it! I'm drooling again.....


Speaking of witch....I wounder if there are any of those wild Mints running around now......Mmmmm, Seya!



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July 23, 2009


Dat Is Liefde's Journal:


Dear Journal,

The last few days has been a grieving period for our clan. I'll start from the beginning. One of our dragons brought an egg to our cave. It was a strange egg, one that we've never seen before. Apparently some new dragons had come to the surrounding caves. After a few days, the egg began to hatch with the gentle care of C'est Amour, Gardien de L'eau, and of course our wonderful Gabriela. But then something happened. The sky grew very dark and stormy. Gabby thought it was Tempesta Dell'ombra playing games again, but it wasn't him. Gabby had a bad feeling so she told everyone to go to the back of the cave, past the lake. Acqua Appannata was transporting eggs, hatchlings without wings, and those dragons who could not fly. Sudenly a dragon head appeared in the cave entrance. Acqua had just transported the last of the eggs and hatchlings to the other side and tried to get Gabby to come, but she wouldn't. Apparently there was one egg left. It was the new one, the one that was about ready to hatch. The dragon looked at Gabby, red eyes glowing red and glaring. It was a dragon that Gabby had never seen before; but it wasn't interested in Gabby, it was eyeing the egg. Gabby dashed for the egg but the dragon flicked her back, over to the edge of the lake, and by the time Gabby got up, the egg was gone. La Possente Guaritore flew over the lake once the sky had cleared, a full day, and took Gabby to a different corner of the cave. Gabby had passed out by now. Una Notte Moonlit, C'est Amour, Lua Cor-de-Rosa, and I all took control of the clan right off. We're the elders of the clan, therefore if something happened to Gabby, we would take her place. Those who could fly took some eggs and non-winged hatchlings helped Acqua transport back over the lake while Possente took care of our Dragon Master. The day proceeded as usual. When Gabby awoke, she woke to a deep depression. She had NEVER let one of us die before and this egg...it had died. Gabby felt it was her fault. She felt that if she had just seen it sooner, then it would have survived. She believes it's her fault, but it's not. She's now ready to take the reigns as Dragon Master once again. Despite our loss, something good happned. A nearby Dragon Master heard of Gabby's plight and made her way over to our cave with a gift. A hatched egg. But not just any hatchling. It was the type of dragon that our lost egg would have hatched into had it not been stolen from our cave. Gabby was very grateful. Now we're taking precautions so that it won't happen again.


~Dat Is Liefde~

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Dear Journal,


The Pygmy, Albino, Ochredrake, and Daydream eggs have hatched. We were beginning to worry about the Daydream, because the little one did not want to come out. I think Daydream Trance finally coaxed it out with some food.


In addition to the Gray egg, we now have a Summer, a White, and a Red Striped egg. The Summer was bred by Samhain Brandye and Autumn Blaise. The White belongs to Serenity Sunshine and Chu Alexandar. Finally, the Red Striped belongs to Striped Hunter and Fiery Ashes. It will be the third Red Striped in the cave.


The bleakness of the cave is finally beginning to lift. Most have gotten over their shock and are starting to go through their normal routines again. They are still very anxious when they leave the cave system, however. The hatchlings have at least two Guardians with them every time they go outside.


Emeree is wandering through the valley now. She stayed to see the Daydream hatch and to name the Cheese hatchling. The Papers have taken to guarding the odd hatchling. I can't say I blame them.


I know Emeree visited the burial site. She left her favorite tulips on each grave. She appears to be looking for evidence of the beast still being around. I'm not sure if she's found anything, though. Several of the males are keeping an eye on her while they hunt.


More to come. I hear a high pitched argument between the Ochredrake and Albino hatchlings.


--Aura Sunrise

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Dear Journal:


I am quite thankful that the battle with the great abomination has ended. For I have better news in which to tell.


First of all, the status of the new eggs. The little Albino one has gotten his wings and his name, Spectron. He likes to go out a little bit more during the day, at twilight, to practice his flying. He is growing most healthily and already has a promising future. The other egg, the one not smelling of dragon yet looking so, is so close to hatching that I can sense its thoughts; frustration at being cramped in the shell. But I dare not break it for fear of hurting it.


Our human mistress also informs me that the small Pygmy eggs are doing well. Yes, she had grabbed another egg in the hopes that she will have a breeding pair of Pygmies...a new clan of dragons that shall take up but a small portion of the sanctuary. It is an exciting venture.


And finally, Celestia Lhiannan, matron of Clan Lhiannan, has had an egg of her own...a White, by a fellow healer...surprisingly it is Sarden...son of Clan Myriadra and my own Clan Dust. I had feared that neither Sarden nor Celestia would find happiness here. How ironic that they would find happiness in each other. The ceremony has been held this morning and now they are sworn life mates. It reminds me of when the ceremony was performed for me and for Tierraverde.


Here is hoping that the future for our clans will be bright. But now I must leave. I think Spectron is trying to hunt in the thorn bushes.


--Lilac Dust


I forgot how much fun writing journals for my dragons really is. ^^

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Dear Journal,

Two days ago, I woke up at night, shivering. Dorkfrill, and his wings who kept me warm, were gone ! I took a look at the main Cave and saw an adult Frill dragon. It was huge and beautiful.

Then I heard Sandy's voice whispering behind me, "Rosa, come back, Dorkfrill grew up !". I will be allowed to see him when I grow up too. We can't go out of here as hatchlings, it's too dangerous. We could get hurt by mistake. For the same reason, adult dragons can't go to the hatchery. Only parents are allowed to see their child.

Sandy, Shiro and I don't have any parents. We were stolen from the dragons of the main Cave. According to Elizabeth, they don't care about us, just about their gold. The only egg that has parent here is blue-stripped. Its father doesn't go near us, but we all have nice dreams after his visits. Its mother is bright green with dazzling stripes. I'd like to have parents too.

But soon I won't need them because I'll be a grown-up. When I woke up today and saw Sandy was gone too, I was sad. But then, I realised I was warm, protected by my own pair of fluffy wings. And I was a girl !

It cheered me up a little. Elizabeth's new Neglected experiment makes me depressed. The poor little guy is dying inside its shell and I know exactly how he feels. Elizabeth told me he wouldn't die, she knew how to prevent it. What a joke ! No matter if he survives or not, he's suffering right now !

Also, to """replace""" Sandy and Dorkfrill, there are new ""pals"" here. The little egg hatched into an hatchling so little that we have to be careful not to crush him. He's nice but his voice is so high-pitched he must shout when he talks to us. Then, there is Chabichou. I don't like him because he smells. I love cheese but when we're not allowed to eat it, the smell becomes really unpleasant.

Shiroiho is really close to maturing, it's only a matter of hours. But I won't be stuck with Tiny and Cheesy for long. I shall be next.


PS : Elizabeth asked me if I wanted to be Dorkfrill's mate when I grew up. I wonder how she found out I was interested...

Edited by Elizabeth Moonstone

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Dear Journal,


Now that everything has calmed down, it is time to update the Cave's Status.


We have an Ochredrake egg, a Pigmy egg, and the Stone son/daughter of Lady Arya. It seems that Arya does not take after her mother in the aspect that she stays with one mate. Waiting for the Rain, her mate, has been mourning, however. His Granddam was a victim of the Datamonster... This is a disaster for Dragonic. It was through her that he was related to a pair of Holly Christmas Dragons. I see no problem with it, but she adores interesting lineages.


We also have a new egg, one of the new four. It is an odd translucent egg, and we can see the tiny dragon curled up inside... I have been gathering information on the new breeds for our Paper Trio, so we know what to expect. I have heard the Stones talking with them to improve the looks of our library.


Vergil Darkslayer




Dear Scroll,


While I was out hunting, I found a small purple hatchling, wheezing and coughing. As I rushed it back to the Cave, I realized that this was the missing Hatchling! The one that was taken from the Cave so long ago, found her way back to us!


I have put her in the care of my mate and the other White Dragons... Maybe when she awakes, she can shed some light on the situation.


Black Inferno Temptest

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